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Horrible reasons, all are not true. It's already confirmed that Sony chose not to include a drive because they do not want the Pro to compete with their own stand alone 4K player. It's basically the same reason the PS4 does not play mp3s at release because they want you to subscribe to their worthless streaming services.

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ToF is basically an abortion of a game. Everything about it is either half assed or incomplete.

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Bloodborne have absolutely shit build variety. DS3 is basically Bloodborne meets Darksouls, the best of both worlds.

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You want transformative leap? Go 60 FPS.

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DoTA 2 and LoL are core games. They are a real eSport. Casuals Candy Crush types do not play play DoTA2 and their massive customer base leads to the kind the money that console AAA can only dream off. We're talking IPs that generate billions with virtually zero development cost. All they do is make profits.

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This game is free on PC if you already own all the DLC. Console gamers of course must pay $60 for this cash grab.

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Jungle is next I bet.

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The Division patch 1.4 and Diablo 3 Loot 2.0 will go down history as the most positive gameplay patches in history.

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Are you serious? Of course there isn't anyone around to do the 1st mission a few months ago. In order for that to happen there must be new players coming into the game. At this point virtually the entire PC player base are at the end game. In fact the game felt more alive on PC now because there is actually real zone chat traffic for HVT groups all day long near the BoO.

More than anything the lack of zone chat makes the console version feels like a ghost town. The ope...

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Every guy and his dog ran Reclaimers in 1.3, however in 1.4 having two Reclaimers is like having two healers with the same cool down. He's basically dead weight. Yet the author blames the community for this? What a clueless troll.

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I'm not waiting. But if Scorpio is better then prove it, then I'll switch.

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Where is Madden 17 and Bloodborne support?

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.3% of Destniy's 500 million is expensive as hell. No wonder they're not supporting the Pro.

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Sony confirmed that the PS4 and Pro are identical when playing PS4 games. Very disappointing. They had a chance to get a Xbox S like situation and blew it. The PS Pro power going down the toilet when playing games like Bloodborne and Destiny is a massive waste.

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Please make this happen.

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Something tells me that MS marketing hype is writing checks that the Scorpio can't cash.

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This true 4K better look superior to the fake 4K or else MS is going look pretty stupid.

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Enough about the god damn flops. Just show me 60 FPS 1080p or 60 FPS 4K. Those are the only numbers that matters. Everything else are smoke, mirrors and lies.

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Thier sales didn't pay the bills.

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Compared to Google Cardboard PSVR is amazing. Compared to the Vive PSVR is limited. It's a product that's limited by its hardware and platform.

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