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Love Underground. They just need to roll out the 1.4 patch.

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60 FPS is the truth where as fake 4K are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Everyone can enjoy silky smooth gameplay regardless of the quality of your display. The guy with the TV from the PS3 era can enjoy 60 FPS performance same the dude with the fancy 2016 4K HDR TV. It's 2016, 1080p 60 FPS should be a none negotiable requirement for the entire console community.

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I would rather have them focus on 60 FPS. Another MS failure.

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Scorpio will release with a 4K player

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If you're going to upscale then 900p to 1080p is better than 1080p to 4K. 2K to 4K is better still but in the end upscaling is garbage no matter how you break it down. It's a crutch for inferior hardware. It's smoke and mirrors in lieu of real quality.

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Youre right about that. Ratchet is probably the best exclusive that nobody played.

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Console exclusives suck these days. They're so damn meh that I can't get excited about anything. I mean just look at the entire list of exclusives for this gen, outside of UC4 and Bloodborne everything is just forgettable or just plain shit like, No Man Lie.

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Then 70 million of people wouldn't care about the PS4 Pro. There's no reason to buy a PS4 Pro unless you care about performance and a premium experience.

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PS4 fans are the ones who are begging. For mods support, online play without overpriced fee, games without upscaling frauds, and 60 FPS.

That's not even mentioning the constant whining within the community that will certainly ensue when the PS4 Pro releases for support. Here let me start now.

Sony please release a 60 FPS Bloodborne and Darksouls 3 patch on launch day. While you're at it patch Witcher 3 GOTY, GTA 5, Destiny and too.

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Show me the 1080p 60 FPS gameplay instead.

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Bloodborne at 60 FPS. Where is it? Where is the power.

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The Gold headset was garbage. Cheap plastic everywhere, audio quality of a tin can, and totally shit bass. However the biggest insult is the lack of per game profile switching. The need to launch an app then connect your headset to a usb port change your sound profile is pure a amateur hour. Nobody does this anymore, nobody. On the PC you can buy a cheap no name Chinese headset and it'll come with 7.1, superior sound and automatic per profile switching.

It's about ...

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Lol Sony is going on the annual release cycle to keep up with the competition? RIP console gaming then.

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Lol PC gaming is so niche that I can't buy a $600 1080 GTX because it's sold out for the last 3 months. Ok no problem I'll just buy the entry level RX480 Polaris that the consoles are based on....nope. Also sold out.

Who's buying all these niche hardware that nobody uses??

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The PS4 semi-Pro is $400 console you buy while waiting for the console you really want to buy.

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Xbox have to upscale because it's under powered. The PS4 Pro upscale because it is also under powered. Power is defined by native resolution and 60 FPS. A feat that neither of these pretenders can achieve as a baseline.

This generation is pathetic. There's no real innovation here what so ever. Just smoke, mirrors and blind fanboys drinking their Cool-aid.

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Definitely agree. The PS3 was an amazing console that offered unparalleled value proposition because of the competition. Sony came to bat with The best Bluray device on the market and included and FREE online gaming. When PS Plus came around it offered AAA titles that people actually want instead of indie trash.

And now look at this gen. The PS4 is a mere shadow of what made the PlayStation brand great.

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Lol upscaling on the PC is like playing games at 30 FPS. It's the ultimate insult. No PC gamer worth a damn will accept upscaling. On the PC it's either you do native at 60 FPS or you're trash.

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If by explained you mean vague generalities without any real specifics with compare and contrasts then yes they explained.

For example will Bloodborne run at 60 FPS now? Or will it run at a "stable" 30 FPS? They basically made a premium console without detailing exactly what that premium is.

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Will Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne runs at 1080p with better textures and 60 FPS or not?? If not then the PS Pro is weak as hell.

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