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Why play competitive then complain about getting your ass kicked??

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Bungie totally over did this raid in an pathetic attempt to gate players behind the mechanics wall. That’s all it is. The number of confusing and down right unfun puzzle encounters makes it hard to find players to repeat the raid. What’s worst is that it encourages toxic elitetist attitudes in raiders vs new players. I want intense team based tactical combat not this puzzle solving garbage.

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Awesome. Can’t wait to buy the complete edition with all the dlcs for $300.

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Name a hit game where they announced that their engine sucked and they made a huge mistake by investing in this technology.

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Agreed. Overwatch crushes Lawbreakers in the character design department. Where Overwatch is cool, cute and sexy, Lawbreaker is just filled physcos looking characters and ugly chicks. As a hero shooter, the characters failed the eye test.

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Great news. This is probably the best time to upgrade my CPU and mobo in years. There are so many choices to consider thanks to competition in the market driving prices to historic lows. The value is so good right now that I can't make up mind which to get. Leaning toward Coffee Lake for that VR FPS.

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This is a hero shooter with ugly females. What a horrible design decision.

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Completely bullshit. 8 teraflops machine can easily crank out 1080p 60 fps in any console game that the consoles struggles with like Fallout 4 for example. The PS4 Pro is not a 8 teraflop machine or else Horizon will be 60 fps easy. As with all things the proof of performance is in the frames per second. Either you have power or you don't.

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I don't care what they're bringing in Destiny 2. The game's open world will never match The Division which absolutely nailed it. To this day I still see random little touches that I never noticed before. Engine wise The Division crushes Destiny 2.

But yeah, the beta is totally devoid of wow moments.

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This game has no game. Too much of the game's focus is based on simulation and earning credits for no reason at all. Yeah you can play space Uber and be an interstellar tourist for months but to what end? This all would still be ok if the shared world multiplayer and combat is good but it isn't.

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This article is spot on. We are at the point in the industry where PC monitors are a complete ripoffs while certain TVs offer better price for performance. I use a KS8000 for both my PC and console gaming. Why buy a 4k 32" monitor with HDR for $1000 when I can buy a 65" 4K HDR TV for $1300? Another problem is that most of these so called gaming monitors have garbage HDR performance that is inferior to the comparatively similar TVs.

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They should called it early access and charge retail price for two years with 2 paid DLCs, then release as retail. PC fanboys are ok with this concept.

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Wow. A complete cosplay package.

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You can not choose PC gaming right now. Due to historic demands virtually all GPUs are sold out. Even the 1080 gtx are disappearing from inventory, the demands are so high that prices are increasing at 20% with both Nvidia and AMD earning record profits.

Remember when they say PC gaming is dead??

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I'm not a fanboys who gets all wet at exclusives. But MS exclusives sucks. Crack Down looks like shit and Sea of Thieves looks too indie for me. They simply lack that home run AAA title that can represent the platform outside of the same old tired Froza and Gears.

But ultimately exclusives doesn't matter and it shows. Case in point, what's the best selling game in 2017? Zelda? Horizon? Nope, it's Ghost Recon Wildlands which crushed both exclusives combined....

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Surely it'll be different this time right? I mean it's just like a big DLC. What can go wrong?

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You can't be serious.

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The PC is sadly how Souls games are ment to be played. Rock solid 1080p 60 fps all day. If you're a Souls fan and you're not playing Soul games at 60 fps then you're missing out and a definitive experience. The privilege to play Soul games at 60 fps might not arrive until the PS5, which can't come soon enough.

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Bloodborne 60 fps was the reason I bought the Pro. Its really sad that a console that Sony marketed as twice the power of the PS4 can't even get to 40 fps in this game.

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Dragon Age will certainly fail too if they give fans more of the same. I call it the Witcher 3 Effect.

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