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Xbox 360 version will suck, PS3 version will also suck.
LOL @ the console fanboys and their stupid flamewars. So pointless. The PC will have the best version of Fallout 3, superior graphics and even more importantly, mods. In fact without mods games like Oblivion are essentially crippled. Its like playing Halo 3 without the're not able to experience the game to it's fullest potential.

So please STFU with which silly console version is better because they're both inferior. #20
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There is a real problem with Firmware 2.0, it crashed while I was logged into the PSN and suddenly won't let me back in no matter what. After a while I rebooted my router and turn off my PS3 for a few hours. Next time I tried it...boom, everything is back to normal.

The only way FW 2.0 could totally lock up your PS3 is if you screwed up somehow during the install. #8.4
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This game bombed
The console version of Orange Box was a bomb. Very few Xbox 360 owners bought it and I have a feeling even less PS3 owners will bother buying it. With the Xbox owners saving their money for Mass Effect and the PS3 owners spreading their cash between Rachet and Uncharted there simply isn't any room left for this PC port. #31
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As a PC gamer I also have to adjust my expectations when it comes to console games. Console games simply don't measure up. While games like Uncharted look "good", the textures isn't as clear and crisp as a PC game like Oblivion and that game is now two years old. I can crank Oblivion up to 1080p, go max on the graphics sliders and download some texture mods the image quality will put Uncharted to shame all the while being able to run at +60 FPS without a hitch.

That b... #13.5
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You people are scums!!!
But that comic was pretty hot, is there more?? #75
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What the hell do you know about good things on the PS3 since you obviously don't own one. #22.1
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I pitty the guy who has the misfortune of playing the Joker. Having to top Jack Nicholson is virtually impossible. #2.6
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Well, if you look at the list Orange Box is third and since this list relate to the US only Football Manager 2008 isn't on it...that is unless Beckem managed to work some miracle that I havent' heard about. #1.1
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With all this crap about the "leap" in what the PS3 can do, Resistance 2 better be on par with Crysis and sport 32 players online out of the box or this rant is going to look as intelligent as the infamous 4D BS. #14.1
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You're running a bit low on bubbles there...and 124 frames per second? LMAO! Man, talk about drinking all the Kool Aid. #1.1
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Nobody cares.
Its too little, too late. Maybe if this was released in Sept then maybe the game starved PS3 owners might give a damn, but now a days PS3 gamers are up to their ears in good games.

Mark this one up as yet another EA bomb. #1
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You clearly have no idea WTF you're talking about. The texture size of simple objects like a cabinet or a sign at a military installation is beyond that of anything I've ever seen, and thats just the little stuff. This game just doesn't look good, it simply have no peer, and it does so all across the board in stark realistic tones. #1.2
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Buy a clue, Sony does not own Naughty Dog anymore than Microsoft own Bioware. #7.2
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Who are you kidding? If graphics and technology isn't important then there wouldn't be a Xbox 360 and PS3 out there today. Just go back to playing with your Wii Table Tennis. #4.4
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Bioshock and CoD 4 are not ground breaking games, solid and good yes, but not technologically ground breaking. You play them and have fun but they're not showing you what you haven't seen before and they don't demonstrate the ability of your platform. Crysis on the other hand is a real nextgen game, everything else up to this point are just pretenders. From now on it will be the benchmark of the computing world. #4.2
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At least the guy have a sense of humor, gotta admit that shirt is cool. Where can I get one of those? #17.1
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-- Reported by the community --
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The players are cheap...
...but the movies cost the same as Bluray, WTF is up with that? If HD-DVD really is a better a value then the movies need to be cheaper too. #6
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Curb your enthusiasm
Ascaron really need to step back a bit and look at why the original was such a success.

1. It was an quirky indie title that took peeps by surprise by it's bloody charm and pretty graphics.
2. The female character is a disco girl in a hotblue metal binki of doom.
3. Its like Diablo, with horse combat.

Thats...about it. From the looks of it, this game it will be outdated upon release so there goes the pretty graphics factor. Oblivion, it is not. Anot... #1
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Excuse me? So you don't like the "slutty" chicks in Maxim huh? Okay...

It has nothing to do with brains, Jade just doesn't have the body type for a bikini. She's more of the Keira Knightly type. #1.1
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