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That's not what he's talking about. Fill in match making is when someone leaves the matching making will find another player to fill out the group. Right now it's impossible get pass wave 40 because by then two people would leave and you'll be left fighting a tough boss with 3 players.

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The PC and console unification is huge if MS can pull it off. The problem is that for now it's all talk. Gears of War 4 is an amazing game on PC but does not have full featured crossplay and Froza requires 8 gig of VRAM because it's another shit port. In theory these are the two games that are supposed to carry the Xbox unification flag but they both fall short one way or another.

Until MS can actually deliver on their promises then Sony is in the clear.

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Wtf? I don't have this problem. Do you have a legit copy of the game?

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I don't see why not as long as they lock gamepad controls for competitive match making. This way everyone will be on the level.

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Gears 4 looks way better on PC than Uncharted 4 does on the PS4. The PC Gears 4 have the kind of textures that Uncharted 4 simply can't support with its console platform, but from a world design and artistic level I would say I prefer Uncharted.

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Uncharted 4 clearly is more impressive visually from a console perspective but the game still suffers from the console textures syndrome. This doesn't happen with Gears 4 in Ultra at 100 FPS on PC. The PC popping textures and insanely smooth frames are a sight to behold. But if all things being equal I would still prefer Uncharted because the game simply feels more modern. Gears 4 feels like a throwback, the gameplay is just so dated.

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Graphics are improved with the Pro. That's great news.

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Great game totally ruined by the disaster that is the Windows Store. The entire patching and downloading fiasco is totally unacceptable. Many people either can't download or are fooled into thinking that their downloads are frozen because the progress bar stopped indicating progress.

MS need to pull their head outta their asses. When you're downloading or patching an 80 gig game there need to be a more robust system than what was designed for mobile apps.

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30 FPS and fantastic doesn't belong in the same sentence. Plus Bloodborne still suffers from drop frames to this day. This game desperately need the PS Pro power.

Oh and that 200 Hz TV, LOL.

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The Tomb Raider reboot is what happens when SWJs takes over games. Laura used to be a super confident and sexy icon. Now she's a fucking Girl Scout.

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This game had everyone fooled.

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Sony was deceived. Lol. What a bunch of BS. This is a Sony exclusive so they had to pass Sony's milestones. They knew everything yet they helped market the crap outta it. Can't say I blame them, it's not about the games it's about the money.

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There are a ton of shit games on Steam. Some are outright scams. But Steam do have the best community system in gaming so bad games stands out like a sore thumb.

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Love how Steam users can strike back at bad games. We need this on consoles. The PSN wouldn't even let me thumb down on shit games which is gutless. The only feedback Sony allows are positive ones which defeat the entire point of a rating system.

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I've seen huge differences between 4k and 1080p on my PC and even bigger differences between PC and consoles when viewed in person. However when I watch the same comparison on these useless vids I see none.

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I don't have this problem though it could happen to some people. To me eye strain is a bigger issue. After 2hours of VR my eyes feels like I spent all day staring into a flashlight.

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Mafia 3 is not even close to No Man Lie when it comes to disappointment.

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One of VR biggest problems is the buyers remorse.

Week 1: This is awesome! I'm going to show all my friends...
Week 2: Putting this on is a pain in the ass, I'm just going to play regular games.

Basically there isn't a lot of VR owners shouting from the rooftops about how amazing and must have VR is all the time.

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A goal of stable 30 FPS across all platforms is idiotic. PCs should be 60 FPS stable.

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Awesome! The PS Move comes for free now??

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