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the issue with dinosaurs versus zombies in games, specifically shooters, is that dinosaurs take a lot more animation and a.i. to navigate an environment and to interact with the player; while a zombie is low level a.i. and usually has very little animation outside of running and arm flailing. i'm sure another Turok game will be made at some point in the near future, or something original with dinosaurs, but it'll have to be done by a developer who can afford the resources to program g...

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hopefully Blood Rayne as a 2D brawler or 3D hack and slash, do not want another fighting game by Arksys, especially a Blood Rayne fighting game.

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i doubt PAX and E3, Bethesda and Zenimax are still pushing games for 2014 like Wolfenstien, Elder Scrolls Online, and The Evil Within. i dont think they would want to detract from those games releases regardless of if Fallout shares the same audience.

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i feel your pain man :/ i sank so many hours in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. i NEED some sort of info from Fallout 4.

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ill have to go with Evolve over Destiny. put so many hours into Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 that i couldn't see myself choosing any game this fall over Evolve.

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this makes me hopeful that DICE will optimize Star War Battlefront a lot better than they did Battlefield 4 for the PS4.

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yeah, this is a bit odd

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Dexter could either be a TellTale style game or a Hitman type of stealth/action game. there's already a Marvel comics series of Dexter in run right now where he goes to Australia. so a Dexter game could pick from any of the book's, comic's, or show's cannon for setting and story.

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Aliens Colonial Marines: 2?

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people can whine about their money all they want. that's what you get for using a glorified pay-pal donation site. sometimes you get things like The Mighty No.9 and sometimes you get a guy who turned your kickstarter money into personal millions and a $2 billion dollar partnership with facebook. lol get over it.

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it would have me thrilled if this just came to XBL and PSN as a downloadable title without the microtransactions and mobile junk.

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looks great! like the graphics and art style too. glad this game was funded.

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i never said it wasnt fun, wii sports with the wiimote was fun. but look how revolutionary the wiimote turned out to be. all that did was spawn the ps move and kinect, which are gimmicks. the wiimote did not create anything of any actual substance to transform gaming. this is not going to be something that goes mainstream. its a niche device for pc gamers at best. your full of it if you actually think youll see families sitting around the house with those goggles on watching movies or playing...

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yeah let me know how wearing goggles on your head turns out to be. spending a few hundred dollars on "VR" is wasting money on a gimmick. i dont need to try anything to know its shit. ive lived through the virtual boy, power glove, arcade games, and the promise of motion controlled and 3D gaming. this will be nothing more than another failed expensive gimmick. but by all means throw your money at something just to say you've "tried it".

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more like who wants wear something big and bulky on their face. just another gimmick. let me know when they develop a holo-deck like in Star Trek. that's what kind of VR everyone wants, not goggles with a screen.

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why don't all the comic book die-hards just skip the movie and reread the comic books. im so tired of all the childish whining comic book and novel fans do about book and comic adaptations. just because you consume a lot of Fantastic Four comics doesn't make you some artistic visionary consultant for other people wanting to use the characters in another medium. these films are purposely not trying to page for page recreate the source material, they're simply borrowing from it. the...

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yes Daylight and Primal Carnage are the first games to use Unreal Engine 4. Arkham Knight is using a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3. the big give away that Arkahm Knight is not using Unreal Engine 4 is the fact that clothing, faces and the game in general didnt have very much dynamic lighting, everything still has the flatness to it that you see with games using UE3.

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yeah there is a fairly large red light district throughout certain portions of the city. its pretty nonchalant too, nothing vulgar. but yeah, i agree though, that's why im somewhat confused about the censoring at all, its not very consistent with what im used to seeing when im there.

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i go to Hamburg quite often to visit my father. i have never had any cultural issues discussing Nazism or Germany's past. although its kind of poor taste to bring up that aspect of Germany's history, i dont see why South Park's use of the swastika is causing an issue.

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