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is this a screenshot of the PS2 version? #5
why is he "mr. hip hp president"? #9.1
yeah so far it would seem to look that way. i hope Sony doesn't give a sub-par e3 presentation. i want a few exclusives to play in 2014. so here's to seeing some good software at e3. #4
Naboo has some beautiful architecture though, and basing a map around a Gungan area from the films would look aesthetically nice. but yeah please no actual Gungans in the game unless its a horde mode where you can't just murder the living shit out of them lol. #1.2.4
WWE should not be an annual series anyway, 2K should do it bi-annually to allow for bigger improvements and better story modes. #3
uh no, you should know what it is your buying. being an early adopter of anything tech related is going to have pros and cons. whining that something isn't fair or "a smack in the face" is just childish and shows how little someone actually puts thought into the purchases they make, maybe a grown up should handle your money from now on lol. also the Kinect-less SKU was inevitable, so anyone shocked by this is clueless to the gaming industry. #1.1.1
deleted comment. #5
deleted comment. #4
probably not due to the water physics being too taxing in a multiplayer oriented game. i would love to see Kamino redone as a map, the sleek platform and building designs along with the rain and wet surfaces would look great in the Frostbite 3 engine. #1
what needs reviving? each yearly CoD game sells better than most other console games that release in the same year. it doesn't really matter if CoD: Ghosts didn't sell as well as Activision would like, it was still the best selling game on Xbox One and PS4 and made Activision $1 billion, so i think CoD is fine lol. #1
internet y u do dis? so much bs when it comes to Fallout 4. #1
Nintendo should've just made a life sim like Tomodachi Life with as little restrictions as possible. Nintendo could've dodged ever having to take a stance of heterosexual and homosexual marriages by just allowing Tomodachi characters to marry in the most general sense. Create character, find another character, and marry that character; Nintendo making the marriage system gender specific was dumb on their part. As much as i think fighting for marriage equality is more important in real... #1
nah i'm glad. they are talented enough to move beyond just doing Batman sequels. i doubt Rocksteady will stop doing DC/WB properties tho. WB is giving them a lot of money and Rocksteady is making a lot off the Batman series, so i'm sure Rocksteady's next game will be another game based on a DC comic or WB license. too much money to walk away from. #1.2.1
of both recent Medal of Honor game, both complete duds compared to CoD's sales. it was a waste to have a talented studio crank out to fps games that no one really wanted. instead of MoH, EA could've developed more original IP's to create success. #1.1.1
why? no one is going to beat Activision at their own game, CoD is a powerhouse with brand recognition that had 9 mainline games on console during the last generation. instead of EA chasing the success of another publisher's franchise, why not invest in creating a game that captures a different market or demographic and creates success that way. the lesson for other publishers who want CoD sales numbers for there games is that only CoD sells like CoD. #1
can't wait to drive the Batmobile! hopefully Rocksteady gave it a satisfying sound. #1
hopefully Far Cry 4 makes an appearance! and is Aisha Tyler is host again? i think she did a good job last year, not too many cringe worthy moments lol. #1
zero chance Fallout 4 is coming to last gen consoles. Todd Howard always says "if install base mattered, everyone would be making board-games because everyone has a table." #1.1
MK Shaolin Monks 2 or GTFO. lol. personally i'm a bit content when it comes to the MK series and DC:IGU. a new IP would be nice or like i said, another Shaolin MOnks game would be dope. #5
my mind would explode seeing a next-gen Deus Ex game #8
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