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LOL!! You made it sound like they planned to switch to Bluray all along.

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I think he's lying.

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HDDVD never had a chance in hell. Its about time they close shop and move on.

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Any game without mute would be unplayable on Live since the community is utterly trash. I think this feature wasn't avialable because the devs did not think it was a big deal for the PSN though it only take one jerk to ruin your game.

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It wasn't very good on the 360 and it sucks even worst now. They wasted their time on this port.

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This franchise is gold. GOLD! I can't think of any other game that can dominate across all platform like CoD can. Lets take Halo for example, on the PC this game will simply be ignored. Gears of War? PC users simply don't give a damn about console shooters. But with it's PC roots every single CoD tittle is hit.

Activision is extremely lucky to have this cash cow.

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...nice screens by the hero is looking, well, really homoerotic. WTF is going on with the tights? Even the metrosexual from Lost Oddessy is less queer than this guy. I don't know what the devs are thinking 'cause they really need to rethink their character design.

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Top three of what? Most deaths?

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Its called stopping power, and those are the ones I use too. Last stand and martry are too situational and doesn't help in two critical areas. Thats staying alive and killing. Where as stopping power and deep impact goes into effect everytime you pull the trigger. If you like LMGs those two are a must, if you like assualt they're also a must.

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What great games?

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Digital download is not the future, at least not within the next five years. Just watch a so called HD movie from Live Marketplace then watch the same movie on HDDVD. Huge difference. The same goes for HD content from cable and sat providers. The HD content they provide is simply not up to par to disk media.

If you're serious about HD movies then BR is the clear choice.

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The PC version will be vastly superior even if it doesn't have better graphics for one primary reason...the hard drive. Of course the 2 gigs of memory doesn't hurt either.

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Mass Effect will be best played on the PC where it belongs.

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Aggro belong im MMOs not shooters. This game will suck and hopefully this terrible trend of "budy shooters" will die.

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I'm not sure if a full keyboard is necessary but some sort of mouse or mouse like controls is an absolute must. Playing a RTS with a thumbstick is likey trying to land a F18 with a giant steering wheel in a middle of a storm.

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PC RTS sucks on the console and I think World in Conflict would be no exception. The heart of most RTS is about being able to effectively micro and you you'll need a mouse to do that. Even a specially designed console RTS like Halo War looks like a total pain the ass to play. When watching the demo I can't help but think if that game will be 10X more fun with a mouse.

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No, what they did was add buttons to back to solve an annoying control scheme. They did nothing to make playing an FPS with a thumbstick suck less which is the primary function of any so called FPS controler. Add a damn trackball in there or something...

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Thats a lock. At least with the PS3 you can stream those textures and Farcry 2 is a good fit for the console instead of Crysis. If they made a console version of Crysis people will constantly compare it to the PC's version and it's amazing texture resolution which migh piss off more than a few fanboys.

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Is there any reason why Asian gamers need their own version of CS? It's not like the game isn't popular enough over there or something.

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