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How about...
Adding 8800 GTX to my PS3? Now that's a performance increase I'm interested in. Hopefully the next, nextgen console will use more off the shelf parts. #7
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Dumb move
Without Microsoft, Bungie is nothing. If it weren't for MS buying them out to make Halo for the original Xbox the studio wouldn't even exist now. Halo would've been crushed on the PC by superior shooters at the time like Battlefield 1942 and be forgoten. There would be no Halo franchise without Microsoft's Xbox and it's hype machine. #29
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Crysis own everything on the console. The PS3's Warhawk is really fun online but the graphics just doesn't measure up. Halo 3? LOL, 640p graphics and run of the mill gameplay can't even touch Crysis. #2.6
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So you're gay, who cares. #1.2
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I like boobies as much as the next guy, but this make no sense what so ever to me. Whats next, a free butt plug with every copy of Drake Uncharted? #4.1
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Replacement plan
They need to replace my POS Xbomb with the new model for free. This is really starting to piss me off. Just when I had mine replaced two months ago it died again last week. Whats the god damn point of having it fixed when the root of the problem isn't solved?

What MS need to do is to go back to the drawing board and engineer a console that isn't made with parts from the 99 cents store, and if your current box die it should be replaced with the latest version instead of putting... #25
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Bioshock is old news
Doesn't matter if Bioshock will come on out the PS3 or not. The hype only exist on the Xbox 360 and by the time it hit the street for the PS3 nobody will care as in the case of GRAW 2. MS is only wasting money on buying out yet another pointless franchise. #56
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Need more pix.
For a fans website there isn't enough pix of Jade. The few they have are decent but not enough. I can see why some peeps would form a fan club of her, that famous toothy smile and exotic eyes can be quite charming. #10
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Anyone else think console price cuts are boring? I suppose it might nterest some fence sitters but one could assume from this board that everyone already have one. I would rather hear about something game related, like maybe Crysis coming to the PS3. #15
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Is someone putting a gun to your head forcing you to upgrade to 3x SLI? No. All this does is to allow people who go overboard to go ape sh1t. The real next gen stuff is in the G90 or whatever it's call. #17.1
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Thats it.
I'm buying this game. It looks totally solid. #12
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Quake War is like a more focused verison of Battlefield, instead of scrambling all over the damn map caping flags, you and team must control certain choke points to advance and eventually cap the enemy's HQ or whatever. This focus make the battles much more intense and its easier to find the action.

In short it pwns Halo in the face. #2.1
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Where is Jade?
This Canadian guy sounds totally retarded. #2
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640p is not nextgen.
I'm sorry, but if we're gonna run games at 640p then there's no reason for buying a Xbox 360. We could all save a ton of money by switching to Wii. At least now we know why the game graphics isn't that impressive in the first place. Maybe some of the nextgen effects and details would be too obvious on the scaler so the game's art direction must use textures and designs that won't stand up too much when stretched.

In other words, the ceiling for the Xbox 360 has been reached. Th... #66
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There is a difference between running Crysis and running a tuned down and crippled version of Crysis. Don't forget to make that distinction. Its like saying the original Xbox can run Halo 3. Hell just because i'm playing Call of Duty on my cell phone doesn't mean that I'm really playing CoD.

Lets get real shall we. 512 MB is sure as hell isn't enough to run Crysis, which means crappy low res textures everywhere. #18.5
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Looks stupid
Why the hell would I want to play a board game with my PS3? I mean thats what I always wanted to do with my PS3, play some kind of freaking real life card game against it...not. Neat idea but it seems someone didn't exactly think this concept through. #4
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You're right.
Heavenly Sword is an awesome game. If you want to see mediocre try Strangle Hold and Conan. #30.2
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Home is not the answer for PSN
The sooner Sony realize this the sooner they can turn the ship around. Home is a horrible, expensive and totally pointless concept. PS3 owners want to find friends and play games. Nobody give a rat's ass about walking around in some virtual world and hanging around in their room.

Home need to be network centric service, meaning bandwidth, content and dedicated servers should be central focus. Where Sony is taking it right now they're doomed to failure and the PS3 with it. #34
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Does it matter?
Halo 3 is the biggest game launch ever. If it racked up more money than the Potter book or a Hollywood blockbuster is completely trival. The fact remains, it is the biggest video game launch to date, and I doubt any game will come close to matching this number anytime soon.

And no, KZ2 and MGS 4 won't even touch this number. Sony would do extremely well if they can even match 50% of Halo's day one figures with both of those titles combined. So yeah, that pretty damn impressive. #13
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No problem here.
Halo 3 runs great and works long as I don't get the red ring LOL! For a game that sold so many copies some kind of production issue is bound to happen. Not a big issue. #13
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