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I know what it means. It means, that you are immature.(and i really know the meaning, i am Polish)

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It is.not worth reading. Sapkowski is.just bitching about everything and insults gamers. He was always a tosser, with his head so.far up his arse, that he could lick his lungs.

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Of course. If you ignore the pre-game translations to Russian, German, Spanish, French etc.

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I do beans longer than that. Realie.

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What is wrong with obese, naked and hairy men? You racist.

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no. you're out of touch. i'm out of time, but...

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disagree. more like barbra streisand.

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true. without noone limiting his creativity, he can now make a 30hour long cutscene with few minutes of gameplay spread through it.

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haha, first time i got invaded i got so scared, that i jumped off the cliff. especially since it was in the 4th area.i HATE those skeletons to this day. man, what a game Demon's Souls is. i imported two copies from Canada(at that time i lived in the UK), one for me and one for my psn friend from Poland. trying to play coop was as hard as the enemies xD the atmosphere is unmatched to this day. though Bloodborne also has a great one.
so my list is as follows

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@eonjay no, the halmark of the series is sqare, square, triangle.

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it will definitely be 2099....

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i did as well...untill i decided to go for the whole deck trophy. never want to play gwent again xD

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Blood and Wine, to me, was the best dlc ever. and the main reason is... Regis! how i have missed that son of a bitch ever since his demise at the hands of Villgefortz.

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it was just great. John Marston shooting zombies, damn. both single player and coop were just so much fun.

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tw3 has the best dlc imo. blood and wine especially.

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i think you forgot to mention money.but it is obvious, publishers and developers want money, so why point it out? i will buy it. but used. or after a significant price drop. IF it will be really improved.

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it's LeBron James.

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maybe it is(can't say, don't want to play it since kz2 mp was a pinnacle of the series), but SP is so boring.

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nice to see, that SoM and DAI are getting some love. DAI was a nice turnaround after mediocre(imo) DA2 and SoM was a great blend of AC and Batman in MiddleEarth.real surprise for me.TW3 is the best game this generation for me so far.just platinumed it and finished both dlcs.depite all exclusives it seems, that multiplats are always the best for me. this gen the witcher, last gen RDR.i really liked Untill Dawn and Bloodborne. Fallout 4 is waiting for mods.Alien Isolation has a great atmosphere...

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maybe(just an assumption on my side) that is because you were going in there with expectations? when you get your mind set on sth, it is hard to accept changes.

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