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Where is Pro patch???

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Dat 30 25-30 FPS.

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Good list but I would put Witcher 3, Bloodborne/Darksouls 3, and The Division in there.

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Exclusives used to mean something. Now they suck. MS no longer cares and Sony no longer tries. Now the consoles are basically doing what Valve is doing. Focusing on profits with sales through their storefronts and let 3rd party take all the risks.

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This study is total true. My right hand is kinda sore.

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LG TVs uses the Dolby Digital chip for their HDR instead of the software based HDR 1000 in Sony and Samsung. This could be the issue since even their highest end OLEDs do not support HDR in game mode. Looks like they lost the format war.

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Look at the Sony trolls attacking this guy. Pathetic really.

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This can't be as simple as a LG problem. Their TVs are preferred for use as a PC monitor in 4K so as far as native 4K goes they're rock solid. More than likey the problem must lie in PS4 upscaling and HDR implementation.

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30 FPS without micostutter. Lmao. Looks like someone have never played a console game ever.

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30 FPS peasant race rules the world. Better recognize.

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Don't need native 4K. I need game's that doesn't run like shit on the Pro. Between Dues Ex and Dishonored 2 I'm disappointed.

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I'm a gamer not a blind fanboy. If the Scorpio lives up to the hype then of course I'm interested. The Pro is great but the limitations are so obvious, yet it deserves a chance.

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Only real gamers have the perspective to criticize their own platform. It's the fanboys who doesn't like the true corporate slaves that they are.

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The market for HDR is also minuscule. Yet it didn't stop Sony from cramming it in. As much as I'm enjoying my Pro the lack of 4K Bluray decreased its overall premium quality.

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Oh be quite, Im trying to enjoy my PS Pro. All this noise from MS is a huge distraction.

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A few of the so called native 4K games like ESO are not actually native 4K. I know because I have actually seen ESO in native 4K on the TV display with a high end PC before. It's extremely pixel dense that affords a very high field of view. The PS Pro version seems to be lacking half of this pixel density which makes sense because it retains the same FoV as the standard PS4.

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Need. More. Pro games. I'm at the point where I guide my purchase decisions on if games are Pro enhanced or not.

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Mine would randomly lose HDMI connection and blink into a black screen for half second before the picture is restored. Really annoying during gameplay. The only way to fix this is to power down and power cycle the system.

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BF1 on the Pro is definitive console experience. Not as good as the PC, but finally console gamers no longer have suffer bad textures and sub 1080p resolution. Finally the dream is realized. Any console gamers not playing this on the Pro is missing out.

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So I finally tried some Pro games that isn't crap and I'm amazed. Uncharted looks mind blowing with checkerboard upscale. This looks superior to anything I have on PC and I have a 980 GTX. Another game that really impressed me is Ratchet and Clank, HDR really made this game pop. Very impressive.

However my issue with the Pro remains. There's a huge gulf between the good Pro games and crap Pro games. The experience is very inconsistent, and it takes a massive di...

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