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IGN already released a video on the rumored specs. It's happening.

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I can't imagine a situation where I would need a Xbox One when I already own a PS4. Having two consoles is kinda pointless.

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Wolfenstein campaign is still the best of this generation. Yet nobody gives a shit while online focused shooters like Destiny and The Division makes billions. So all this noise about single player is just that. Noise. If you're making a shooter today and it's not 99% online focused then you're just asking to be unemployed.

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The Steam Controller is one of the kind. I don't always use mine but when I do there's nothing else in its class. Try sitting in bed while playing Civ 4, CK2, Xcom 2 or Pillars of Eternity with anything else. It's impossible. Hell I spent so many hours with Xcom 2 on a Steam Controller and its massive custom bindings that using a mouse and keyboard felt slow at times.

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Day one for this guy. I'm pretty a lot of people will upgrade too as long as it will feature superior specs to the "old" PS4.

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Pvp system is so bad in this game to the point where the prepatch rogue penalties made a lot of sense. The current PvP mechanics is basically a bunch of guys rolling around and blasting each other with shoguns and smgs. This have nothing to do with the cover mechanics that the entire game is hinged upon.

IMHO they should put the rogues penalties back so everyone can go back to farming the DZ in peace.

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UC 4 is 30 FPS with 60 FPS multiplayer. In some games dat 60 FPS is a huge difference. It really makes you feel like you have a powerful system. I would take performance over scale and graphics over any day of the week. If the PS4k is real and if it does offer performance upgrades then I'm buying.

Just consider how much time you spend on your PS4. It's totally worth it. Plus I have badass 4K TV :)

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I would rather see another Bloodborne than Darksouls 3 to be honest. The world and lore just seems so much more interesting. I also don't like how the two franchises are borrowing ideas from each other. In my opinion it makes them less unquie and.

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This game get no respects despite being a great adventure. One thing it got right is how it always frame the action in the correct context. It's not like Uncharted how Drake and Sully are running around chatting up and cracking jokes, then all sudden they run into 20 mercs which they slaughtered, then go back to cracking jokes as if nothing happened.

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The problem with Bloodborne is that FROM did not take enough risks and take the Souls franchise to the next level. It is still a souls game that deviated very little from the established formulas.

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This will create more rogues in the DZ and makes the broken PvP system even worst. If PvP is balanced correctly then I wouldn't mind. But right now it's a cluster fuck of imbalanced rogue gangs farming under geared noobs. PvP in this game is now similar to any MMO with open world PvP. It's all about random gankings that is over in a blink of an eye.

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Thank god. Being invited to play Destiny when I already quit the game is a real pain.

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I just realized how worthless this feature is now that you mentioned this. I'm still using The Last of Us profile lmao!

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You can tell that this guy went from iPhone ear plugs to this headset so he's really impressed. But the PS Gold is really just incredibly average to plain bad depending on how picky you are about sound, which is one of the headset biggest weakness.

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I'm so tired of this bullshit. Where is my Dragon Dogma for the PS4?

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Rob Cram. Great name. Great video.

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Sigh. It's one of these idiots.

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Consoles are low end PCs with a closed ecosystem. Nothing more. Stop trying to pretend they're different when they're not.

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Why would you not want a PS4K? Im getting one of course. Hell the MS Elite controller that sold like hot cakes proved that console gamers want more choices. Is that unfair to regular MS controller users? Is the PS4 unfair to PS3 users?

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Biggest problem with this game is the combat is basically mindless spamming. They look impressive but you're basically playing Dynasty Warrior online as you grind on billions of mobs that can easily be faced rolled. Coming from Blade and Soul which is highly technical in its combat BDO feels too easy.

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