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Blizzard spent the last five years tearing this game down and rebuilding it again, and again, and again just for PC so doubt they'll allow the console version to exist. These guys are perfectionist to the extreme. We're talking about company that will extend a six months beta for three more months just to tweak their skill tree a little more.

Plus the same people who want to this game for the console will eventually end up hating it and in the process hating Blizzard. If you th...

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Kojima is one guy, Blizzard is a host of developers, and no matter how good the MGS series is he'll never be able to match Blizzard success. Koji's games are too eccentric and in some cases too "Japanese" to match Blizzard mass market appeal. In fact I can't even think of a single game that can match the success of Starcraft and WoW...thats not even counting Blizzard's "lesser" hit Diablo.

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CoD 4: Splat! Dead
MGO: Splat! Dead

Bring on Socom.

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When are they going to stop making these damn Lego games? Even more importantly who is buying these damn Lego games?

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An Asian man would've taken his PC instead.

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The problem is we never had True HD to begin with. With Bluray movies, yes. With games, no...with a very few exceptions GT5 and the upcoming Wipeout for example.

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Agreed. I actually enjoyed Conan. Yes the voice acting sucks and I can't even remenber what storyline was about but it's a game where you hack people to death. Nothing was great or awesome but overall the game was decent.

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Two years ago? Thats a bit conversative, try 3 years ago if not more.

For example the UT3 engine is no longer an effective as a benchmark for highend PC video cards. A single 280 GTX can pass over 100 FPS at native 1080p 4x AA without even breaking a sweat. Hell, even a cheap mid range PC vid card can no throw Gears of War around at 70 FPS like it was rendering a screensaver or something.

So I'm not sure what True Gen is, because it is already too late. Unless KZ...

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It seems the fanboy wars take precedent over reality.

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This list auto failed. Two words, Battle Rape 2, have patience with the trailer the good stuff is at the end LOL

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I hope its not another Qore.

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You're dead on. Fallout 3 will crush this game. Fable 2 need an edge. It would help if its a mature game because all the features that this game sport is no longer unique and it's world is too generic fantasty.

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Oblivion had over 50 hours of spoken lines and it still sound repeatitive. In Oblivion everyone speaks. With 38 hours I'm thinking Fable 2 will be more like Neverwinter Nights 2 where only people with storyline roles will speak.

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Doom 4 isn't coming for a loooong time. Id's next game is Rage, and by the time Doom 4 is released the so called nextgen consoles like the PS3 and 360 will be grossly outdated and probably be unsuitable for it's graphics.

If they can't put Crysis on the console then they sure as hell won't be able to put a PC centric game like Doom 4 on this gen's consoles. Doom 4 coming the Xbox 760 maybe. Like Doom 3, Doom 4 will be a showcase game designed to flex the power of the next, next...

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LOL good point. He's a marketing guy, what else do you expect?

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This will never happen. Blizzard is the type of company that will spend 6 months on a beta, in other words they hone their games like a razor. In order to achieve the perfection they're used to on a multiplat game Diablo 3 probably won't be out in the next three years and they've spent the last decade building, scraping then rebuilding this game until they're ready to announce it to the masses.

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WoW is a mass market game. Diablo, like Starcraft is more of a hardcore type of game. If its a MMO, expect Diablo to be nothing like WoW. It'll probably be a mature game.

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Blizzard is a PC company, most of their fanbase is on the PC, and their fans expect a certain type of PC centric gameplay. If they go multiplat Diablo wouldn't feel like Diablo anymore, and as we all know Blizzard always hit their mark.

The console will never see this game.

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Why the hell would they need a PS3 version? There's an entire country that exists only to consume and worthship their games. Its not like there's a pressing need to go multiplat. Plus the installed base fanbase for this franchise 10x higher on the PC.

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