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It only matters to blind fanboys. Real gamers only care about the best version.

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Wow, what a great interview. I wish more interviews can be like this, smart and challenging. Same goes for the dev too, he spoke his mind with very little BS and boasting.

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Man remenber back in the days when the Amiga had the best graphics LOL. Defender of the Crown wasn't that great but in terms of graphics and colors it was top of the line.

Here's an awesome game nobody played, Sun Tzu The Art of War by Micropose, I remenber playing that when I was 10...

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There's a time and place for innovations, KZ 2 however is not the time nor is it the game for radically innovations. At this stage the formula for what make a good shooter has been perfected and rather than departing from that the fans are more focused on features, 32 players, dedicated servers, player customizations etc etc...

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I can't believe Obsidian Entertainment did not get a hold the Fallout franchise, the NWN2 engine would've been ideal.

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Will they be calling them Japs in this in game? I mean if the Nazis can be called Krauts in the other CoD games the Japs better be called Japs.

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There is absolutely nothing realistic about Fronza damage model. It is almost GTA 4 like, you can ram a car head on into a wall at 90 mph then drive off with a crunched bumper and a cracked windshield. At least in GTA 4 you get thrown out of the car and get your head busted up.

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Given what you just said, the choice is clear. The PC version is an absolutely must. As with Oblivion and Morrowind, only with mods will you get the real Fallout 3. The console version and out of the box game will be vanilla and generic.

This is the problem with all of Bethesda games. They create the world, the fans create the game.

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Because he spelled "idiocricy" wrong.

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Crysis doesn't have a piracy problem because its hardcore PC FPS with a considerable hardware requirement. Crysis is more of a showroom game to flex your PC's muscle.

CoD 4 on the other hand is much more popular target.

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I hope they understand that being as good as CoD 4 isn't enough. Nobody want another game just like CoD 4, they want a game like CoD 4 but only better. There must be more of everything, and for the love of god have a good loby system and support 32 players.

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CoD 3 multiplayer sucks too. It as too arcade.

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If you want to bash CoD 5 fine, go ahead but leave BF 1942 and the BF series out of it. The BF 1942 didn't do anything for the FPS genre? STFU, you have no clue.

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I guess the FPS perspective is a bit too personal and graphic for the singleplayer campaign to be on the Axis's side, but the multiplayer its perfectly ok to be the Nazi and kill another player for the some reason.

Its also ok be the Germans and kill Allies in flightsims and strategy games, in those genres not being able to play the Axis campaigns virtually amount to censorship.

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I'm getting 73 FPS average @ native 1080p and 4X AA. LMAO! This game looks sooo much better than the Xbox version, it just looks so damn sharp and smooth. With the 360's controler connected to my PC the demo totally rocks.

Like always, the PC version is boss.

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Whats wrong with installing? At least you're watching a great cutscene and it help make the game load faster, a win-win situation.

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It is if you buy the digital download

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Children of Men game? What is this some kinda joke!?

My list...

1. Saving Private Ryan
2. Gladiator
3. Appleseed

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The time for honoring thyself will soon be at an end, highness.

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As a gamer I enjoy informative articles about developers and their complexion.

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