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Cross game invites are WAY overrated.

They're annoying as hell and more often than not I turn everything off so I can play in peace. There is nothing more annoying than getting spam invites for Madden when all you want to do is join a quickie Halo 3 match. I would trade every single Live features to transform all the crappy P2P games into stable dedicated servers like the PC. No more host disconnected issues with CoD 4 and no more game interruptions just because some idiot hav...

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Gotta give Valve the credit where credit is due. Steam was ahead of it's time and Valve saw the future of digital publishing way ahead of anyone else.

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I agree. SLI is overrated, with the way technology is marching you're better off with the best single card money can buy.

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The Xbox 360 and PS3 are already obsolete technologically. The native resolution of the best console games can attest to this. With this GPU the PC left them in the dust. But console fans shouldn't pout, what we have here is the seed technology for the nextgen consoles. But yeah, by the time console fans get their hands on this tech the PC will be three generations ahead, again.

Thats just the way the industry works. There's no need to hate.

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This vs game is absolutely moronic, of all the pairings in the fighting world DC vs MK makes the least sense...actually it makes no sense at all. NONE. How desperate do you have to be come up with this crap?

The fact that Kano can not do the his signature finishing move and pull Batman's heart out make this game sucks even more. A MK game without fatality is virtually pointless.

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I want it. Imagine what they Koj can do with the Cell and the Bluray LOL!

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Oh great first it was Valve who crowned itself the "champion" of PC gaming, and now Stardock, of all people is placing itself as the savoir of the PC kingdom. LMAO!! Talk about self serving delusional BS. Stardock is a niche player, nothing more, sure they scored a cult hit with Sins of the Solar Empire but they're no industry experts.

Thats like asking Matrix Games if Vista doing enough to help PC gaming. Its stupid. If you're going to pose a question like this then ...

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Why not 12.5? I dunno about you but if I could go past 10 I would shoot for something higher than 11. Slackers.

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All this hype and buzz is hurting Resistance 2. Its hard enough going up against Gears of War 2 already, there's no need to compete against your own 2009 lineup.

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WTF are you talking about, HS 2 never existed in the first place. Plus with God of War coming out nobody will care.

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Well he certainly indulged himself to plenty of Naomi cleavage shots, and as a fan I certainly approve.

But yeah most of those cutscenes are shall we say, of the foreign film variety. They just drag on forever for no reason other than to worthship his beautifully rendered characters, which is the only reason they're tolerated.

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The PC version of Gears of War looks better than the Xbox 360's Gears of War 2. This is a quite fiasco that nobody is talking about. IMHO Microsoft really screwed up by letting this game go multiplat.

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I can tell just by looking at the screenshots, they clearly missed their mark if they want to beat Motorstorm. Go ahead and look at those screenshots and tell me what you see. Thats right, CLEAN riders and ATVs catching big air and doing tricks. Thats an auto fail.

Motorstorm isn't about any of that. Autostorm is about mud and destruction. Nobody do tricks in Motorstorm because they're too busy trying not to blow up, and it doesn't matter how good Motorstorm 2 looks because 60 ...

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There are only two games really worth having on the PS3. Gears of War and Mass Effect. Ironically they're both best played on the PC where high res textures in Gears of War actually look better than Gears of War 2 on the Xbox.

If MS care about their console then they need to pin their exclusives down. These timed exclusives allow the PC to consistantly make a mockery out of their best games.

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I guess the console versions get screwed, and they say Valve only hate the PS3...they're a PC company folks.

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Have to agree here. People who are interested in MGS4 should already own a PS3. Its not like the masses are going to wake up then suddenly realize they need a PS3 to play MGS4.

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The differences are there, you have to look at the right screenshot. ...

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Why the hell would you need two disks to play a racing game? Maybe the next 360 add on should be some sort of turn table device that can hold five disks.

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Two disk would be ok if they can do a full install with one of the disk.

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CoD 4 full 1080p native, 8X AA (8X!) at 136 FPS!! LMAO!

To put things perspective the 360's CoD 4 can't get pass 640p native and can't even push 60 FPS. No less impressive is UT3 numbers with similar settings punching pass 153 FPS. PC power FTW.

What we have here is the GPU of the next generation of consoles three to four years down the road.

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