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So true. I doubt many console gamers realize how much their copy of Oblivion absolutely sucks which is highly unfortunate. Only the PC community realized how flawed the game really is and made strides to mod it into the game it should've been. But thats par for the course with the PC, they don't have fanboys but actual game designers who can backup their whines with action.

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Lets get this out of the way. The vast majority of N4G users doesn't know jack about this franchise. For one they're console fanboys who worthship lame RPGs like FF so the Fallout universe is completely alien to them. I believe to actually know WTF you're talking about regarding Fallout you gotta be 25 years old and up so the demographic for this game isn't exactly of the mass market variety. Even the original Fallout and Fallout 2 didn't exactly sell like hotcakes in their days.

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Another way to get screwed from MS. Its my console, I should be able to do whatever I want as long as I'm not breaking the copy protection or hacking accounts. Now they want to ban people because of some after market fan? Way to stick it to your fan base.

Voiding your warranty is one thing, thats the norm, but banning peeps from Xbox Live?? DUMB!!

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Remakes are often lame. If this mod is nothing more than HL done with the Source engine then it's a waste of time.

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Nope. Sleight of hand and bando isn't very usefull with the RPD. For one, you don't reload a lot and two you don't run out of ammo very often.

Depending on your rand its 3 frags nades, stopping power, and deep impact is all you need. The idea is to cut down guys as quick as possible and with deep impact no one is safe. Fire in controled burst and avoid long range duels and you'll own. Find yourself a choke point and rake in the points.

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Then why bother playing it all? One hit kills totally erased any sense of weapon balance and gameplay from Resistance. What is the use of having all these different unquie weapons when one shot from the weakest weapon can drop you dead.

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The so called "new MS technigue" you spoke off is only a concept, one is the unlikely to see the light of day because it's almost impossible to achieve. Maybe they'll have 1000 players on one server, thats possible, but to have 1000 players in one zone or map is impossible unless that map spans the entire world. Even then there must be measures to ensure that no more than 100 players be in the same zone.

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Resistance died the day the one hit kill servers went up. Now everyone play on them to farm stats.

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You guys obviously don't play MMOs, the Agency looks absolutely stupid. I bet that project will never get off the ground. I would rather see an updated version of Planetside for the PS3.

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Wait a minute. You just got a PS3? From the way you talk around it seems like you were borned in one in your hand.

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So true!

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Turning gay wouldn't help. His sugar dady will insist on buying a Wii.

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...Wii Sports! LOL!!

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Battle Field Bad Co. is nothing more than a tech demo. There is no game. Watch the vids again with your eyes open you'll see what I'm talking about.

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I'm sorry but I don't see my PS3 being able to do this. There is too much AA and the lighting is too realistic. I doubt the real game will look this good. This is no doubt the work of some "post processing".

More than likely these are CG shots not gameplay shots.

3202d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment how much the 1.2 patch sucks. The 5 second respawn time ruined CTF.

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This error is not related to mods. You can try this out yourself. Join a UT3 game online, turn off your PS3. You'll get the same message.

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LOL!! So you have 40 360 games? You're either a liar or a loser. People who buy this many games can't be right in the head, I don't care how much money you have. I have a dozen 360 games and there are only about five that I might wanna keep. Its not like there's any need for me to keep Dead Rising.

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Bluray support in a video card is pointless. The GPU doesn't care if you're playing Bluray or HDDVD. Its all about the drive and the player/software.

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