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We all know he built it to watch vr porn.

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Wouldn't the kids mother be able to understand the language too? She probably gave him the tattoo.

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I doubt he will fight Thor in this one. Im guessing they are trying to make another trilogy or at least 2 games so they will probably leave that fight for a sequel.

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Supposedly he only has a deal for the video game right now and not to wrestle. Also i heard 2k was pushing for him to be in the game for a while so unless wwe gives him enough money he won't come back to wrestle.

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Resistance 4 or an alternate resistance 3 where they go to the chimera planet.

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I thought it had 2000 trophies for a second.

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Finish Tekken X Street Fighter first.

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This has been around since the ps3. It's based on your state, certain states make them pay tax.

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I would but the servers don't work anymore. Blackops 3 is ok but i don't get the excitement i got from the older games.

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Hopefully they make it but didn't Guillermo del Toro say he didn't want to make anymore games after multiple failed attempts?

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It might be because outside of Playstation department Sony loses money but i do think they need to fix PSN. Download speeds are ridiculous on the PS4 especially when a new game comes out and everyone tries to download at the same time. I doubled my internet speed last year and TWC gave me a new modem and the speed went up on my computer but on my wired PS3 and PS4 it went down and i can no longer shareplay. Contacted Sony and none of their solutions worked. I've searched online and some p...

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I was getting around 40-50mb download and 7-10 upload with my PS4 and PS3 on a wired connection but then i upgraded my internet to 100mb and was given a new modem. Now on wired and wifi i get 25-35mb download and 2-3 upload on my PS3 and PS4 and can't shareplay anymore. I tried changing cords, rebuilding the ps4, and talked to Time Warner and Sony and neither of them know the problem because my computer gets full 100mb from the same modem.

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Dogmeat said the same thing to me before. But i was transferring items through trade and in the article he says drop them on the floor and have them pick it up. I will try that next time.

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Doesn't work when i try it.

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I don't think fallout 4 is bad but i haven't gotten the same feeling of excitement i got from Fallout 3 yet. I think the opening for Fallout 3 where you get to live in the vault for a bit added to the atmosphere but in this one (SPOILERS) you don't even get to live in the vault your frozen the entire time and then your sent out into the world to find your kidnapped son. The characters are good so far tho. The crafting and settlement building are cool but really slow down the game ...

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I think it's cause the game is too big for dvd and making a second disc raises the cost so this way is cheaper. Bluray would have enough space but most computers don't have a bluray drive.

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God of war was discounted to $33.53 not $24.99.

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I would buy it if it doesn't require much space to move around it and actually feels immersive.

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To use shareplay you need at least 5 on upload speeds. Every time i try to use it says its too low. I don't really have a problem waiting for downloads since they still work when im doing other things but i find downloads on PS3 are faster than PS4 but install times on PS4 are better.

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I just want better internet speeds on PSN. I have 80-100 download and around 10-12 upload on my computer. But on my wired PS4 i only get 30-40 download and 2-3 upload. It's ridiculous i can't even do share play.

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