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"What's wrong with being a "core gamer"? I've been one all my life!"


That's a pretty tasty price. Bought one at launch and don't regret it, the voice commands and AV control do make for a really fun user experience. #1
"How can people easily rip DLC apart but toys like this which don't do that much get a free pass."

Well said. It's literally day-one on-disc DLC, but people lap it up. #3.3.1
Because it's literally day-one on-disc DLC. #4.1
Nice. Think a lot of people like to buy them as functional ornaments, perhaps grabbing their personal faves. #6.1
Probably fair enough actually. There's a section in the post explaining that too. #5.1
Feel like they needed to roll this out slower with more stock per wave. Rarity could be created with more special editions of existing figures. Now the excitement's peetering out, more and more problems and potential issues seem to be coming out of the woodwork here. #1.1
Ah go on then. Shame Jason wasn't in the base game, but looks like a fair bit of work has gone into making him unique. #1

Well said. Though I'm enjoying House Of Wolves, it's less of an expansion and more just adding a few features that quite frankly should have been in at launch. #1.1
I don't see "parody" tags anywhere. I think this is actually on the level.

Not all games need to become franchises. Setting up games to spawn franchises often leads to aggravating plot holes and cliffhangers. Would you like a new Halo and Gears pumped out each and every year, becoming increasingly broken and uninspired?

EDIT: "AAA games are being pressured to spend more on production and marketing. And us gamers, well, some of us are just... #2
I love that it's described as an "expansion" too.

Not "DLC." "Expansion."

Get in. #1.1
Most of the time patches do overwrite and replace data. When they don't, it's usually because they're stealthily installing DLC assets (like Destiny and Dead Rising 3 do). #1.1
Duplicate post? I hate to be this guy, but pretty sure I posted this yesterday #4
Yeah, I feel like more 6-player content would have been good too. For £19.99 it has to be a rip-off, surely. #1.1
Pricey, but I'd rather pay more for real LEGO than less for lame little figurines. Sorry amiibo and Skylanders, but your time is up. #1
HEAR HEAR. Agree 100%, this has bugged me for years especially on consoles. Devs need to realise that they waste a huge amount of screen space and can make reading text/using interfaces incredibly uncomfortable. #1
Yes, yes it is. Was worth every penny of its asking price, one of very few games to really do so recently, but this is a steal! #1
Argh, still can't quite decide whether to bite the bullet on this one! Great review but "so many questions left."

Either way, I'll probably buy it complete and then play each episode with a day in between rather than binging. #1
Neat. Looks like it could be a bit hardcore for me but love the art style! #1
I quite like Olimar in terms of design, the transparent helmet makes him stand out and is a nice bit of detailing. #1.1
Wonder how many of these will actually get sent? #3.1
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