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I doubt anyone above me managed to read and understand the entire article. I did and I found it rather ironic that Games Radar, a site mostly dedicated to articles about gaming boobies would post something with such obvious (and pointless) feministist leanings considering demographic of their readers. #5
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This is my kind of news.
There should be at least three boobies related gaming news a week. Finally a reason to visit N4G beyond the moronic console wars. #3
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Razer comments doesn't make an ounce of sense if you think about it.

Now assuming you don't need two copies of UT 3 to create mods and the PS3 version comes complete with mod tools. But you still need a Bluray player to install the said tools on the PC. The problem is, how many PC users have Bluray drives? Thinks about it, which is easier and cheaper. Buying the extra PC version of UT 3 for about $35-40 or buying a $350 Bluray player for your PC?

In short Razer... #6.10
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Why hate on Mechwarrior 4, thats one of my fav Mechwarrior :) Number 3 was too sim-ish, they went in the right direction with Mechwarrior 4 by taking it into the semi-FPS realm.

Mechwarrior 1 and 2- Activision
Mechwarrior 3- Micropose
Mechwarrior 4- MS

Microsoft managed to produce a few solid Mechwarrior tittles but sales were dissapointing so they burried it. Too bad because this franchise is prime for a comeback.

The Crimson Skies f... #2.1
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LOL!! #1.1
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Don't mess it up!
This game looks good, but so did Kane and Lynch. Just don't screw this one up EA! #3
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I'm not sure which one is more idiotic, an xbot who openly refer to himself as an xbot, or an xbot who mocked the PS3 as a DVD player in article about Bluray players. #1.4
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"Haven't they made enough money already?" LMAO!! Without a doubt the most naive question of the month. Its Xbox Live man, its not design to entertain, its designed to nickle and dime you to death. Of course if Halo 3 was a PC game like UT3 it would not only feature MULTIPLE map packs for free, it would also include a full featured editor...but alas it is a Xbox Live game. #5.3
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You do realize this is an internet fansite interview and not Meet the Press right? Where have you been the last...oh, 10 years. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but PC devs like Mark Rein are used to granting interviews to obscure fansites and they're probably not bothered by the amature nature of the interview as you are. I can't even recall the number of times John Carmack grant interviews to some fansite I've never heard off, and more often than not these guys are nothing more than tee... #2.7
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I don't buy it
Bigger business does not always equal better games. If it did then EA would be the best publisher and developer ever. More than likely they'll just become the next EA. #6
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Gears look better than Uncharted? It must be terrible being blind. I own both games and there is no way in hell Gears look better than Uncharted. #17.4
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Xbox Live is nothing more than a glorified hub. If the Dreamcast 2 embrace the PC open network model then it wouldn't matter. Hell the PC is the king of online gaming and thats because it doesn't have something like Xbox Live. Its not like the Wii, 360 and PS3 are perfect, they all have some serious flaws and if Sega can put together the right package they should do well.

Of course the problem with Sega is marketing muscle and money. Do they have enough? I doubt it unless they... #105.1
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Bingo. To say that this problem is universal is to assume that all some 28 years old house wife is going to be spraying the same trash while playing Everquest as a 17 years old inner city gangster wannabe playing Halo 3. The demographic when combined with thug like gaming culture of Xbox Live is what lead to all this virtual sewer.

If this happen on the PSN it would be understandable because the service is free and users generally operate without constraints. Xbox Live however... #22.1
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No you're wrong. This problem is mostly on Live, the only other community of just such a massive jerks to normal people ratio is WoW. But unlike WoW where moronic and racist behavoir result in bannings the majority of Xbox Live abusers can continue the spew their poison unchecked.

Another reason is the fact that the vast majority of Live users are miced. Now ALL idiots can be heard. YAY!

The PSN Network and PC users don't have this problem because the jerk offs i... #14.1
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That explaination was dumb because he was playing politics. Anyone with any UT experience would realize that the frantic old school DM gameplay is way beyond what the console control pad can handle. I'm not sure if it slowing down is the answer, the console also need some sort of automaim.

Frankly I'm not sure how the hell PS3 users are going to handle DM style moves like rocket jumping and what not so by it's nature the console version must play different. Console gamers simpl... #60.1
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Where in that article did it say the 360 is getting Far Cry and Far Cry 2 exclusive? You FAILED at reading comprehension. #4.3
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I prefer to picture Jade Raymond as surfer girl if you don't mind. #3.3
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So let me get this right, the PS3 lost Far Cry a game that is virtually prehistoric by now and gained Far Cry 2, a brand spanking new game...and this is bad how?? #2.8
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Xbox Live = WoW's Barrens chat
WoW is infamous for what is know is "Barrens chat", in other words it is grand central for idiots to spout off their moronic thoughts, and while all MMOs have idiots none of them are as heavily infested as WoW. There is just something about WoW nature that attract a massive amount of vocal losers like no other game on earth. It is basically the sewer of the MMO world.

The same can be said with Xbox Live. Due to the games with mass market appeal like Halo 3 and the vas... #19
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So far the scums that infest the Live community isn't an issue with the PC and the PSN. This is mostly based on the fact that the PC and PSN isn't as mic-ed as Xbox Live so the annoying types are either muted because they don't have a mic or in the PC case...the trash that they type are often lost in the action of the game messages.

Overall while idiots in the PSN and PC community do exists, they're not as vocal and less likely to intrude into your gaming experience. #3.2
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