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That’s not schizophrenia - it’s dissociative identity disorder - common mistake.

Schizophrenia is auditory and/or visual hallucinations.

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Dang - I picked up Deus Ex for around $11 off Amazon around Black Friday - haven’t started it yet. Oh well!

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Divinity - Enhanced Edition was only $13 and change- great deal!

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I just wish I had the time to play “too many” video games!

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My son - 12 years old - played a ton of the first Battlefront, and I played it a bit too. My son was saving for BF2, but with all the drama, we figured we'd wait and see - until Christmas, when you will likely be able to pick it up for $39.99 USD.

Then I started reading the reviews that basically said that the gameplay was good - and improved over the original - good gun and ship feel, good maps, great graphics, and a decent single player - with the main problem bein...

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Wait - they only decreased the required cost of herosfor review copies - not retail? You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Not buying his explanation that he was not referring to SWBF2.

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I think the point that some are missing is that the game gave him a worthwhile distraction from the darkness - some sense of purpose, something to look forward to.

Zelda alone didn’t get him through this Major Depressive Episode, but it was an important factor that helped him have the strength to follow through with the other essential aspects of treatment.

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Yesterday, I literally had this game in my hand at Gamestop - used, on sale for about $14. Glad I passed on getting it!

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Great to see all the geezers and coots! ;) I'm 45 myself. I've given up trying to play online FPS - my thumbs have gotten too slow!

Like everyone else - busy with work, wife and kids. Had to slow down buying games too - working my way slowly through Bloodborne now.

Backlog is too long to list.

But - don't think I'll ever give up my favorite hobby!

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The game takes place in Montana, but the author refers to Appalachia - he needs a geography lesson.

Also, what's controversial about a religious cult? I don't see why Christians would be offended by this because what is depicted isn't Christianity anyway - thus the word "cult".

Anyway - the game itself looks promising.

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I like the new setting - will help reduce under/over steering.

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I'm confused. I thought Switches were still in very low supply. How did they have the supply to double sales?

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My son and I got to Toys R Us last Saturday at 6AM and got one. He'd saved up his money for it; I told him to wait until fall to see what other games would come out besides Zelda and other announced games.

After having it a week, I'm sold on it. It's a great little console; I just hope it gets the software support. We're really hoping for a Metroid game.

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I'm not surprised. I used to pre-order everything at GameStop - now its Amazon. The stores are hit and miss - some people are nice and helpful, others are rude and clueless.

The PSN and Xbox store sales and Amazon prices on old games beat the prices at GameStop.

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Got one this morning. Had to get in line at 6A; store opened at 9A. They had 10 Switches; my son and I were 2nd in line.

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I'm white, and I really enjoyed playing Franklin in GTAV; he was an interesting and likable character - as were Michael and Trevor. I guess what matters most to me is not the color or gender, but do I care about the character and their story.

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I'm no fanboy, but this puts Xbones winning the last few months in context - people were waiting for the PS4Pro.

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Great question!

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