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I'm not sure MS didn't bother to pack their console with enough power to begin with. #46
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This game is very Lair like, lots of flashy renders and epic cut scenes but there's something really by the numbers about the gameplay.

Even as a PS4 fan I'm following this game closely, because as we know, if Ryse pull it off then it will be copied endlessly.

If not...well, did I mentioned that this is Lair like yet? #3.2.2
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The inability of nextgen to hit 1080p on all titles is simply put, pathetic.

1080p isn't hard or technically demanding. If you can't do 1080p on your console then you're not nextgen.

I'm at a total lost on why BF4 and Assasin Creed 4 are in 720p. #4.1
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If your PC run BF 3 at 1080p 60 fps then it will probably run BF 4 at 1080p 60 fps. There is absolutely no reason to upgrade. #16.1
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Unless this game is on Steam then I doubt anyone will on the PC will care. #3
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The graphics on this maxed out can hardly equate to BF 3.5, while there are some massive frame drops the game feels like it will be smooth as butter and low spec just like BF 3 after a patch or two.

What amazes me is why the console can't do this game at 1080p. This game doesn't demand best in class hardware. #25
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This article is missing a very important point. They both suck. This is yet another generation of using "last gen" controllers. Apparently what Sony and Mircosoft are saying is that auto aim is the future when they decided to stick to the status quo.

How about this for a radical concept. A console controller that allow you to free aim easily and seamlessly as a mouse and keyboard. According to Sony and Microsoft this is impossible, despite the shooters genre absolut... #65
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This must be a dark post apocalypse future where bands of roving of bandits run amuck enslaving and murdering innocents, and all displays are incapable of 1080p resolution. #1.5.7
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Not impressed. At the AMD press event they had Dirt 3 running at 12K 60 FPS. #3
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Killzone SF is the nextgen Resistance and Crysis all rolled into one. It looks great, run at 1080p, and is the only exclusive shooter at launch. In short it's a fanboy rallying cry of choice for the PS4.

Gameplay wise what have been shown are bland and boring. Perhaps it's because of the off screen vids showing noob journalist sucking it up, or maybe GG are trying to prevent spoilers but the official gameplay vids lack that badass wow moments of Titanfall. #1.3
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What is so great about the AC series anyway?the entire franchise need to die and take its crapstatic assassin vs Templars plot line to the grave. Even the mechanics are starting to get dull. I'm tired of fights where enemies would slowly circle then attack me one by one as if they're waiting for their turn on the merry go round. #2.4
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If that guy had a PS4 recording that epic moment would be a sure thing. But then again he wouldn't be able to play it in 1080p and very high settings. Good thing his FRAPs was on. #3
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Problems with Origins? You don't say. Ever since it's inception Origin continues to be absolutely second rate trash. There are tons of AAA games with Origin related launch issues. Crysis 3 and Kingdoms won't launch unless it's opened from the desktop and Origin is closed for some incredibly stupid reason, and do I even need to talk about Simcity?

Seriously for a publisher with so many hot IPs to handle it's own store front with such incompetence is rare,... #1
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If you don't like football then why bother reading the article. Do football fans go into hockey articles and complain that there isn't enough grass? #15.1
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Another idea for Levolution is to feature a Jurassic Park containment facility, and if a "stray" rocket hit the doors then the dinosaurs will run amuck. #8
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Guerrilla Games suck. Their best game was Killzone 2, Killzone 3 was CoD garbage, and Shadow Fall looks like the PS4 version of Crysis. Every video of Shadow Fall I've seen featured fantastic console graphics but incredibly boring and uninspired gameplay.

If I want pretty but bland I would boot up Crysis 3 on the PC. I don't know what their next IP is but these guys are shaping up to be Sony's personal Crytek. #27
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Would be nice but I guess Battlelog isn't build that way. Maybe something to think about for Battlelog 2. #12
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The worst thing about this how they refuse to release actual GPU specs. Something tells me this thing will be under powered and over priced.

No thanks, I'll build my own Steam Machine when the time comes, it won't fit into a nice square box but it'll be cheaper and more more powerful. #8
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Exactly. There's no way a shooter can approach that size unless it's full of bloat. #37.1
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The problem here isn't about choice and efficiency. The problem is that at the dawn of a new console generation that is supposed to lead us into the future, we can't even reach the 1080p baseline.

The Xbox One isn't even out yet and the first party dev already maxed out the system. If the nextgen can't even reach 1080p then how do they hope to stay relevant for the next 7 years? #66
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