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Can MS take advantage of Scorpion's power is a better question. So far they're lacking that IT game.

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Oooooh my god. That's so awesome.

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DX 12 gaming doesn't really exist. Even in 2017 virtually all of the games coming out this year are DX 11 with DX 12 "support".

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Without FPS it doesn't matter. I bet this another clunky 30 FPS game.

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There's not enough time to play all these great games.

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So he doesn't find the bland brown environments to be a flaw?

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Considering how bland the game environments are, this might be the only thing worth looking at.

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Scorpio will be more powerful. So it's too early to crown the console master just yet.

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Shocking news. The Russians were drunk when they fought over which GPU is better. To make his point he stabbed the AMD guy's corpse 11times.

Look I knew AMD is getting murdered out there but damn, 11 times?

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Another Early Access scam job.

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SWJ are a god damn cancer. They ruin games they zero interest in playing.

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We only listen to IGN and Gamespot because other independents are fake news. Am I right folks?

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I'm not hearing what I need to hear from the MS camp. 60 FPS. Without this feature there's no reason to switch from the PS 4 Pro. There's no reason to switch from one console that struggles with 60 FPS to another console will also struggle with 60 FPS.

Bring on the next gen already.

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Agreed. This brilliant combat system could be the next Dark Souls, but nope. Ubisoft must turn this into another action MOBA. It's like they work shoped this in some sort of focus group. Let's see now, what's hot these days...MOBA like minions and control zones, checked. Overwatch style 4 vs 4 gameplay for maximum eSport appeal, checked. CoD's peer to peer network so Ubisoft can save money and screw over gamers, checked.

Oh wait, there's more! Why not a...

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We must not let casual swine sully the honor of my giant gaming peen, or else my trophies will mean nothing!! Patch it.

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Worthless casual detected.

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So now the fanboys will now swoop in and tell you that one of the most important features in this patch for the Pro isn't needed. Using all the power of your system? Pfffft! That's not important! Am I right kids?

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Bingo. At every opportunity when given a choice between 30 FPS and 60 FPS in a Pro game I've chosen 60 FPS. The game have to play good before it can look good. 30 FPS just doesn't look right to me.

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The difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS however is night and day.

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Fanboy logic: PS4 Pro criticism means I don't have one. Lol. Mine is hooked up to a Samsung 65" KS 8000. What's your setup?

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