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Wow. I never thought it would be this successful. Apparently everyone wants one.

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Vanilla Skyrim is simply mediocre. It would never be the RPG legend it is now without hundreds of amazing mods. To not have access to this on the console is shafted out of half of the game.

That's the good and bad thing about Bethesda games. They're highly mod dependent.

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30 FPS master race!

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Ugh the frame rate is horrible. After playing the Uncharted Collection I have to endure shitty sub 30 FPS gameplay? Comeo on!

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This game runs 1080p 60 FPS maxed on the PC with a 770 GTX. The fact that they have to pull back the texture details and gray out the game just to hit 30 FPS 1080p on the remastered is a damn crime. You gotta be kidding me.

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I've actually experienced the OR on several occasions and what the OP say is totally true. The VR causes strains on your vision and that's not counting the weight of the headset that will grow tiresome as the hours pass. And I'm not even talking about the mention the motion sickness that can very slowly creep up on you.

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I'll be hard pressed to consider the Xbox One at this rate.

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Still got a ton to go. I'm really tired of all these early access survivor games.

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This is just another way for IGN to milk the game to generate articles and vids. If they can release reviews in multiple parts with a paragraph at a time, they would.

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This is nothing but hot air. Where are the cross play games and Xbox Live as a service is a lie unless they're willing do simultaneous release on both platforms.

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These features are nice but I wouldn't call any of them must haves.

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wrong post

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Yeah, 2 there's no false statements. Except for the idiotic 1080p 60 FPS multiplayer bullshit (they got sued for that one) and the infamous open world bait and switch of the demo and previews vs the entire game.

Overall these guys need to deliver more and hype less.

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Why is AF an issue on the console? This effect is virtually free on the PC to the point where nobody considers it to be a factor in the benchmarks anymore. Are the consoles so pressed for performance that resources must be nickeled and dimed at every turn?

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Console exclusives sucks now. Aside from Bloodborne it's a wasteland of mediocrity out there while you wait for Uncharted 4. There isn't anything approaching Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 in any of the line ups.

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The story and consequences of this game crushes any of the modern Fallouts. There are some brutally tough and real decisions to make.

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Darksouls 3 is only $35. That's right. $35.

I hate preordering but I had no choice.

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There's nothing magic about 30 FPS.

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If they announce the PS4 ultra that can run all current gen games @ 60 FPS then people will rush out and buy it in droves. All of the fanboys here will have one. I know I will. If having yearly upgrades are an multiple SKUs are bad then bad Apple would be the company it is today.

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