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I'm extremely disapointed
Going by the tittle I thought this article would be about porn :( #4
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I have to register to read this article? How lame...speaking of fail Dungeons and Dragons Online was a horrible, horrible mistake. Nobody play MMOs so they can pay to play for a different version of NWN. #3
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Only 130 hours? If you love this game and value your free time then stay away from the PC version, the huge amount of user created content will consume your life.

Just take a sneak peak at one tiny sample of what Oblivion looks like for the PC with user created content...

Also agree. Beth's games are designed to be the middle of the road and open source allowing for user created mods to hone the game's flaws and play it safe mentality. Thats why if you're a fan of their games the PC version is a must.

Hopefully Beth will stop screwing console users and allow Fallout 3 mods to be "cooked" like UT3. Because as it stand many Xbox and PS3 fans are playing Oblivion sans mods and thats like playing CoD 4 and Halo 3 without access to multipl... #1.2
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You have got to be kidding me, Army of Two is totally cheesy. #13.1
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...this news is as boring and tired as the GTA franchise. #9
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September is a long way off and I dunno how great this game will be after MGS4 and it's online play. #26.1
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Nextgen start with GT5 and MGS4's release date. #1.3
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Did you even play the game? Nariko was a freaking basket case. Dating her would be your worse nightmare. #7.2
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BS, its only good for the first 12-24 hours.
Then you'll get bored and go back to pwning punks in CoD 4. #20
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There is a huge market out there for MMO fans who are sick of WoW, the continued success of games like LOTRO is living proof of that. #2.1
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I wonder... many microtransactions is that guy paying to access his data in all those different devices? #21
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Its EA you know the rest.
Considering EA's track record with the Battlefield franchise this shouldn't be a shock to no one. There are three things you can count on from them.

1. It'll be buggy and the servers will be laggy.
2. There will be an endless stream of "content" you'll have to pay for thus spliting the community.
3. Bugs from the released version won't be fixed until the expansion, and bugs from the expansion won't be fixed the next expansion. #9
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Oblivion open ended world make it difficult to finish because there is always something else to do. By the time I'm back on the main quest again I've already played through 100 or so side quests and a dozen of mods. #10.1
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WTF is with the 5 vs 5 at this day and age, that better be the co-op mode. #27.1
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Attention IWD...
...stop ripping your fans off. The UT3 map pack is free like all map packs should. #29
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How the hell is PC gaming almost dead when the numbers of WoW and CS players world wide on any given day will destroy CoD 4 or Halo 3 at it's peak, and thats just a tiny picture of the hardcore stuff. We're not even touching the tens of millions who play casual online poker and various online games. To say that PC gaming is almost dead just because games like Crysis isn't making big waves on the VG sale chart is just ignorant console fanboism.

The PC is the original gaming plat... #6.2
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Rachet > Sonic
Sonic was great in his days but you can only take speedster formula so far, plus the game tend to take itself too seriously sometimes. Now a days its all about Rachet and his over the top weapons of mass destruction and off the wall humor. #15
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Not impressed.
Having played BF2 extensively this game looks nothing more than a console version of the same game. The destructable enviroments are really superficial, and being able to blow up a wall and cover so easily hurt the infantry vs vehical dynamics.

Hopefully they'll focus the gameplay on objectives instead of just a mad dash for flag caps. That type of gameplay is very tired at this point.

They did get one thing right however, no jets. That should make the maps tigh... #16
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