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There are problems with both version. Lag, disconnects, etc etc. However the PS3 version have this extremely annoying host end game issue that IWD have yet to solve. Lets face it, CoD 4's dynamic host is a total failure. It sucks and isnt working as intended and I'm not even sure if they can get to work get as intended.

Only the PC with it's dedicated servers doesn't any of these issues. If this isn't yet another case for dedicated servers then I don't know what is.

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You hit the nail on the head. DRM issues is heart of the DD problem, in terms of movies I would rather own them on a disk than some virtual copy with handcuffs. Another problem with DD is the country's network, unless everyone is using fiber there is no way they can mass distrubute quality HD content. Think about it. If cable and sat companies can't even get their HD movies to match the quality of HDDVD or Bluray then how the hell is DD going to do it?

I'm sorry but DD is not r...

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Thats why its not gaming news, all tech news goes here. You morons should at least know WTF you're talking about before you whine.

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And there are no Americans near Baghdad.

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Whats the big deal? I've played the PSN preview, while the game looks amazing the gameplay...not my cup of tea. I prefer arcade racers like Motorstorm instead of sims.

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CoD 4 run @ 30 fps so you don't need 60fps for shooters. Madden on the other hand...

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This is a Blizzard game, in other words, it'll be out in three years and have dated graphics.

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HDDVD should just lay down and die. This stupid format war is holding back progress and it's hurting everyone. And why are you morons feeling sorry for Toshiba? They make electronics not media formats, after HDDVD fold they'll rake in plenty of money selling Bluray players as well. Its just too bad they had to lose millions of dollars because they got screwed by Microsoft, no support at all other than lip service.

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If you havent' experienced lag in CoD 4 then frankly you don't play enough CoD 4. Be it Live or PS3 I played CoD 4 in both though the 360 version tend to have a more stable game, they both can lag depending on who the host is. Thats just the nature of peer to peer.

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Yeah its gonna be online only like Warhawk with dedicated servers and 32 players. Basically this game will be the Counterstrike of the nextgen consoles. 32 players FPS and rock solid dedicated server support with tons of customization and gear, man this game is gonna be awesome.

Goodbye CoD 4 and it's crappy peer-peer connect.

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A vid card with 1 gig frame buffer. The power, the absolute power!!

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Nobody cares.

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These contraints are simply stupid. Why can't they just sell the entire game in one chunk? As long as the price is reasonable I don't see any problems with it. Seriously MS need to take their greedy hands of the devs throats.

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The picture is totally misleading. There is no hot girl inside this article at all.

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So? They make her hot NOW.

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Only the PS3 and it's industry leading Cell broadband engine can bring you this amazing nextgen action adventure title without any absurd manufacturing defects or reliablity issues. Uncharted 2, only possible with the PS3's Cell, Bluray, and texture streaming capabilities.

Play Beyond!

What, he's not a PS3 fanboy? Minor details.

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Only people who don't have Uncharted are impressed by those screens. The game looks a lot better on my TV.

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Why are you so excited? Bioshock is an average game, if you actually played this game then you'll know what I'm talking about. Don't believe the hype. Oh and its coming in 2009? Who the hell cares?? In 2009 I'll be playing games that are coming in 2009. I sure as hell wouldn't give a damn about 2007 games.

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'Cause I don't see how this game could cost 30 million to make.

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Looks like a survial horror version of McGuyver. Interesting.

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