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Microsoft hire some guys to attack sony so stupid people would be afraid to play on psn and buy xbox 1 #28
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Have you ever played a fps game with online multiplayer that has 50 hours of single player content? Plus this is the first in the franchise over 10 years so if its all connected no way they are going to make one single player game that long. 50 hours would be awesome but 25 hours would be more realistic. I think i read there will be around 40 missions at launch and if you go through fast or not look around i would expect it to take 15-25 min to beat a mission except for the strike missions. #4.2
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The only time the download speed is worse on ps4 for me is the first day or two of release for a new title because everyone is downloading it. Like the Destiny beta and ps plus free titles. A lot more people download games from ps4 at the same time than ps3 so it will take some time until the servers can handle everyone at launch. Other than those peak times i always get full speed for PS4. #5.6
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Just make sure you find a torrent with decent amount of seeders and read the comments, they will tell you if it works and if it has any viruses. #1.13
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Its been confirmed by the developers Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox 1. #1.1.16
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No more heroes came out first on wii #2.1
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Great if u didn't buy it before but unless they add a lot of new content or add some content and give a discount if u have older version like they did with ghosts not worth buying again. #38
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This is a fighting game so cross gen doesn't matter, its not like there are gonna be a any game changing features they can add to the fighting games that can't be implemented on both gens. It will probably only affect the graphics. #2.14
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The graphics look ok for next gen but i expected better. The cars look like gta 5 on ps3 and character models and up close textures all look last gen. The particle physics, explosions, and lighting all look great tho, i believe this is why they had to downgrade the graphics. Those 3 are intensive on the gpu. #24
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It should come out within the next 4-5 weeks #5.1
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They don't get the full $60 i think another article said they need 15-16 million copies to break even. #3.1.2
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Does the 500 million cover only this first game or all the games within those 10 years? #8
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No cause its a game, not real so there is no line to cross. #16
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Resistance FOM was the reason i bought a PS3. The story was awesome and the multiplayer was unlike anything at the time sad to see it go. The Second one had a great story too and i loved the co op missions. Competitve for Resistance 2 was more updated but had a different feel from the first one and the third one was more CoD like. The story wasn't bad but there was so much more they could of expanded on after 2 but Insomniac didnt want to make anymore so they cut it prematurely :( i reall... #15
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What if EA bought them o_o #1.1
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I think Microsoft wants this game to be their next big franchise but if its only on Xbox one it won't develop enough fans to make it as big as they want it to be. Also it would probably be a lesser version on the 360 so some 360 owners who plan to get a xbox 1 would probably wait to get the better version. #23
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I want a bigger garage! #7
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I guess they really are irrational.. #28
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Can't really make a sequel after the dlc ending. Plus i believe the story was somewhat based on a story about the monkey king so unless there was more to that. But a game that has a similar play style would be good as long as the story was good enough. #1.2
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