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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


Im not COD fan but what alot of you fail to realize is COD has been copied to death by most likely YOUR favorite FPS. Name ONE popular console shooter in the last 5 years that hasn't borrowed from COD. Its the circle of life basically. Like someone already said, all games barrow from one another bytits how you put it all together that makes it different. #11
From a gamers perspective yes of coarse. From a sales perspective no they dont. Sony has done a remarkable job of moving ps4 without a single must have game last xmas. As a mater of fact the ps4 has been selling ridiculously well without a killer app. Hell until bloodborne came out i really didnt even use must ps4. Basically sony could put a pile of bricks in the box and it would still out sale the competition. #29
I still wanna know about the lady in the white dress with blood on her stomach. Whats up with that? #6
Ive already used up 1000gb of the 2500gb my xbox has. This is nothing. #14
I havent played Destiny since maybe Feb. It has so much potential but the lack of content destroys Destiny for me. HoW will NOT bring me back even tho ive already paid for it at launch. I just beat Bloodborne last night so the next game that gets my undivided attention will be a game that i KNOW will deserve it. Witcher 3 im looking at you. #11
Legal or not my psp says thank you lol. #4
Outside of sales and a SLIGHT power advantage i dont see how the PS4 is better than the X1. Until Bloodborne dropped my ps4 was a waste of money. For me the X1 is the better console by a mile. #54
I want to know if it will be played from a 3rd or 1st person prospective. If memory serves me correctly, SWBF1 was a 3rd person shooter. Im hoping for 3rd person. #38
Im even MORE Konfused after reading that... #3
I agree with just about everything you said. I love BB but its a "Dark Souls lite" imo. No penalty for dying? So far BB is easy mode compared to the Souls series. Still the best gsme on ps4 imo tho. #15.2
Please sir tell me what were the top selling and most popular games on PS3? And please sir tell me what are the best selling and most popular games on ps4? Ill give you a hint, it aint a puzzle game... #11.1.1
The X1 looks better than the PS4 to me, but thats like chosing the lesser of two evils. #12
Bloodborne is nowhere near as hard as the souls series. Still a great game and next to Ori its the best nex gen game ive played. #12
As much as i love the souls series they have never been system sellers. They are an acquired taste. Alot of casuals and everyday gamers will be put off by its difficulty. So no i do not believe its a system seller. #22
This is why i own all consoles. I dont have to worry about silly stuff like this. Im glad its an exclusive only because it gives me justification FINALLY for buying a ps4 day 1. Now im going back to cursing out the stupid first boss! Grrrrrrr!!!!! #81
Ive died about 6 times in the first 20 mins and couldnt be happier. Finally a reason to turn on my ps4. #9
Or EVEN BETTER sony could allow true external hdd support which is even easier to do than swapping out an internal. #10.1.1
Ive got external drives on my x1 and i go all digital. I have over 25 games and i still have 500gb ps4 on the other hand only has 117 gb left after i downloaded bloodborne. Im going all digital on x1 but sony needs to add true external hdd support so i can stay all digital on ps4 #10
Id ask him if he has extra controllers then if he says yes id say "hey have you ever played bloodborne?" #10
i dont care if god himself came down and said that if i played bloodborne im going straight to the hot place. nothing will stop me and my MANY deaths to come. BRING ON THE LOADING SCREEN OF DEATH!!! #64
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