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This is a From Software game, and if anything they are know for making multiplats version of the same game. The draw to milk money from the same engine is too hard for them to resist.

Prepare to die, again, in Darkborne. #1.1
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I will be running this at 2K. Because resolution matters. #2
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Omg someone complained the fanboy's precious 40 seconds load screen in a die fest game, he must not own the game!

Or how about this one. Being invaded by exploiters who duped millions of blood echos then use it to gank hapless victims on day two the game's release. Oh snap because I complained about an actual issue, I must not own the game too!

Or maybe the fanboys consider the duping exploit in a none consensual PvP game awesome? #8.1.5
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I'm not sinking stats points into just two items. #2.1
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Lmao these games can be had for $5 a piece on the PC and can run @ 4K. If you're paying more than $15 for this you're a fool. #56
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There is nothing wrong with item. It only last 2 hours and the XP grind in this game is freaking massive. When this game comes out it will be the best MMO on the PS4. #10
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Sleeper hit of the year: Elder Scrolls Online for the console.

I just came back to check out the free to play, and if this game makes it over to the PS4 intact then it will blow console gamers away. The devs did an amazing job fixing this game since the beta. It's like I'm playing a brand new release with enough content to fill 3 Skyrims. I'm shocked that they're not asking a sub for this game. The questing content and story telling are premium as hell and I... #9
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This review died on the 1st paragraph with its moronic political bullshit getting in the way. After that it's poitnless to read any further because the writers credibility pretty much goes in the toilet.

I bet this loser didn't think much about police brutality when he was murdering dozens of innocents in GTA 5. Typical gaming political hypocrisy. #2
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There's a crap ton of dark fantasy games. Stop pretending that the Souls games created the concept because anything with the name Warhammer invented this decades ago. #7.1
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I thought it's 40+ million by now? 20 million seems low. #71
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They're hyping this game up to fail. See Elite Dangerous. Huge open world. Endless boredom.

Without actual content and things to do and the proper gameplay systems, this game will be be nothing but a giant endless stretch of empty and meaningless stars and planets. #10.1
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Nvidia blew it. If this an Android console that is X3 the power of the Xbox One then it would've been something to talk about. Instead the heavy reliance on streaming doomed this product on day one. #8
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Android can compete with the console with the proper hardware. If it takes off, it'll be huge.

But I'm not buying this streaming hype. There's just so many ways it can detract from the experience. #12
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Because in fanboy logic, only Xbots and people who hasen't played it will be "senselessly" attacking it. Those who has played will be converted right folks?

That must be why there are so Destiny haters too, because they haven't played it. LOL. #3.2.2
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Are you serious? #3.2
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A true beta male review, probably written while a feminazi editor is tightening the clamps on his balls. #11
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Politics pure and simple. The beta males and femi Nazis hate this game just like how they hate BF Hardline because of "police brutality". #5.1
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Being able to fight in 3D is not a make or break feature. Aside from the boobies the DoA series do have an excellent and highly kinetic fighting system. I don't play fighting games a lot but I actually prefer DoA over SF. #2.1
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Nice spin. The Order is not the Walking Dead. Walking Dead is not an action game, it's narrative based game where interactive story telling is the main focus so QTE is used to drive action sequences. This acceptable.

The Order is an action game with constant cut scene interruptions and lazy QTE sequences instead of real action combat.

But none of this truly matter. Because if The Order is a third party, Xbox or PC game then no one here would bother defend... #3.2
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Very excited for ESO. This will be the best console MMO period. #5.1
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