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I can't see the boobs at all, this vid sucks.

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Noooo!!! Not Prey 2!! Not the best FPS evar! Wait, it just Prey. A game so bland that nobody bought it.

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Agreed. The cover in Drake is a bit contrived in some levels but on other levels they're perfectly natural. But thats just the way it is in any game with a covery system. Once you're used to using them they stand out like a sore thumb no matter how they're placed.

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Since CoD 4 already comes with a crosshair, without the accuracy boost there wouldn't be any reason to use the sights at all in medium range. Peeps will just run around hip shooting everything. If you want to hip shoot get the steady aim perk.

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This game just made me buy Haze. I agree with the review, the texture work is rather uninspired and the UE3 engine is starting to show it's age. This game simply isn't worth $60.

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It lacks any real news, media and info.

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We need real in game footage of the lastest build. So far they're not showing a damn thing.

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I don't care how much time IWD spent on these new maps, facts are facts. The line between a professionally crafted map and good user made free map are very, VERY thin. This a fact that has been proven time and time again since most of the best map makers are frequently hired on as developers.

Thats why PC will not be getting any of maps from the console's DLC. In the PC world if you try to charge people for maps they will laugh or flame you off the net. Instead PC users will g...

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Thanks to Live console gamers are used to getting riped off. Frankly I hate paid for DLC, because they tend to split the community. As if there isn't enough lag and disconnects now the paid maps will make everything worst.

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WTF is the Raider News Network? Is that a news network for Raider fans?

News flash dear readers, the Raiders is poised for yet another 4-12 season and still can't be the Chargers! All praise Al Davis!

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I'm really starting to hate Epic's engine. It sucks and is represented in more bad and ugly games than good ones. For every Gears of War and Bioshock there's twice as many Turok and Conflict Denied. To make matters worst when Unreal engine games don't look crap they end up looking the same as everything else. Enough already.

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So true. DVD2 is without a doubt the worst idea, ever. Most people only watch movies on DVD and couldn't give a rat's ass about connectivity. Its all about image quality, unless they squeeze a 720p movie into the DVD2 format without requiring peeps to buy new players then forget about it.

After the HDDVD fiasco I can't believe Toshibha expect expect people to buy into this scheme. Dumb!!

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Epic fail. Its "Get over here!".

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Home will be a great source of free porn. I can't wait.

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Money saved on DLC will go toward other games in this huge 2008 lineup so its no biggie. Beside I have yet to play a GTA where I end up wanting more content at the end. Usually after a while I just want the damn game to be over with.

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Do people still play this game? I can never find anyone online to kick my ass.

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To see topless chicks playing this game.

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Yeah but no more gay outfits for Zack please.

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There are two ways to look at this.

1. They are extremely confident about their game. A good sign.
2. They're trying to regain your interest in a year full of blockbuster titles. Desperate.

Either way it's a bold move. I just might check it out.

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When are they going to make an online fighter that doesn't suck. Will this be it?

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