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This game looks great. I just wish the enviroments isn't so bleak and gray which is the trend these days. Even CoD 4 looks totally gray and blurry-ish. Something bright and real like Crysis would've been nice. But this game still looks freaking awesome. Halo 2 just got owned thats for sure. KZ2 is the new king of the console world. #91
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Its crap...
This game looks like another Hour of Victory/WW2 genre wannabe. #2
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This isn't enough. I don't care how cheap the player is, HD-DVD need to make a massive turn around in terms of studio support. Despite all the lip service to supporting HD-DVD it looks like the industry is slowly but surely swinging to BR side of the fence. I just bought an incredibly expensive dual format LG player and while it's difficult to tell which format is clearly better visually, on some titles the BR format just sounds better. Given the choice I would prefer BR copy of my favorite m... #19
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No 1080p 60fps
After over 150 comments I can't believe nobody bothered to point this out. The dev said "I highly doubt it" when asked if UT3 can do 1080p at 60fps on the PS3 and they would rather have great visuals and performance over max res. I guess all the fanbois been too busy bickering with each to notice that rather important remark. #88
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You guys are completely missing the point.

Jade Raymond is still hot as hell and ultimately thats all you need to know about Assasin Creed. #17
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The console and the HD format war is far from over. HD-DVD dead in a couple of months? LOL!! Let me know when LOTR and the Star Wars prequels are Blu-Ray excluesives, thats when HD-DVD is really dead. #116
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This demo sucks!!
No showing of the delicious Jade Raymond at all, just another boring jaunt through the same demo. Lame. #8
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Stupid is using a clumsy stick as an aiming device in FPS, thats what stupid. This is about god damn time. My only issue with that thing is it lacks the sixaxis motion detection for future games like KZ2 or Haze. #22.1
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Halo 3 isnt all that and the same goes with Haze. In the end they'll both be crushed by the real nextgen game. Crysis. #16
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Agree. Shooting in bursts is something that should be left to player. #5.1
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Agree. This game will still look like crap when it comes out "polish" or not. Seeing how the screen shots already looks dated I couldn't care less if this game even comes out at all. Its all about Halo, KZ2, CoD 4, Warhawk, Crysis and all the other REAL nextgen games anyways. ##?.1
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Yet another 720P game. What a total let down. So far all the majority of the PS3's 720P titles looks like crap. That resolution is simply too low. #7
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Blu-ray still rocks!
Good thing I paid $600 for the best HD format player on the market or else I would be extremely pissed right now. In terms of gaming, this is a slap in the face to Sony from one of the biggest publisher in the market. If Sony have any balls at all they would scramble to counter or at least do some damage control on this PR blackeye.

I'm happy with my PS3, no I LOVE my PS3. For the money right now it is without a doubt the best HD media device on the market and a great deal for... #36
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Add Gates
Antonio Gates should be 99 for TE and why isn't Ray Lewis a 99 for line backers? #4
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