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I just realized how worthless this feature is now that you mentioned this. I'm still using The Last of Us profile lmao!

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You can tell that this guy went from iPhone ear plugs to this headset so he's really impressed. But the PS Gold is really just incredibly average to plain bad depending on how picky you are about sound, which is one of the headset biggest weakness.

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I'm so tired of this bullshit. Where is my Dragon Dogma for the PS4?

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Rob Cram. Great name. Great video.

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Sigh. It's one of these idiots.

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Consoles are low end PCs with a closed ecosystem. Nothing more. Stop trying to pretend they're different when they're not.

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Why would you not want a PS4K? Im getting one of course. Hell the MS Elite controller that sold like hot cakes proved that console gamers want more choices. Is that unfair to regular MS controller users? Is the PS4 unfair to PS3 users?

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Biggest problem with this game is the combat is basically mindless spamming. They look impressive but you're basically playing Dynasty Warrior online as you grind on billions of mobs that can easily be faced rolled. Coming from Blade and Soul which is highly technical in its combat BDO feels too easy.

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Here we go. DS3 has frame pacing issues on the PS4 because FROM doesn't know to program. Lol. Oh and that a Naughty Dog game entered in as evidence of "proof". Now all we need is a "it's not maxed out yet" line to complete the set of console delusions.

Oh and to the post above. Battlefront proves nothing. It's 30 FPS on the console.

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I just saw the PC play through at silky 60 FPS. Damn that looks amazing.

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This issue doesn't effect Windows 10.

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Crossplats fun will be over when the PC gamers get in there with their 60 FPS and mouse keyboard.

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They should have made Motorstorn. That game was just fun.

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Destiny vanilla is actually much much worst.

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Destiny content whoring does not work on the PC. Good luck getting PC gamers to pay $35 on a DLC.

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This mouse is the best at what does and it's all about 12 keypad on the side. The key is the grip and the rock solid mechanical keypad. It is literally the fastest and most responsive mouse keypad there is.

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Ubisoft more than any other publisher is the king of bundles. I got my PC copy for free with a keyboard purchase and the PS4 copy I preordered with my own money. I intended to play this game on the PS4 because I have a much longer friend list on the PSN. On the PC I will have to use Uplay and only crazy people use Uplay.

That all changed when I got my free PC copy. The PC version is so much better that it's virtually unfair. I'm not just talking about graphics and pe...

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I have both the PC and PS4 version. The PC just doesn't look better. It crushes the console version. There are textures in the PC that's crisp and clear where as the console is nothing more than a blur. Don't even get me started on the 60 FPS and fog effects.

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Disks are last gen. PC gaming is entirely digital. Mobile is entirely digital. It's time for the console to join the 21th century.

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I said the Souls series so that includes Bloodborne and it doesn't matter which team worked on what when. They're all Souls games just like all CoDs games are still CoDs.

But yeah it seems like FROM are tired of the Souls series and they're ready to move on which is a shame. I really wanted to see a true nextgen Souls game.

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