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"Checkerboard is not upscaling" Hahahaha!

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What went wrong is everything. It's a game built on hype and lies.

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Yup the 900p-1080p narrative is coming back to bite Sony in the ass.

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This right here. Texture resolution is the real difference maker. It's what separate console and PC.

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I'm not sure why you're getting hate but it's absolutely true. You can easily run this game at 4K 60 FPS or 1080p 60 FPS without god like hardware. You just need to disable MSSA and tone down useless details like mirrors reflection quality. I have a i5 980 GTX in a small ITX case hooked up to my TV, I get 1080p 60 FPS all day with mostly ultra settings. The Xbox One can't even come close to how incredibly smooth this game runs.

It's just week one, with...

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I'm a PC gamer with a TV as well and I'm looking forward to MS implementation of more crossplay.

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MS better not screw up the good will they have with PC gamers from Horizons 3. If this launch is like the Gears Ultimate launch then it's curtains for the Windows Store.

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Froza Horizon 3 was my 1st Xbox experience on the PC and I loved it. If I also like what I see with Gears 4 then getting a Scorpio might be a real possibility. The crossplay and mod support features are simply too good to ignore any further.

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This game better not need a 1080 GTX to get 60 FPS. Because all of the Windows Store DX 12 games aside from Froza runs like shit. As it stands DX 12 is a total lie.

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This game did the impossible.

1. It made me buy a Windows Store game.
2. It made me enjoy a racing game. I hate racing games.
3. It lived up to the hype.

Biggest surprise of the year for me since Windows Store games are garbage. I might even try Gears 4 now.

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30 FPS doesn't rival anything. If this game runs at 60 FPS on the console then we can have a conversation.

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I'm skeptical. He's not doing anything that I haven't seem done with a Steam controller.

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They need more crossplay games like Froza Horizon. PC and console crossplay is so freaking awesome that it blows my mind every time I'm racing against console gamers. Imagine if every Xbox game were to have crossplay. The online community would be freaking huge.

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My PC is my console. It's an ITX beast PC hooked up to a 65 4K TV using Big Picture mode. It can easily crush any console today or in the future.

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Oh thank god. I was worried that I will have to play this game in 900p on my new Pro. Are we getting 1080p 60 FPS though??

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No word of PS4 Pro support. The horror.

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I preordered the Pro. Sony have exactly one year to convince me of its capabilities because the Scorp looks like the real deal. So far the fake-k and the lack of support doesn't impress me.

For example if I have to play BF1 at 900p at 30 FPS with my Pro I might just just go insane.

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Nobody gives a rat ass about the technique used in upscaling. It's upscaled and bullshit pixels are inserted in the original image to fill out the high res image. This ruins the entire point of having an ultra high resolution image in 4K. So if you can't do 4K then stay the F away from it. Do not ruin this technical spec with your frauds.

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This is completely bullshit. I have both. There's no in hell I would choose HDR over 60 FPS. The game runs so much better at 60 FPS.

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This is basically every PC game vs the console version. The only notable thing about Froza is that the PC and console can game together so the comparisons stand out more.

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