Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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I said I wasn’t going to buy this game but I bought it day one and now I’m especially glad I did.

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Why would you care if it did? Let’s say these imaginary Xbox fanboys (cause we know that’s who you’re referring to) came along and down voted this game til it hit below 90. How does that effect your enjoyment of the game? Are you a stockholder or something?

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Screw all that what Namco needs to be doing is releasing a resolution patch for the 1X. It still runs in 720p

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Yes the gunplay. Obviously she uses a bow but it’s no different than a gun let’s be real here. It would control exactly the same if she was using an assault rifle but if it makes you feel better then I’ll say the bowplay is excellent.

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Please include last battle and mystic Defender

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It’s a good game but it did get pretty boring to me after a while. Fighting the Mechs is fun but fighting other humans is just awful. There was nothing special about the quest but I will add that I haven’t finished the game so maybe there are some better quest later. The gunplay is excellent however.

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And it’s laughable that you’re ok with a FULL PRICED GAME being released with less content than most indie games. You can be a sucker all you want but I refuse to be. And please show me where I said the game wasn’t enjoyable. I’ll wait...

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Name one game that was not modeled after an MMO and was not an expansion pass from last gen that did a road map 3 weeks after launch.

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I call bs. This game has no real content and the community is in an uproar over which explains why they have to come out 3 weeks after launch to tell us more content is coming. They released a bare bones game AND THAT is why they are already coming out with a content road map. This is not an MMO is a content roadmap is not expected in a game like this. Don’t fool yourself this game is as bare as it gets.

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This game has no real content. What you are talking about is expansion packs. There is a difference

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It’s ridiculous that they even have to layout a content plan for a game that just released. That shows us just how little thought went into this game in the first place.

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Phil I’m the type of Xbox fan YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE! Give me a reason to remain that way. I don’t expect the 1X to suddenly start pumping out lots exclusives so late in the gen however, I expect tons of exclusives at the beginning on next gen INCLUDING SINGLE PLAYER GAMES!

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I have zero problems finding people to play with so yes I’m sure thousands of people still play this. With D2 being somewhat underwhelming for me The Division fills that void nicely

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Just installed the patch. Going to give it a try in a few

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Good job Sony. Looking forward to trying out this new GoW formula for myself.

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