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Why is AF an issue on the console? This effect is virtually free on the PC to the point where nobody considers it to be a factor in the benchmarks anymore. Are the consoles so pressed for performance that resources must be nickeled and dimed at every turn?

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Console exclusives sucks now. Aside from Bloodborne it's a wasteland of mediocrity out there while you wait for Uncharted 4. There isn't anything approaching Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 in any of the line ups.

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The story and consequences of this game crushes any of the modern Fallouts. There are some brutally tough and real decisions to make.

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Darksouls 3 is only $35. That's right. $35.

I hate preordering but I had no choice.

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There's nothing magic about 30 FPS.

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If they announce the PS4 ultra that can run all current gen games @ 60 FPS then people will rush out and buy it in droves. All of the fanboys here will have one. I know I will. If having yearly upgrades are an multiple SKUs are bad then bad Apple would be the company it is today.

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This and Dark Souls 3 are only $35 at CDkeys.

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Hell no. If Sony release a $250 VR system then it will certainly fail. To experience proper VR you need state of the art tech and that doesn't come cheap. Anything under $400 is too low unless you want PlayStation Cardboard instead of PSVR.

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What's wrong with the GeForce Experience? I use it all the time to download and install drivers. It just works.

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Looks like the answer to the controller question is no. Why didn't they completely redo the UI?

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Damn how long do I have to wait for this game on the PC? The PS4 version is going to take even longer right?

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People buy physical copies on a $10 DLC??

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I think you missed the joke...

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If this is a PC vs PS4 comparison then there would be no difference.

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This game runs 1440p @ 60 FPS maxed on the PC with a 970 GTX. Its very well optimized. It's not the engine. The consoles are just really weak in comparison. Instead of blaming Frost Bite you should look at your own hardware.

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The solution is pretty simple. Release another Xbox that runs all games at 1080p 60 FPS.

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So when is NG4 going to stop posting links to malware and phishing scams? I just got a warning popup on my iPad.

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Why the disagrees? This game looks amazing and runs fantastic at 1080p. The FPS is so high that I have to turn on vsync to prevent massive screen tearing.

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What is the point of pricey gaming headphones without gaming features? With stereo headphones you can do much better than this.

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