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I hope this isnt another standard Crytek powered "looks stunning and the same old base mechanics we've seen 1000 times before" game.

As a minor gripe which IMO immediately cheapens the game. German soldiers did NOT wander around on patrol wearing party armbands. Is this so the kids know who the bad guys are? Might as well have them patrol 'goosestep' while you're at it. Jesus.

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Polish that turd Phil!!!

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Pretty cool little game here but I would need a little more something something to want to buy it.

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Pretty much the same scenario as their last box.
Who's running the show @ MS? Good god man! Their entire market research division should be beaten and canned.

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I just began playing Doom II again. I was surprised how much my brain hurt trying revert itself way back in time to decipher the pixely spritey mess of Doom's "graphics"...then my brain started to slowly adjust and things became a little more clear. Still a graphical mess but charming in it's simplicity and still damn challenging unlike most "We demand to hold your hand from start to finish" games of today. If you havent played these then you owe it to yourself to...

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What else is there to shoot? Somalian pirates? more bloody Middle-Easterners? those stupid mushrooms of mario lore?

Why doesnt this dimwitted jackass "writer" propose something else, a god damn SOLUTION if you will, instead of offering nothing but a complaint in his weak and shitty argument? Weak writing.

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Does this mean they can FINALLY afford to begin to iron out the Mt Everest sized amount of bullshit that is in this game? Nah, on second thought screw that, I want more colours of hipster totebags and silly hats. Cha ching.

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9 years my ass....and further more, they've got nothing but out of reach dreams where dollar signs flutter about a big plate of poutine.

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Sure looks good! Why not? That horrible font has got to go though. ;-) I do like the driver's license action, but I can't see that making it in given how people will completely and utterly abuse that freedom but one never knows. I've got a few good names already! A release date would be nice.

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Randy "the Douche" Pitchford has some trick up his deceitful little tailored sleeve. One that will once again surely dupe idiotic consumers out of their hard earned money. This guy is a unscrupulous scumbag who constantly lies and thumbs his nose at the people who made his business what it is today. His company and games are all sh*t. Borderlands art concept was ripped off directly from a jap anime and Randy dick-hole Bitchford didnt give credit where credit was surely due, and inst...

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This is very true. I spent 7+ months in China. They are quite a ignorant and racist bunch against japanese and especially blacks. Yet they LOVE U.S. basketball?? China is a mecca of contradiction.
They would (very poorly I might add) photoshop packaging for sports shirts, poster ads for the school I worked for etc, by placing white heads (which were poorly sized in relation to the body) onto black/brown bodies. Very humorous stuff.

Why china of all places? These peop...

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OMG voice talent?!?! about making the gameplay great. They could have the Ham-burglar narrate this crap for all I care, robble robble.... just make the game great, for once, after so many years of utter crap.

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Meh...this zombie looks washed out and weak. Still, I'm looking forward to trying this baby out.

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I havent touched this series in years. It's lame 'broseph' and hollywood moments been totally played out. I would like to play/enjoy it once more so I hope they dont mess it up, but that's a tall order.

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This looks somewhat interesting for once in the long list of CoDs. Where else can they take this series? What else can one do with it aside from going back to WWII or Vietnam etc? For some reason Korea never sees the light of day (probably because the Chinese are such damned sensitive babies.) They seem to have covered it all so far. At least it's not the same old stale russian /middle eastern/ eastern european BS. Might look into this one...on a steam sale....a BIG steam sale that is......

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Yeah! It's up you dunce.

I keep wanting to like this game, but every time I log on there just isnt much of anything to do in it aside from griefing other players. I've got it all pristine and had it all for weeks on end, so now the survival aspect has worn very thin. I've taken to anally organizing my inventory and arranging my various canned goods by type. fun. What am I missing here?

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Man these "...could look like in unreal 4" articles are f'n annoying. Who cares? How about a NEW game that uses Unreal4 instead?

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"....>THAN< what they are >?<

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This is just a "I wanna be a Palmer Luckey too" device trying to ride on O.R.'s coat tails in a desperate hope that they too will make it big by "selling-out" to a big company. Their technical claims are identical to O.R. but they have absolutely nothing to back it up. If these guys think that a worthless EMPTY 3D printed CONCEPT shell and some thoughts jotted down on coffee shop napkins is going to work out in their favour then they are sorely mistaken. Good f'n ...

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Looks pretty sharp to me. PC version will be nice.

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