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Maybe years to ultiize 12 gigs of RAM but I bet Scorpio power will be maxed in about 3-6 months. Just look at the Pro, it's not even out for 6 months and already it can't run Horizon at 60 FPS.

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This hype is getting out of control. Hell, Scorpio isn't even Polaris but now it's Vega? Lol!! GTFO.

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The Pro and Scorpio are the best thing to ever have happened to the PCs. PC gamers should be thanking us.

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MS have yet to deliver on anything with this gen. 1080p, exclusives, "power of the cloud", and DX 12 all disappoint.

So now they're rolling out the most powerful console ever, well excuse me if I'm a bit skeptical. Even then, with hype like that my expectations are sky high.

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The problem with console gamers is that the general population seem to accept 30 FPS and shit performance as a price of entrance for our platform. I shouldn't have to tolerate 30 FPS just because I want to game in front of the TV.

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When the Pro was announced I preordered simply because I wanted 60 FPS in Bloodborne and Darksouls 3. This never happened, and probably can't happen. However if MS walk out on that stage and announce Darksouls 3, 60 FPS. Drop mic. I'm getting a Scorpio.

I don't care if Sony is announcing Bloodborne 2 on the same day. 60 FPS changes everything.

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Fallout 3 1080p on ultra @ 60 FPS yes or no? 4k is nice but 30 FPS doesn't interest me. Power comes from graphics settings and frame rates not resolution. Just look at Horizon, best looking game on the Pro, but it still suffers from 30 FPS and brutal level of detail scaling at a distance.

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Praise game for being a piece of art, shows piece of ass. Nuff said.

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This is huge. Steam have a refund policy and it fundamentally changed the gaming landscapes regards to broken unplayable releases.

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Anime/JRG= No thanks.

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The Xbox One is the dead weight that will drag this savior console down.Its time to cut the cord and announce Scorpio exclusives.

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You're throwing 40k 60 FPS around like it's some sort of baseline. Lol. Digital Foundry, the YouTube channel that covered the reveal already said in a recent video, and I quote, "Do not expect 60 FPS". He wasn't talking about 4k 60 FPS either but 60 FPS in any resolution.

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If this is a 60 FPS console, then yes. If it's another 30 FPS console then no. All I'm seeing right now is a 4K emulator. Props on hitting 4k without faking it. But if this console can't do 60 FPS in games that I expect 60 FPS then maintaining my gaming PC is a must.

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Their hype and refusal to describe the gameplay loop told me all I need to know. It's going to be another No Man Sky type game that is focused on the "experience" instead of real gameplay. Heavenly Sword 2 is the game they need to make. Instead we're getting Firewatch with swords.


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$700 is an impossible price point for a gaming machine this weak. This is a console with tweaked last gen hardware, no Ryzen and no Polaris based architecture. For all the hype, this looks like another console stuck in the 30 FPS gutter.

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Maybe what MS did here is to change the "no exclusives" narrative. Because that is a battle they can't win. Instead they will battle with Sony on every 3rd party game from here on based on the strength of the Scropio. It's a compelling argument when you want play the best version of Destiny 2 or Red Dead. The problem is that the PS4 is still superior to the Xbox One and that's not changing ever.

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In order to topple Sony the Skorp will need to demonstrate a clear performance advantage over the Pro. 30 FPS trash vs prettier 30 FPS trash isn't going to cut it, "stable 30 FPS" sure as hell isnt going to enough. Finally, checker board vs native 4k won't matter either.

Skorpio will need to crush Sony in 3rd party games in a 45 to 60 FPS vs 30 FPS margin. Because they are sure as hell not going to to beat Sony in exclusives.

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No mention of 60 FPS standard= This is just another clunky 30 FPS console. Destiny 2 in 60 FPS. Darksouls 3 in 60 FPS. Fallout 3 in 60 FPS. Witcher 3 in 60 FPS. These are the numbers I need to see if MS want to claim that they have a powerful console. Otherwise this is nothing more than a 4k emulator.

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News flash retard. This game is not an exclusive. It's available on PC and sold surprisingly well.

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MS Elite is still the best. These so called Pro controllers are an abomination. They're not even wireless. I understand the need for wired but without a wireless option these are overpriced ripoffs.

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