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What about Knack??? =)

Don't worry Bloodbourne is aiming towards Q1 or Q2 2015 and hopefully Deep Down gets a US release also. #1.1
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I need something like this when GTA V hits, and ICEnhancer puts out a new mod. VRAM was pretty important to run GTA IV modded and have it running stable.

No need to bring up consoles, it's like no shit this $650+ GPU will torch a $400 Console.... People on Porsche forums don't say ignorant and insecure shit like "Honda and Toyotas are trash, they're dead already." lol just saying. #1.1.3
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It was already confirmed DS4 will be supported. Maybe not at launch but there will be an update allowing it to work.

OT: It's got great potential, as I have tons of PS Vita games that I would love to play on my TV. And having access to my PS4 in my bedroom is such a win win. I just hope they add on all the streaming services such as Amazon Prime, HBO GO, ESPN GO etc.... #3.1.1
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Nice, wish my first play through was with the remastered edition. Do your first playthrough on hard or survivor. The A.I. is a lot better, but if you want to play this more like a shooter then Normal difficulty would do. #4.1.1
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Fact is games are getting more demanding. It's not like all the games are still using the same engine as old gen. I'm sure Devs can achieve 1080p / 60 FPS if all they did was up the resolution and use the same old engine. But fact is Devs rather push the console by using new game engines such as Cry Engine 3, Frostbite 3, Ignite, Fox Engine, Unreal Engine 4, ETC... Shoot I got a pretty decent PC and I'm starting to notice a rise in demand for 1080p/60 FPS @ High/Ultra on newer... #1.1.5
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Don't think this game will be on Steam since it's EA and Origin. Also I rarely see AAA games go 90% off within its first year n even its second year. Steam does have great sales but don't exaggerate the sales. 20% off a pre order is still a decent deal. #3.1
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I'm liking the new skin tone, seems to go well with the setting. The lighting in the new build looks insanely better. It kind of tricks your eyes thinking you're watching a really good CG movie. #2.1.1
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I'm just hoping this game will support my logitech g27. If it does than I will gladly buy the retail copy. Not for $60 though, I try not buying games for full prices now a days =) #6
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I like the game and concept, but I do agree that it feels a little lacking in content. Such as weapons, perks, titans and modes etc. A small story campaign would have been nice. I've played the mp campaign and I don't know wtf is going on in this story lol. I feel like its been rushed, and Titanfall 2 has great potential to be a really great shooter that can improve a lot from the first one. I know graphics isn't everything, but I do wish they improve the graphics in TF2. Ma... #1.2.1
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Yeah normally I dislike the $60 price tag for a remastered game. But damn this game was so good, I don't know if I have the will power to wait for a price drop. Very excited to play this again and see what the improvements are. 60 FPS and 1080p?? #4.1
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Big big disappointment, if you're going to do microtransactions, then do it for cosmetic items, such as decals, body kits, spoilers, car horns, head lights, and tail lights etc....

I don't want to grind my way for hours just to lose a race to some noob that spent real money on his virtual car.

Just look at Dota 2, a F2P game that makes a butt load of money on cosmetic items. Not this unfair $60 P2W crap.

I'm very competitive and th... #1.1.4
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God dubstep needs to fucking die. Shit is so annoying, for some reason people think they need to put it in video intros. Getting a seizure listening to that crap lol.

OT : Pretty good list, plenty of great games to look forward to. For me personally I'm also looking forward to FF XV, Evil Within, Driveclub, Uncharted 4, Dying Light, Deep Down, Evolve, Rime, and also the ones on the list. E3 is definitely going to bring more games and exclusives, can't wait. #9
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@Rodiabloalmeida True but it's still confusing since there are actual 8 core CPU's. So they shouldn't phrase things like Recommended Spec 8 Cores. #2.1.2
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I'm sure it's a typo considering the 3770K only has 4 cores lol.

The specs seems about right, I've been telling people that spec requirements are going to be a lot more demanding. Especially with the new consoles out. And wait till developers drop the old consoles and develop only for the new ones and PC. Kind of like AC Unity and Arkham Knight can only be done on next gen and PC and not coming out for PS3/360, so expect those games to have high demand in specs... #2.1
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Somewhere around this year a Beta should be coming out. I'm thinking around summer. And hopefully the full release is this year also.

At least they don't announce a release date and then delay it for like half a year. Some publishers need to stop announcing dates and then delaying them. *Cough* Ubisoft *Cough* #1.2
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No love for Samuel L. Jackson in this? Even though he only did like 5 video games, he deserves a spot. GTA SA, Lego Star Wars, The Incredibles, Afro Samurai, and Iron Man 2. Guess he's not a legendary actor.... /s

Also S/O to Ellen Page, Keither Sutherland, Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Seth Green, Tara Strong, David Hayter, George Takai, and Mark Hamill. #1.1.1
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Could you imagine that guy running out and holding a XB1? He would have to hold so many things. Kinect, power brick, controller, and the console. lol #4.1.1
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I'm looking forward to Driveclub, MLB The Show, The Order 1886, Uncharted and Deep Down. Also don't forget about the Indies, RIME, Everybody Gone to the Rapture, Shadow Beast, N++, Hotline Miami 2 etc...

And hey Outlast is free next month... Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to playing Titanfall.... On my PC....

I like how people claim no games, both consoles got a decent line up, but personally I prefer PS4's lineup. My 360 been... #1.3.2
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Yeah if you're going to use benchmarks as an example. They should add spec settings such as the AA and Resolution along with the general LOW MED or High Settings etc... Not just throw out inflated BS numbers expecting console noobs to buy into that. Also why is there no PC Case on the list? Are we supposed to build it and have the parts laying out on the floor? lol #6.1
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I agree.... To be honest this build is very weak. A 7770 isn't going to hold up with upcoming next gen games unless you're gaming @ 800x600 on low settings lol. Get something with a minimum of 2 GB of VRAM and also shouldn't this list include a PC Case? Are we supposed to build this without a case and claim it's finished just so we can get that $500 price tag?

You'll be spending a lot more, but in the long run it'll be better than settling on a low... #1.1.1
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