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Grab the first book before this. It might make a lot more sense that way. ;)

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Don't miss it next time. It was excellent. So much positivity and just people all in a good mood.

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Don't take it personally, he just goes around trolling everyone's post. Probably just an angry child somewhere who just got internet access.

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Ahh, nothing like posing a question about gaming to get the fan boys out in force.

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It's "off" not "of."

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You literally just copy/pasted the press release and called it an article? This isn't about journalism, this is just hit mongering for the sake of ad revenue.

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Glad you read through it before commenting...

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This is specifically about the marketing and the direction it is headed with each new promo. Nothing is being said of Valve in the greater scheme.

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I can't help but love everything Wolfire does. They are one of the most inspirational group of developers on the indie scene imo.

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Yes, we're going to have to put up with a lot of "Minecraft clone" comments for a while. I just think it's silly, as gaming evolves to produce similar types of games, people just latch onto the most successful title and start spewing "clone" around. It would be like saying every platformer was a Mario clone, or every fantasy novel was a LOTR clone. It's just silly.

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Good call. I haven't been following it closely enough, but it looks jaw dropping good!

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That's my feeling exactly. They feel the same for about 2 minutes, and then almost immediately branch off.

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I think a lot of people are missing the humorous element of the article. Everyone slow down, take a deep breath, and know that it isn't the end of all gaming. Just a fun article about one gamers dislike for one game.

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Fixed the link. I felt stupid... ;)

Seriously though, this was a damned fun read, and I'm not even a fan of the game.

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I've been very excited about Dead State actually. The second two both look interesting. Need to keep my eye on those. I couldn't find anything about the last two however. You got the developer name or a link?

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I honestly would have never expected this many people to get upset over this. When did Kinect even have time to develop such... dedicated fans?

For those not reading the review, but bashing it based on the score, here is the summarized point.

The author has a gaming environment that turns out to be too small to allow successful use of the Kinect. As a result, his expensive gaming peripheral doesn't really work, and regularly leads to frustration. As a res...

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I didn't write the review, but I posted it. It's is one Kinect users opinion. You don't have to agree with it.

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Though your views are respected, many schools of feminism exist, with no single one claiming a monopoly on feminist theory and ideology.

Simply because the author subscribes to a different school of thought on the subject doesn't mean it isn't a valid perspective, but simply a different one.

Many women of the same generation also have differing views on the subject. There has never been a time when all feminist theory could be applied to a whole gen...

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If you are going to limit yourself to gameplay alone, than there are plenty of old NES games out there. If you want video games to evolve beyond just the game part of it (as they've been doing over the years,) then yes, story, setting, characters; all of these are important.

I would have bought this game if it came out on the PC. Oh well...

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I mean, the average apartment is about the size of a closet, where do these people find the space to play?

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