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Nvidia is failing hard with their Tegra 3 because it's basically a giant GPU tasked to compute mobile OS. The result is a slow and power hungry mobile chip, but damn the graphics are good.

Even then their initiatives are taking them into new markets. Because unlike AMD, they understand that when you're tied to the PC and consoles, the only thing there to do is to die a slow and certain death. The very high end PC market is shrinking, and the console business are low... #13.1.2
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Yup. The PS4 and Xbox 360 back then were truely transcendent devices.

The PS3 was the first to introduce Bluray, and when I first watched a movie in Bluray, Apocalypto, it blew my mind. I knew right then that DVD was dead and that the future of my entertainment center would change. This is something my PC could not do.

I don't think I would have the same experience with the PS4. This is a console that struggles to uphold the 1080p 60 fps standard, a stan... #1.5.2
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GTA 4 on the PC looks better than Watchdog on the PS4. And you don't have to wait for anyone to see that.

Oh and GTA 4 release date? 2008 and you can play this on the TV with Steam Big Picture mode. #1.1.4
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Lol now is the worst time to buy a PS3. At this point launching a marketing campaign to boost PS3 sales amount to nothing more than a scam. The console most people should buy right now is the PS4, and in the unlikely event that you can't afford that then you should wait for the PS3 price drop or buy it used. #1.1.3
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Linux is a fringe OS and always will be until a major player with enough brand power and money to make it mainstream. #5.1
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Without the content and hardware support the only thing you have is a brick. To make this half way viable Valve must throw millions at this venture with hardware and third support on board.

But, if this is successful then it means I can build my own gaming console. Mind. Blown. #56.1
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Pffft. The threat to the console isn't the PC. They actually complement each other. The real threat are the tablets.

Unless Sony and MS pack their consoles with enough real computing power the ipad and google tablets will destroy this dated console industry. More and more kids are growing up gaming on their ipad instead of their hand helds so the trend toward mobile is already there. Once the tablets reach the point where they can stream BF 3 to the TV then it's all o... #33
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Havoc is shit. Please stop using it. But then again if you have AMD you're pretty much stuck with that. #5.1.2
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PC games do not move like consoles. Sleeping Dogs completely bombed on the console then proceeded to sell 2 millions to date with help of the PC is an example. Because unlike the consoles there is no stigma of being lastgen, PC games like GTA 4 always scale up very well. #3.2.5
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You know how fanboys love their "exclusives", even when its on last gen platforms. #3.1
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Spending money on separate Steam Box with hardware that is superior to my PS4 while being inferior to my PC is pointless. This is a middle of the road solution that doesn't appeal to me. If I want to compromise in performance and image quality for convenience then thats what the PS4 is for.

I just want a quick and easy way to get my PC Steam content to the TV if necessary. Bring on the stream box which is more robust and future proof. Now I can actually game on this shinn... #40
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Lol why is it cheaper produce games on lower specs system. They're both using similar hardware. If anything the X1 should be cheaper to develop for because of DX 11 making PC ports a breeze. #39.1
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They need to have a skill requirement for gaming journalist because I'm tired of watching totally shit off screen vids. #1
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That girl completely saved this shit video of BF4. In fact every second of footage that isn't her was time wasted. #28
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Beauty how? Quality of this vid is shit. #2.5
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Lmao if this game isn't full 1080p 60 FPS on the PS4 then they should cancel the launch date and add beefier hardware since it was designed to run on the PS3. Even laptops are getting insane FPS with this one. Just like DCUO this is not a very taxing MMO. #31
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you're trusting Crapcom to come up with a good free to play model? LMAO!! The nature of free to play is treat you like a worthless second class piece of shit until you finally break down, and overpay for something.

I can already guess your first purchase, bag space. Keep your credit card handy kids because you're going to need it frequently. #17.1.2
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Free to play just means that you'll be paying $200 to get the same content a regular $60 game. Oh you want more inventory space? $5 please. Want a sword that isn't made of wood? Then upgrade to copper, $15. You just died? Would you like to respawn here? $5.... #9.1.3
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I was hoping for the nextgen version for my PS4, but now that it's coming to the PC thats like next, next, nextgen. Best version confirmed. #39
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I like old Orchild a hell lot better with her sexuality cranked to the max. That's the Orchid that got my attention when I was a kid. Latex with T and A. This new Orchid with giant goggles is boring as hell. #8
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