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Isn't it way too early to review a game that isn't even out yet? Then there is the online game which can't possibly be reviewed...but then again this is the official PS mag.

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I have CoD 4 for both the PC and the PS3, and while I spend more time on the PS3 version, there's no doubt the PC version is superior in all regards. For one, there are free high quality maps falling outta the sky so there's no need to get ripped off by the $10 DLC trash thats on the console version. The second is dedicated servers support so you don't have to deal with all the host left the game BS on the console. Third, choices, you can play any map, any mode vs 16 players, 32 players, 60...

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Copy protection is an autofail. Its like shooting yourself in the face to prevent acne. It doesn't work. It's provened that it doesn't work, the hackers are just too smart and will figure it out in days.

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How come Rapelay not on that list? I mean what self respecting adult WOULDN'T want to kidnap a hot mother and her two teenage daughters for his own devious sexual pleasure?

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LMAO a 50 player game of GTA4 would be a total riot. But I'm looking forward the the flood of mods and PC content even more. Microsoft and it's crappy DLC can kiss my ass. Fans created content > all.

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One thing I didn't like about Resistance is the arcade gameplay. Its fast and furious game speed isn't envogue with the more tactical duck and cover post Gears of War and CoD 4 era.

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As far as I can remenber there isn't a perfect 10 game that actually lived up to the hype. Be it Halo 3 or even the first Unreal. In order to score a perfect review it must be a genre busting game, it can't just be a solid tittle like GTA 4.

Now that I though about it the only perfect game in recent memory is probably Quake, because it defined the FPS genre as we know it with multiplayer, clans, mods, 3D graphics, and the ever popular CTF/deathmatch game modes. I guess you can...

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Trachmania United is a retail game, except now the devs decided to give it away for free.

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Games that cost $4000 to play = ignorance. There is no such thing as a PC game that requires a $4000 PC to play. Hell there isn't even a game that requires a $2000 PC to play and I'm talking about Crysis.

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RJ200 you obviously have no clue what you're talking about, there are tons of free user created content via mods, maps, etc etc to be had without ever resorting piracy. We're talking about free fan created content made from developer's tools.

For example if all the Oblivion user created content I have in on my HDD were placed on Live it would be worth hundreds of dollars.

I have 12 professional quality CoD 4 maps on my PC right now, and I almost never play CoD 4...

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No, HELL NO. The last thing this game need is to have everyone bunny hopping all the god damn map like UT3. What they should do is to make your aim be more inaccurate while in the air to discourage all those UT3 double jumping wannabes.

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The Dark Sector demo truely was crap. Frankly I have no idea whhy this game got any buzz at all.

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Console games requires a massive dev budget that anything less than a super star developer can never attempt, and with the high bust ratio the risk and reward is roughly the same as PC games. Plus some genres are by their nature, PC bound. I can't imagine myself playing Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 on my 360 anytime soon. For one because the console version of those games will be crap, two I don't like the idea of paying $10 for four Starcraft 2 maps when the PC version will be downloading hundred...

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LOL @ the iFruit computer add...

Think simple.
Think Minimialism.
Think Overpriced.
Think Fruit. THINK.

You are not thinking hard enough. Maybe you are a to$$er.


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That was very, VERY, gay.

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There is no way in hell the 360 can handle this game. NO WAY. If you play the beta then you'll know what I'm talking about, like all MMO Conan is a huge RAM hog, you need to 2 gig just to keep your client from choking in some PvP instances. We're not just talking about Crysis PC vs console Crysis here, Crysis is not a dynamic enviroment like MMOs. Just wait till you go to town and see 30-50 characters running around on your screen.

In order for the 360 version to work they'll n...

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$35 for a new release is just stupid. Only the hardcore movie buffs will pony up that much money for a Bluray tittle, and even then, only for the good movies. Unless they drop the price down to $15-20 Bluray will never penetrate the mass market.

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If you want hidef there's only one viable format...Bluray.

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Space janitors roxor!

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Sorry but this is not a movie I want to see in Bluray at all. Transformer, yes, but not this.

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