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More like ''go play with your ''Connect the dots'' book, that's already filled out''.Shooters seem to be too complicated for such people.

Ot:damn shame. I had such high hopes for SH...Seems like mgs5 will be preowned for me...But it was gonna be anyway, so it's not like Konami should give a stool xD #102.1.1
Yup, we'll hear soon about ''Noiseless Acclivity'' #75.1
Ay wood evan sai eggselent! #11.1.1
Freakin Flamelurker...had to use ''stuck in environment'' glitch on him, couldn't defeat him otherwise. #10.3
I'm addicted to not being addicted... #1.2.2
Because your internet sucks? #12.1
But he did call ''The Witcher games'' as ''a high class product, successful adaptation, faithful to the original'' #1.3
I do not know his views regarding computer games, but here is my rough translation of his stand on anything ''witcher-y'' outside of his books:''A computer game can not be considered in the slightest a continuation of the Witcher series , or for a sequel or a continuation of the events described in the last volume of the witcher stories , entitled ' ' Lady of the Lake ' . Any adaptations - movies, comic books and also games, including the game ' The Wit... #1.2.2
Maybe for those, who have no idea what it means. #13.1
I had a cheese-steak.Then i got a Walkman. #6.3.1
Or even Chris Rock #2.2.4
You just can't help yourself, eh?xD #11.2.1
I like chocolate chip cookies #1.2.1
When i sit around, playing games, i do so not wearing underwear. So up yours, mate. #3.1.1
I haven't noticed anything. It did occasionally take a loooong time to get in the rest mode, but i am not sure, if it wasn't happening before the update too. #2.2.8
And proud of it. #12.1
Yeah, lately i get into ''gaming slumps'' more often than before.Maybe it comes with getting old o_O #1.5.1
In other words, it'll get banned in Germany. Like Dying Light. It was already annoying, that they censored New Order. #4
Krokodyl?Ale z pewnoscia nie forfiter? #1.7.2
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