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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


Ive been playing at least 4 hours a day and i just hit level 7 last night! Excellent game, now if they could just release a patch to make geralt move less like a tank... #2
I think i get it here in cali in 30 mins!!! #5
Melee to combo ever lol #38
If your a ps4 only owner then ps+ is a let down. If u own all sony systems then its beyond its worth. Paying to play online sucked on xbl and it sucks on ps4. Anyone who says they are happy to pay a sub to play online is a fool and we all know whst happens to a fool and his money... #9
This looks pretty good but now that ive seen actual gameplay im going with the PC version. My 7950 will look much better and more importantly ill get the game cheaper on pc. #39
I wonder if my 7950 can ultra this game. If so pc version it is. #7
The only thing i was scared of was dying with 500k souls on me. Other than that i was never scared. #33
shit im still rockin a 7950 and its more powerful than my ps4/x1. ill upgrade when i have a real reason to #9
Dope show and sweet dreams i think its called are two of my favorite MM songs. Being Black and growing up in the hood its hard to like music other than Rap/Hip Hop. But Manson and Korn are secretly two of my favorite bands. #10
You couldnt be more wrong. Im a HUGE Souls fan and i LOVED Lords of the Fallen. It was a great game with imo better combat than the Souls series (Bloodborne Excluded). #2.1.4
Pocket Gods, Order and Chaos, and Samurai 2 here i come!!!! #4
And exactly how would selling my ps4 make u feel better? And who is "us"? Seems to me that YOU are the bot. You follow popular OPINION instead of having your own. Im betting you dont even own a X1. And im also betting that ive been a psn member longer than you if not as long. Feel free to check my psn tag deethagee. Now post your tag and lets see who been supporting somy longer. No matter what any of you say it will not change how i feel. The ps4 didnt bring any innovation with it w... #38.2.1
Higher resolution or not i simply prefer the X1. The ps4 to me just feels like an upgraded ps3. Bloodborne is the only reason why my ps4 gets any playtime. Really the only thing i like better about the ps4 is the controller. Sony did a excellent job on the DS4 where as MS completely screwed up the X1 controller with its smaller less resistance analogs. #38
My samsung gear s looks much better than this. As a matter of fact id say the gear s is the best looking smart watch yet. #15
Im not COD fan but what alot of you fail to realize is COD has been copied to death by most likely YOUR favorite FPS. Name ONE popular console shooter in the last 5 years that hasn't borrowed from COD. Its the circle of life basically. Like someone already said, all games barrow from one another bytits how you put it all together that makes it different. #11
From a gamers perspective yes of coarse. From a sales perspective no they dont. Sony has done a remarkable job of moving ps4 without a single must have game last xmas. As a mater of fact the ps4 has been selling ridiculously well without a killer app. Hell until bloodborne came out i really didnt even use must ps4. Basically sony could put a pile of bricks in the box and it would still out sale the competition. #29
I still wanna know about the lady in the white dress with blood on her stomach. Whats up with that? #6
Ive already used up 1000gb of the 2500gb my xbox has. This is nothing. #14
I havent played Destiny since maybe Feb. It has so much potential but the lack of content destroys Destiny for me. HoW will NOT bring me back even tho ive already paid for it at launch. I just beat Bloodborne last night so the next game that gets my undivided attention will be a game that i KNOW will deserve it. Witcher 3 im looking at you. #11
Legal or not my psp says thank you lol. #4
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