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Hannah Montana collection remaster. #10
1d 12h ago by bloodybutcher | View comment
The Witcherski 3, followed by Bloodborne. Have yet to play Fallout 3. No X1 titles, because i don't own one. #62
And beards. Do not forget them. #14.4.1
Is it chinese half-brother of Jesus Christ? #25.1
Maybe he's British and means '' cigarettes''? #5.1.1
Let's put it this way: i bought Bloodborne and CE TW3 at launch(well, the latter actually got preordered nearly a year earlier). Fallout 4 will wait till price drop. Or GOTY edition. And BB is absolutly not extremely hard. It's hard-ish. You just have to learn attack patterns and avoid running blind into a battle. Like i did with those assfaced villagers xD #1.2.3
It's nowhere near gta in terms of content, but-imo-has better story and more interesting characters. #4.2
Well said, ares. Last gen i didn't care for sales either, just played my ps3. Don't care now #1.2.7
I really want to buy it, but i'm still thinking about waiting till xmas.All the bugs should, hopefully, be patched by then. #2.4
Hmm...I guess i'm the opposite. First thing in fo3 i did, after finding the cave full of kids, was trying to shoot them and to blow them up. #2.1.1
That time? Time of tw universe? #3.1
They have next batch available in November in their online store #2.1
Love FM! #9.1.1
Yup. I knew tw3 will have some issues (as expected ) and i know, that fo4 will have some as well. Don't care, tw3 was not broken for me, just had few funny glitches, none of them game-breaking. As to fo4, i'll wait few weeks after the release to see, what issues it has got. #19.2
Agree. Oh, the idiotic smile of triumph after finally defeating father Gascoine! I was getting so frustrated, because i couldn't do it even with help of other hunters. Then i thought ''oh f...k it, it's 1 on 1'' and I DID IT!^^
Fun with this game is immense.And The Witcher...Well, i luuuuuurve the books, so it was no brainer for me to consider it me oon goty. #15.1
You made me giggle. #1.5.2
Talking is so overrated #2.1
That's right. I don't like pdp, but, for example, like to watch things like teens react, when they play tlou or outlast. #5.1.1
I think it looks horrible, tbh. #1.11
Oscar Pistorius probably as well #5.1.1
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