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Those screens looks terrible! The lighting sucks and where are all the effects? It looks like they're using a slightly tweaked engine from their last game so by the time this game is released it'll already be outdated by Uncharted. Whats the damn point?

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Crystal Dynamics have also given Lara full motion capture "to bring a more natural fluidity to her movements, with proper weight and secondary motion."

Unless they're talking about her boobs then I'm interested.

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Anything is better than WoW cartoony graphics and kiddie fantasy world. Bring on the half naked chicks with horns and the buckets of blood!

Plus, I'm not sure how much longer I can contain this Soulstone...

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Rat brain is not nextgen!!

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The console is destined for PC style upgrades in the future. Its not an if, its a when. I fail to see a reason why Sony and MS wouldn't want to make them upgradeable, they just won't be as drastic as the PC.

Just think about all the money Sony and MS can squeeze outta their fanboys. Want to make Halo 4 on your RROD Box 2010 run in true 1080p @ 60fps so you can play 64 players with zero lag? Well buy this official Nvidia Heatbomb Gfx expansion card! Halo 4 will run fine on stock...

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Despite the hype of the PS3 version the PC UT3 community hardly exist anymore. Most of the fans of this type games are in their 30s or late 20s and have since moved on to CoD 4 or to Steam games. Another factor is the fact that the UT community was never that big to begin with vs the other franchises. Quake/Half Life (they kinda merged) rule the online world, with the Battlefield fanboys in second, coming in at a distant third it's UT2K4...which was basically left to rot by Epic.

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Bingo. PC gamers have very specific needs, and a huge one is open source and mods, because of that the vast majority of PC gamers are still playing Half Life 2 engine games and mods, the ones that are not on Steam are playing the Battlefield series and their mods.

This is the difference between console gamers and PC gamers. Console gamers will shell out $60 a pop for Halo 3 then Bioshock, then the next FPS. Most PC gamers have no interest in this. If Halo 3 was a PC game it wou...

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Half Life 2 is two years old so there goes half of the game's value. It doesn't matter if you haven't played it before, it's two freaking years old. To add insult to injury Orange Box doesn't include Counterstrike Source, which is the most popular Halfe Life 2 engine game of all time. You can buy Half Life 2 for the PC for $20 and it'll come with CS: Source but the $60 console package is mysteriously missing a game that comes at zero cost.

After all this the PS3 version is infe...

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WTF is this guy talking about, the cut scenes in Uncharted can hardly be characterized as chatty. Dumbass.

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Last I checked the console version doesn't support dedicated servers. The game prolly have some sort of dynamic hosting similar to CoD 4.

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LMAO even people who post under his thread get disagrees, this guy is like some kind of black hole for bubbles regardless of the subject.

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Only about 7 million more idiots to go then Xbox Live will finally be the community MS envisioned instead of the rallying point for scumbags that it is now.

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There is no such thing as complete freedom of speech. Only a moron would believe in such a thing. Just run up to some black guy and call him the N word to see how far your freedom of speech goes.

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Bluray player price drop= PS3 price drop. Its a win win situation.

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The UT3 franchise is PC centric so you get everything else the PC get. Mods, mouse+keyboard support, bugs and rushed patches on release day.

Actually you don't get everything the PC get, the PS3 version doesn't support dedicated servers. Thats prolly the reason why some players are experiencing lag, you're playing a game hosted by some kid with a lousy connection, thats nothing new regardless of the game you play. I played plenty of laggy Halo 3 and CoD 4 games. That why dedic...

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Other than line rider, which is a WTF choice, the list is dead on. Speaking of dead, I can't believe Next Generation is still around.

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I'm glad there are finally some RTS for the 360 but I'm skeptical until they fix the issue with the controls. In case you didn't know, playing a RTS with a pad is less fun scoping your eye out with a spoon. Plus console RTS tend to be missing all sorts of features and feature pathetic unit counts due to limited RAM.

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Renegade was crap. The game wasn't limited by the tech since it came out around the same time as BF1942, the tech was there. It was just a poor attempt at branching the C&C franchise into the FPS genre. There are some franchises that should be made into FPS, Fallout and Starcraft would prolly make decent FPS. The C&C universe is however not one of them.

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I'm not concerned about the technical issues, legal stuff however can take a while, hopefully it won't be any DRM bullcrap that Sony will try to sholve down our throat. Maybe they're concerned about someone making a Halo 3 mod LOL!

Most of the early mods isn't worth a damn anyways, but considering the big deal they made out it and the console world's virginity to the moding scene even the most basic of mods like a new player model will be a HUGE deal. Its ironic, the vast major...

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Just how stupid are you? Don't answer, your post said it all. Mod tools are rarely good to go upon launch, if you know anything at all about the history of mods that fact should be clear, Oblivion, Half Life, Quake, UT...all had mod tools issues on release. Only the most hardcore moders would start cranking on release, usually peeps try to play the damn game first before they make changes to it.

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