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Wtf is true 4k when the console can't even do native 4K??

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I can appreciate premium products. Who doesn't want the best?

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This game is dominating the PC right now because it's not casual trash. The combat is of the hardcore variety, I'm not sure if the CoD dudebros will on console will take to it.

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I love their games but this animation isn't cutting it anymore.

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AC Origins is being described as Souls Witcher due to its new combat system, AI, and open world. For the first time since Black Flag I'm super excited.

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The Elite controller is too way too expensive. Nobody would want this. Then suddenly they sold like hot cakes, they couldn't keep up with demands. Something tells me the X will sell like crazy too if they can deliver on the performance.

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So the true power of these consoles are now upon us. They're not magic boxes capable of delivering 4K. But rather fake 4K or true 4K, premium 4k or dynamic 4k or checkerboard 4k. All just a bunch marketing lies that the fanboy cucks defends as truth. Pathetic really.

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Lol fake 4K and certainly 30 fps.

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The biggest crime of the generation is the lies and misrepresentation of the 4K and native 4K specs line by both console manufacturers. Only on the PC does 4K actually mean something. On the console 4K is unfortunately, fake news and the sheeps just lap it up.

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Now it begins. MS will need to answer for any game that isn't native 4K or uses checkerboard rendering. Even the use of dynamic resolution should be contested because the resolution isn't native and consistent in quality. In truth we all should have know. Any real gaming machine that can do 4K should be able to easily do 1080p 60 FPS.

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Destiny 2 looks like SHIT compared to this.

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I wanted them to announce Dark Souls 3 60 FPS. Mic drop. Without that there's no real power. All of this so called native 4k could be nothing more than dynamic resolution fakery by MS. I still don't trust them.

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I needed this before I bought the PS Pro. Now...I dunno. I'm not seeing enough 60 FPS to leave Sony behind. Anthem looks amazing though, but I'll be playing that on the PC.

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The Pro is a game changer. But the biggest problem is it stills wallow in the gutter that is 30 FPS. There are 60 FPS games but they're only a fraction of the library and not enough to achieve true greatness.

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The PS4 Pro have the best console version of BF1. 1080p 60 FPS. Yet nobody ever utter a single word about unfair advantage against the lowly PS4 basic players. Now that Destiny 2 can't hit 60 FPS it's all because of the "unfair advantage" or design choice excuse. What a load of crap. If the PS4 Pro can actually hit 60 FPS there will be mass celebrations across N4G and not a peep be said about not leaving those poor unfortunate PS4 players behind.

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Probably the most idiotic idea ever.

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My love hate relationship with this game continues.

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Preach it. 60 FPS is life. When I switched from Nioh 60 FPS to Nioh 30 FPS I almost barfed. Destiny 2 deserves 60 FPS, it also deserves better tick rate and dedicated servers but Bungie and Activision couldn't give a F about what gamers deserve.

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I have over 1200 hours in Destiny, and nothing can ever make me choose 30 FPS over 60 FPS. I would hate to leave the exclusives and friends behind but I refuse to suffer anymore of this 30 FPS bullshit. This is infuriating because The Surge in 60 FPS on the Pro feels soooo smooth. Just when I thought the dream is within reach Bungie happened.

Time to dust up that Battlenet launcher.

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What a bunch of BS. Battlefield 1 is 60 FPS on the Pro and 30 FPS on the PS4, I don't see anyone making excuses about parity there. Same goes with Nioh.

It's either they can do it or they can't. If they care do much about parity then the Pro should go unsupported to be "fair".

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