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Destiny vanilla is actually much much worst.

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Destiny content whoring does not work on the PC. Good luck getting PC gamers to pay $35 on a DLC.

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This mouse is the best at what does and it's all about 12 keypad on the side. The key is the grip and the rock solid mechanical keypad. It is literally the fastest and most responsive mouse keypad there is.

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Ubisoft more than any other publisher is the king of bundles. I got my PC copy for free with a keyboard purchase and the PS4 copy I preordered with my own money. I intended to play this game on the PS4 because I have a much longer friend list on the PSN. On the PC I will have to use Uplay and only crazy people use Uplay.

That all changed when I got my free PC copy. The PC version is so much better that it's virtually unfair. I'm not just talking about graphics and pe...

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I have both the PC and PS4 version. The PC just doesn't look better. It crushes the console version. There are textures in the PC that's crisp and clear where as the console is nothing more than a blur. Don't even get me started on the 60 FPS and fog effects.

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Disks are last gen. PC gaming is entirely digital. Mobile is entirely digital. It's time for the console to join the 21th century.

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I said the Souls series so that includes Bloodborne and it doesn't matter which team worked on what when. They're all Souls games just like all CoDs games are still CoDs.

But yeah it seems like FROM are tired of the Souls series and they're ready to move on which is a shame. I really wanted to see a true nextgen Souls game.

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Looks like the best of both worlds. But I wish the Souls series would take a few years off and take time to break mold instead of this yearly release with feature creep.

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But...but I like paying $60 to play games on outdated 5 years old hardware! Who cares if some mobile streaming box will be able to out muscle my console in two years...

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Apple is doing this video every year. And they made billions.

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Can't port this great game to the NA market because fan girls gotta have their RE remakes and ports first. Priorities.

Oh and the Street Fighter 5 Ultra Edition is also ahead of the queue.

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I'm on my third DS4 controller. Either the triggers break or the thumb-stick simply wears down or the touchpad stop clicking. Maybe because you know, I actually game on my PS4. These thing are just not made to last. The spongy piece of crap material on top of the DS4 stick will eventually peel and fall apart over time, an issue I never had with the DS3.

To solve the problem I replaced the Sony garbage sticks with aftermarket metal ones. These will never wear down.

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You're going to buy it. Stop lying to yourself. Just pay the $30 now and get a good night sleep.

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Damn. Too bad I don't own a Xbox because this crossbuy dealio sounds great. Would be nice to get that with the PS4.

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I played the PC version. The difference in both visuals and performance are astounding. This comparison however is pointless as most console vs console are. At this point the hardware of both consoles are so similar in capabilities that I wonder if they collaborated together in secret to split the market. PS3 vs 360 however, now that's a real console war.

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MGO sucks. Here's why. Peer to peer and horrible host migration.

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That means the game have no future. Thanks for clearing that up.

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This game is amazingly good. I called in sick twice now because I can't stop playing it.

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The fanboys fear multtplats. Specially when one platform is so obviously superior. That's basically this entire article.

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Sounds like this DLC should have been included in the game. As a post game DLC there's no point in it.

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