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Stop releasing shit RE remakes and instead work on Dragon Dogma for the PS4. The PC version is a huge hit with its own cult following so I'm sure the PS4 version will sell like hot cakes.

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There's plenty of hour long vids on YouTube. It looks decent. But I fear the gameplay isn't the concern. What I'm afraid of is the Destiny/Star Wars BF style business model.

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Destiny is a failure in terms of gamers expectations. People were anticipating an epic shooter adventure and instead they got a grindy content-less game followed by a giant DLC rape train. That fact that the game thrived financially is one of the worst trend in the gaming industry.

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Dragon Dogma is one of the best last gen game that nobody played. Mostly because the 360 and PS3 were too underpowered to support the game and the base game had some flaws that wouldn't be fixed until the expansion.

The PC version has none of those issues. On the PC this is an insane 100+ FPS game on ultra 1080p settings and all of the content for only $35. This is why the game is enjoying a cult following on the PC. If Capcom ever grow enough balls to temp AAA production...

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Lmao if Origins slows your computer then you must have a god damn abacus as a CPU. When it comes to spy or malware, Origins is the last thing I'm worried about. Now I know we all hate EA, and rightly so but if you're going to hate something then at least know WTF you're talking about.

I use them all. Steam, Uplay and Origin. Steam is naturally the go to with the best features but I'm not going to avoid Uplay and Origin because of some idiotic fanboy bias. Plu...

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Origin Sin Enhanced, an amazing RPG that got overshadowed by giants like Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

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The Order as GoTY is an insult to Bloodborne. One was perfectly executed in terms of artistic visions and gameplay and the other is a total mess.

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The Enhanced Edition came out on the console this year which introduced new fans to the series. Many of which were unaware of the base game from 2014. But technically yeah, anything named Enhanced, GoTY or Director Cut are essentially remasters that shouldn't be allowed into the conversation.

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I'm pretty sure that Bustice will still available.

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This game on ironman is absolutely terrifying.

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Look at the fanboy disagrees. Bloodborne on the PC at 60 FPS? Noooooooo. That would be bad. Lol.

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That's hardly a resolution worth talking about since only fools preorder. Last year I was determined not to pay full price for games regardless of the platform. I ended up saving a ton of money and I enjoyed those games more. For example there's a huge difference between paying $60 for Star Wars Battlefront and $35 for Star Wars Battlefront. By the time I got it, Jakku is already out and the nade spam issue have already been patched. For $35 SWBF is really a decent game.

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I'm pretty sure my GF would be interested in RPGs if the loot drops are Louis Vitton and Gucci bags.

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1080p 60 FPS or no deal.

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This is why Witcher 3 is GOTY. The quests are the best in biz and they all feel hand crafted with their own story to tell.

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The fanboys are not going to like this. Around here not liking a Sony exclusive is like eating babies.

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I don't see why this game is so popular when it stills run like shit. I just couldn't get into it.

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Yup I already have a 980 GTX and that came with Witcher 3. Can't beat that deal.

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Virtually 70% of the game's population is on the PS4. If you're on the PC, good luck finding matches, and like the above posters said the pop is huge.

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Let's get real. The last thing this game need is voice chat. That is unless you want to hear an endless parade of assholes throwing out Star Wars quotes none stop.

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