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This and Dark Souls 3 are only $35 at CDkeys.

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Hell no. If Sony release a $250 VR system then it will certainly fail. To experience proper VR you need state of the art tech and that doesn't come cheap. Anything under $400 is too low unless you want PlayStation Cardboard instead of PSVR.

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What's wrong with the GeForce Experience? I use it all the time to download and install drivers. It just works.

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Looks like the answer to the controller question is no. Why didn't they completely redo the UI?

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Damn how long do I have to wait for this game on the PC? The PS4 version is going to take even longer right?

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People buy physical copies on a $10 DLC??

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I think you missed the joke...

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If this is a PC vs PS4 comparison then there would be no difference.

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This game runs 1440p @ 60 FPS maxed on the PC with a 970 GTX. Its very well optimized. It's not the engine. The consoles are just really weak in comparison. Instead of blaming Frost Bite you should look at your own hardware.

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The solution is pretty simple. Release another Xbox that runs all games at 1080p 60 FPS.

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So when is NG4 going to stop posting links to malware and phishing scams? I just got a warning popup on my iPad.

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Why the disagrees? This game looks amazing and runs fantastic at 1080p. The FPS is so high that I have to turn on vsync to prevent massive screen tearing.

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What is the point of pricey gaming headphones without gaming features? With stereo headphones you can do much better than this.

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I know it's crazy, but the PC version has less bugs than the console. This is why I quit my ps4 play through and went with the Steam version. 1080p 60 FPS all day makes playing on death march much more tolerable.

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Topping Witcher 3 will be an epic endeavor. They need to take their time instead of cranking out yearly open world rehash.

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That is the truth. There is nothing wrong with it.

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Android and Apple spy on you just the same, if not even more. Yet nobody cares.

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Arkham Knight was a huge let down. They had a chance to pull off a true nextgen Batman but instead went for a lifeless MMO theme park world.

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VR as Witcher 3 style epics where a player can chew through 4-6 hours of content in one session is not possible with the current tech. The equipment is still too heavy and the display will eventually cause eye strain over time.

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Nobody gives a damn if something looks stupid or not. It looks stupid to walk down the street with your head buried into a 5 inch phone but millions do that everyday. If the tech works and is engaging then people will flock to it.

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