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Pointless to release this on PC anyways. Just look at how the PC community either left Titanfall in droves or ignored it completely. Even giving the entire Season Pass away for free didn't save the game.

To succeed on the PC you must have engaging skill based mechanics. This mass market casual friendly gameplay won't interest anyone on the PC.

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Western devs with white guy Samurai= racist. Japanese devs with white guy Samurai= marketing.

Just your typical SJW bullshit.

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The lack of a value add is a slap in the face for all PS4 owners. The free indie trash games simply isn't worth the price of admission. We really need a online only price tier or else the community will suffer.

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That is like a 17% increase to play online. You gotta be kidding me Sony!! They need a plan where people can just opt out of thier garbage Plus indies and just game online. This will definitely effect the online community.

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The fact this character is a school girl doesn't factor in the equation at I right kids??

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Now all we need is an article with Chris Roberts crying about how the hype "stolen" the community from Star Citizen.

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No transgender samurai?? What bunch of Nazi scumbags.

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I have a DS4 Scuff. It's a $200 hack job and totally not worth the money. What we need is an Elite level design with quality and features build in at both the hardware and software level.

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What is the point of multiplayer in this game? Its a game about exploring the limits of your own boredom. There's nothing to do cooperatively but except trade resources.

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So reviews that doesn't support fanboys are troll reviews? I trust smaller website more than the fanboy and publisher approved scam sites like IGN.

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That's why I'm more prepared than most for Star Citizen.

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Yup it's me lol

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All PC gamers should buy No Man Sky. The 20 FPS performance, boring gameplay and lies will be great way to prepare the community for the huge disappointment that is Star Citizen.

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Then what do you want to hear? This is only average? Lol.

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Games run at 30 FPS on PC= broken crap that causes mass panic.
Games running at 20-30 FPS on consoles= normal.

Once you're used to silky smooth 60 FPS falling to 30 FPS is almost unplayable.

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I still play as well.

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They created a massive universe to get bored in. It's an infinite number of worlds where absolutely nothing of consequence will ever happen. Civilizations will not go to war or fight for resources, no great threat will emerge, no interesting character will ever be found. It's like taking every great scifi universe that ever existed like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens then replacing it with a bland endless nothing.

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The game is selling well, fueled by fanboy hype. Why would he give a damn?

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