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This is BS!! Where the hell is MY escape route? Sony need to extend this peace offering to the US HDDVD supporters (suckers) now that they're standing upon HDDVD's cold dead body. #9.2
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Blademask must have a lot of free time. #1.7
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WTF!!? Is that CGI? No way thats an in game screenshot. #1.1
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I still play Halo 3.
I still play Halo 3 once in a while, its a great FPS to take break from the CoD 4, but thats just it. Its a game I play when I'm tired of CoD 4 which is king. Halo 3's days of being a premier console FPS is long gone. #3
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Making boring look good!
That basically sum up Huxley. So let me get this straight, they want me to pay a monthly fee for a massive TDM game? The game looks great but it will be an uber fail unless there is more meat to it than 100 people bunny hoping like mad and dodging each other rockets. Even more troubling is the lack of the so called massive battles in those vids. All I'm seeing so far are instanced missions and TD by a handfull of players. #8
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I wouldn't do it.
HS2 will be going up against games like God of War 3. By then nothing short of amazing will do. #15
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Mental chicks are only fun for a few days then you wake up and realize what a horrible mistake you just made. #5.2
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All FPS MMO sucks
It will fail. FPS is a genre thats more suited toward 15 vs 15 or 30 vs 30. There is no need to go massive. #13
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The PC already have tons of new maps while PS3 and 360 players are only starting to dream about theirs. IWD really need to close the gap between their PC and console content. Check out these custom maps for the PC version of CoD 4, some are remakes while others are new.

This vid sucks.
1. Vizio is ghetto
2. The music is gay.
3. He's not doing anything interesting. #16
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Classic #1.18
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Lame. This is nothing more than a western version of the Dynasty Warriors. #1.1
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He's a dumbass
Any 360 will eventually RROD. He really should've know better. #67
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Mute them all
Thats what I do, otherwise Live is unplayable. As far as feature goes the mic is the worst idea ever. Everytime I'm playing Halo 3 I would miss the good old CS days when all the idiots type "pwnzor" instead of screaming profanity out of 5.1 surround sound system. #34
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Sigh, I bought TWO HDDVD players :(
I must be the biggest dumbass in the world. My first mistake was buying the cheap HDDVD drive for the 360. Turns out that drive is as lousy and poorly made as my Xbox so I went out and bought a Toshiba player for my HDDVD movies 'cause hey, its so cheap and affordable! Now I can't even give them away. What a horrible waste of money. But I'm just glad this stupid format war is now over. Long live Bluray! I looooove watching movies in 1080p.

As for digital gotta k... #29
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So true about number 3. Download is a fringe market, disk media is the way to go if you want to be taken seriously in the mainstream. #12.1
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Why bother?
This is just a resized pix of a screenshot. A resized pix doesn't have any relations to what the game might be look at 1080p upscaled or native what so ever. It also doesn't reflect the quality and texture resolutions of the RS2 might look like.

Its just a resized picture, thats all. Lets also keep in mind that screenshots tend to look a little a better than what you'll be seeing on your TV.

So whats the point of all this again? #58
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WTF!? Indian culture is so freaking weird, I can understand the Japanese and Chinese weirdness but I could never figure out the Indians. #5.4
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Something is wrong...
Rachet doesn't look fuzzy enough! #1
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