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Nice spin. But it just doesn't fly with me. Its not like he was only "kidding" or anything, that rant came from the heart.

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So what looks better, Wipeout or GT5P?

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LOL so true. Thats why I have the digital download version. Plus inserting a disk into your console to play is not nextgen.

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Another massive three years project? Must be nice to be so well funded. I guess this next project is gonna be a massive hit or this company folds. At least by going multiplat there is less chance of a bust.

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Where can I download this Whorecraft movie :)

Edit: nevermind, its called Whorelore now, LOL! Go to the site it totally rocks!!

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As if the PSN download isn't slow enough already now they want add videos to it? Yeah I can't wait to download one ep of Lost for two freaking hours. No thanks.

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There is nothing wrong with WW2 as long as it is done RIGHT. Case in point, the original CoD and CoD 2 which retained some sort of sim like online combat. CoD 3 was pure crap because it was too arcade and dumbed down.

It doesn't matter anyways, Brothers in Arms 3 is coming out and it looks freaking amazing. Its about time we have an none Epic UT3 engine game that doesn't look dated.

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I'm calling BS on this right now. Its not like the PS3 is a $3000 piece of hardware that the mod guys can't afford. If they want to port mods to a PS3 then you should very well own one damnit.

Plus something like this can take up a year to birth so I wouldn't count on seeing it soon. Just take a look at how long it took Insurgency to go beta, and thats with an experienced team working on a PC platform and a mature engine. By the time TacOps, which pales in comparison to profess...

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GTA 4 doesn't strike me as a multiplayer powerhouse at all. The online game will be a welcomed distraction from the single player campaign, nothing more.

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The PC used to be the rallying platform for the hardcore gamers while the console was the domain of the more casual fans. But today it seems they switched roles. Now the hardcore guys own PS3 and 360s while the more casual and nitch gamers play on the PC.

Its ironic really, the PC now has a iron grip on the casual demographic that 360 and PS3 can only dream of. Look at all the Sims games that being sold and the countless millions of people all over the world playing everything...

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In other words there are no changes? LOL!

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Nariko was pretty much doomed as soon as you get to the level select screen so the game already clued you in to her fate. Its not like the game just came out, at some point you gotta stop minding the spoilers.

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Only a FOOL would work in the gaming industry. The pay sucks, the hours are long and the job security is probably the worst in the technical field.

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You can randomly take any FF or DoD girls and they'll all look better than the current Lara. For an iconic female video game character it seems like Lara is several years behind the competition.

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Well if they increased it to 4 seconds then people would complain it takes too long to kill someone.

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Naw, they'll just have less server support than before and twice as many bugs. Hey, the corners gotta be cut somewhere to make up for the lost money.

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This BBC player must not be a big deal since less than half knows WTF what it is and even less than that even care.

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Both were inexperienced, made huge promises (uniter not a divider speech) and made dramatic policy changes on issues they do not understand. Bush's blunder was geopolitics while Obama is already threatening to implement some totally moronic energy and ecomonic changes.

If you listen to his speeches it's quite clear the guy doesn't WTF he's talking about. Beyond the Yes We Can chant Obama is just another sock puppet.

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1. Its accessable, the previous MMO champ EQ requires a lifetime commintment and a punishing difficulty curve just get your newbie ass to the next city.

2. Stylized graphics with low system requirements. It's direct competition EQ2 requires a pretty decent machine to see all the bells and whistles and even then, it's mostly earth tones. With WoW even a lower end PC can experience bright cartoony graphics.

3. Brand name, the Warcraft brand is a RTS legend and Bli...

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After playing a ton of CoD 4, as much as I love it, this game is a horribly unbalanced noob fest. If CoD 5 goes back to its WW 2 roots like CoD 2 then I can't wait. The great thing about CoD 2 is the awesome weapon balance, nothing is too overpowered or too cheap like CoD 4 and it actually takes skill and tactics to pwn with a KAR or Garand.

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