Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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Not for me it's not. I'm looking forward to it and have two on pre order. It can't come out soon enough if you ask me.

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I was going to buy it but now that it's on game pass I'll just get it from there since I'm a member. Looking forward to Recore.

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Just under 1000 Is not the same as 500 now is it...

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Been playing since release. It's pretty much uncharted 4 with a female lead. Basically if you like UC4 you will like this. I do like the freedom to go where ever I want . I think in that regard it's better than UC4. Lock picking is nothing special though it's pretty much like any other game with that mechanic. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and will spend many hours hunting hidden treasures.

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Wow...thats so lame

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I didn't see them go up at all on Amazon but then again I wasn't watching all night. I,am a,prime member and set up for alerts and I haven't received an alert. I'll keep watching.

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I went to gamestop an hour ago and they told me they are not doing pre orders. They say it's first come first serve.

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Amazon US is our last hope. They still,haven't went up for pre order yet. Target and best buys screwed me over.

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Buy the time I went to checkout it was already gone from my cart. I was pissed

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He must of been talking about 360 cause he SURE as hell ain't talking about Xbox One.

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This download was live two days ago...

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No what you're doing is knocking xb for "fake" 4k but failing to acknowledge that Sony also has a fake 4k machine on the market also. Didn't see you mention that in your little sneak dis comment so I called you on it. You're welcome

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Seems ridiculous to talk about the ps5 when the ps Pro hasn't even been out a year. See what I did there?

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What's the point of running this video in 60fps when the actual game is 30fps. There's a word for that...its called dick teasing.

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Horizon looks better than any game I've seen this year and that includes PC. If Sony can pull that off with checker boarding then I couldn't careless for true 4k. I say use that extra power for 60fps and checker board the rest.

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Xbox and ps Pro are fake 4k, ps5 and xbox next will be proper 4k.

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Thank god. I love that game but it's so ugly on xbox that I can't even bring myself to play it.

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I was able to pre order two. One from Amazon and one from Target. Can't wait to get this bad boy to my house. Anyone know if Ghost Recon is on that enhanced list?

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Rip off....

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Got my pre order in just now !!!!

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