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Yes, it is. And you know what? I am getting this game anyway and will shell out 55€ and not regret it at all. Nobody's forcing anybody to buy it. It's that simple. #54
I'd say many care. I do too, i want to be able to play my music and video files i got on my usb stick. Freaking ps3 can do it, i want my ps4 to be my media centre. I also want a youtube app, custo ised wallpapers and dynamic themes. #1.2.3
In witcher's world it's quite normal, you know. And Geralt is a guy who never refuses:-) even more so Jaskier(Dandelion), he will screw anything that cannot escape him. #2.1
You, sir, shall burn in hell for all eternity. So says my loving God, who's son rode the dinosaur!Tide goes in, tide goes out. Nothing can come from nothing, it's against logic and physics! Apart from God. Evolution is a theory, it's not science! Banana proves intelligent design! #25.1
Price of Persia? Is it,like, the Middle East economy simulator? :-P #4.3
Unfortunately no, the first one was pc only, 2nd one pc and x360. #14.1.1
I usually don't preorder anymore, but i made one exeption for the witcher 3 collectors edition. 150€ will mean less meat to eat, but it's worth it xD gotta get that figurine, besides it's nice to be able to enjoy a witcher game on ps4. I'm also happy that this series made Andrzej Sapkowski's witcher saga more popular in western culture. #14
What a game that was...Great WM final, keeping me on the edge of the seat for an entire game. Deutschland ist Weltmeister! #11
Wrong. Game statistics- shots 10:10, shots on goal 7:2 for Germany.Posession 60%:40% for Germany. Corners 5:3 for Germany. #5.2
I watched dark souls 1 and 2 speedruns(can't believe how good people can be!) and i subscribe to sunblade's channel-he's got great pvp videos. #14.1
It is ok, because nobody is forcing you to buy them, duh. You always have a choice, don't act like it's a horrible thing. #3.2
Only when you're out of ammo! #10
Or betamax? #2.1
@madjedi true, i play mostly sp for example. But if s.o. wants to buy many games with different features, then getting sp only ones later at lower price would be a logical choice. The one game i am already preordered-sp only game- is the witcher 3. I did it only because of its collectors edition-i want that figurine, dammit! Games like evil within or farcry 4( i don't like mp in that) will wait. One i am getting this year is, funnily enough, remaster of ps3 game. #2.2.3
Cuz Jaisus! It's funny how both sides claim to have superior exclusives. Personal preferences vary from person to person, that is why they are PERSONAL. For me the most anticipated game atm is The Witcher 3. Not any exclusive. For this year games it was tlou, untill it was announced that mp will be censored in eu, and gta5.and fąrcry4 #76
Are they gonna also include lots of freezing, like with 2k14? Cuz it wouldn't be the same without it. #4
Hehe, wanted to write the same thing... #1.1.1
Dammit, this gen suxx. No games at all. #36
Just buy games with mp and postpone sp games till the price drops:-) #2.2
I don't think that he will masturbate to it... #1.10.1
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