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"What's wrong with being a "core gamer"? I've been one all my life!"


"Also there's nothing wrong with listening to the big sites, just listen to multiple and actually *read* their content. Nobody is right all of the time, but here is value to opinions opposing your own."

Agreed. I can't help but think that people reading and digesting content rather than reacting to titles/headlines might help, though clickbaity headlines are arguably part of the problem.

As far as I'm concerned you shouldn't think ab... #7.1
You're saying that like she has any actual power to take your games away even if she wanted to, which she doesn't. She's a YouTuber pointing out tropes that videogames commonly use. That's it. Just like anyone else out there on the internet making videos about stuff they don't like.

Jack Thompson was a real threat to games before the court ruling guaranteeing their protection. Sarkeesian is just someone who makes videos about stuff. Let's get some pers... #8.1.4
The PSOne was amazing, fascinating how close it came to being just a disc drive in a Nintendo or SEGA console though! Crazy history lesson. #2
Hear hear. GTA has always been controversial and there will always be those who play it safe. #6.1
"So why did a petition just get an R18+ game banned from Target and Kmart stores in Australia, on account of the game promoting violence against women?"

Because Australia has a much tougher line on videogame censorship. It always has. Hardly anyone involved in any of these stores will have heard of "Feminist Frequency," Sterling or any of these actually fairly niche points of view.

Linking completely unrelated things together is great for... #4
Syphon Filter was awesome, but come on, can you really suggest that one of the other games should be knocked off to make way for it? #4.1
Metal Gear Solid at #1.

You chose... wisely.

Great games there, but credit where it's due, MGS blew my mind when I first played it. Never knew games could include such massive issues, thought-provoking themes and storytelling along with freeform stealth and characters. #1
I think that a lot of people aren't making it past the word "broken." The article is actually pretty upbeat and positive about the core of the game.

For the record I'm disappointed by The Crew because of its pointless storyline and awful characters KILLING MY FUN, but I do feel sorry for the devs, who worked on this for years and are now being hammered due to their publisher's idiotic and terrible recent
decisions rather than the game being judge... #2
Oh man, I loved Far Cry 2. Think it would have been remembered as a stone cold classic if only it wasn't *called* Far Cry in the first place. Sandbox fun it was not, but desperate improvised survival misery doesn't get much better. #2.1
That's some nice criticism there. No, really, it's great to see someone digging a little deeper and giving the same sort of feedback that a fun yet dumb action film would get. Really nice perspective, and about time we started holding videogame storylines to a higher standard. #5
Think you misunderstood my post. Saying that Nintendo are right not to release another Mario this year, but that putting out a boutique title like Captain Toad is a great way of giving us something different yet still Mario-related to play. #7.1.1
You haven't even finished Godus yet, Peter.

Stop promising stuff before you even know you can deliver it... oh, we're talking about Molyneux here. I assume that The Trail is just some sort of cube with disappointment in the middle then. And horrific voice acting. #4
Hear hear. MTs are fine for F2P and budget games, but in full-priced releases they're abusive and actually break the game on some level. There is no way that a game's economy can be properly balanced if there is also a premium option - game design doesn't allow for that. There has to be an element of grind, frustration, envy or psychological trickery built in to support these business models. #1
Nah, they should release games when they're ready (i.e. not annually) and use games like Captain Toad to fill gaps in the roster. You know, like exactly what Nintendo are doing. No Mario game this year, so have this awesome filler. #7
It's bizarre, isn't it? They should mention it in the tutorial and put tooltips in the menu at the very least.

Plus, handling is naturally tied to your car and upgrades. #2.1
Right on. There's no way an economy can be fairly balanced if it also has a premium currency - game design just doesn't work like that unless the product is cheaper/F2P. #1.2.1
I wonder how many "Crew Credits" it costs... #1
But they're getting harder to ignore. The Crew slaps you across the face with Crew Credits every time you try to buy any car!

EDIT: Also, why *should* you have to literally pay real money to skip ahead? Why is that even an option? #11.1
I agree with the sentiment, but I don't have a problem with the *concept* of MTs. When used properly in F2P/budget games they can let us pay what we want for the content we want. That's a good thing. In Zen Pinball, for example, I can pay for the tables I want and ignore the others rather than paying out for content I won't play.

The problem is that publishers have abused and twisted and broken what should be a consumer-friendly idea into a horrible way of graspin... #1.1
There needs to be a new word. I quite like "pointless funbucks" myself. #5.1
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