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Personally I don't mind launch performances issues as long they're smoothed out in a timely manner. The thing about PC gaming is that frame rates and performance almost always improve with time. AC Unity was unplayable at launch and requires top of the line hardware to reach 30 FPS. Now I can max out and run it at 60 FPS all day.

This doesn't happen on the console. AC Unity still runs like crap. No amount of patching and optimizing will fix AC Unity for the PS4. #2.2
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PC+ PS4 combo can't be beat. #15
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MGS5 is the top seller on Steam right now. #3
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I'm spending more time in Mad Max than MGS5 right now. The car combat and melee is just so much fun. It doesn't hurt that the game looks great while running at a silky smooth 60 FPS either. These reviews are just plain wrong. #1.2
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PC fanboys get upset when they can't hit 1080p 60 FPS. It's like a God given right. This game doesn't have that problem on the PC, it's silky smooth 60 FPS all day for me. #4.3.2
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The game is great. This is clearly the best car combat game of this generation and it's keeping me away from MSG5. The performance is off the charts too. The game is easily breaking the 60 FPS barrier on my 780 GTX.

It's the review that's flawed. #6
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Apparently the PS4 doesn't have pro level gamers because aside from Scuff, all the PS4 controllers are bog standard.

Why is the Xbox getting all the controller love? Is the cheapo $5 touchpad really that hard to replicate? #11
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Settle down fanboys. So a dozen or so gamers who bought the physical copy of MGS5 on disk will have to download the game through Steam?

Ask me if I care. PC gaming is all digital now. The disk in the physical copy is basically a prop because in some cases, the day one patch can be as big as the enire game as itself. The Witcher games are infamous for this. Long story short, there is no reason to be outraged by something that only effect the .1%. Go find something else to be... #7
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Gamespot is totally legit. Their Batman score was dead on. They may ruffle the feathers of a few fanboys now and then but I prefer that over sites that hand out 10s like candy. #1.1.5
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Walking simulator is basically what they're know as. Interactive narratives sounds like marketing BS. #4.3
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Benchmark game of this generation. This is how you do side quests, and it might not be topped for years. #7.2
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There is a lot of fan service in KS games and another KS campaign is what the gamers wanted. Just look at how quickly they got funded. #2
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You're a hypocrite and a troll. If you give a shit about how companies treat their employees then you wouldn't own Apple products or shoes. Because the people who made those products did so in applauding conditions that you wouldn't want to spend a day in.

This entire drama about Konami and Kojima is about how millionaires treat other millionaires. No matter what happens they're still fifthy rich. In short, only fanboys cares about this. #28.1
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Definitely Heavenly Sword. #3
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In the entire history of modern gaming no one have ever programed their way from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. The difference between 1080p and 900p is insignificant, the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is huge. That is such a performance leap that if you run two PS4 in parallel you would probably only get 45 FPS.

To reach 60 FPS consistently you will need a PC level hardware and that's not happening until the PS5...even then it's a big maybe. #30.2
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60 FPS is freaking huge. It's like you're playing the game on a true nextgen console. 30 FPS is for last gen peasants. #17.1.2
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This ultimate edition is a free upgrade. When was the last time this happened on the console? Oh yeah, never. #3
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"It looks massively better now!" Lmao. It's the same screens with the exact same textures and models in 1080p and a bit of lighting enhancements. If they remake the game with new models and textures like we deserve then it qualify as massively better. All I'm seeing is a port. #1.1.5
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Amazing game. Clearly a benchmark RPG. #5
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Looking forward to this though I can't stand teen drama. #7
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