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Nobody saw the iPhone going anywhere. Nobody saw the tablets going anywhere. Everyone assumed the world will be dominated by desktop PC, notebooks, and consoles.

Yet here we are in a world dominated by mobile devices. Regardless what replaces what is irrelevant. The desktop and the console as we know it are living on bored time. #1.1
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Such is the N4G fanboy cesspool. When Carmack talk about how impressive the PS4 power is, he's a genius. When he talk down about the PS4 he's a has been PC whore. #35.1
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Why are you fanboys so afraid of upgrades to your system? Only in the console world would you get this kind of idiotic luddism. I thought specs matter? I thought you care about 50% more power?

The fact is that upgrade and maybe tiered hardware make sense. Everything else in the tech world get refreshes, so why not the consoles? The architecture for the Xbox One and PS4 are more mainstream and PC like then ever so upgrades and tiers to their system make sense.
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Only with idiotic console fanboys will you hear negative reactions to faster and more powerful chips. The irony of this simply hilarious.

Specs matter, 50% more power, Greatness Awaits! The PS4 will be upgraded with faster chips and more power in 2 years? No no no, we don't want that, specs don't matter anymore. LMAO!! #18
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I have a 4k TV myself and my number one disappointment is the inability of the PS4 and Xbox One to do all games in native 1080p. Having to play games in 720p on this TV is going to totally blow. #17
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This game have PS Plus all over it. There's no way I'm paying $60 for it when I can eventually have it for free. There are bigger fish to fry upon release date. #7
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Multiplats are king, to think otherwise is to be delusional of the facts. Oh and the platform with the most exclusives? PC. For all this talk about digital "services" and the cloud, the PC completely clown the console in terms online games. Virtually all of the free to play games are PC and every MMO you can think of are PC based also. #1.2.3
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PS4 fanboys= The PS4 is the most powerful console ever! Specs matter! Greatness Awaits!

PC Master Race= Oh yeah? Your graphics sucks and my specs are X4 as yours.

PS4 fanboys= specs don't matter.

Gotta love that fanboy logic. Everything about the PS4 hardware advantage is important, until is it faced with a truly superior platform, then all the sudden specs don't matter anymore.

The irony of all this is that Xbox One... #5.2.2
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Not interested in a PS4 port. Not even a little a bit. What I want is an entirely new experience tailored for the PS4. After 7 loooong years of this tired generation there's no way I'm looking back.

This remind me of all those people clamoring for a God of War 2 port to the PS3 a few years back. After God of War 3 came out, nobody gave a damn about the God of War 2 port anymore. #7
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Console is when last gen becomes nextgen because tech from 3 years ago are hitting the street today. #16.1
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900p and 60fps is the target for the PS4 per Dice. So the chances of the PS4 doing 1080p 60 fps is virtual nil. #23.2
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Lions can't run BF 4 in 1080p so I guess that's what he meant by "powerful as a lion". #25.1
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Nice USA trolling at the end. As if that have anything to do with this. #3
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I'm so bored of FF cosplay. Do something new for once. #2
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So according to this video Xbox One is future proof because of Kinect and Smart Glass. Can't do 1080p, but future proof because of Kinect can tell who is holding the controller... #15
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I wonder if this will be nothing more than a bunch of mini games. #8
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TERA F2P model is definitely better where as you really need your credit card handy to enjoy SWTOR. #3
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This most amazing thing about this article is that some guy with 7 seven bubbles used all of his bubbles. I guess this news must've hit a nerve. #1.1.22
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This game will sell 6 million through the life of the franchise easy. Just not all on the console and in full $60 price.

The key here is that games like this will keep selling on Steam years after it's release just like Just Cause 2, Watch Dog, and Tomb Raider are doing right now. #6
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I'm amazed at how little console fanboys know about the very games they're anticipating. War Thunder is best played with a mouse and keyboard and more likely than not, be prepared to share the skies with PC pilots who have been playing and paying for months.

The PC War Thunder community is highly anticipating this game release on the PS4 and the turkey shoot that will ensue. Watch your six. #4.1
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