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Hi! Is your daughter hot?? #4.3
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Warhawk > All
No doubt about it, its Warhawk all the way...eventhough I suck at that game. The flag runs and defense gameplay is the best I've seen and the balance is perfect. Everything just gel together so well. #6
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The west own the online world
When it comes to multiplayer games, the west totally destroy the Japanese and we're leaders in numerous genres such as FPS, RTS and action games.

The problem with the Japanese is their inability to move on to new IPs. Other than FF, MGS and the tired Resident Evil franchise they really dont have anything else. If you look at western developers they're able to swing from one IP to the next with ease. #8
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Side quests? You clearly have no idea WTF you're talking about. As for exploration I guess running around ancient ruins and tombs in a mysterious island doesn't count.

In case you didn't notice this isn't GTA: Uncharted. #15.1
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Will need a hard drive for this.
This game rocked on the PC but it was an epic resource hog so making levels fit on 512 RAM will be pretty damn hard. I also don't see how you can play this game without a hard drive. #15
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DLC = Bane of the console world
This DLC BS simply need to stop. $9 for a few map packs, $5 for a couple new skins. Its a total ripoff. Just look at what available for CoD 4 on the PC. No downloadable content on the console but tons of completely new skins, guns and models for PC users.

I'm not sure when but sooner later console fans are going to wake up and realize that the best DLC comes from fellow gamers instead of greedy developers. #13
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You're obviously a moron who think that unless a PC game move a million units within the first few months it's a failure. By your standards every single PC game in history was a bomb. How many units did Doom moved in the first few months? What about Quake and Half Life? Just for the heck of it...The Sims? By console standards they had crap for sales but over time they were huge.

The top selling PC gamers don't usually have mega launches and uber fanboys and heavy reliance on re... #10.2
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What do you mean convert? People has been playing games on their PC since the begining. Just because some peeps can't afford the system required to play Crysis doesn't mean that PC gaming is dead. Even now there are more people playing on HL2 games on Steam than Xbox Live have Halo 3 players. #6.2
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No Atari in the top 10? Idiots. This list is teh fail! #31
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New Zealand??
Sorry Kiwis but that market doesn't really matter. Whats next, the PS3 dominating in Nigeria? #8
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No boobies?
How dissapointing. What about the Heavenly Sword chick? Nariko or whatever her name... #11
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PS3 = Bluray station
There is a strong posibility that a good faction of the PS3 user base are hometheater fans instead of hardcore gamers. Personally, I'm of those guys. Since the 360 is a RROD beast I decided that it's terribly unwise to add anymore demands other gaming to that fragile box. If my 360 is going to RROD (which it did twice) I want it RROD while playing Halo 3 not because I was watching too much Transformer...that and because the 360's HDDVD player is a POS.

After a while the PS3 gro... #97
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Fanboys vs Gamers
This type of thread is a great indication of your gaming creed. I don't give a damn how well Uncharted is selling because its a great game pure and simple. If it bomb out in sales or moved 500K or not is totally irrelavant because I own both the 360 and PS3. They compliment each other really well and keep each other honest.

The day either the Microsoft or Sony win the console war is the day when real gamers lose. The winner will RAPE and squeeze their fanboys for every nickle a... #60
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There is a difference between creditable rumors and someone just dropping names. Saying that Mass Effect 2 is coming is just boring. If she's gonna throw rumors around then at least make them entertaining, like Mass Effect 2 coming in 2010, to include fully interactive lesbian orgy scene. #15
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ANOTHER Games Radar about boobies, how predictable. That said, I love it!! #1
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Why the hell would I want to buy the hardcopy? Its a pain in the ass to have to get up and take whatever game I'm playing out then insert a new disk. Maybe this is the reason why I only play CoD 4 and Warhawk. Even when I want to play Assasin Creed its too much trouble to switch disk. #11.3
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They can't be serious!
Those screens looks terrible! The lighting sucks and where are all the effects? It looks like they're using a slightly tweaked engine from their last game so by the time this game is released it'll already be outdated by Uncharted. Whats the damn point? #7
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Crystal Dynamics have also given Lara full motion capture "to bring a more natural fluidity to her movements, with proper weight and secondary motion."

Unless they're talking about her boobs then I'm interested. #7
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Anything is better than WoW cartoony graphics and kiddie fantasy world. Bring on the half naked chicks with horns and the buckets of blood!

Plus, I'm not sure how much longer I can contain this Soulstone... #4
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Not impressed
Rat brain is not nextgen!! #7
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