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I don't get why he's so into this game. Grim Dawn is totally meh.

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Sony need to do a better job of selling the PSVR as a platform and platforms requires games. I'm sorry but these tech demos doesn't equate to much and I'm not seeing a single killer app in this line up. There is no CoD, there is no Uncharted, and there is no Skyrim in sight. Until there is the PSVR will be a cool toy that you hook up once, impress your friends, then never use again because it's a pain in the ass to setup.

On the bright side the extra CPU can h...

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Please be a RPG.

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Best zombie game, ever.

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This game runs silky smooth on the PC. 1080P 60 FPS on max is piece of cake.

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The most impressive thing about this vid is that it's in 4K 60 FPS gameplay. Amazing really.

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This franchise is dead. The last game pretty much hammered in the nail on the coffin.

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Well shit. I just paid full price for this two weeks ago.

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The problem right now is the lack of real games that isnt a job simulator or a glorified tech demo. I can see how VR enhances PC games. There a lot of flight and space sims on the PC. On the PS4, not so much.

Plus running 5 feet of cable from the PC to the headset is ok. It's in a contained space. Running 15 feet of cables from my home entertainment console across the entire room is a entirely different ball game. Depending on your setup, this could be a lawsuit waiting ...

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Should be a 50/100 because the amount of content in this game is Destiny like.

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Shit like this is why this game is a total joke. On one hand it's cool to be a badass and wipe the map of noobs. On the other it's crazy unbalanced and all the cool stuff are gated off so new players have to grind while vet players get to run around and murder people regardless of their skill.

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This is a $5 game on Steam that some people can run in 4K and still get 60 FPS.

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At $10 this game is a great deal just for the graphics.

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So using an extra core will bring 30 FPS to 60 FPS? LMAO!!

Man the fanboys on this site is something else.

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The Uncharted Collection is a freaking awesome bundle. At 60 FPS it is still better than most games released for the PS4 today and the silky smooth performance makes you feel like you're gaming on a true nextgen console.

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I try to avoid these Steam sales now. I'm tired of buying games that I will never have to time play just because they're such a great deal. Sniper Elite 3 for only $10? Ok fine just this one...

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So FROM is not going to release more DLCs for Bloodborne, a game with a huge PS4 fanbase begging to give them more money?

Perhaps you are right. It's better to DLC rape on a multiplat title like Darksouls 3. Also the guy above must be crazy to think that they'll offer a season pass in their games. They do very well with their expansions then reselling them in a super duper ultimate edition.

Xbox One fanboys, be prepared to pay $60 for Dark Souls 3 th...

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That's a decent price for it. You can't go wrong at that price.

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This idiotic title could also read: PC lead all platforms in digital sales. Wow!

It just goes to show how moronic N4G can be.

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Amazing game. I have over a 100 hours invested but even then Witcher 3 is still more impressive because unlike Fallout 4, it's not held back a clunky engine. What Bethesda need is an engine that is robust enough to represent cities the way Witcher 3 does Movigrad.

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