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How boring. So much flaming material for the fanboys never materialized.

Too bad he never tackled the RROD issue....

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Not if we go back in time to prevent our own death. But I would rather use time travel to save Haze and Lair.

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Sony should just buy out Rockstar and intergrate Home into Liberty City. If I want to invite my friends to game of KZ2 I'll just call them up on my trusty cell phone, and when I'm bored I can run over other Home users with my car or beat them up with a baseball bat. Anything goes, Home should be total free for all PvP enviroment. Now thats playing beyond.

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1. Zero fuss mouse (and keybaord) support.
2. Build in HDD for cache and faster loading.
3. 1080p for larger viewable area and more room for the interface. This of course, depends on if the game can muscle up to 1080p native.

I wonder whats taking so long for the devs to wise up. If you look at the hardware the PS3 should be a no brainer to introduce the RTS genre to the console world.

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Going Mac to avoid Vista sounds like an auto fail to me. The great thing about the PC is you only get ripped off once, with the OS. With the Mac you get ripped off on the hardware front as well as software. The value of Mac computing totally blows, if you're going to do fringe computing then you might as well do Linux.

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How much of this 40 hours is spent wandering around the wilderness? This game isn't like CoD 4 where "gameplay" actually means gameplay.

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Its obviously not native. If you look at the screenshots you'll be able to see some low res textures in the background. Thats fine with me, it seems native 1080p is beyond the reach of the PC nevermind this gen's consoles. I'll be more than happy to accept 720p native if MGS4 can do that.

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The game looks awesome on my PC and available through digital download. Seems like the PS3 version isn't as sharp, but then again I can run at true 1080p with 4X AA :D Still if the PS3 version contain some extra content I'll give it a rental.

Good game but frequently overated. It could be a mouse and keyboard thing but this game is just too easy on the PC.

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Yes I've read the article. It was totally pointless for anything other than stating the obvious. The problem is the audience, the people the article intended to help clearly doesn't play Conan nor read Massively so they wasted their breath and our time.

If this same subject was tackled by Fox News or CNN then it might worth reading. A mainstream news source discussing in a rational manner why a game is rated M would be refreshing. A hardcore gaming site delving in the nature of...

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Yet another pointless article about Conan's boobs. Its as if these guys have never seen digital boobs before. Unfortunately nobody is talking about the real game and it's tangible flaws. What about the crappy shader optimization, what about the incomplete classes, what about the game's extensive use of instances that disqualify it from being a real MMO?

Nope, all the coverage is focused on boobs and blood. Congrats Funcom, very clever ruse.

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I would be nice if I could see a week or two go by without another Shane Kim post. Most of his comments are totally empty and contentless.

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Then play Guildwars. Problem solved.

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They sure took their time with this release, perhaps too long. But considering DVD's decline in sales more and more studios is pushing Bluray to fuel growth. The tipping point for mass market adoption is almost here.

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The red is just too loud for a portal gaming device. I like to be discreet when I'm gaming on the go. Plus the ink of Kratos is too cheesy.

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You lied. If you didn't need all the details and info you can get your paws on then you wouldn't be here.

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They had the chance to cash in on the PS3 when they had the chance. Now the 4th quarter is gonna be dominated by big named exclusives. I wonder if anyone will care if this game is released with all the heavy weights coming down the pipe.

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All I know is this. You need a mouse type controler to play FPS the way its intended. The current stick control scheme totally blows. It doesn't need to transform, I'll still use my 6axis for normal games but if anyone can come up with the perfect FPS controler for the console they'll make millions.

The Splitfish is close but not good enough. The quality is too cheap, the calibration is too annoying, and the lack of Bluetooth support is a pain. Try again.

A third...

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Thats like comparing Mass Effect to Oblivion. Two completely different RPGs. And RPGs will never be popular or mainstream. Its more of a fringe genre, everytime the RPG genre have a huge year it always regress. This type of game simply take too much time and money to develop when a dev can crank out a FPS and make more money in the same timeframe.

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After the first 20 levels the game's flaws really start to poke through. Too many instances and the fact its an MMO where you spend a considerable amount of time playing offline sounds like a ripoff. Sometimes I find myself with 15-20 people in a zone and wonder where the hell everyone is, the population is really small for a MMO. It turns out they're all in five different instances of the same outdoor zone. Lame.

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I'm sorry but couldn't be further from the truth. How can better gaming devices be a negative? Think about what you're saying please.

Plus console gaming is far from being on a playing field. Guys with 50-60 inch TV can spot and snipe better in CoD 4, guys with better surround sounds have better awareness, then there is a the little matter of connection quality.

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