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The sad fact is, they will sell whatever the price. Hardcore gamers aside, if you're willing to spend hundreds of $ on a console, would families etc go for the one with all the so-called "extras" like TV integration and the new souped up Kinect, or one that focuses mainly on games? Just a question

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Good point! I meant that it was among the notable new features - alhtough I guess it is an innovation for Microsoft (they probably still wanted HD-DVD!!!)

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I so remember that Half Life intro and thinking how damn cool it was on the train.

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Ah, I remember the old horse armour. That was Obilivion wasn't it? Now people just buy stuff for their avatars instead

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Immense game and mean with the gamerscore. Hate those giants

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Gotta love the striker!

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@Ibwib - know what you mean but the spots on the video were pretty good at holding out for some time -and they all have escape routes if the enemies make it through your defences.

@Reiko - these tips will get you to level 15 at least EASY!

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there's only so much hiding in a box I can take!

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I missed ICO and Shadow the first time round and am definitely going to give Shadows of the Damned a go too - for the weapons alone!

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Am wavering on trying this - heard good things but wonder if I value my sanity too much!

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The wailing of those damn witches tho... in that level with all the flooding and dark barns... that had its moments. And the sewer levels...

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I found Condemned 2 really scary - and FEAR for that matter too - and Dead Space 2... maybe these games aren't for me!?!?

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Think I'd put Duke under lust :)

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Brit accents are either Mary poppins or gangster... it sounds rubbish

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Most of the accents in Just Cause 2 were ridiculous. But it was supposed to be a game that wasn't taken too seriously so it didn't really matter too much.

What about Easten European accents in GTA IV? And the French guys in The Saboteur was also funny.

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You could have different classes of cow - reckon the Jersey is much more hardcore than the fresian!

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Would love to see this. The You Tube videos would be hilarious... death by cow

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Batman in Dead Rising would be carnage. And yeah, Frank is far better than Chuck

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Really enjoyed quantum's train... and what about rdr?

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Gears and UC2 for me, definitely!

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