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This is dumb.
I want real side by side screenshots not blown up pix that nobody will notice. Oh and how you guys isn't talking about how much better the PC version looks? I run mine at 1080p with 8X AA LOL!!


Stupid fanboys and their pointless flame wars. #38
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How is it beating highend PC, can it play CoD 4 with 64 players? Does it have mods? All the consoles are starting to show their age while the PC is starting to step into the nextgen with Crysis.

Stop trying to compare consoles to PC, its a losing battle. The PC tech turns are 6 months to a year, the console's is three years or longer, there's no chance. #9.3
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There is a difference between broken, and useless. Live isn't broken because for the games that support it, the peer to peer element works.

It is however, completely useless. #8.2
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The worst thing than a Sony fanboi is a MS fanboi who doesn't know WTF he's talking about. Answer this question, why the hell would any PC gamer want to pay a fee so he can play against Xbox gamers? Even more importantly, assuming he's dumb enough to want this, what games would he play?

Live sucks so bad that even the "free" service is useless. The crappy MS achievements are completely meaningless in the PC world because unlike the Xbox which is monopolized Microsoft,... #3.5
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jaja1434 is an internet n00b. Stop wasting our precious bandwidth by demanding silly things like...oh for people to make sense when they post. If you can not decipher incoherent rants and gibberish by now then you clearly don't belong here with the most l33t of posters like myself.

I cast thee out!!

Oh, back on topic now...I agree with the OP. If you played the Jediknight series on the PC then you'll know what he's talking about. The saber swings and moves requir... #3.6
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You guys need to put the crack pipe down. How the hell can PS3 version look better than the PC? Unless the PC version shipped with inferior textures then maybe thats a possibility but then it wouldn't make any sense would it? #5.3
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PC games dont' scale, only consoles do that. All PC games display resolution natively, meaning if you set CoD 4 to 1080p, then it is rendering in full 1080p as long as your monitor support that resolution. If there is any scaling at all then PC games will only scale DOWN, they don't cheat and scale up like console games. #4.9
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What are you stupid or something? People around here get angry at anything and everything, dumbass. #13.1
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What movies to watch with this player?
Transformer, thats a no brainer. Shrek is another good one...what else? #28
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Crippled ware
So basically they ripped the balls out of the PC version, then dumbed it down by X10, added some cute animations then called it a day after slapping on the $60 price tag.

Are they phucking kidding me? I suppose if you're an idiot you might buy this game, that or you have no idea that Civ 4 and the expansions can be had on the PC for only $30. #1
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WTF...first four levels?
Either this will be a freaking HUGE demo or the first four levels are actually tutorials. #10
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Why can't we have both?
If the HD-DVD player isn't a piece of crap, which at that price it surely must be, then I'll buy it in a heart beat. Now I can watch all those great Bluray movies on my PS3 and still be able to watch Transformer on my cheap HDDVD player. Thats a lot cheaper than buying one of those LG dual format player for a grand.

Only a stupid fanboy would react negatively to this news. #5
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I love games radar
When there isn't any real gaming news, they start selling sex. Its great and it works. They're like the Maxim of gaming. #5
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Same crappy multiplayer as the Xbox 360.
Improved graphics, checked. Added content, checked. Better controls (mouse), checked. The PC standard of 32 players with dedicated server support, FAIL!

Unfortunately the PC version of Gears of War is totally crippled by the piece of turd that is Games for Windows and the same pathetic 4 vs 4 multiplayer modes as the Xbox 360. While 4 vs 4 is fine for the 360 due it's weaker hardware and limitations, but that just doesn't cut it for a PC FPS where 32 players and dedicated serve... #6
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Per the review: Fun gameplay, great graphics, but too many fun gameplay mechanics, final score a 7.5.

WTF!!?? #95
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In other news...
My mom thinks I'm cool. #1
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Useless= Jack's brain. He prolly doesn't even have a PS3 so there is no way for him to verify if the reviews are right or wrong. #12.7
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Halo MMO= Fail
Sorry but I don't see how this MMO could possibly be good. If its like Tabula Rasa it will suck, if its like Planet Side then no one will want to pay for it, if its like Huxley then the Xbox 360 will need a 2 gig RAM upgrade. #20
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You are correct sir. Here that? Thats the sound of millions of PC gamers not giving a damn. #12.1
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How is this possible? People this stupid usually kill themselves before they get a chance to troll on the net. #1.2
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