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Snake also look very cool when he shoot people in the face. As an impressionable kid with no life I look forward to trying it out on you, afterward I'm gonna smoke myself some cigs.

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I suppose between today and next week we'll start hearing more news and previews of "none MGS4" related games. Of course they'll all be ignored as N4G get spamed with MGS4 reviews and infos.

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Its perfectly legal. The NFL is a franchise and they should be able to sell their product to whomever they wish. Just like how Atari own the Dungeon and Dragons IP so this lawsuit doesn't have any merit.

But for the gamers EA iron grip on this genre really blows.

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Exactly, static smoke doesn't impress. I wanna see physics interactions with a helicopter, if the air and smoke move realistic then that'll be cool.

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Need more disagrees...I wonder if its possible for one poster to breach 100 disagrees and lose all five bubbles in one day?

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Yeah 1080p is 1920×1080. I screwed up but it was 4 AM at the time...guess I shouldn't post at those hours LOL. But yeah, 2560x1600 native resolution is higher and more demanding than most console can possibly imagine. That is a lot of polys people. I think what we are seeing now on the PC is the ground work for the next generation of console GPU.

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There's a spoiler in the loading screen now? Whats next, there's a spoiler on my way to store too? Maybe I should lock myself inside my home and just hold my breath until MGS4 magically appear on my doorstep.

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I other word, son. You got ripped off LOL. Those are horrible specs for a $1300 PC! Where the hell did all the money go? There is absolutely nothing "well equiped" about that PC at all. I can put that system together for $800 or less.

The lesson here: Console are for people who doesn't understand tech.

Ironically enough these same people would fight fanboy wars over which console have better tech.

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Crysis is a lot like Farcry. Being a game good game isn't the point. It is basically and eye candy game designed to sell their engine and benchmark hardware.

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Are you insane or just daft? They're talking about playing Crysis on high quality settings with 4X AA and all the options on 2560x1600 NATIVE resolution. I don't think anyone here realise how incredibly high def that is, lets consider the fact that 1080p is "only" 1920x1200 and Halo 3 is barely running at 640p.

Basically one 280 GTX equal twice the power of the 360, if not more...and it comes with the price to match. If you want to know what's nextgen really looks li...

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Maybe they should focus on making games for the Asian market more. For whatever reasons games that bomb in the US can sometime be a big hit over there.

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For one, most of them feature some kind of spikey haired metero sexual girlie boy, who ironicly enough, is kicking ass instead of crying for his mommie. Only in a Japanese alternate reality can this ever happen.

Two, most of them are over the top hyper kenetic action sequences straight out of some John Woo movie on roids. Again, the superficial Japanese influences. I suppose this kind of intro would be cool if you're 13 years old.

Out of all of those the only goo...

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Porn addicts are less likely to be virgins than gaming addicts. With porn you're more likely to live out the subject of your fantasty via "sex service engineer" aka, hooker. Gamers on the hand are less likely to go on a real life dragon raid or become a Navy Seal.

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Rule number one: Only porn addicts know about rule number one.

Rule number two: See rule number one.

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Thats very typical. For all MMOs the first 20 levels are always filled with content and polish at the expense of the late game.

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I know KZ 2 is aiming at CoD 4, but if they're not carefull R2 is going to raise the bar and they'll miss the mark.

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IWD is quickly turning into a development power house. Before CoD 4 they were just good, now they're top tier. Right up there with Blizzard, Epic and Rockstar.

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BR is the movie media of the future, and with all new media the studios can make a killing milking old IPs. Movies with high market saturation can now be re-released with a new clip or two and still sell for full price, specially movies with a huge fanbase like LOTR.

LOTR + Bluray = Printing your money.

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Thats boxing? I could totally kick her ass.

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This article is extremely stupid. The iPhone isn't a threat to anything other than Palm devices. Nobody buy an iPhone to play games, they buy it to surf the web, gaming is just a secondary function.

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