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Renegade was crap. The game wasn't limited by the tech since it came out around the same time as BF1942, the tech was there. It was just a poor attempt at branching the C&C franchise into the FPS genre. There are some franchises that should be made into FPS, Fallout and Starcraft would prolly make decent FPS. The C&C universe is however not one of them. #4.1
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I'm not concerned about the technical issues, legal stuff however can take a while, hopefully it won't be any DRM bullcrap that Sony will try to sholve down our throat. Maybe they're concerned about someone making a Halo 3 mod LOL!

Most of the early mods isn't worth a damn anyways, but considering the big deal they made out it and the console world's virginity to the moding scene even the most basic of mods like a new player model will be a HUGE deal. Its ironic, the vast major... #24.1
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Just how stupid are you? Don't answer, your post said it all. Mod tools are rarely good to go upon launch, if you know anything at all about the history of mods that fact should be clear, Oblivion, Half Life, Quake, UT...all had mod tools issues on release. Only the most hardcore moders would start cranking on release, usually peeps try to play the damn game first before they make changes to it. #20.2
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The Xbox's RROD problem is no myth, I know first hand 'cause my console died twice in 2007. Great gaming system or not this thing is clearly build like crap and even my Halo edition is starting to fall apart. By the time I replaced it twice and the shipping cost incured the 360 cost more than my new PS3.

Aside from reliability issues MS really need to do something about that god damn fan. There is no excuse for home electronics to this loud. #11.4
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You my friend are well versed in gaming boobies. Bubbles!! #6.1
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I played it, it sucks vs games in the same genre like Morrowind and Oblivion. Its one of those games that makes you wonder what the deal was all about because it doesn't show anything special. #6.1
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Wrong question
The real question should be what can Fable 2 offer you that Fallout 3 doesn't. Hell even Oblivion GOTY is looking better than Fable 2 at this point. There are many issues with the Fable 2 franchise but the heart of the problem is Molyneux. This guy sucks at designing RPGs, he's more of RTS and god game designer. He's like a Will Wright without the Sims and his best days as a developer is over.

Instead of wasting their money on this doomed franchise MS should pull out and get h... #4.3
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This review sucks.
Any review of UT3 prior to the mass release of the game sucks. Thats like reviewing Warhawk before the game goes live, the reviewer isn't able to experience the multiplayer to it's fullest like a normal player would. He won't be able to see what's its like to play with complete strangers to judge the teamwork elements in modes like warefare and CTF, he also won't be able to report on whatever connectivity issues that may or may not popup.

But the worst thing about this review i... #4.8
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Not really a rip off
There is a difference between a rip off and a homage. This video clearly looks the latter, but regardless the lawyers were released. Too bad, the girl is cute as hell. #4
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I doubt anyone above me managed to read and understand the entire article. I did and I found it rather ironic that Games Radar, a site mostly dedicated to articles about gaming boobies would post something with such obvious (and pointless) feministist leanings considering demographic of their readers. #5
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This is my kind of news.
There should be at least three boobies related gaming news a week. Finally a reason to visit N4G beyond the moronic console wars. #3
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Razer comments doesn't make an ounce of sense if you think about it.

Now assuming you don't need two copies of UT 3 to create mods and the PS3 version comes complete with mod tools. But you still need a Bluray player to install the said tools on the PC. The problem is, how many PC users have Bluray drives? Thinks about it, which is easier and cheaper. Buying the extra PC version of UT 3 for about $35-40 or buying a $350 Bluray player for your PC?

In short Razer... #6.10
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Why hate on Mechwarrior 4, thats one of my fav Mechwarrior :) Number 3 was too sim-ish, they went in the right direction with Mechwarrior 4 by taking it into the semi-FPS realm.

Mechwarrior 1 and 2- Activision
Mechwarrior 3- Micropose
Mechwarrior 4- MS

Microsoft managed to produce a few solid Mechwarrior tittles but sales were dissapointing so they burried it. Too bad because this franchise is prime for a comeback.

The Crimson Skies f... #2.1
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LOL!! #1.1
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Don't mess it up!
This game looks good, but so did Kane and Lynch. Just don't screw this one up EA! #3
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I'm not sure which one is more idiotic, an xbot who openly refer to himself as an xbot, or an xbot who mocked the PS3 as a DVD player in article about Bluray players. #1.4
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"Haven't they made enough money already?" LMAO!! Without a doubt the most naive question of the month. Its Xbox Live man, its not design to entertain, its designed to nickle and dime you to death. Of course if Halo 3 was a PC game like UT3 it would not only feature MULTIPLE map packs for free, it would also include a full featured editor...but alas it is a Xbox Live game. #5.3
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You do realize this is an internet fansite interview and not Meet the Press right? Where have you been the last...oh, 10 years. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but PC devs like Mark Rein are used to granting interviews to obscure fansites and they're probably not bothered by the amature nature of the interview as you are. I can't even recall the number of times John Carmack grant interviews to some fansite I've never heard off, and more often than not these guys are nothing more than tee... #2.7
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I don't buy it
Bigger business does not always equal better games. If it did then EA would be the best publisher and developer ever. More than likely they'll just become the next EA. #6
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Gears look better than Uncharted? It must be terrible being blind. I own both games and there is no way in hell Gears look better than Uncharted. #17.4
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