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Classic PS4 fanboys trolling.

Differences between PS4 1080p 30fps vs Xbox One 900 30fps= HUGE!

Differences between PC 1440p 60fps vs PS4's 1080 30fpsp= Not important. #46
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This is the best zombie game since Left for Dead and unlike Resident Evil, this game really scared the crap outta me at times. The zombie screams from that can be heard from the Tower at nightfall is truly terrifying in the early game. #4
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Quick show of hands. How many people bought a PS4 to play 8 bit games? I sure as hell as didn't. The problem with the PS4 isn't the indie games. It's the quality and types of indie games and for some reason Sony love to pack the store with garbage PC cast offs like Olioli and Shovel Knight.

I have zero interest in these games.

Why can't we get GOOD indie games, like Divinity: Original Sin or Darkest Dungeon. This...this is crap. #5.1.5
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This is why they're the master race. A gaming community that can actually contribute content that can rival orin same cases, exceed the devs. What a concept. #7
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This is the best theme park MMO there is. I love how you can actually change the zones. Towns will transition from being raided with bodies lying in streets to bad guys being rounded up then to back to normal per your actions. The fact the world around you progress along with your character is cool is hell. #3.1
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B2P is HUGE. What that means is you can play the damn game online forever without constantly being nickled and dimed by F2P bullshit like inventory space, level caps and skill hot key caps. A friend of mine actually sub to this game and if the PC version is any indication then this game is poised to be the best MMO on the PS4. The amount of spoken content is simply staggering to behold and the game has vastly improved since launch.

If the PS4 version is anything close to the... #2.1.3
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But the PS4 isn't maxed yet! #2.1.1
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So the PS4 isn't getting this update? WTF?? #1
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How about a retail game for god sake. Anything, even launch game will do. But who am I kidding. It'll be another two batch of indie trash that nobody gives a damn about. #17
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This. Already played it on the PS4, now I couldn't care less if the PC version comes out or not. Just like most games coming out from the console, this is not a must have game. If you miss it, you're missing out on absolutely nothing. #10.1
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I already have an underpowered Linux machine that can only play games and suck at doing anything else. Its called a PS4. While it is entirely possible to spearhead Linux as a gaming OS, Valve will need throw billions at it like Sony and MS did to get their platform on the market. #7
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Lack of exclusives killed Steam machines? ROFL. Classic fanboy incompetence. #1.1.6
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Calling this game free to play is a joke. Everything about this game is pay to win. A console MMO that I"m actually looking forward to is ESO, which is pay to play with no subs fee. At least in that game I can enjoy the content without being nickle and dime to death at every turn. #10
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Off line coop in a PC game? Who the hell cares. #3
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I'm in total agreement. While sound profiles are nice, having to switch between them is stupid because I have plug in my headset then upload a new a profile. What a pain in the ass. Because of that, I'm still using the Destiny one too.

There are $80 PC headsets that let you switch profiles on the fly at a push of the button. Why can't Sony make one like that? #1.3
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This. I'm tired of calling in sick then having to hear this when I come into the office "So you were up at 3am playing Diablo 3 huh?" #30.1
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If you like remastered then buy a PC. A PC version of any game will give you a life time of remastered content. #28
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Did they optimized this game to run on the PS3 or something. Because god damn, the textures are so freaking bad. #2
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Personally I don't like games that forces you to die a billion times to learn the ropes. I prefer perma death games. Thats why I play Hardcore in Diablo 3. Being mortal makes me feel like a real hero and gives credit to my achievements. #13
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Killzone SF: Crap. It's another shooter that you can get anywhere.
Infamous Second Son: Average as hell.
Little Big Planet 3: Nobody knows this game exist except for the fanboys.
DriveClub: Where is my PS Plus Edition?
The Bore-der 1886: Boring and predictable story married to an average TPS and 5-10 minutes QTE sequences. Only a closet Ryse and Xbox fanboy can enjoy this game, because thats what this game is. A love letter to Ryse.

Bloodbo... #21.1
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