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More "emotional affecting" than Bioshock, and "a lot happens" LMAO!!! Wow, this game is going to be deep. Guess I'm gonna run out of ammo then weep openly or something.

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LOL this article fails. Its a Blizzard game, there is no such thing as "the best graphical experience". It doesn't matter if your video card is a $600 280 GTX or if your GPU is powered by a hammster. Diablo 3 will still play like Diablo 3.

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Tristram theme.

Best enviromental music, EVER. A few opening notes from this song evoke a stronger emotional response than anything else in the gaming world. Diablo is not a deep game, its a hack and slasher but this song can easily spark a worldwide geekgasm . I really can't explain it.

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Keyboard+mouse= King of the FPS world, in fact they're the controlers the genre was tailor made for.

The 360's pad is only "ok", and its the best standard controler in the console world for the FPS but it is still rather limited. The PS3 dualshock come in at a distant third. The trigger buttons don't feel like triggers, they behave more like an accelerator for driving games. However the PS3 have the edge, an arkward one, in the FragFX. This is the closest the console ...

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You're point doesn't make sense. Most people who hate Halo and Final Fantasy don't usually hate them because they did not play them in their prime. They hate them because they played them and found the experience wanting.

Are there people out there who played Diablo and hate it? Yes. But Diablo is the Doom of the RPG world. You don't have to love it to be in awe of what it represents. And just like Doom, it is the most heavily copied game of it's genre but there's nothing like ...

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Thats pretty much it. AoC is your typical unpolished MMO once you get pass the starter town. But an interesting factoid showed up in this article. If Conan is number 2 with 700,000 subs and WoW is number 1 with 7 million, then there is a freaking HUGE tangent between WoW and all the rest.

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There is no need to switch to Steam because Window Live population is virtually zero. You don't switch to Steam to you just use it.

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One word: Consoles. You can not make a real Fallout game on the console hence the FPS change.

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I love it how console fanboys are predicting the so called death of PC gaming eventhough they know absolutely nothing about it. Even more moronic they're talking about PC gaming's demise as if its a good thing, nevermind the fact that all the console techs are derived from the PC. The day when PC gaming dies, its taking the console with it. Without the hardcore PC gaming market companies like Nvidia and ATI would cease exists, when they cease to exist so would the GPUs in your precious conso...

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I get a freaking grip. Its a firmware update, sheesh.

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Its confirmed in the interview.

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Nobody use Gamespy anymore, that middleware trend is now over. Now it's all about buttering up your own portal.

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The resolution looks really high and the AA are off the charts.

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Is there a better theme song in any game in existance that is better than the Diablo Tristram song? I think not. The Final Fantasy series had some great ones but they were mostly melodramatic blend of pop/classic music. This song however, resonated so strongly that some people some people weeped openly when they heard it at Blizzcon.

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Are you sure? Everyone love Diablo but this type of gameplay doesn't exist in a vacum anymore. Since Diablo 2 two we have two very good clones in Titan Quest and Scared. Then there's the issue of Diablo 3's new look. It looks a bit WoW-ish to me and that is very unDiablo like. Diablo is a very dark game, it should be creepy and oppressive, this game doesn't look creepy enough for me.

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A review of Starcraft 2 is totally pointless. Good, bad, or just average half of the population of South Korea will buy this game.

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Blizzard spent the last five years tearing this game down and rebuilding it again, and again, and again just for PC so doubt they'll allow the console version to exist. These guys are perfectionist to the extreme. We're talking about company that will extend a six months beta for three more months just to tweak their skill tree a little more.

Plus the same people who want to this game for the console will eventually end up hating it and in the process hating Blizzard. If you th...

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Kojima is one guy, Blizzard is a host of developers, and no matter how good the MGS series is he'll never be able to match Blizzard success. Koji's games are too eccentric and in some cases too "Japanese" to match Blizzard mass market appeal. In fact I can't even think of a single game that can match the success of Starcraft and WoW...thats not even counting Blizzard's "lesser" hit Diablo.

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CoD 4: Splat! Dead
MGO: Splat! Dead

Bring on Socom.

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When are they going to stop making these damn Lego games? Even more importantly who is buying these damn Lego games?

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