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maybe(just an assumption on my side) that is because you were going in there with expectations? when you get your mind set on sth, it is hard to accept changes.

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you mean like all of them, Sony fanboys included.

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you didnt like Detroit? i thought it looked great, graphically and with many outcomes based on your actions.

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meh, then you could just do the "Shaun of the dead" mimic-the-zombie thing xD

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that is cool. gonna wait till it drop to 20 euros and then it is mine.

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although you got it mostly right, you still missed dlc. haha, your prediction sucks....

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my prediction is either yes or no.

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well, i live in the EU and i love basketball.

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you haven't experienced Demon's Souls untill you fought Flamelurker.

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yeah, he's dead.

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i think, that all female characters in every game ever should have been replaced by potatoes.

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as far as i am aware, unfortunately it has not been translated to English. it is a shame, many people in fact do consider the Narrenturm trilogy to be superior to The Witcher saga and i would love to have them experience great characters(well, mostly.the main protagonist is an idiot) and such detailed 15th century Slesia and the neighbourhood.

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...Narrenturm trilogy by Sapkowski. he is such a great writer.

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oh, it was so bad---both the movie and the series. you know, sometimes you get such a bad movie, that it's fun to talk about?well, it was so bad, that nobody wanted to even mention it xD the only good thing was Michal Zebrowski as Geralt, though i was initially very sceptical. he didn't seem to be a good choice at all, but hey, make up artists made awesome witcher out of him. funny thing is, when i met him at signing(yup, i went to get the autographs, even though i hated the movie) h...

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no, steal. you can only get one after you steal a book xD

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i am not sure, which direction-if Dandelion will really join Geralt- i want this to go. on one hand, he seemed really in love(as much as it is possible for this moron), so probably i would like him to get in some kind of relationship with anarietta, because it would fit the books imo. on the other hand, it would seem to be to safe a path and i would like to be surprised. in any case, i am so getting this dlc, being a big saga fanboy since for 16 years already.

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i am really hoping for some fringilla in the dlc, though toussaint without reynart, regis, angouleme, milva and cahir...will not be the same for me. i am hoping for Jaskier-i mean dandelion-joining geralt.

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i have made 137.589€ just today. by doing nothing. so kiss my arse.

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stop being such a petty, obviously jealous fanboy. jesus, kids these days are so insecure in their choices, that they have to downplay anything they see as a potential threat. i don't own x1, never going to. but it doesn't mean, that i put my ps4 on a pedestal and worship it. is it so hard to understand, that people have different taste and aren't obligated to like the same things that you do? sort out your life, boy. because it seems to be an empty, shallow mess.

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because we are not getting any younger. next year i will hit 40. so with the theoretical The Witcher 10 and averaging 6 years between the sequels, i won't even remember what a witcher is. if i will be alive.

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