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RE-7? Here come the activists with their "It's Racist" placards. I hope this game can, at long last, finally pull itself out of the sewer. #25
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"We've made millions and only NOW are we addressing the major issues....but not because there is a more advanced and probably much better and far more ambitious game coming right away" (H1Z1)

"C'mon, our fan base digs all the cowboy hats and coloured coats, hipster tote bags, and the massive plethora of other utterly useless crap we've shoe-horned into a ridiculously broken game where there is absolutely nothing to do but kill other players and eat... #7
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Here's a couple for you.

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
2. You can build a thousand bridges, but suck one dick... #8
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As much as I hate to admit it, I do like a good round or two of video golf. This looks pretty tight. #1
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A "twitter fight" ??? 0_o What a couple of pathetic twatty losers. Even worse still, this shit is made into an actual "story/article" and posted (not surprisingly) here on N4G....and furthermore, the fact that I am here posting about it makes it all a rather sad state of affairs, not befitting of any betterment of the human species and our pathetic subhuman interactions.
Good God....humanity is lost. PLEASE earth, bring on some random plague and wipe us all out. It... #71
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WORD! #4.2
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No doubt! This single screen shot business is driving me nuts, still, I love that they havent blown the game by plastering us with dozens of videos ala Ass-Creed. #1.1
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Too many vids? Just enough to realize there really isnt much new here. One example is the "Focus" mechanic which we've seen in far too many shooters for the past ten+ years yet they introduce it like it's some novel idea they've created. C'mon, f-ing slo-motion? This crap is so circa 1995. Havent we moved past that shit yet? Clearly not. Might as well add the double jump, regenerating health and explosive red barrels.
Open world? Fine, but we've all expe... #1.1.1
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It sure does look good but I cant help but feel I've already played this game. #1
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Man, This game is catching flak from everywhere. It all looks rather cliche'. But I suppose we'll see. #1
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I played this quite a while back it was 'World of Grind" Fun for an afternoon or two until the annoying grind became everlasting. #2
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Im always up to give a game a chance which is why I clicked the article, and meh, same old same old, still not interested. #29.1.1
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Of course it's going to be a cheap makeover's gearbox. #1.2.1
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Randy P: "Hey look gang, this is the only game we've ever made that has been remotely decent, so we're gonna run with this time and time again, and again, and again....and again. We're gonna "CoD" this franchise!" And after we've milked the crap out of it, we're gonna steal some other persons ideas just like we did here and hope for the best. And if we know it going to be mediocre then we can just lie to the customers we can make even more sales and sim... #4
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meh. Still not interested. #29
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No. I knows its when I sees its. yaarrr. If I am wrong I'll send you something nice. #16.1.1
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"Hurt brand identity" ?? Really? you think this brand hasnt already been crapped on by millions of EX-cod fans not to mention everyone else as well? IMO their 'brand identity' is already shot. They should take a few years to give this franchise a much needed break, but they wont.

Bahahaha OH man. Well, that completely sums up the target demographic for this tired old P.O.S of a franchise.

Snoopdog?! Oh my Christ that is so utterly retarded.... #23.1
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oh.....boy. People still play this? #1
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Oh dear me, not another 'scary' sutured bad guy with a hooded cloak giving us the old "slow raise of the head with the evil angry eyes look!" OOooooo, run away. If THIS is the main protagonist then bloody well shoot me in the face with double barreled salt rounds now as it would be much more entertaining. I am more scared and intimidated by the literal shit my cat has left for me in the litter box when I get home.

Call me petty, but if ^^this^^ kind of passe... #16
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PFFFFT! Who needs it? XboxOne and PS4 are for sissies man!
THIS is where it's at...just cant stop playin'. PC for the win! #27
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