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The PS4 version may not be as good as the PC, and the gap between them will only grow as the PC hardware improves and the game accumulate mods. But damn, what they managed to achieve with the PS4 limited hardware is impressive as hell given the shear scope and complexity of game. This is the by far the best looking game on the PS4 right now and I can't see anything approaching it in years. #1.2
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There's people still playing? Why?? #3
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I have a 7200 rpm 1 TB drive from the same manufacture as original PS 4. It does help with load time and performance. The fact that Sony is still shipping PS4 with that shit drive really hurt the community as well as the devs. I don't care if the price goes up $50-80. The PS4 needs this desperately. #12.1.2
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The problem with Xbox One is that I can play most of their exclusives on the PC. Can't play Bloodborne on the PC. The answer here isn't more exclusives as it seems but rather give PC gamers a better reason to own a Xbox One. Because right now I can't think of any. #30
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Gotta love that Grind-ception. A grind within a grind. #5.1.3
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Let me see. Do I want awesome graphics and performance or do I want to lay back and earn some trophies? Oh the challenges of being a multiplats gamer, you must have it rough. #3.3
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I just realized that these guys are Polish. Between this and the Witcher I must say Poland is kicking ass right now. #2
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Remasters awaits! #69
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All graphics comparison vids I've seen are nothing more than click baits. None can actually capture the actual difference, and the difference is there in the source material. It's as if someone is trying to compare the difference between a 4k movie and 1080p movie by showing a 1080p video feed of each sample. It's idiotic. #2.1
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The PS4 version looks great for a console game. In fact it's the best looking console RPG ever. The problem is that it runs like a console game. On the PC they call this kind of performance "crap". That frame rate is simply isn't where it needs to be. #3.2
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Knowing FROM, after the DLCs are released we're certain to get a GoTY version with reshuffled monster placement and improved story telling for another $60. #13
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This only happened because AMD is utterly getting crushed. Let's face it. AMD open source stratgey isn't working. Just look at Steam. The open source and nature of PC gaming is dead. Everything is proprietary now and Nvidia ability to drive game development by having a seat at every big game release simply works.

AMD will need to out spend Nvidia in terms of game development and support if they wish to turn the market around. But that simply isn't their business... #1.2
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Drowners can 2 hit you and they come in huge packs...OMG. It's crazy. #2.1.3
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This game is hard as hell. I'm playing on Death March and it's more hardcore than Bloodborne right now. #2
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100% of the promo vids were done on a PC running 1080p with 980 GTX SLI. And even then it doesn't look silky smooth. That should tell you everything you need to know.

In the end this isn't a big deal. The Witcher series are know for being demanding and to push your hardware. Just like the Witcher 2 this a game you build your current PC and the next one around. #9
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Stop it with the moronic pleads for remastered. Not only are they ripping you off with recycled content and graphics that PC gamers are getting for free, you're also damning future console generations to the same horrible cycle of rapeage. I definitely do not want spend the first two years of the PS5 playing Bloodborne Remastered, Dragon Age: Inqusition a Remastered and the Witcher 3 Remastered. #4
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How is he trolling? He's stating the obvious. These DLCs are being released to generate a love affair between the devs and the fans. If they were included in the game on day 1 this "DLC" they would've passed by unnoticed.

At least we don't have to pay for them or they're not locked up as preorder bonuses. For that I'm thankful. #1.2.4
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Make some space on those 500G HDD boys. You'll need room for the boobies shots and videos. #3
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Yup it's basically like dragon age. #8.1
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This game is multiplats. Who cares which console branding is on the advertising materials? Are you not going to get the Witcher 3 for your console because all the previews vids were from the PC?

Fanboys these days. #11
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