Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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Any company that can spend 26 BILLION dollars is in a good situation. You sound ridiculous. Sony sure as hell couldn't spend that kind of money...

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I'm planning on buying a R9 390 I think it's called. I'm upgrading from a 7950 since MS will start doing cross buy. Is this a good upgrade?

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Are people really still buying this travesty of a game franchise? Instead of making a new Virtua Fighter something that people want or a new Phantasy Star we get Sonic? Who's asking for Sonic? Sega should just go away at this point. All they release is trash Sonic games. They have ruined this franchise...

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PS4 wasn't released after a terrible system unlike the NX.

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I would be more excited for the NX if I knew what I was getting. It releases in less than a year and I don't even know what it looks like.

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Who defines who's winning is my question. As far as I'm concerned my Xbox is winning because it's where I spend most of my time gaming.

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Yes I agree, That would be the only way I'd want a sequel done. New story line.

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I hope TLOU never gets a sequel. It was just perfect as it was. Somethings are better left alone...

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Looks excellent!! Now im officially excited for Gears 4. If this is a cross buy game I think I'll pull that old 7950 out of my PC and replace it with something better. Any suggestions? Looking to spend about 200-300 max.

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Sure is. Just got my email from Amazon saying the Xbox one S has been pushed up to Aug 2nd!!!

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Not sold on this game yet. I'll watch Twitch and do my own review.

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People said MS jumped the gun with an ether net port only on the OG Xbox to but we all know how that turned out...

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I don't need Crackdown this year but I WANT it this year. I'm a diehard Xbox fan. Been on XBL since day one when they was giving away Mech Assult free with the subscription so it hurts me to say that I'm beginning to wonder why I bought a X1. I mean the exclusives are few and far between. Sony may not have many exclusives I want to play but the point is that they have them, lots of them. MS needs to understand that exclusives is the reason most people pick on system over another....

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I sure would like to see all these "xbox fanboys" who wants this game to fail. Anyone got links were hundreds of xbox fanboys are hating on this game? Any real proof? Seems to me the author is the real fanboys the way he keeps saying "this PC/Playstation game" in the article as if we don't know that already. I'm sure there are a few xbox nutt jobs out their who wants ANY Sony exclusive to fail.

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There's more than just updating your graphics card to be up to date. You have no idea what my computer can or can't do so assuming I only need to spend 200 to be caught up it dumb...

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What kind of dumb ass reply is that to my statement?

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I'm still running a 7950 so I'm sure it will cost me a good chunk of change to get up to date.

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Or people actually dumb enough to go into an alley because they are so into the game.

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