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Dragon Age will certainly fail too if they give fans more of the same. I call it the Witcher 3 Effect.

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I need this in December 2017. Why bother waiting? Start the next gen now.

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This N4G. The entire comment section is probably consists of 3 guys posting under 10 accounts so you're probably his friend too.

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This game is on the short list of good exclusives. So yeah.

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Typical fanboy slave. No Pro owner should think that "it's fine where it is" the Pro is under served right now with extremely lax policies on what constitutes as support. For example Overwatch ridiculous 4K HUD and Prey's virtually invisible "enhanced" patch that does virtually nothing. Sony need to stop devs from slapping on marginal improvements like 4k fonts just so they can lure Pro owners in with sales. Some Pro games, like The Surge and Nioh doesn't even ...

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Want to see poorly optimized? Play the Pro version. Frame drop city.

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Yet the PS Pro can't maintain 60 fps while the completely unpatched PC version can hit 60 fps with ease. I really should have bought the PC version, and that DLC is an insult.

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This game and Nioh is the future.

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THIS. You don't have a gaming PC until you can run virtually all of the games in your library at 1080p 60 fps. The Xbox X can not do 60 FPS. Its basically a Pro with a 4K Bluray drive and less exclusives.

I'm waiting for MS to demonstrate the power of the X and so far all they have shown are 30 FPS and fraud K trash. Where is the power!?

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How is this a step in gaming if some transgender person can change their avatar to be more "feminine"?

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The great thing and about PCs is that their spec lines are not filled with marketing lies. 4k on the PCs means 4k. It's not dynamic 4k, it's not checkerboard 4k, it's not true 4k. It's just straight up native 4k, and the most important of all. 4K on the PC doesn't matter unless it's 60 fps.

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Wired is fine for PCs but for console it's shit. I'm 12 feet away from my TV, there's no way I'm using wired anything.

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Too bad it doesn't advances one of the most important factors in gaming, 60 fps.

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Holyshit. She's great at pretty boys too.

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This game was obviously meant to be something completely different. Its as if they murdered Mass Effect so they can go out and make Anthem. What they should have done is to make the Mass Effect version of Destiny.

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I wonder if you ever played the game. This game teaches you nothing because it's casual AF. On normal mode it's an absolute face roll. The real gameplay comes in max difficulty but without a fixed setting it's extremely easy to cheeese it for achievements.

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For all the hype about exclusives, Sony 1st party games rarely break 5 million so 3 mil is a huge success. Most gamers play multiplats.

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It's only a threat to pathetic fanboys. If you're a real gamer, power is welcomed regardless of the platform.

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I preordered my Pro sight unseen. For Xbox X I will need to to be convinced of its so call true power. The $500 price is fine but I'm not buying another console to live in that filthy 30 fps garbage again. The Pro have raised my expectations of what console power should be. Now I want something decidedly superior.

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Sony: For the $$$

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