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Ninja Gaiden is Ninja Gaiden. The monsters are cheesy, the violence is over the top, the gameplay is absurdly difficult, and the dev is still a total A-hole who can't live up to his own hype.

No wonder it got an 8 or 7. This isn't a game for everyone.

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HD porn sucks. I can't stand watching it, there's just too much detail.

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Any review of Conan at this stage is premature. Most of the positive impressions came from the first 20 levels of noob singleplayer and multiplayer. There are a lot voice NPCs and the world is well stocked content wise in these areas. The game is easily soloable hack and slasher and there isn't a lot of typical MMO frustrations of needing a group and quest matching.

However all this change when you breach level 40+. Healers will no longer carelessly jump into the fray, melee cl...

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Don't they know PC gaming is dead? Someone should pass Funcom the memo.

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This sounds like bad news for AMD. These guys are barely hanging on as it is.

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The speed might be a bit too fast on the console but it still should be a great fun on the 360.

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People who think they can just plug in the 360 controler and play Conan obviously don't own the game, the very suggestion indicate they have no clue WTF they're talking about. This is a point and click game. The interface is mouse and hotkey heavy, as your character gain levels and skills you'll rely more on those hotkeys.

There is a difference between the dev demoing Conan with the 360 control pad than using one to play the actual game. He was interacting with the singleplayer...

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They really should've made the 360 the lead platform for Conan. I'm playing the PC version right now, it rocks, but the game itself is too PC centric. The 30 gigs install of the base client is going to be an issue on the console. Thats the base client folks, and MMOs get bigger as they mature. Then there is the little issue of the chat interface. How are 360 users going to handle all the chat channels, the guild chat, the group chat, the tells, the zone chat, the shout, lets not forget the cu...

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This article is pointless until the 280 GTX come out.

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No, she doesn't look like your right hand at all.

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Right on. The Transformer fanboys really need to stop. Having watched this movie a hundred time in HD on Cinmax I'm sick of it, I know the Bluray version will look a hell lot better but the movie itself doesn't hold up after multiple reviewing.

I guess the only reason so many people loved this movie is the shock and awe of it not turning out to be a total crap. Its an average movie, VERY average.

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True. Thats because they have roots as PC devs and PC devs tend to listen to the community more. Good luck trying to get console devs to give a damn 'cause they don't. Most console games are considered as done, these guys already moved on to their next project to give a damn.

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There are colors everywhere, Crysis, Half Life 2, Halo 3, Drake Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank etc etc...just because Gears of War and Killzone 2 is grey heavy there's no reason to whine.

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Get ready to brave the bugs and horribly incomplete character classes!

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I really don't understand the install hate. Its completely moronic. DLC are mandatory installs as well as being nickle and dime affairs yet 360 owners love them. Plus how do they expect to play MMOs without epic installs? Are they so moronic to think that you can toss in the Conan MMO without making some room on their hard drive? Conan base client weight in at 30 gigs! Good luck playing that without an install.

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I never, EVER, preorder games other than MMOs. With MMOs there is an actual incentive and content for preordering. With games like GTA 4 and the like preordering is utterly pointless. If Gamestop want me to preorder from them then I better get something extra in return. Its not like there is a limited quanity on games, usually after the first week any given game can be found anywhere.

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This game is missing the mark on what a horror game should be. Think about every horror movie you've seen and what kind of weapons they employed. Its always something brutal and badass, a chainsaw, an axe, a shotgun, a flame thrower. Thats the kind of weapons you wanna bring when you're going toe to toe with the supernatural.

But now this game want me to confront the army of darkness with a packet of blood, a bottle of lighter fluid, a matchbox, and some double sided tape? WTF...

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Ahhh there we go, god bless!

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Why isn't it called the 10800 GTX? LOL. The 280 GTX tag doesn't make any sense to me at all.

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