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I'm calling it right now.
This game will suck. This franchise isn't know for it's single player so I doubt they can pull it off. The multiplayer will probably suck too since it'll be tacked on and thats never good.

But the ultimate reason why this game will suck is simple. Battlefield 3 is in development right now and it'll be a true sequel to BF2. In many ways this franchise is similar to CoD, there are two really great games while the rest just use the name to milk the cow and fund the development of... #4
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This game sucks.
The demo did not impress at all. Toss it on the same pile as Turok and Area 51. #18
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They can do anything they want to the internet as long as they don't tax and censor it. Want to monitor my porn downloads? Go ahead! But for the love of god, don't tax anything!!

Maybe through their constant spying they will come to pitty the pathetic bandwidth that we have here in the US and nationalize it like the Koreans did. #29
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Don't get too excited it, it'll prolly end up being some crap game you never heard of or a some crap game period.

I'm gonna guess Turok.

These guys are too small time to for any big news like KZ 2. #35
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This game will rock.
On the PC...Steam games tend to suck on the consoles since the vast majority of their support (see latest TF patches and 360's online issues) goes to the PC. #39
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Leaving the house is overrated if Xbox Live is any indication. Humanity is basically scum. #13.1
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Citing sales numbers again. As if anyone gives a damn. I expect nothing less than unpaid corporate mouthpiece like you. The fact is both "franchises" sucks regardless of many crap in a box they sold. #1.2
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Its crap.
My 360 died twice, and I agree with the guy in the article. After your unit break down twice they should give you a brand new 360. #71
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Good idea bad game.
The bar for shooters is so high these days that bland and average games like this looks like total crap. Its a good idea and plot but the devs just can't measure up to the likes of IWD and Insomniac. #7
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I guess all those hundreds of full 32 players CoD 4 servers doesn't count. Yeah PC gaming is dead...idiot. PC gaming will never, EVER die. It has a user base and the kind of community content that the consoles can only dream of. And anyone who apply console terms like "timed exclusive" to PC gaming is a moron. #5.6
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This is a PC game.
Just like Orange Box there is no way I'm buying this game for the console. Just compare the PC Team Fortress vs the 360's Team Fortress, its no contest. This being primary an online game thats just another reason to not buy for the 360.

The 360 version doesn't have mods, the 360 version doesn't have enough maps, the 360 version doesn't have dedicated servers, the 360 version graphics isn't as good, the list goes on and on and to pile on the 360 version also cost more.
... #8
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This was designed to be a mid tier PC game first and a 360 game second just like all of Valve games so that might explain the lack of nextgen graphics. #8.1
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Nope, Left 4 Dead is a Steam game. Unlike the crappy Live for Windows. #2.2
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Coffin meet nail
Goodnight HDDVD. Now I need to find some sucker to buy my HDDVD movies and player before it's too late... #10
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This could be it.
This could be the console MMO everyone is waiting for now Huxley is starting to look like a total bomb and can't deliver on their promises. The stupid 1000 players on one battlefield crap just means 1000 players on one server...for a MMO that means absolutely nothing.

Hopefully by the time Conan reach the 360 it will be more polished content in terms of content and gameplay. Don't screw this one up! #4
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Free Realms, Wheel, and Jeopardy are boring as hell. If you're excited by those three games then PSN must suck more than I thought. There are only two games worth noting on that list, The Angency which is questionable and the DC Comics MMO which should be cool. Guess we're down to one game.

SOE is a PC division first and a console dev second and it shows. #9
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The 360 LOTR is half the game of the PC version. Almost everything is dumbed down, there are less units, there are less buildings. Even worst is the microing, which is a freaking a joke.

The problems with the console version of Subcom will be much worst. Anyone who played the PC version should understand issues at hand. For one Subcom is a freaking HUGE game. So huge that PC version support multiple monitors. Subcom is all about massive battles with hundreds of units duking it... #44.2
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Like a warm apple pie. #4.2
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...will this TV be hard to program for now? LOL!! #6
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TR sucks and that game will not be a good fit for the PS3 unless you plan playing it with a mouse and keyboard. So far the only game that they can port directly is Dungeon Runners. #5.3
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