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But...but I like paying $60 to play games on outdated 5 years old hardware! Who cares if some mobile streaming box will be able to out muscle my console in two years...

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Apple is doing this video every year. And they made billions.

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Can't port this great game to the NA market because fan girls gotta have their RE remakes and ports first. Priorities.

Oh and the Street Fighter 5 Ultra Edition is also ahead of the queue.

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I'm on my third DS4 controller. Either the triggers break or the thumb-stick simply wears down or the touchpad stop clicking. Maybe because you know, I actually game on my PS4. These thing are just not made to last. The spongy piece of crap material on top of the DS4 stick will eventually peel and fall apart over time, an issue I never had with the DS3.

To solve the problem I replaced the Sony garbage sticks with aftermarket metal ones. These will never wear down.

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You're going to buy it. Stop lying to yourself. Just pay the $30 now and get a good night sleep.

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Damn. Too bad I don't own a Xbox because this crossbuy dealio sounds great. Would be nice to get that with the PS4.

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I played the PC version. The difference in both visuals and performance are astounding. This comparison however is pointless as most console vs console are. At this point the hardware of both consoles are so similar in capabilities that I wonder if they collaborated together in secret to split the market. PS3 vs 360 however, now that's a real console war.

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MGO sucks. Here's why. Peer to peer and horrible host migration.

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That means the game have no future. Thanks for clearing that up.

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This game is amazingly good. I called in sick twice now because I can't stop playing it.

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The fanboys fear multtplats. Specially when one platform is so obviously superior. That's basically this entire article.

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Sounds like this DLC should have been included in the game. As a post game DLC there's no point in it.

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Are we finally going to get a 1080 60 fps console in 2016? Or is 30 fps still "good enough"?

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There's much irony in naming a 4K card in the series a 1080. I care how their branding scheme goes. The 1080 moniker just sounds wrong.

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Steam Big Picture mode and Windows 10 DX 12 made the Steam OS utterly pointless. There's just zero value in it.

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Stop releasing shit RE remakes and instead work on Dragon Dogma for the PS4. The PC version is a huge hit with its own cult following so I'm sure the PS4 version will sell like hot cakes.

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There's plenty of hour long vids on YouTube. It looks decent. But I fear the gameplay isn't the concern. What I'm afraid of is the Destiny/Star Wars BF style business model.

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Destiny is a failure in terms of gamers expectations. People were anticipating an epic shooter adventure and instead they got a grindy content-less game followed by a giant DLC rape train. That fact that the game thrived financially is one of the worst trend in the gaming industry.

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Dragon Dogma is one of the best last gen game that nobody played. Mostly because the 360 and PS3 were too underpowered to support the game and the base game had some flaws that wouldn't be fixed until the expansion.

The PC version has none of those issues. On the PC this is an insane 100+ FPS game on ultra 1080p settings and all of the content for only $35. This is why the game is enjoying a cult following on the PC. If Capcom ever grow enough balls to temp AAA production...

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Lmao if Origins slows your computer then you must have a god damn abacus as a CPU. When it comes to spy or malware, Origins is the last thing I'm worried about. Now I know we all hate EA, and rightly so but if you're going to hate something then at least know WTF you're talking about.

I use them all. Steam, Uplay and Origin. Steam is naturally the go to with the best features but I'm not going to avoid Uplay and Origin because of some idiotic fanboy bias. Plu...

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