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I'm not waiting. But if Scorpio is better then prove it, then I'll switch.

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Where is Madden 17 and Bloodborne support?

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.3% of Destniy's 500 million is expensive as hell. No wonder they're not supporting the Pro.

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Sony confirmed that the PS4 and Pro are identical when playing PS4 games. Very disappointing. They had a chance to get a Xbox S like situation and blew it. The PS Pro power going down the toilet when playing games like Bloodborne and Destiny is a massive waste.

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Please make this happen.

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Something tells me that MS marketing hype is writing checks that the Scorpio can't cash.

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This true 4K better look superior to the fake 4K or else MS is going look pretty stupid.

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Enough about the god damn flops. Just show me 60 FPS 1080p or 60 FPS 4K. Those are the only numbers that matters. Everything else are smoke, mirrors and lies.

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Thier sales didn't pay the bills.

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Compared to Google Cardboard PSVR is amazing. Compared to the Vive PSVR is limited. It's a product that's limited by its hardware and platform.

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I desperately need a Bloodborne patch.

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Remastered or Director Cut are generally free on PCs or else nobody would buy them. There are a few remastered that isn't free on PC like Darksiders 2 Definitive Edition, instead they gets a big discount for owning the original version which is usually the norm.

So yeah console price gouging is real because we don't get remastered for free nor do we get discounts.

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None of those games are 4K. They're all upscaled. If you want upscaling buy an Xbox.

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The micros are virtually free to play style grind.

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Come' on don't you want to sink over $900 into Sony pockets for some middle of the road gaming solutions?

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I'm not going to skip the Pro for Skorpio. Sorry but I can't wait that long. But if MS is serious about expanding their crossplay library then I might make a switch.

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Not interested in games that doesn't have Pro support.

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Horde is 50 waves long. If someone in your group leaves, the game doesn't have auto match making to replace him. When two people leaves you'll have to abandon the game because it's impossible to get pass wave 40 with 3 people.

This is stupid as hell.

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Let me know when Battlefield 1, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 are native 4K so can actually give a damn.

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Figures. This is why the Pro exist. Also this might be the fundamental difference between console VR and PC VR. PC VR doesn't have downgrades. For example Project Cars with VR is simply that, the normal game with its standard graphics and textures but now in VR.

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