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How so? Combat in video games is certain death, ever play CoD 4? Just because you respawn doesn't mean that you won't die a horrible, horrible, death again, and again. #1.1
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People waiting for OLED TVs are making a huge mistake. LCD TVs are cheap and they're looking damn good. The time to buy is now, there's no point in waiting. #9.1
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Who are these morons?
The desktop PC is here to stay for the next five years. Thats freaking forever when you're talking about technology. Just because the market for the desktop PC isn't growing doesn't mean they're dead, what a bunch of idiots. Thats like saying refrigerators are dead because people are buying more ice boxes. #14
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Great point, Kill Switch actually attempted the cover system first. Though Gears of War perfected it. Bubbles. #5.3
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CoD IV: Rome
If they can get the melee combat down right, I would love to pwn me some barbarian scums. #14
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LOL!! Thats exactly what I was thinking. #11.1
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Creative Assembly need to go back to doing what they're good at, making PC historical RTS, 'cause their console games are nothing special. If they must do console games then perhaps a Rome RTS would play to their strengths more than this beat 'em up gore fest. #1.2
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I can't believe you are seriously comparing CoD 4 to CoD 2 in terms of graphics. Thats moronic. While you're at it you might as well compare the orginal CoD to Quake 3 'cause it use the same engine. #1.5
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Halo 3 is out dated.
I used to play Halo 3 everyday till my 360 went RROD but the glory days when Halo 3 was king of the shooter world was short and sweet. The FPS genre is moving extremely fast, CoD 4 left Halo 3 in its dust and even sleeper tittles like UT 3 are out doing it in both graphics and features.

After playing with all the great free maps and mods in UT3 I can't help but be dissapointed in Halo 3 offerings. #16
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This is news?
Since when is Apple not overpriced? #12
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Missing two big features.
1. Mods and focus on user created content.
2. Dedicated servers. #10
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We need mods.
I think it's time the console community demand access to mods and users created content that's just laying around on the PC. If you look at games like Oblivion and CoD 4 its incredibly obvious how much we're getting screwed. PC players would NEVER pay for map packs and stupid crap like horse armor because they could do it better than the developers can. #13
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Looks like crap.
I didn't know urban combat can be so plain and boring. You would think that a game based on Vegas locations might look a bit more lively. #90
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I think what he's really saying is who need to be nickled and dimed by DLC when user created content is so much better. Too bad CoD 4 did not embrace mods for the console, instead they choosed to rape with their DLC. #10.2
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I know its hard to grasp this concept 'cause you're used to getting raped by Live but with user created content the fans can actually make whatever the hell they want. The Master Chief model is one example because of the obvious irony. #7.6
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Vista sucks
But Apple sucks even worst. There is no value for what you paid for at all. #22
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Shut up already, the boobs said you are wrong! #21.1
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Thats impossible
Everytime I see some screenshots or vids I just can't believe this game is real. I guess this is what nextgen looks like. #16
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Now I gotta buy this game too? I'm gonna be broke! #6
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Live's report system is totally ass. It's either useless or can easily be used to grief. I got reported twice in Madden, once for recovering an onside kick with 1 min left in the game and another for pulling off the HB option play with LT. Both times I was accused of glitching which is complete and utter BS.

Now wonder this community is the gutter of the console world, the so called customer service is crap. They don't police and when they do police they do zero facts checking. #31.5
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