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Nobody cares if a standard BDXL drive can play 4K or not or if it's the same drive. It's already established that some PC Bluray drives can play 4K with a little firmware update or hacking. The problem is with the encodings and content protection bullshit that Sony baked into the requirements to make it work. That's what most people regard as a Bluray drive, the entire physical assembly and encoding.

I mean shit, if all you need is the drive then the Xbox One c...

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All I know is this. The Pro went from the all conquering hero of the current gen to a questionable value proposition based on that totally shit conference. When Sony finally unveiled the console not a single sound was heard. It's like you hear the disappointment ringing across the room.

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You clearly have no idea wtf you're talking about. I have a $400 Samsung UBD-K8500 4K player in my living room and the UI response and app launch time is slow as fuck. My PS4 and my TV runs circles around this thing.

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Will I get better frames than the PS4 or not? How about some specifics?

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Because the stand alone BD players sucks at this point. That's why Sony sold millions of PS3 at launch. Back then the PS3 was the best Bluray player money can buy. It's fast, have a lighting quick responsive UI and is 100% compatible with all Blurays. This is why so many gamers and videophiles are looking forward to the Pro and they were all disappointed.

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Then it is a trick. This console is too under powered and featureless so they must use the 4K up scaling as a ruse. Horrible.

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People who want Sony games in 4K shouldn't buy the Pro. It can't do 4K gaming, that is the ultimate lie. The only thing it can factually do is HDR.

Better textures, better frame rates are all conditional. That's why this conference was so bad. They gushed about the graphics yet the textures still fall behind PC and there's no clear comparison vs the regular PS4.

Oh worst of all, no 4K player....WTF.

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This console is disappointing in so many ways. The "stable frame rate" feature said it all. They don't even have the horse power to announce 60 FPS and the lack of 4K Bluray disappointed a massive legion of home theater fans who were counting on the return of the PS3.

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Wow nobody saw this coming. It's a 4K a gaming console that can't do 4K. It's a 4K entertain machine that can't do 4K Blurays. I was looking forward to this so much. Now not so much. The Neo was supposed to be the one. This PS Pro is one that can't.

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What's so hefty about a 970 GTX? Sounds like an average mid range GPU to me. For the PC recommended usually means 60 FPS specs and that looks right.

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N4G is the toilet of the gaming sites. They constantly post malware links and does absolutely nothing to change their policies.

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Everything new is 1% on Steam. Steam have such a massive user base that the incredibly popular RX480 and the always sold out 1080 GTX are also 1%.

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Isabella was awesome.

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Looking inferior I can live with but games running at 1080p 30 FPS in 2016 is totally unacceptable. It's not the stone ages anymore. The consoles need project Scropio and the Neo desperately.

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Crap port on the PC is defined as a game that run @ 30 FPS. Optimized on the console is a game that runs at 30 FPS. In other words crap is the norm on the console. They have no idea what optimized really is until they occasionally get to experience a 60 FPS game.

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It won't even kill BF4.

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Casuals are not going to pay subs to play streaming games. The play on mobile, that's where casuals live, plus these days the tech on some tablets and phones are approaching console quality anyways.

As for PS Now in hotels, LOL. As a field tech I stayed in a ton of hotels, from 5 stars to 2 stars. Putting shitty streaming games into a hotel means that a customer might try once if they're bored enough then never ever trying it again because most of the hotel net connect...

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They contracted out the port so day one performance is garbage. And by garbage I mean you can't run it with ultra and 60 FPS. As you know not being able to run games at 60 FPS is like a crime against humanity in the PC community so people were outraged. I would wait for the patch which is no doubt coming very soon.

On the console 60 FPS isn't s problem so there were no crimes committed.

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Pointless to release this on PC anyways. Just look at how the PC community either left Titanfall in droves or ignored it completely. Even giving the entire Season Pass away for free didn't save the game.

To succeed on the PC you must have engaging skill based mechanics. This mass market casual friendly gameplay won't interest anyone on the PC.

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