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Nothing says 'I admit the Xbox One is weak next to the PS4' like saying 'who cares, it is about the games'.

Dat Wii U defensive technique.

Did it ever cross your mind that those games would be even better if the console was not so weak compared to the competing console?

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I wonder if they were late in getting a dev kit?

PS4 and Xbox One are very similar in hardware design and architecture and with PS4 having better specs than Xbox One the only hardware issue I can foresee is not having the hardware at all!

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Lame article.

Says it can't be a launch title due to 'experience', but yet it was a launch title this gen...

Also, they say too many platforms. This is why they brought Neversoft in.

We know from job listings that IW is working on next-gen.

So the dev kits being 'late' argument is false. In any event, it would be the same for any game not just Call of Duty.

I fully suspect the following (a...

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This is stupid.

So, what, any new product Sony shows must be PS4 design?


The PS4 must look like that new phone and tablet they just launched. Maybe it'll be called PlayStation Z too.

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They do not number them.

They only number them when they sell-off the old stock.

So you can pick up an iPad 2/3 etc, but the latest is simply 'iPad'.

You get it with cars too, you get new versions of cars and they carry the same name.

I do not see an issue with calling it 'Xbox', and I actually think they will.

There won't be much confusion as they do not sell the original Xbox any more, a...

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LOGICWINS, you are wrong.

You are comparing this gen to next gen.

It needs a high capacity disc to succeed next gen.

We already get games spanning multiple discs causing gamers to have to get out of their chair to go change a disc.

That would increase dramatically if they stuck with DVD.

This isn't 2001. The technology exists, use it.

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Author doesn't know the difference between QA and Q&A clearly.

No Quality Assurance hints at all.

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@mshope10 yes, it sold less and generated more revenue due to increase cost, but it is sales volumes that counts.

It wouldn't matter if it cost $10,000 and they sold less but made more.

Sales numbers count.

More consoles = more software sales. More software sales = more profit.

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@Ezz2013 the target cost is $299 for the cheapest SKU.

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Indeed. It wasn't like he was going to say 'oh crap, did I forget to mention that on stage? We have a PS4 out this fall.'

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So if he posted a topless picture of himself in some kind of drunken rage would that mean the 720 is coming?

Just because it wasn't done before doesn't mean it relates to the 720.

An completely ridiculous assumption.

That doesn't mean I think we will not see a new console at E3. I do.

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It is funny - because I was thinking that actually GTA is a very strong reason for MS and Sony to make sure their consoles are backwards compatible.

There might be a lot of people willing to put off purchasing the next console if they have a backlog of high grade titles like GTA.

If the next console was able to play GTA then you'd have less of an excuse to wait to clear out the space from under your TV.

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This article is trash.

It even says itself that they haven't actually received word that the deadline was met!

And that was a deadline set in summer 2011. Clearly the author has never worked in a deadline driven environment, because deadlines are hardly ever kept - especially not when they're set over a year in advance.

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This is days old. In fact almost two weeks old.

Nor have Treyarch done nothing about it. Vahn or one of the other devs tweeted 'taken care of'. So, yeah.

Lame article.

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Actually I think their motive is good. They just do not care about the consequences.

They do it do look good, to be the first person to manage to crack a system. For props.

They don't do it to get the latest games for free.

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There are fewer weapons in BO2 than MW3.

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@Mathew9R - what are you on about?

What has its release date got to do in any way with system issues. I can only assume you mean you foresee a repeat of the YLOD and RROD.

What has that got to do with anything?

No one knows when they began working on these things - so how can a 2013 release mean they've "rushed"?

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But it probably won't because Michael Pachter said that he expects we will know about the PS4 at least by GDC, and we all know what he is like at predictions.

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They are mostly slated for the first half of the year, though.

The biggest giveaway was Activision, or EA - I can't remember who said it - they said they expect there will be at least one new console in 2013.

Now think of this. Infinity Ward is working on a next-gen FPS. Their job postings say as much.

What game does Infinity Ward make? Call of Duty.

When has Call of Duty released since forever? November.


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You only get matched against people with DLC though.

If it is legit, then it says to me that we won't be seeing a DLC toggle like in MW3. Or if we do, you won't be able to use that gun which then means what happens if you have unlocked all 10 custom classes and all 10 use that DLC gun.

You can't play the game.

So it either has to come with the DLC support patch so everyone has it, and it is then 'unfair' to those without t...

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