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They said in December it would be a year or two before they give any information about the game so there is no way its coming out in 2015. I would think the earliest they release it then is end of 2016. #15
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Hopefully they patch in better rewards like how Destiny added better rewards to the raids. #16
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If you really didn't beat The order yet you have too many games your trying to play or your too busy to play games. The order is the shortest game I've ever played. It took me 6 hours to platinum, you could do in less if you don't go for trophies too. You need to choose one or two games and stick to it. If you keep jumping around you never gonna finish any of them. If you don't have time to finish the games you have now don't buy the new ones until your ready. They will pr... #2.5
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Wtf do you throw a game away after the first day? If you play the game for 2 hours a day you can beat in 3 weeks. That is a decent length and great value. #2.3
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Definitely fake, treyarch wouldn't mention games all the way back to call of duty 3 for a new game. Activision avoids cod4 since people always want them to make it as fun as it was back then. #2
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Last year they said heist will be added in the spring update but they didn't say which spring cause they meant spring 2015. #13
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Resistance was the reason i bought a PS3 i hope they do a reboot and not a remake. It would be awesome if they remake Resistance 3 and start where 2 ended with them going to another planet or facing crazy Chimera. Insomniac ruined the franchise with 3. They wanted to leave so they gave a rushed ending. I rather they left at 2 so 3 could be made now properly. #24
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I remember a while ago when they called in the fake bomb on the Sony executive other hackers said they revealed the real names and addresses for lizard squad on 4chan why did no one do anything with that information? #22
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The big difference for me this Gen was that a lot more games are launching unfinished and developers are dropping the ball. I know its the beginning of the console life and quality of games are supposed to be worse since they have to get used to new system but most of their release dates are getting pushed back and they are relying on patches too much. #13
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I don't know what the guy who wrote this was doing but it never took weeks for me to delete messages and after latest updates messaging is still slow and takes a while to update. #34
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I don't see what the problem is, if you work in UK you get payed in that currency and if you work in USA you get their currency. If you have a job in UK and get payed £50 a day and someone else has same job in america they get payed $50 a day and spend 20 out of that. To that person they spent the same amount of their pay. This is only a problem if you try to buy the expansion in UK with dollars which you wouldn't do.
If the problem is that the expansion cost $20 instea... #38
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I was on the fence about getting another CoD after ghosts but after seeing the trailer with the jumping and how fast it was i was excited. I then realized this is gonna make search and destroy which is my favorite mode less fun because with the ability to jump so high and kill so quick a few guys can just hide and jump out of no where when you go to plant or defuse. Plus there is the dlc and after they took away some of your class slots in ghosts and then tried to sell them back to you im don... #26
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Microsoft hire some guys to attack sony so stupid people would be afraid to play on psn and buy xbox 1 #28
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Have you ever played a fps game with online multiplayer that has 50 hours of single player content? Plus this is the first in the franchise over 10 years so if its all connected no way they are going to make one single player game that long. 50 hours would be awesome but 25 hours would be more realistic. I think i read there will be around 40 missions at launch and if you go through fast or not look around i would expect it to take 15-25 min to beat a mission except for the strike missions. #4.2
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The only time the download speed is worse on ps4 for me is the first day or two of release for a new title because everyone is downloading it. Like the Destiny beta and ps plus free titles. A lot more people download games from ps4 at the same time than ps3 so it will take some time until the servers can handle everyone at launch. Other than those peak times i always get full speed for PS4. #5.6
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Just make sure you find a torrent with decent amount of seeders and read the comments, they will tell you if it works and if it has any viruses. #1.13
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Its been confirmed by the developers Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox 1. #1.1.16
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No more heroes came out first on wii #2.1
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Great if u didn't buy it before but unless they add a lot of new content or add some content and give a discount if u have older version like they did with ghosts not worth buying again. #38
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