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"What's wrong with being a "core gamer"? I've been one all my life!"


That's some handsome looking merch.

Probably take longer playing with all the bumf than the game lasts, too. Value! #1
Yeah, feel like it was a bit of a botch job. Kinda half-baked, nice idea but so simplistic and boring. #1.1
Yeah, good price for physical. Enjoyed the demo. #1.1
Interesting. I've heard very mixed reports of Hardline's campaign, but actually sounds kind of fun here. I'm a sucker for cop shows. #1
The tweet doesn't exist. April fools, obviously. #13
Damn right. Though admittedly Bloodborne does spend about five hours making you slog through the same foes to get back to each boss until you learn the attack patterns! #1.1
Bizarre, ain't it? It would seem like a high priority, though I suppose the touchscreen sections would be impossible to complete. #1.2
Yeah, Netflix should be mandatory on this thing. #1.1.1
There needs to be a bubble for 'excellent 1960s Batman reference.' #2.1
I just bought a PS4. Last week. And I really don't need another one.

And yet... #1
Yeah, actually. I was jonesing for a cigarette when I wrote that comment and it's kinda full-on in hindsight. :(

Everyone should get a second chance and Escape Hatch deserve one. That was not classy of me, and I hope I'm wrong.

Still seems like they should be continuing to fix the game they made, though. #1.2.1
Rad. Going to try this and fail so very, very badly! #4
Thanks for the advice ipach! #17.1.1
Good. I bought a PS4 with both games the other day (oh man, I freaking love it already - the install speeds and tilt text entry are incredible) and the difference in quality is worlds apart. The Order is basically the same experience that Ryse gave me on my Xbox One last year - shiny, linear and totally forgettible.

Bloodborne, on the other hand, is magnificent. I even rate it over the Souls games; it's just that little bit more responsive and aggressive, making me want t... #17
Worth having a nose about, even if you just end up with a cheap download, soundtrack or somesuch. #1.1
Always worth having cheap Xbox Live credit on hand, great for deals of the week too. #1
Heh, they took $158,000 of lunch money. :P

Didn't back it myself, but did buy it and it was money down the toilet. Atrocious, feel worse for those who went in big on the KS. #1.1.1
I hold out literally zero hope for this being good, or even playable.

The developers are hopeless hacks who couldn't even copy Wing Commander properly with Starlight Inception despite getting plenty of Kickstarter funding. Approach this with extreme caution. #1
You've got to make time! #2.1
For sure, especially in sandbox games like this. There's already loads of opportunities for rampant hilarity even without the physics tweaks. #1.1
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