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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


X1 Games always let you preload before ps4. ive preloaded x1 games as far out as a month away from release like halo mcc. #2.2
Im going to get it regardless of others opinion. Looks fun on the MP side. #7
Where is my VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 MS?!?! GRRRRRR!!!!!!! #6
I just got a email from sony for the ps vita settlement. I got a code for $25.00 so im using that to buy this beautiful game! Check your emails people if u bought a vita at launch!!! #76
Ill be on this gem tonite at 9pm in cali. Anybody wanna run a few games can add me on xbl. Same gamer tag as user name. #12
BO3 is actually pretty good. I havent had this much fun in a COD since BO2. #6
MGS5 and Mad Max will do it for me. Ill play Gears til MGS5 drops. #7
Umm was this a joke? the ps3 version looks almost as good. ill need to see actual gameplay before i judge. #10
This is like a cat using a mouse trap... unless your cats name is Tom then it makes sense... #12
This was a great game on Wii U. It kept me from returning my Wii U. Its more of a Simulation style horror game. More on the realistic side. It can be very difficult at time. Ill be picking this up once its on sale. #11
Sega doesn't care about its fanbase wants. If it did we would have been playing far less sonic games and more Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon,and The Shining Force Series years ago. Dont hold your breath waiting on this one... #8
And some of us like to stay on topic and keep it short and simple especially in a gaming thread just saying... #10.1.1
Everyone will not have the same experience. FOR ME it lags and since i have to pay its not worth the money. #22.1.1
PSNow would be great id it didnt lag. I have a 105mb connection which is way more than enough and i still get lag and spotty resolution. Its not worth the asking price. PSNOW should be free under a PS plus sub. I tried it for 2 months and never did i feel like i got my moneys worth. Great idda but its still ahead of its time... #22
Whats with all the damn essays in this thread? Lol #10
Yet another case of a game being shown far to early. #12
All i want is Virtua Fighter 5 FS. Come on Sega! #34
Ive owned my X1 since day one and never have i felt let down with the system. I cant say the same for my ps4. As far as im concerned the X1 is the best next gen console. From a games/feature prospective its killing the competition. Might not be as powerful but ive yet to see a game on PS4 that makes the X1 look like a toy. This is all bases on my experiences with both consoles since day one. Id recommend getting a X1 over any other console at this point. #9
Already got it downloaded and ready! Chainsaw noobs beware!!! #9
Trash... #1
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