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I'm guessing that at some point in the game you can get a ring out and kill a cow by accident. Thats unacceptable, ban this game.

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This list is boring as hell. Just goes to show how much E3 sucks now a days.

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It'll be an isometric game. Only possible with the power of the PC! LOL. I love Mass Effect and Bioware's other games but its about time they get back to their roots. This is the type of game they do best.

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Xfire scaling totally blows and the 4870 is running like it is on fire. The card is too damn hot. The 4870 win, for now, but I don't think Nvidia is done yet. They simply got caught off guard, now we'll just have to wait for the counter punch.

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Come on, it could happen.

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I knew some moron would bring politics into an article about games. I just didn't know it would take this long. Oh and the US intentionally increasing the price of oil to pressure europe's economy is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard.

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How the hell can you tame fatalities. Even the word fatality implies massive gore. Thats like GTA game where the gangsters don't swear.

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Yet another weak ass list that fails. The only valid game is Counterstrike. Dig Dug and the Sims are pro terrorist? How? There are plenty of games where you can play Tangos and kick ass, any Rainbow Six game, CoD 4, Insurgency, Fallout...thats just the top of my head. I'm sure there are many more.

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You need to watch the MK vs DC vids again to see what I'm talking about. In the old MK, Subzero would uppper cut some clown and the said clown would be sent flying across the room spraying blood. That part is all MK. But MK vs DC is just a little different this time. Its no longer violence, but how the combat moves to deliver that violence is animated. There is a weight and exaggerated muscle gravity that is very similar to God of War.

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It looks like MK is trying to copy God of War with it's brutal hits and take no prisoner action. The only problem is you can't be truely brutal without a M rating. I don't care how they spin it, a Mortal Kombat game is supposed to be about over the top, no mercy violence, and you can't get that with a teen game.

Everytime a character win the match without killing the other guy in some unspeakable explosion of blood and gore this game fails.

Ask yourself this, how...

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This article is great, though I'm not a big fan of the new art direction this article is spot on.

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The models look fine, they just don't look like Snake in MGS4. When you're rendering 32 players on a console you must be prepared to lose a little texture quality. Too bad you can't plug a midrange PC vid card like the ATI 4850 into your PS3, because that would improve image quality and resolution by leap and bounds.

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Spirit Within failed because it was a Japanese movie marketed toward the American audience, thats an autofail. Americans do not understand nor do they care about crap like "Gaia" or alien spirts. Most people who walked out of theater have no idea WTF they just saw. Plus the action totally blows, it lack the dynamic action sequences that the FF series is know for.

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To care.

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Umm, you should've know? The 4870 is a mid range card for that chipset, with that in mind there is always a better one coming around the corner and very soon too. Thats why its important to have Xfire or SLI so in the future you can upgrade just by installing another card.

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Crysis is outdated as soon as any single GPU can crank out 1080p on max with all the options. The UT3 engine is already useless as a benchmark since even a lower end card can blast max options for over 60 FPS. Considering how quickly PC tech is moving the Crytek engine is next.

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The entire MGS series is basically a spy version of the X-files.

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In the future the US cultural influences conquers the world unified humanity. I thought that would be obvious.

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Just like in real life.

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The ratio of console vs PC gamers on this site is easily 10 to 1 so duh. Shouldn't be a shock since N4G is tailor made for the console war. Plus the PC doesn't have fanboys, only gamers.

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