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Ruff simply could not be more wrong. I've watched HDDVDs in both 720p and 1080i on a 42 inch set and the difference between them is pretty clear, the 1080i version looks so much better. The only thing I can't tell is the differences between 1080i HDDVDs and Blurays 1080p.

Lets not forget that most of the 720p TVs looks like crap when compared to the latest 1080p Samsung or XBR 4 and it doesn't even require a super high quality source like Bluray to tell the difference. #5.4
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Boobies = bubbles.

Post more pixs!! #15.2
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Why can't you retort in the same thread? Its difficult to keep track of a running conversation when the point counter point fanboism is spreaded out like this. #13.2
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Not fat enough.
Even when he slided the width bar all the way to the right it still isn't fat enough to represent the average gamer.

Another problem with Home is the lack of females in the 3D world, that or 90% the females that do exits will actually be males like the MMOs. #11
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I'm not sure what you're talking about but all console games flop on the PC. No self respecting PC gamer is going to bother with a FPS with 4 vs 4 multiplayer. As for UT 3 well, PC gamers isn't into the DM gameplay as they used to be. They're all into the big team games like Battlefield, Teamfortress and CoD 4 now a days.

But having said that, I also think UT 3 might sell more for the PS 3. What UT 3 have to offer is old news for the PC gamers, but on the PS3 the mod community... #1.4
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Its not about paying.
I don't mind paying for Xbox Live at all, but now a days what Xbox Live have to offer is simply unimpressive. The stats tracking and achievements is not nextgen enough, and peer to peer gaming sure as hell isn't nextgen.

To put things into perspective the last major PC FPS to rely on peer to peer was Doom. Everything after Doom all support dedicated servers. That was what, 11 years ago?

Think about this, Quake was released in May 31, 1996. It support 32 players,... #25
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You guys are not reading between the lines. The PS3 will be around for 10 years but you'll probably buy a new console in five years. Lets face it, if Microsoft release a new console in four years with 2 gigs of RAM and god knows what GPU the PS3 will be seriously out of date...hell its already behind several PC tech cycles. I don't know about you but as a hardcore gamer I'll lineup to buy the latest and greatest.

No doubt the texture resolution and triangle counts will be off... #1.13
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If this game came out on the Xbox 360 the fanboys would literally die outta joy. The same would be true for Warhawk, they would crown it as the best online game evar and declare the victory in the console war. #12.3
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CoD 4, UT3, and this Warhawk expansion = No life.

Oh and I hope this dropship is well armored, scratched that, extremely well armored. Because nothing scream shoot me more than a lumbering transport filled with sitting ducks waiting to get fraged. I think I'll take the 4x4, no thanks LOL!! #40
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Those screenshots sucks!!
KZ2 might be a good game but those SS totally blows. This goes back to the pre E3 "teaser" shot. It looks like crap, forunately the demo totally rocks. #54
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CoD 4 get old sometimes, I play the hell out of it. But nothing beat the thrill of a Warhawk flag run. There's something about going full throttle on a burning 4X4 with everyone one the map shooting at you to get the blood flowing. #3.5
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Why not? Some people have two Xboxes, gotta have a backup you know... #14.1
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Speaking of which...
...what the hell happened to Brothers In Arms: Hell Highway? This game didn't just fall off the radar, it fell off the freaking cliff and never got up. The vids and trailer do look great, I just hope they can pull it off. #5
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Maybe you're too used to getting ripped off to notice but this vid is nothing more than glorified marketing material. However since you ask so little from your "premium" service perhaps it wouldn't hurt if they start charging $2 a pop for any HD trailer you want to download. #20.1
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You obviously don't know WTF you're talking about. All the PS3 making off vids are high def and free. You can watch all the behind the scene stuff about Uncharted, Ratchet and Heavenly Sword till you're blue in the face and it won't cost one cent. But then again nobody in their right mind would charge for this stuff anways, except for Xbox Live where everything is fair game or cost points. #12.2
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The orginal Fear was a great game, but it made no sense and asked more questions than it answered at the end. Also dark scary corridors is what made Fear work, if they take this game to more open enviroments it wouldn't be the same. #1.1
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The solution is simple.
1. Stop making crappy games.
2. Online games FTW. #6
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Not striking back yet.
Q4 2007 is nothing more than a playful jab, 2008 is when the body blows will thrown in followed by a full out brawl. As the price of system continue to drop the Xbox will be the one fighting for it's life. I still predict a tie though and we'll all be better for it. As soon as one these giants kill the other one off thats when the gamers get screwed. #28
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The problem with Netflix is they simply do not have enough Blurays available for rent. I have both HDDVD and BR and I found that HDDVDs are much easier to get. I'm not sure if they stock more HDDVDs or the demand for BR are too high, but as soon as any BR movies come out it's on the long wait list. Movies like Live Free or Die Hard and that Disney Rat movie is freaking impossible to get now while Transformer is listed as available. #7.1
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This article is noobstatic
For everytime that last stand is usefull there are seven other times when it isn't worth a damn. It is a noob perk, take something that will make you more combat effective all the time. The key to extending your streaks is to kill kill kill, staying alive for one more kill isn't going to help all that much.

Another problem with last stand is it isn't very effective on the PC. PC users are amazing with their shots and they will follow you down to get credit for the kill. Xbox 36... #2
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