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Gah, I must try this! Have to wait until later!

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Thanks for sharing! I really do need to get back into the literature (last one I read was Ghosts of Onyx) - any suggestions on where I should pick it up again?

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Very true - I do come across as if I'm speaking for everyone else! Unfortunately, I'm the only one who's willing to kill someone to play this game on our team!

Thanks for the comment and wise tip!

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"Could of fooled me, hes one of them."

It's "could have" and yes, I am still trolling, LOLOLOLOLO!

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Bahahahahaha! Wow, didn't realise how similar it was!

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"nothing at E3 except for Halo4 was targeted at the people who care about gameing"

Couldn't agree more!

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I'm afraid to say it doesn't break the trend - it's still pretty fiddly. The interface is improved, but otherwise, like you said, it lacks the feel of the classic mouse/keyboard and even joypad setup :(

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What's the reason if you don't mind me asking? Control issues?

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Let's just hope you're right!

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You're telling me! Who do you race as out of interest? I'm a Pico man myself!

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I most certainly agree with you - there have been plenty of hits on Wii! But Nintendo has missed out on some key franchises, such as the ones listed above! Please don't read it as me slagging off the Wii's software library because I've had a smashing time with it! I just wish I'd got to play Star Fox or F-Zero!

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My article does not "whine" about Devs complaining about GPU muscle and I don't think the Devs are even doing anything - these are all rumours from unspecified sources! I was simply analysing the words in the statements that they gave.

Secondly, i do not state that the Wii U's focus is to "allow 3rd parties to port games to it". I say that "a console which can readily accept ports from other existing platforms helps". And it's fair to...

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Very true, but the Wii has also sold more than the rest.

Also, I agree with Ziggurcat (despite penning the article) - my article analyses the rumours that are incoming but as I state in it, far too often websites will either make rumours up or speculate as if what they're saying has an inkling of truth in it. I, like most people, won't believe anything until Nintendo tells us, although I imagine it'll be quite some time until they do!

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I do worry that the market will slowly but surely shrink in size as ridiculously expensive games are made by devs in a bid to have the next big hit, but ultimately fail and cause bankruptcy. Unless you're EA or Activision, sinking millions into a project nowadays just seems to be a massive gamble.

The free-to-play model has proven, to some extent, that it's not only more commercially viable but likely to make more profit, too! I'm not advocating it, just drawing c...

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We are currently looking into this, ColinZeal, many thanks for your feedback!

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Lol, I dunno why but your comment made me giggle! You get an agree from me!

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What would be nice is if the weight of those decisions was a bit less predictable. You just know that any big decision you made last time round is going to have a serious consequence. It'd be great if something really minor like a conversation option with a minor NPC caused a huge problem or something. Mix it up a little, make you reconsider things in hindsight, blah blah blah.

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Blinx? Surely that's an IP that's not only dead in the water but one that deserves to stay there too?

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I'm no expert but doesn't that industry work differently? It's far more responsible to re-use cars - does Ford get a slice of the resell value perhaps?

Again, I write this knowing next to nothing, but was just a thought.

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