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Can't wait to join the Neo master race!

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This game addresses what I always hated about Darksouls. It's not the dying. It's dying then fighting the same old guys in the same old spot. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

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What's matters is consistency. Platforms don't matters. Power does.

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PS4 fanboys- specs matter!
PS4 fanboys when faced with superior specs- specs don't matter!

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1080p 60 FPS > 4K 30 FPS. Thats my biggest issue with the PS4 right now and why I decided to build my own ITX console like PC. It can blows the doors off everything at 60 FPS all the time where my PS4 would struggle to keep at 30 FPS. Thats why I'm so excited about the Neo, Sony is finally addressing the situation and they're closing that performance gap.

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So are they going to make good Windows Store games now? Because so far most of their Windows store games are inferior to the Steam competition in terms of features. Are they doing to the talk but they're not walking the walk. Show me a game where Windows 10 gamers can actually play with or against Xbox gamers.

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After 4 upgrades you will never boot up this game again.

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If this idiotic mentality applies to all games then Fallout 3 and 4 are not real post apoc RPGs because they're not 2D isometric and mouse driven. Because that's the core aspect of what the real Fallout is. The point is that survivor horror games exist today in different forms. Being a survivor horror game doesn't nessitate the key hunt and tiny inventory space as a none negotiable design philosophy.

Besides, if this type of gameplay is up your alley then Capco...

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Omg please no inventory management and key hunts.

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Unless they're going to add mods for the epic amount of content available online then it's a cash grab. Do some real work for once Bethesda.

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Delay all you want. Just make sure there's an awesome Neo mode.

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Polaris is a good card but Xfire is not what makes AMD great. Honestly Xfire is garbage. The massive frame dips makes the experience worst not better.

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The restrictions are so horrible that they ensure only garbage mods are available for download. Had I not know better I would check out one or two then assume that mods isn't a big deal then move on. It's basically like someone announcing that you won a world tour cruise then forcing you to stay in the bathroom for the entire trip as they locked the door and threw away the keys. This isn't a feature for the console. It's a scam. We've been had.

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Most popular console mod is Cheat Menu. Nuff said.

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These guys are truly incompetent beyond all doubts. Just look at this game. There are issues and horrible game breaking exploits that simply doesn't exists in any other retail product. Destiny for its woes never had so many bugs and exploits. The worst thing about it is that some game breaking exploits still continue to exists since day one. Exploiters are still running around the with weapon talents that they should not have. I tested it myself yesterday, I was able to stack 5 weapon tal...

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That Tracer ass nerf is real.

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There are so many game breaking exploits in this game that it's impossible to tell if someone have mad skills, superior gear or just straight up cheating. For example I do not see the Triage glitch/bug in the patch notes. A team exploiting this will constantly have pulse and over heal up and it's not even in the patch notes.

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The fact that mobile cover is still being glitched is mind boggling. This isn't a trivial bug. It's a vehicle for game breaking exploits that existed since the beta till today and they still can't fix it after 4 different patches! These guys are truly the most incompetent dev team in the gaming industry.

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Stay with your PS4 peasant edition if you want. I'm sure the Neo will sell like hot cakes.

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Release the Neo and watch this graph rise even more. Sony sales will sky rocket.

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