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This game is so fucked up that even the PS4 have cheaters. Today there's a big group of glitchers camping the safe houses from the inside and shooting anyone coming near the place. They're basically unkillable and can one shot you because they're using the talent stacking glitch.

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Ignore console versions too then. I was killed by a cheater using the DPS glitch. He killed me with single shot to the leg with a pistol for over 200k damage. The PS4 have this same issue with Diablo 3 because it uses a trusted client model. There are unkillable toons in hardcore doing millions of dps using hacked weapons. Blizzard refuses to fix it because they would rather to focus on the PC which have zero cheaters.

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You gotta be an idiot to play this game and not cheat or glitch. Ubisoft does absolutely nothing while creating new content based on the gear score of the players who have glitched and hacked their way to top. There are so many glitchers and hackers with God like gear or 1000 crafting mats that even if they issues are fixed the damage has already been done. Legit players with average or normal gear scores simply can't compete. It's over. The game is too toxic to ever turn back unless ...

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There are PS4 glitchers farming people at the safe houses while being invulnerable and guys using the unlimited dps glitch to one shot anyone with a pistol. What a shit game. Who needs hacks when Ubifail put God like glitches into the console code?

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Cheaters on PC is only half of the problem. There's an insane number of mind blowing glitches on the console that anyone can exploit to gain near god like power of a hacker. There's the no recoil glitch, the new unlimited dps glitch and the 5 skill mods glitch, and the unlimited ammo for headshots glitch. If you run into anyone in the dark zone with these glitches he'll just melt you in seconds and he's not even hacking! The list of glitches and exploits for this game keeps mu...

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Omfg how do you deal with these batches?

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Buying mine ASAP.

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Overwatch is going to murder this games player base.

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Looks like another Ubisoft glitch fest.

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MS must counter the Neo and go all out. Being inferior in specs again is not going to cut it.

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This review called the game Bloodborn in the last paragraph. Nuff said.

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You can stay on the PS4 weak sauce if you like. But I gotta have that Neo mode. Since when in the gaming world is more performance bad?

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They are incapable of dealing with glitches and bugs in this game. As soon as one is patched another one pops up. The latest 1 million dps glitch is just another pie in Massive face. Then there are the hackers, the situation is so bad that some PS4 gamers figured out a way to hack the console using the cheat engine just like they did with the PC.

Massive is a god damn joke. Only idiots make an online game that is hackable using an open source cheat engine.

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As strong as the Neo isn't enough. They need to hit this one out of the park and win the specs war.

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How is this lame that his wallet is ready? Mine is too. Stay with your PS4 peasant edition if you like but I want the best console for my games.

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IGN already released a video on the rumored specs. It's happening.

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I can't imagine a situation where I would need a Xbox One when I already own a PS4. Having two consoles is kinda pointless.

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Wolfenstein campaign is still the best of this generation. Yet nobody gives a shit while online focused shooters like Destiny and The Division makes billions. So all this noise about single player is just that. Noise. If you're making a shooter today and it's not 99% online focused then you're just asking to be unemployed.

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The Steam Controller is one of the kind. I don't always use mine but when I do there's nothing else in its class. Try sitting in bed while playing Civ 4, CK2, Xcom 2 or Pillars of Eternity with anything else. It's impossible. Hell I spent so many hours with Xcom 2 on a Steam Controller and its massive custom bindings that using a mouse and keyboard felt slow at times.

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Day one for this guy. I'm pretty a lot of people will upgrade too as long as it will feature superior specs to the "old" PS4.

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