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Cool, but annoying
This PC to PS3 stuff is annoying. There need to be an easier method of mod distribution than the flash drive. Perhaps if someone in the community can run the dedicated servers with these maps so when you join they'll be auto downloaded to your system. Thats how it works for the PC and thats how it should work for the PS3.

Another thing about the maps, yeah they're awesome at first because the concept of free quality content is completely alien to the console world. You can than... #39
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Terry Bogard is iconic? You gotta be kidding me. Only Mai Shiranui is worth remenbering for obvious reasons. #1.1
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Console war = good for gamers
Format war = A total waste of time and money for everyone.

Bluray need to the hurry the hell up and drive the nail in the coffin. I own both format and have since stopped buying anything HDDVD. I want this war to be history as soon as possible. HDDVD is doomed, there's no point in draging it out. #28
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Woohoo, mods!!
The developer's downloadable content that cost $9 for a handful of map packs can kiss my ass. User created mods will change console gaming the way it changed PC gaming. Let the revolution begin! #24
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Enough with Vegas already.
How about Rainbow Six: Disney Land or Rainbow Six: San Diego? Westcoast biatches! #16
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This is good news.
I play video games a lot. I guess that makes me a total badass. #8
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People who hate Jessica Alba= queers. #10.1
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Who is that guy in the Jessica pictures. I want to kill him! What a scumbag. Just seeing him touch my precious Jessica makes me want to throw up. #3.4
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LOL Zhuk talking about fanboys.
Thats like a pedophile talking about childcare. #2.13
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Well DUH!!
The video game industry is extremely technocentric. When you're this obessed about the latest and greatest you're not going to look back to appreciate the "classic". For example you might love the Godfather movie, and your son and his son can still appreciate this movie classic. But you can be a huge Halo 3 fanboy but your son and his son will not give a damn because by their time the graphics and gameplay will be total crap. #11
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I wonder kinda moves they were imitating.

Regardless those scumbags need to be brutally raped in prison before they're hanged. Killing a little girl in that god. #11
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You're an idiot. My $1500 TV support 1.3 HDMI

At least try to know WTF you're talking about before you post. #12.4
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Uncharted is like a how to demo on the correct use of the PS3 textures. Everything is streamed to save memory and use of Cell to handle effects was brilliant. #3.5
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Complaining about the cost of PC gaming is like whining about the price of a H2 Hummer. In other words you're either missing the point don't appreciate the advantages. If its not for you then bash what you don't undestand. For example there are genres and features avialable to PC gaming that simply isn't available on the console.

Even in the genre that the console are gaining on they're still years behind. Shooters being a prime example. This is the kind of user created content... #3.8
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Will it be easier??
Sigma for the PS3 was too damn hard!!

On normal I was getting my ass kicked and even on easy I was getting pounded till I finally just gave up. Now I know the fanboys who has been playing the NG series since they were born will think it's fine, but for a total noob like me the game was too frustrating. For example that vid looks cool but unless you're an expert player with ninja like reflexes being attacked by multiple baddies, some with range attacks coming from off screen wi... #8
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The only way a Halo movie would work... to go CG like Beowulf. A live action version would be totally cheese and unlike Tomb Raider there isn't any boobie factor to sugar coat it. #26
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Treyarch= Crap
CoD 3 was a step back and with CoD 4 being so good I don't see what Treyarch can possibly add to this franchise other than more of the same. Talk about milking the cow, IWD should stick to developing their own games instead of handing their baby off for a quick buck.

If they must subcontract the work I would rather have Gray Matter do it. After all, they created the best CoD expansion ever in United Offensive but I guess it goes to the lowest bidder... #21
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Its not about competitive price, its about how much they can charge and get away with it. This is Xbox Live, duh. #4.1
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Without a doubt this game is the best deathmatch game on the console. Warhawk might be better at CTF and "objectives" gameplay but when it comes to frag fest UT 3 is the new king.

Unfortunately the PC style browser confuse a lot of technoidiot console users. They tend to join games with 250 ping then complain about lag... #26.1
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On the console UT3's gameplay is fresh and new. On the PC UT3 is a stale throw back to the early FPS days. It is very, VERY hard for a FPS to impress PC gamers with their sky high standards. #29.1
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