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I'm pretty sure you're talking about Kodu Game Lab. If so, that was released a LONG time ago. You can get it on Xbox Live Indie games for 400 points. #24.2
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I'm hoping for Zune Music Marketplace integration. I want to be able to stream/download music from my Zune Pass subscription. I know there's but I want to be able to choose exactly what music I want. #4
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That reminds me of the Onion video. #1.3
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Obviously you don't have the game then because they also charge for the PC (just like Dragon Age):

http://masseffect.bioware.c... #6.1
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Actually I read in USA Today a couple weeks ago that Hulu was going to remain free in the sense of what we get currently.

Their pricing will be as follows:
- $15 a month for full seasons of TV Shows (shows won't expire for you)
- $5 a month for commercial free streaming
- FREE for what you have currently (commercials, shows expire etc.) #1.9
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It's in even better quality on gametrailers. At least the audio doesn't sound like you're hearing it through a wall. #1.6
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In regards to the last page (Rare)
I feel so bad for the company. They try so hard at making great games and actually succeed, at least for the games of theirs this gen I own (Banjo Kazooie N&B, and Viva Pinata) and from what I've heard Kameo is good too. The thing that kills me is that they make these games and they just get shut out by games where you chainsaw people in half or fight in a war. I guess the demographics for the Xbox 360 just aren't pulling in their favor. They really should release a new Perfect Dark, or C... #13
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"And learn from Movie Critics? Nobody listens to movie critics because their opinions vary too much so they're not relevant anymore. Garbage blog."

You clearly did not read my "garbage blog." I fully addressed this when I stated:

"One thing that is good about the game reviewers is that they are usually unanimous in their scores. This doesn’t happen with movie critics as they can range from a 9/10 all the way to a 1/10 per movie. If this happe... #6.1
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Yeah, I see your point. Most reviewers have good intentions with their score system however, some of the gaming community kind of ruins it and then turns it into a badge of honor or use it as ammo to go and declare war on another side. Anyways, I guess my idea wouldn't really help that situation much as they would just go to war with higher standards. Aaargh, I hate it when I start a rebuttal/argument and then forget where I'm going with it. Oh well. Anyways I was actually more for just scrap... #2.1
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I agree that people need to read the review, however so many people are so fixated on that score. To tell you the truth, I think we should just get rid of the score and just have the reviewer say at the end "I highly recommend this title," "I recommend this title," "If you like this, this and this in a game but hate this, then the game might not be for you, etc." However being that the number system is obviously not going away, I thought it could use a change for... #4.1
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I am just simply stating that games reviewers need to bring it down a notch, and give their review scores a little breathing room so that we actually have a sense of how good a game is. If game reviewers consistently hands out 10/10's and hit their ceiling then we don't have any sense of how good it actually is, unless gamers break the ceiling like PS3M did with Uncharted 2 which is remarkably unprofessional. Game reviewers, like I said, just need to raise their bar quite a bit. You can still... #5.1
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Ummmm... not quite. The joke is the fact that fanboys on here get so desperate to censor news that they don't like and get it failed. The truth is, this is a legit article. It's from a big name website, and although certain people may not like these kinds of articles it is no less completely legit. Truth is this article was posted 2 days ago. It stayed in the failed section until I brought it to the mods attention that a legit story had failed from multiple reports. They restored it because i... #92.1
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After getting the past 2 games in the series, I will probably also get this one; however, I sort of wish that they would have studios like Lionhead and Bungie start makin some new unique games rather than just pumping Halos and Fables. #15.1
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"Downloading Full 360 Games From Dashboard (Probability: Extremely Low)"

A little slow on that one, eh? #3
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That was the funniest zombie survival guide I've ever read.

Especially liked:

"If you’ve played Left 4 Dead recently, you should know that zombies can’t open doors. It’s not so much that they lack the cognitive power to understand latch and hinge mechanisms - even dogs can figure that out - it’s just that they tend to favor more dramatic entries. In fact, as a general rule, if it would be scarier, or look cooler, that’s what a zombie will do."

... #1
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@ Covenant
Yeah great idea but would never work. Achievement cheaters are already bad enough without any sort of monetary incentive to get them. I couldn't imagine how that would go up if you got free microsoft points for it. #3.5
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no the other one got approved (now in failed section) before this one was able to get approved (failed by users as duplicate, then restored by mod), so the one that was on the front page yesterday was actually a duplicate to this one. You can tell by the numbers in the url.

This story is: 355699 where as the other was: 355822 (smaller number = earlier submit) #3.1
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It definitely wasn't an "accidental leak" he stated this multiple times on Friday night also. #3
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I just got an e-mail from Microsoft because of the Windows 7 beta:

"You've been using Windows® 7 for a while now, and we hope you've been enjoying a simpler PC experience. Because you've been a loyal Windows customer, we're offering you the Windows 7 upgrade at a great introductory price* - only $49.99 for Home Premium or $99.99 for Professional. It's our way of saying thanks for trying it out. To take advantage of this deal, pre-order your copy while supplies last.
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I very much disagree with your stance.

I am strongly against a sequel and would most definitely want this just to be DLC but I would not mind paying like $20 - $30 for the new stuff. My biggest worry with this game is that it will split the community. Some will move on to the new one feeling that it's worth the money to move on, while some will stay with the first one because they don't want to move on or just won't move on yet. If they just waited a year or two then I'm sure the... #21.1
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