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Anyone else get S rank while using lethal? I used lethal and got S rank twice. Honestly don't really know the requirements for S rank. =)

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Wow..... They couldn't even make it possible to do first person cock pit view. I would definitely buy an Oculus once they get that to work good. This demo is actually kind of embarrassing lol.

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I just hope they make some type of adapter so that you can use it for both consoles like they did on the G27. Man I love Forza but I think I'mma wait to see the G29, and decide which to get then.

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I would like Hugh Jackman as Joel in The Last of Us. Have you seen Prisoners? Great movie and I can totally see him as Joel.

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I would love to see both 1080p and 4K screen shots. Wouldn't you like to see a comparison of a PC with like 3x GTX 980 running 4K maxed out settings just to see how much a difference the PC version can achieve? All comparisons doesn't have to be "fair". I'm just saying I would like to see the differences =)
I got the PS4 and PS3 version of this game. I literally couldn't wait for the PC version lol. Got a GTX 970 so I'll be ready for this version als...

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Didn't EA release DLC for BF4 which was redone BF3 maps? Like seriously how fucken lazy can they be. Won't be surprised if they did it again for Hardline.... believe the DLC was called Second Assault. Don't support shit like this please.

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Use fire crackers to draw Zombies to one spot, and toss a Molotov in there to light em all up. Easy points, and great when there's a horde in your way. This game is surprisingly fun so far. Slow start but really is fun later on.

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Yeah consoles are slow on the digital sales, but I'm starting to notice them getting better. There were some decent sales on both PSN and XBL this year. Also you can usually buy bundle voucher codes for cheap on ebay. Got TLOU for $18, Sunset overdrive for $25, Forza Horizon 2 for $23, Far Cry 4/Destiny/NBA 2K15 for $27 from the 4 games pick 1 for PS4. There's a pretty good EA sale on Xbox Live right now. Battlefield 4 $13 NFL Rivals $15, Titan fall $10, Dragon age inquisition for ...

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lol reminds me of Batman Begin, where Bruce says "I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you" Loop Hole!!!

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Hmm,I wonder if u can share play and remote play at the same time? You'll be streaming a PS4 that's streaming another PS4. Call it Playception.

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@uth11 Just cause they're different doesn't mean they shouldn't be compared to. Isn't that the point of comparisons? To compare the differences???

They're both racers and I think that's enough to compare them. Now if you were comparing a shooter to a racer then you would have a point there. =)

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@kingtroy I take it you, you don't have a sense of humor also. Cuhz your joke sucks.

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Knack was made in Studio Japan. Mark Cerny was lead game designer but the rest of the crew was mainly Japanese. Mark Cerny is also fluent in Japanese.

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What about Knack??? =)

Don't worry Bloodbourne is aiming towards Q1 or Q2 2015 and hopefully Deep Down gets a US release also.

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I need something like this when GTA V hits, and ICEnhancer puts out a new mod. VRAM was pretty important to run GTA IV modded and have it running stable.

No need to bring up consoles, it's like no shit this $650+ GPU will torch a $400 Console.... People on Porsche forums don't say ignorant and insecure shit like "Honda and Toyotas are trash, they're dead already." lol just saying.

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It was already confirmed DS4 will be supported. Maybe not at launch but there will be an update allowing it to work.

OT: It's got great potential, as I have tons of PS Vita games that I would love to play on my TV. And having access to my PS4 in my bedroom is such a win win. I just hope they add on all the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, HBO GO, ESPN GO etc....

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Nice, wish my first play through was with the remastered edition. Do your first playthrough on hard or survivor. The A.I. is a lot better, but if you want to play this more like a shooter then Normal difficulty would do.

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Fact is games are getting more demanding. It's not like all the games are still using the same engine as old gen. I'm sure Devs can achieve 1080p / 60 FPS if all they did was up the resolution and use the same old engine. But fact is Devs rather push the console by using new game engines such as Cry Engine 3, Frostbite 3, Ignite, Fox Engine, Unreal Engine 4, ETC... Shoot I got a pretty decent PC and I'm starting to notice a rise in demand for 1080p/60 FPS @ High/Ultra on newer...

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Don't think this game will be on Steam since it's EA and Origin. Also I rarely see AAA games go 90% off within its first year n even its second year. Steam does have great sales but don't exaggerate the sales. 20% off a pre order is still a decent deal.

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I'm liking the new skin tone, seems to go well with the setting. The lighting in the new build looks insanely better. It kind of tricks your eyes thinking you're watching a really good CG movie.

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