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Android can compete with the console with the proper hardware. If it takes off, it'll be huge.

But I'm not buying this streaming hype. There's just so many ways it can detract from the experience. #12
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Because in fanboy logic, only Xbots and people who hasen't played it will be "senselessly" attacking it. Those who has played will be converted right folks?

That must be why there are so Destiny haters too, because they haven't played it. LOL. #3.2.2
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Are you serious? #3.2
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A true beta male review, probably written while a feminazi editor is tightening the clamps on his balls. #11
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Politics pure and simple. The beta males and femi Nazis hate this game just like how they hate BF Hardline because of "police brutality". #5.1
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Being able to fight in 3D is not a make or break feature. Aside from the boobies the DoA series do have an excellent and highly kinetic fighting system. I don't play fighting games a lot but I actually prefer DoA over SF. #2.1
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Nice spin. The Order is not the Walking Dead. Walking Dead is not an action game, it's narrative based game where interactive story telling is the main focus so QTE is used to drive action sequences. This acceptable.

The Order is an action game with constant cut scene interruptions and lazy QTE sequences instead of real action combat.

But none of this truly matter. Because if The Order is a third party, Xbox or PC game then no one here would bother defend... #3.2
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Very excited for ESO. This will be the best console MMO period. #5.1
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Why no PS4 version? Come'on man, I had a huge blast playing Xcom ironman on the PS3. Strategy titles are needed on the PS4 stop pushing this genre to the PC and mobile all the time. #4
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The ending wasn't that bad, but damn I'm not playing Destiny here. The player deserves better.

Failure At Dawn, you're no Naughty Dog and Tell Tale budget games does story telling better than this over produced show piece.

After playing the game I agree with this review. This should've been a launch game. That would have made me totally pumped about the future of the PS4. But playing it now one year later this game feels like a failed experim... #80
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I'm glad that this game is 100% online. The local and peer to peer version of Diablo 3 was a horrible idea as the community was tainted by dupes and hacks. Because of that decision the PS4's version is a huge step back from the PC's despite offering superior gameplay. Blizzard screwed console gamers again. #5
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But but but...the story. #38
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Whats broken about it? This game is silky smooth. 1440p @ 60fps all day. #1.1
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Nope. This game is all about the online play and that's fine. If you want offline, grab your popcorn and watch The Order. #9.1
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Diablo 3 world maps may not be completely generated but the under grounds are, and even more importantly the highend Greater Rifts are completely random.

But that's besides the point. Even the when the maps are not random, the encounters and events in the levels are. You never know which Elites, with which abilities are going to be where. That alone makes it a better game than Destiny. #8.1.1
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This article would have a ounce of validity if The Order actually has a story. The truth of the matter is that the entire game is sacrificed to guide you down a corridor of boredom so you can be victimized by the typical action storyline garbage.

That's the sad thing. The story sucks. It's a $60 Michael Bay steam punk film. #2.5
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If I'm going to grind for loot over and over again then at least have the common decency to include random generated levels like Diablo 3. Do not. DO NOT pulll a Destiny and make me go to Old Russia a billion freaking times. #8
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Classic PS4 fanboys trolling.

Differences between PS4 1080p 30fps vs Xbox One 900 30fps= HUGE!

Differences between PC 1440p 60fps vs PS4's 1080 30fpsp= Not important. #46
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This is the best zombie game since Left for Dead and unlike Resident Evil, this game really scared the crap outta me at times. The zombie screams from that can be heard from the Tower at nightfall is truly terrifying in the early game. #4
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Quick show of hands. How many people bought a PS4 to play 8 bit games? I sure as hell as didn't. The problem with the PS4 isn't the indie games. It's the quality and types of indie games and for some reason Sony love to pack the store with garbage PC cast offs like Olioli and Shovel Knight.

I have zero interest in these games.

Why can't we get GOOD indie games, like Divinity: Original Sin or Darkest Dungeon. This...this is crap. #5.1.5
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