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Wasn't PSN twitter hacked? Its probably fake.

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Hellblade was amazing.

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So what do you think is the best looking?

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Another important thing about this game is the graphics and size. The game is short but i would argue it is the best looking game on PS4 right now and its only 14.2GB. If they were to make a $60 single player game. It could definitely be 2-3 times the length with more complex features and still be 50-60gb which is on par with most big games these days that cant compare to this game graphically.

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Uk is getting increase cause of Brexit.

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I like the shooting mechanics of 3 but i feel like the story could have been so much cooler and they just wanted to stop making the series. After Resistance 2 they could have gone to the Chimeran planet and shown us some amazing monsters and settings. Resistance 3 could be them trying a last ditch effort to find a way to kill the chimerans by sending a small group to scout out the planet and at the end they find something that could kill them or push them back. Then in a 4th game they use eve...

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I have gotten so many of these on ps4.

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I just want insomniac to make an PS4 remake of Resistance 1 and 2.

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The restart would definitely be helpful.

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No way are we getting 8k consoles for the next gen. 4k games are starting to take up over 100gb and seeing that sony and microsoft arent adding bigger hard drives and leaving it up to the consumer to swap it out i dont see them getting to 8k simply cause of the amount of space. 8k games will easily be 200+gb. I doubt they will have blu rays for that and will need to go to digital but most people dont have internet speeds to download multiple games at that size at any time. Maybe by the time P...

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I don't know what they were thinking one of the main facial animators was a cosplayer named Allie Rose-Marie Leost who had less than 2 years experience animating and this was her first time working on a video game and they put her on a AAA game.

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They have been collecting tax since psn came out and this method has been around since the ps3 came out why is this now news?

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I don't get why they didn't just add a bigger battery. I can get similar times playing games on my phone with a higher resolution screen. But the switch even though meant to be portable isn't meant for your pocket so why not just add a battery that is 2-3 times bigger. Everyone is so stuck on keeping devices thin it's stupid.

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This is going to suck for the 4k games cause the ps4 will still have the normal blu rays and then you will probably have to download a 4k resolution pack or something if you have the Pro and its going to take up a lot of space. Plus downloads on PSN are slower than they should be especially when everyone downloads the same file. Then when you run out of space you have to delete it to play a new game and then wait a long time to re download if you want to play again. Could have been solved by ...

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The playstation headsets usually have the best sound quality for price but the last two had cheap materials on the outside and would break. I rather they make it not be able to fold and used stronger materials.

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Yeah it lost 90% of its players on PC in 1-2 weeks.

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We all know he built it to watch vr porn.

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Wouldn't the kids mother be able to understand the language too? She probably gave him the tattoo.

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I doubt he will fight Thor in this one. Im guessing they are trying to make another trilogy or at least 2 games so they will probably leave that fight for a sequel.

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Supposedly he only has a deal for the video game right now and not to wrestle. Also i heard 2k was pushing for him to be in the game for a while so unless wwe gives him enough money he won't come back to wrestle.

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