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I friended the the account of the Polish girl which I was able to view. She had over 140 hours in Euro Truck Simulator and 82 in Huniepop. People are weird.

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You can play this entire DLC with the original game +10 weapons just fine. However if you want to see your new babies shine then you're going to have to crank out another NG+ to see what they can do. That or run dungeons, or pony up 60 insight.

Yup that's not grindy at all. Lol. I'm already on NG+3 and that's enough. I don't care what this new saw can do. I'm not doing another NG for it. Too bad we can't just transfer one +10 to another. That wou...

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It's Capcom. They will nickel and dime you to death.

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This game runs like crap on PC. I would hate to see what the console version is like.

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So can the PS4 play 4K Blurays that are coming out or not? That would be a huge win. But please stop all this idiotic crap about 4K gaming when these consoles can't even do 1080p 60fps.

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Despite all the hate this game is an incredibly popular game on the PS4 with over 70,000 gamers online at 12 am in the morning. There's no denying its appeal.

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This really isn't a Steam issue. Publishers are infamous for crap like this. For example Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY with all the DLCs on the PSN is $25. Buying the expansion packs with each reduced to 50% off is $35. Totally WTF.

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This. The porn experience is pretty good on the ps4. Too bad you can't side load a Porn Hub app in there it would be perfect b

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So people who who make negative comments don't actually own a PS4? Oh the fanboy logic on N4G.

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Sony made huge strides in their sales since years ago. It's like an entirely different company is at the controls. While they're not able to match PC prices they often come within a $5 difference in some titles.

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Hearts of Stone is a hell lot better than Old Hunters. There's just way too much recycled content and way too much grinding in Old Hunters. What's the point of new weapons when I must start another massive grind to use them? Plus this expansion totally threw Bloodborne perfect difficulty curve out of whack.

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I will be more than happy to pay another $700 to make my PS4 play Bloodborne with better graphics and 60 FPS. It's totally worth it. If Sony allows me to upgrade my PS4 with an i7 and 980 GTX I would do it a heart beat.

On the PC Fallout 4 Ultra @ 60 FPS is available TODAY. I don't have to wait another 5-6 years for the PS5 for that.

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What is the point of seeing people account of you can't judge them? The account that I saw had over 272 hours logged on Euro Truck Simulator and 115 in Huniepop. Lmao! The weird thing about it is that it came from a girl named Llyana Raja. Wtf???

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The problem with fanboys is that they believe in the lies they spread so much that they can't tell the difference anymore. For example what definition of "free" is. PS Plus games are not free nor were ever free. They're rentals that comes with your subscription. If your subscription lapse, you can't play them anymore! Not a difficult concept to grasp isn't it?

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Where is the PS4 sale excitement? You mean I get to save an entire dollar for having a PS Plus sub? Wow!!

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Not as good as the Black Friday sale. Not even close.

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Look I get the story. But why Grim Dawn? Did this guy who was dying saw something in this game that I didn't?

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I don't get why he's so into this game. Grim Dawn is totally meh.

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Sony need to do a better job of selling the PSVR as a platform and platforms requires games. I'm sorry but these tech demos doesn't equate to much and I'm not seeing a single killer app in this line up. There is no CoD, there is no Uncharted, and there is no Skyrim in sight. Until there is the PSVR will be a cool toy that you hook up once, impress your friends, then never use again because it's a pain in the ass to setup.

On the bright side the extra CPU can h...

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Please be a RPG.

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