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Or nathaned #2.1.1
That's because it seems to have too many action pieces. #7.1
It's non of your business if we masturbate to sony, oprah or sour cucumber. Maybe it'd help your mentality to stop fantasizing about objects that strangers masturbate to. #5.6.1
Miley Cyrus: The Quest for Dildo? #38
For me, as of now, it's the multiplat game that'sa must play game- The Witcher 3. Last gen the best one imo was also a multiplat- RDR. From the list it's def. Uncharted and maybe Bloodborne. #25
I wonder why all women call me'' micro soft''... #26
Ps7 launch title confirmed! #2.1
Or cougar-man. And donkey-lady. #7.1.1
Red Dead Rectum? #6.3.3
Harry, no. Hermione, on the other hand...(cuz one hand is busy) #4.4
@poppinslops they should also ban donald duck cartoons, he is clearly running around with his underage nephews without pants #1.2.7
I hope they have knee pads in the witcher 3. And noob tube. #3.1
Yupp!i hope they have limited edition, bundled with a pack of tissuee! #18.1
True, apart from Vaas, who was great and should've been more often in the game, i prefered Buck to Hoyt. Actually, everyone was more interesting, apart from'Jason and his friends. The most interesting one from the Jason bunch was his brother, and they killed him off at the start. #3.1
And if you don't care about jrpg, like me? #24.1
I would love The Witcher dt... #38
I see dead people #20.1.3
And me.i don't even tweet anything. #12.1.1
Nice list, man! I'm happy to have TuneIn app on ps3, i listen everyday to a polish station playing '80s music:-) hopefully it'll come to ps4... #1.12
It's not? #1.10.1
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