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Both were inexperienced, made huge promises (uniter not a divider speech) and made dramatic policy changes on issues they do not understand. Bush's blunder was geopolitics while Obama is already threatening to implement some totally moronic energy and ecomonic changes.

If you listen to his speeches it's quite clear the guy doesn't WTF he's talking about. Beyond the Yes We Can chant Obama is just another sock puppet.

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1. Its accessable, the previous MMO champ EQ requires a lifetime commintment and a punishing difficulty curve just get your newbie ass to the next city.

2. Stylized graphics with low system requirements. It's direct competition EQ2 requires a pretty decent machine to see all the bells and whistles and even then, it's mostly earth tones. With WoW even a lower end PC can experience bright cartoony graphics.

3. Brand name, the Warcraft brand is a RTS legend and Bli...

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After playing a ton of CoD 4, as much as I love it, this game is a horribly unbalanced noob fest. If CoD 5 goes back to its WW 2 roots like CoD 2 then I can't wait. The great thing about CoD 2 is the awesome weapon balance, nothing is too overpowered or too cheap like CoD 4 and it actually takes skill and tactics to pwn with a KAR or Garand.

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Worst scans, ever. If you're gonna scan then do it right this looks like someone just took a crap on the pages then scan it on to their comp.

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Maybe if they show him being killed again and again by the various spike traps, giant blades and metal jaws, then and only then would I go see this movie.

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Since when is CoD 2 a Xbox exclusive? The PC version came out at the same time, had more multiplayer features while looking better. More than anything CoD 2 was a PC game first and a console game second.

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Netflix+Bluray= Epic long ques

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This guy doesn't know WTF he's talking about or his perception of PC gaming isn't anywhere near current. The only card that cost $600 is the GX2 and thats the uber over the top model, even the highend 9800 GTX is only $300-350.

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Maybe this drop will serve as a wake up call, the 9800 series was a big dissapointment.

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The internet was invented in the late 70s and did not become mainstream until the early 90s. The same will apply here, untill this some telecom company decide to start laying down the fat pipes across the USA this kind of speed will not materialize for years to come. More than likely we'll all be driving in hybird cars long before this will ever come to market.

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The PC version will come out when this game is long pass it's prime, but it will be the best version.

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Everytime I pop in a Bluray movie I justified my purchase, that alone is freaking amazing nevermind the gaming aspect. In terms of value alone the PS3 totally rocks. I can't even recall the last time I purchased and piece of electronic with this much entertainment value.

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This is typical of the GPU trend if you have been keeping track in the last few years. Usually there is lull in terms of performance increase with multiple fill in techs before the next big jump. Unfortunately due to the lack of break through in PC graphics tech most hardcore PC gamers are starting to transition to the nextgen consoles. After a year or two when the PC tech market hit it's stride again and those who crave the cutting edge will be switching back.

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Yup this sounds like a massive ripoff, its like a Live DLC for your OS.

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Bluray will never beat out DVD? Thats rich, considering the fact that it is the only HD format on the market.

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Yeah the CPU can render but if you look at the FPS you'll see that the GPU gave it a massive beat down of 30 fps to 4.6 fps so this tech's impact on the PC gaming will probably be limited even with all the quad cores PC out there.

But this is great news for PS3 fans who now have something to point to when they boast about their fancy Cell CPU.

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Raytracing isn't coming the PC gaming or any kind of gaming for a long, long time because the performance side of this kind of rendering absolutely sucks, and in the PC gaming world its about performance first followed by effects.

Nobody upgrade their cpu and vid card to play games in DX10, they upgrade so they can play DX10 games at 60 fps.

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What about the multiplayer!!??

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If multiplat is so important then I'll stick to PC gaming.

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