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Or you did and didn't register xD happened to me more than once #2.2.1
Thaaaat's why you use usb cable when battery indicator shows it needs charging?... #2
You can either spend insight by ringing the summoning bell for coop, or spend them at messengers store, same one where you buy coop and invasion bells. #11.1
Same here, i have only one friend with whom i coop this game.One or two others did play it for a bit, but they are back to theirs nbas and ardlines and other generic dung. It's not everyone's cup o' tea. #8.2
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Fact that HE plays them on consoles, i suppose xD #4.2.1
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Where are you stuck?You could always coop it, you know. #7.1
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And i will invade you xD #6.1
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Cleric beast or that dude at the cemetery?The latter killed me 4 times xD i wanted to coop his arse, but then i thought:''feck it'' and soloed him pretty.Ah, the satisfaction... #4.1
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Well, mine was suppose to be delivered today. After i saw a DHL truck driving away, i checked my mail-nothing.Check status online-''recipient unknown, packet returned to depot''.WTF-_- nobody rang the door,what a c.nt. #1.1.3
Yeah, i also took out my frustration by beating a boss once. Feels like a victory indeed;] untill you get fired... #1.5.1
I don't get it,it's pointless. I'd change my mind, if this game would have pubic hair growth and trimming... #12
I would choke you as well #5.1.1
Yeah, but it is getting a bit ridiculus. I wonder when we're gonna see an article saying sth about new games.Or even new ips.

And lucas, stop watching Bloodborne streams if you intend to buy this game, gonna spoil it for yourself xD #3.1.3
Using the same formula doesn't prove any point, neither with my nonsense nor with his.So...what's YOUR point? #9.1.2
Playstation is the best station and wii-u is the best u. What's your point? #9.1
This. Is it a money grab? Sure.But the choice is still on a gamer. I don't plan on buying that-still have my ps3 copy, but i bet there will be people making the purchase eagerly. Besides, i am good for the summer with Bloodborne, GTA5 and he Witcher 3. Probably Batman as well. #1.2.4
Yeah, without dying, no checkpoints, in one sitting on ng++++ xD #11.1
Yeah,while i'm not 100% sure i'll love it-never can be before actually playing any game- i think it's still a safe bet to expect greatness, though DS2 has been a bit of a letdown to me. #3.2
It took me quite longer to complete them. #2.4
How have i shown disrespect to your opinion, you didn't even write that you have one. You simply gave link to a picture. When you want to call someone out on dn disrespecting your opinion, then simply give one. You liked it, fine. I think it's a horrible travesty of the source material and THAT is my opinion. Learn to respect that. #2.3
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