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Great thing about the PS4 is that you don't have to choose between Uncharted or Tomb a Raider. You get both.

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Stop approving "articles" from this garbage site. Everything from here is nothing more than an Amazon link.

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It's hard to see the difference thanks to this shit video. Seriously if you're not going to do 1080p full screen in your comparison vids then GTFO.

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There a ton of YouTube vids feauring this mod running silky smooth in 4K. The days of GTA 5 being a demanding game are long gone with modern PC hardware.

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This game just crushes Failout 4 in terms of shear quality of its world and questing. Considering how good Hearts of Stone was the Blood and Wine DLC might be the best RPG of the year.

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Nothing this year will beat Uncharted 4.

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Is there a reason why PS4 owners continue to accept the constant ass raping by Bethesda as if we deserve it? The PS4 version sold easily twice as much as the PC and Xbox yet it's the red headed step child of the bunch. The PC get mods that addressed nearly every aspect of the game. They get visible weapon holstering, a crap load companion choices, settlement management that wasn't designed by a retard and an infinite stream of content via other mods. What do we get? To wait in line be...

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You clearly have no idea what a RoF glitch is. It works similar to the talent stacking glitch that allowed some people kill a challenge mode boss with a single shot. They patched it back then because widespread abuse made the server lag unplayable. Now it's back, using a different talent and it stacks rate of fire instead of a DPS multiple.

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This game is dead unless they can stop the hackers and glitchers, and it seems they still can't. Just ran into a guy on my Lex run, he was obviously using the RoF glitch because his M2 was firing so fast it puts his character into a constant reloading animation loop while hundreds of rounds goes down range. With DPS that high he could easily solo the entire mission. If console gamers have access to this sort of glitch then I can't image how bad it is on the PC side.

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Agreed. It looks great to me.

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Heh look it's another god awful Division glitch that is totally game breaking. Why do these morons at Massive still have jobs?

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Maybe. But I doubt it's all bullshit. According to the Nvidia press confrerence the CEO called Pascal the biggest microprocessor RD project in history with billions invested. With that in mind claims of the 1080 GTX out performing the 980 GTX in SLI were repeated with emphasis so many times that they must be true. I have never seen PC tech conference with this much gloating and confidence before. Nvidia have the crown again and they know it.

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Idiotic business decisions like this why AMD is the company it is today, and people wonder why there are so many Gameworks games.

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This game is so fucked up that even the PS4 have cheaters. Today there's a big group of glitchers camping the safe houses from the inside and shooting anyone coming near the place. They're basically unkillable and can one shot you because they're using the talent stacking glitch.

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Ignore console versions too then. I was killed by a cheater using the DPS glitch. He killed me with single shot to the leg with a pistol for over 200k damage. The PS4 have this same issue with Diablo 3 because it uses a trusted client model. There are unkillable toons in hardcore doing millions of dps using hacked weapons. Blizzard refuses to fix it because they would rather to focus on the PC which have zero cheaters.

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You gotta be an idiot to play this game and not cheat or glitch. Ubisoft does absolutely nothing while creating new content based on the gear score of the players who have glitched and hacked their way to top. There are so many glitchers and hackers with God like gear or 1000 crafting mats that even if they issues are fixed the damage has already been done. Legit players with average or normal gear scores simply can't compete. It's over. The game is too toxic to ever turn back unless ...

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There are PS4 glitchers farming people at the safe houses while being invulnerable and guys using the unlimited dps glitch to one shot anyone with a pistol. What a shit game. Who needs hacks when Ubifail put God like glitches into the console code?

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Cheaters on PC is only half of the problem. There's an insane number of mind blowing glitches on the console that anyone can exploit to gain near god like power of a hacker. There's the no recoil glitch, the new unlimited dps glitch and the 5 skill mods glitch, and the unlimited ammo for headshots glitch. If you run into anyone in the dark zone with these glitches he'll just melt you in seconds and he's not even hacking! The list of glitches and exploits for this game keeps mu...

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Omfg how do you deal with these batches?

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Buying mine ASAP.

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