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With the right carrot people are usually more willing to accept DMR. The problem is MS only offer the stick while offering the little to no details on the carrot. #5.1
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This isn't an American problem. Take a chill pill. Console giants have been know to dig their own graves since the 8 bit days. This goes for all of them, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Sony and now MS. #3.3.2
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3 years?? PC gamers are doing 4k today. Right now even mid tier PC gamers are already playing their BF 3 in 1440p at 60 FPS.

The fact that in 2013 some of these so called nextgen console games can't even do 1080p makes me want to puke. Seriously Sony and MS, are we really waiting until 2020 before your, next, nextgen console can do 1080p in all games? Because if you can't then tablets will completely roll these underpowered consoles in 5 years easily. #11.1
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Simple. BF series requires actual skill and situation awareness that the typical CoD maze runner lacks. #12.3.2
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Amazon. #1.4.2
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Zero interest in this game, none. Of all the nextgen launch titles this is the least interesting. I buy a nextgen console for nextgen experiences, and there is nothing nextgen about Knack.

Another factor is that this game have PS Plus written all over it. Maybe I can be convinced to spend $15 as a digital download but $60? No, hell no. #1.4
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Mandatory 1080p is a good idea. It's simple really, this is 2013 and 1080p is the standard, either your system and your games can meet this incredibly basic benchmark or you can get completely rolled by tablets 3-4 years from now that can run BF 4 in 1080p without breaking a sweat. #37.1.2
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This game coming to PC is a matter of time. Not if. There is no point in digging shit up. Thats basically Rockstar's "nextgen" version right there. #4
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I still have no idea what this game is trying to be. Is it a beat em up? Is it God of War? Is it Darksiders?? What?? #5
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As if that matters. I wonder how many people stopped playing BF 3 because the Arabs were "bad". #8.1
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Pathetic. The nextgen is already obsolete. #63
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Starhawk was pure trash. And while I had fond memories of Warhawk, lets face it, the genre have moved on. It be difficult to pull off a Warhawk game in face of modern shooters like BF 4. #9
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You can't exploit the willing. #3.4.5
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This interview was completely pointless. Why even bother. Nextgen is better than last gen? Really... #4
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I wonder if Black Desert and ArchAge are nothing more than vapors ware. It's not like localizing to English is hard yet Soul and Blade still isn't here yet. #1.1.1
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The fact that we must resort to confirming 1080p in nextgen consoles is as depressing as it is pathetic. #10
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This comparison is fail. The F35 is a stealth fighter, having to out turn or out climb it's opponent defeats the purpose of being a stealth fighter.

And if the Xbone is already obsolete then what does that make the PS4? Soon to be obsolete? Because consoles are generally obsolete on release date.

Overall I'm taking all this claims of superior hardware with a grain of salt. Because trust me, if the PS4 is indead 50% more powerful than the Xbone then th... #74.1
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In general if I didn't play a single exclusive from last gen I would be ok with that. First party games used to entice but now multiplats just dominate the gaming landscape. #1.1.9
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They clearly have the exclusive advantage right now regardless of the bad press and the specs. The buzz on Titanfall is higher than anything shown by Sony. For example Infamous looks amazing, but all people talk about is Titanfall which have graphics that are just serviceable. #7.1
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Xbox fanboys: haha the PS3 have no games!!

Sony fanboys: The power of the Cell! 1080p gaming ( LMAO!)! Only possible with Bluray (Lol!)!

Yeah Sony fanboys are much, much worst. This is probably because they drink slogans and marketing tag line for breakfast. #30.2
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