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Yeah,for me too.I just got a bit over 50hrs on this, love the Skyhold, the romance, characters.Finally got my team all set and use the stratcam for harder fights.It's so addictive.Wanted to get farcry4, but i'm glad i decided to get DA.Between this, Nba2k14, Shadow of Mordor, Diablo 3 and TLoU i am all set to wait for my CE of The Witcher 3.Who needs a life anyway. #7.2
For me this game is the''wait till the price drops significantly'' kind.Probably will go with farcry 4 in feb. #13.2
It will be at psx...2037.C'mon guys, it'll never arrive. #13
Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4. #15
yeah, but in the 90's they were still jumping between their fathers testicles. This gen is all about being entitled and bitchy. I still remember one of my favourite games in my teen time: #14.1
Well, i suppose you'd like me to elaborate on ''racist'', since other things are self-explanatory. I would refer you to Matthew 15:22-26.As to the avatar, it is my son, flipping the bird unintentionally. Your judgement is obviously clouded by your intolerance of comments not fitting to your worldview. #7.1.3
He probably is disappointed by chess and all sports.
Ot: that's the second game this gen, next to the witcher 3, that got my heart to beat faster out of excitement.It looks great. #11.4.1
Uncharted-Coal mine? #16.3
I'm not sure if compering ND to some ancient, delusional, racist Jew is quite appropriate #7.1
I thought it's a Mango tv shopping simulator xD #5.7.1
SoM is a Batman meets AC in Middle-earth.That's a killer combo ^^ #8.1
Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion. I don't really care, i'm waiting for my dai copy to arrive within few days(hopefully before the weekend). Can't wait to do some inqusitioning xD #10.1
Wat?Ay kent anderstent a uord yoor seyeen. #11.1
i got mine in june.or july, cannot remember:P could've waited for the white one though...oh well, with tlou,kzsf,nba2k14,diablo 3 and shadows of mordor(bought yesterday on psn, half price, yay) #15
This is insane, i just want it jetzt! #20.1
the witcher 3 is polish, not cod aw.buzzinga #23.1
Looks like you have a stalking doppelgänger #3.3
Aaah, first fps that got me hooked.Oh, the memories..And then Kz2 mp, next to cod mw the only one i enjoyed. #7
I don't even know what it is xD time to youtube it, i suppose #14
Not for me, being unemployed sucks. This will have to wait till price drop. #1.2
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