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The PC version of Gears of War looks better than the Xbox 360's Gears of War 2. This is a quite fiasco that nobody is talking about. IMHO Microsoft really screwed up by letting this game go multiplat.

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I can tell just by looking at the screenshots, they clearly missed their mark if they want to beat Motorstorm. Go ahead and look at those screenshots and tell me what you see. Thats right, CLEAN riders and ATVs catching big air and doing tricks. Thats an auto fail.

Motorstorm isn't about any of that. Autostorm is about mud and destruction. Nobody do tricks in Motorstorm because they're too busy trying not to blow up, and it doesn't matter how good Motorstorm 2 looks because 60 ...

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There are only two games really worth having on the PS3. Gears of War and Mass Effect. Ironically they're both best played on the PC where high res textures in Gears of War actually look better than Gears of War 2 on the Xbox.

If MS care about their console then they need to pin their exclusives down. These timed exclusives allow the PC to consistantly make a mockery out of their best games.

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I guess the console versions get screwed, and they say Valve only hate the PS3...they're a PC company folks.

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Have to agree here. People who are interested in MGS4 should already own a PS3. Its not like the masses are going to wake up then suddenly realize they need a PS3 to play MGS4.

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The differences are there, you have to look at the right screenshot. ...

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Why the hell would you need two disks to play a racing game? Maybe the next 360 add on should be some sort of turn table device that can hold five disks.

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Two disk would be ok if they can do a full install with one of the disk.

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CoD 4 full 1080p native, 8X AA (8X!) at 136 FPS!! LMAO!

To put things perspective the 360's CoD 4 can't get pass 640p native and can't even push 60 FPS. No less impressive is UT3 numbers with similar settings punching pass 153 FPS. PC power FTW.

What we have here is the GPU of the next generation of consoles three to four years down the road.

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Can't be done on the console. Not these days when development costs are sky high and the fanboys/console war are at its peak. Now a days the publishers and investors want hits and system sellers.

They are however being done on a consistant basis on the PC where niche markets exist and thrive through digital distributions. Sins of the Solar Empire, Sam and Max and Combat Mission are great examples of "art house" or niche market games.

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Who died and made Valve king? The day when Steam is "platform holder and guardian of the PC as a gaming" is the day when PC gaming dies. Thats not how PC gaming works, the PC doesn't need a central portal for games and community, even if its free. What make PC gaming is great are the options and how each dev can setup their own virtual shop.

And please shutup, the PC is not some weakling that need to be saved. Its a huge global gaming giant that squishes tiny little...

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Farcry looks very cool but unfortunately it doesn't have Crysis's insanely high res textures, and I mean VERY high res...Crysis's textures are higher than most console's native resolution if you can imagine that.

Another thing I'm not seeing is Crysis's physics and interactions. Trees in Crysis are physical objects, when you walk near a branch, it bends, shoot the branch and it'll fall off. I also love the way you can interact with the world like when you pickup a gun your free...

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This show is a total pain in the ass! All I want to see is R2 but I'm forced to watch those stupid UFC clips and boring as hell Run DMC commemtaries.

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Can't wait to get my hands on this card.

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Mods > All.

There is nothing like getting and endless stream of free content.

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The amount of polys and textures this card can push give me nerdgasm. The real HD gaming GPU is finally here.

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This review is about MGS4, lets stick to the subject. I dunno WTF happened or even why but did MGS4 just turned Fox News into a bunch of drooling PS3 fanboys? I never thought I would see the day when the mainstream media would use the word "holy sh*t!" to describe a game. How did this review get through the censor?

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Snake also look very cool when he shoot people in the face. As an impressionable kid with no life I look forward to trying it out on you, afterward I'm gonna smoke myself some cigs.

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I suppose between today and next week we'll start hearing more news and previews of "none MGS4" related games. Of course they'll all be ignored as N4G get spamed with MGS4 reviews and infos.

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Its perfectly legal. The NFL is a franchise and they should be able to sell their product to whomever they wish. Just like how Atari own the Dungeon and Dragons IP so this lawsuit doesn't have any merit.

But for the gamers EA iron grip on this genre really blows.

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