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Never heard of it but that is the kind of reason why Sega needs to listen to the fans when it comes to bringing back retro games. Feel free to add it to the comments on opinion piece!

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Hopefully that will be possible!Looking forward to seeing if it will have any major impact in the game and how it is played.

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Very good points and I can relate to what the article is about. It is one of the main reasons that I rent games that I want to try but may also be cautious about paying full price for. Some games always look incredible in demos and videos but turn out to be a chore, when playing through the retail game. : )

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While Sony tried a different angle by offering people more multimedia options, it seems that it forgot about the important part, which is the games. If it had better support then it may have been given much more attention. It is a shame with regards to the PSP go as it just rendered physical PSP games useless. It also probably made new users feel like they were being left out in terms of older games not on Playstation store. At least Nintendo always made sure to support DS games on all of the...

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