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In order to topple Sony the Skorp will need to demonstrate a clear performance advantage over the Pro. 30 FPS trash vs prettier 30 FPS trash isn't going to cut it, "stable 30 FPS" sure as hell isnt going to enough. Finally, checker board vs native 4k won't matter either.

Skorpio will need to crush Sony in 3rd party games in a 45 to 60 FPS vs 30 FPS margin. Because they are sure as hell not going to to beat Sony in exclusives.

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No mention of 60 FPS standard= This is just another clunky 30 FPS console. Destiny 2 in 60 FPS. Darksouls 3 in 60 FPS. Fallout 3 in 60 FPS. Witcher 3 in 60 FPS. These are the numbers I need to see if MS want to claim that they have a powerful console. Otherwise this is nothing more than a 4k emulator.

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News flash retard. This game is not an exclusive. It's available on PC and sold surprisingly well.

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MS Elite is still the best. These so called Pro controllers are an abomination. They're not even wireless. I understand the need for wired but without a wireless option these are overpriced ripoffs.

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When SWJs from Polygon make a RPG= Bioware.

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No. Just no. Please just retire. Stop giving this guy millions because all he does is sell lies.

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America first! Trump was right. When you outsource, faces get tired.

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Microstutters? Lol! Someone is living in a 30 FPS world.

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From said themselves. Darksouls 3 is the best selling From game ever. Which make sense. The Souls games are a niche, to do well you need to sell on all platforms.

Considering it's success I'm willing to bet that their next game will be an open world Darksouls game in all but name. From love to "rebrand" their games to create the illusion of variety where none exists.

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Don't need 4k. PC with 1080p ultra HDR and most importantly 60 FPS is totally badass.This is my first PC HDR game and it looks spectacular on my TV. After seeing this, my ultrawide is shit now.

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If you want the best console experience right now there is no alternative to the PS4 Pro and that's a fact. Theres an argument to be made if exclusives matter or if 900p to 1080p is a big difference. But once you seen The Division in 4k, Horizon in 4K, even Nioh or Neir in 60 FPS you'll realize how the Pro really help Sony put distance between the PlayStation and the Xbox brand.

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PC for sure. Destiny ran like ass at 30 FPS.

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Physical media is dead. It just doesn't know it yet.

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Let's face it. Without game no one would give a damn about the book outside of his native country. It's not a sure thing either. Prior to The Witcher 3 masterpiece this franchise isn't exactly top tier.

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When your hardware is inferior and you have shit exclusives, you struggle. It's expected. Bump up the power to run 60 FPS 1080p in all games then the struggle will cease.

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Their exclusives SUCK. There isn't a Nioh or Horizon anywhere in sight.

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Horizon and Nier are superior games in all regards.

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They need to make a Destiny type game or a MMO with the Mass Effect franchise.

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Native 4K is pointless when you're using dynamic resolution as much as MS is. In fact when your entire platform hinges upon resolution scaling from scene to scene the term native 4k is a total lie. I would rather have 60 FPS.

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