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Screw foreign companies because they sure as hell screw us. Tell China and Japan to lower their import tax to be on par with the US then we have a deal. No? Then get the hell out. As despicable as Trump is he's right about this. Until other countries play fair, its 'Murcia first.

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It's so obvious that 60 FPS is important. Even in Until Dawn the 30 FPS pisses me off.

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Only one butt shot in this entire collection. How disappointing.

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Nobody cares. Even on my PS4 the amount of 3rd parties vs exclusives that I own are 5 to 1. Exclusives are just extra padding and doesn't define anything in the overall scheme of things.

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Always online is fine. The problem is that it's always online and uses peer to peer which is shit.

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Omg I'm a filthy criminal. Sorry moral police! News flash. A ton of people had sex in their teens. Shocking!!

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Yeeees!! I made the list.

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Lumberyard is probably the most boring name you can brand an engine.WTF were they thinking.

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Yup. The brown industrial world is rather dull as are the toy like enemies.

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An always online game without dedicated servers? Ok I'm done. Peer to peer is trash.

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Be a good a good slave and settle for what you have not what you deserve.

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Not a single Pro game. Sigh.

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Last of Us hype. Whatever. The best thing to come out of PSX is actually the game nobody is talking about, Let It Die. Its basically the free to play Souls game for the morally degenerate. Everything I do in this game is based on griefing other players. Even when I die.

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Bloodborne and Darksouls 3 Pro patch!!

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Never again. I'm done with these fraudsters.

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Speaking of which where the F is my Bloodborne Pro patch?

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Interesting. This is coming to PC? Guess I'll be getting the best version then.

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Bloodborne is still the best PS4 game yet it is completely left for dead by Sony while the ancient TLoD gets the P4 Pro patch. I shouldn't expect too much from the same company that help push the No Man Sky hype train.

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Boys Band road trip saves the world.

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