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An always online game without dedicated servers? Ok I'm done. Peer to peer is trash.

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Be a good a good slave and settle for what you have not what you deserve.

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Not a single Pro game. Sigh.

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Last of Us hype. Whatever. The best thing to come out of PSX is actually the game nobody is talking about, Let It Die. Its basically the free to play Souls game for the morally degenerate. Everything I do in this game is based on griefing other players. Even when I die.

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Bloodborne and Darksouls 3 Pro patch!!

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Never again. I'm done with these fraudsters.

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Speaking of which where the F is my Bloodborne Pro patch?

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Interesting. This is coming to PC? Guess I'll be getting the best version then.

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Bloodborne is still the best PS4 game yet it is completely left for dead by Sony while the ancient TLoD gets the P4 Pro patch. I shouldn't expect too much from the same company that help push the No Man Sky hype train.

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Boys Band road trip saves the world.

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So stupid.

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No Pro Enhanced. No buy.

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Is it going to be a 60 FPS console or not. There's no point to doing 4K native when you're using dynamic resolutions and 30 FPS trash.

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Where is Pro patch???

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Dat 30 25-30 FPS.

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Good list but I would put Witcher 3, Bloodborne/Darksouls 3, and The Division in there.

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Exclusives used to mean something. Now they suck. MS no longer cares and Sony no longer tries. Now the consoles are basically doing what Valve is doing. Focusing on profits with sales through their storefronts and let 3rd party take all the risks.

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This study is total true. My right hand is kinda sore.

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LG TVs uses the Dolby Digital chip for their HDR instead of the software based HDR 1000 in Sony and Samsung. This could be the issue since even their highest end OLEDs do not support HDR in game mode. Looks like they lost the format war.

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Look at the Sony trolls attacking this guy. Pathetic really.

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