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We have the power!

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I had my friend tweet both hashtags because I don't have nor care for twitter but she does so :D I now 'owe her one' -_-

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This vid is hilarious x'D

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Crash Bandicoot is better than 99% of the games out this gen

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CoD is meh since CoD4

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Lucky developers. The PSOne is gorgeous, especially with Crash Bandicoot in the disc tray

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I really hope countries block this and force MS to make it non-mandatory. Germany and Australia have the right idea, I hope others do too

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In the same boat as you. I buy games new and those that aren't great, I sell quick in order to recoup most of my money which is used to buy more new games

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GT will easily pass that mark and I will contribute

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Their grave is now a mass burial . F*** up after f*** up

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The translation may have jumbled up the sentence thus mixing up the meaning. It did so for most of the read

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Thunder dropping into a crowd watching the news was epic becauae of the large number of civilians running to watch xD I also liked it when civilans threw rocks at you if you opted for the evil route, which was my first choice for both inFAMOUS games

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Means nothing

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The X1 hasn't even released yet so your statement is not valid. Also sales show the Wii U is a flop. Current gen specs with no games and only a tablet to show for it xD Btw, i'm not a MS fan. Infact, i'm only buying a PS4 this year, however, only a fool would deny the Wii U is a flop and that the console sucks.

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MGS V! Cannot wait!

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The big worry for me is the all-seeing eye (Kinect)

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Car modding is back and is more detailed and expansive than ever with both cosmetic and performance upgrades being available i.e grills, rims, engines etc. Tattoos and barbers are back too

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Sony does the same with Assassins Creed

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Both 24 hour races were epic. I completed both and the day-night was amazing for both tracks. Nurb at night is very thrilling and dangerous too

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Worst reveal of all time. They f***ed up in so many ways that it went from being funny to downright sad

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