What's wrong with being a "core gamer"? I've been one all my life!

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@wondnerfulmonkeyman: Ah dammit, thanks for pointing it out anyway!

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Not long now, at least.

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Also meant to also say that Nintendo tends to innovate within their own franchises. Their aesthetics may look similar, but there are also mechanical tweaks and a willingness to tinker with the formula. You could argue that Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Sunshine, Dr Mario, Paper Mario, Super Mario Sunshine etc are all the same IP, but they're all radically different games.

But again, fresh new property is a good thing and I enjoyed the testfires immensely. Think we'll ...

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After a couple of decades of creating new IP (building what we know know as the console industry in the process), I don't mind that they eventually settled down and iterated. Kinda feel like they earned it.

Still, agreed, it's nice to see that they're working on something new and bringing a unique spin to a classically 'Western' genre.

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LOL, I meant that there's money left over to buy something worthwhile :P

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Yup, totally agreed. Prison Of Elders is more fun and rewarding than the raids by far!

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Yup. Last hit may add a technical element to some MOBAs as you have to work together a bit more closely, but it's also a horrible mechanic that makes little sense and hurts gameplay flow.

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FYI, there's a beta key giveaway embedded right at the bottom of the article! Just got a code.

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Haha, well I suppose you can't say fairer than that! Think it's more aimed at people who haven't bought an XO yet though...

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Yeah, Gigantic looks fun. Actually bored of vanilla MOBAs, much prefer the hybrids now.

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Useful with House Of Wolves out. Plenty of money left over.

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That's incredibly cheap. Heard the PC version had some problems at launch but hopefully these are sorted now.

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That's a pretty tasty price. Bought one at launch and don't regret it, the voice commands and AV control do make for a really fun user experience.

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"How can people easily rip DLC apart but toys like this which don't do that much get a free pass."

Well said. It's literally day-one on-disc DLC, but people lap it up.

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Because it's literally day-one on-disc DLC.

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Nice. Think a lot of people like to buy them as functional ornaments, perhaps grabbing their personal faves.

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Probably fair enough actually. There's a section in the post explaining that too.

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Feel like they needed to roll this out slower with more stock per wave. Rarity could be created with more special editions of existing figures. Now the excitement's peetering out, more and more problems and potential issues seem to be coming out of the woodwork here.

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Ah go on then. Shame Jason wasn't in the base game, but looks like a fair bit of work has gone into making him unique.

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Well said. Though I'm enjoying House Of Wolves, it's less of an expansion and more just adding a few features that quite frankly should have been in at launch.

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