Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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If it comes to PS4 that would be a good thing. I don't agree with 3rd party exclusives. It just limits how many people get to experience your game. If I was a dev why would i want that? Only 1st party games should be exclusive imo.

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It hasn't went up for pre order on Amazon US yet.

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You sir make me proud to be a gamer. Salute

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When exactly did I complain? Maybe you should brush up on your reading comprehension. I simply replied to some other persons comment. Now run along

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Exactly and yes please show your friends as if that means anything at all to me lol. So lame.

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Then it should have said that in the title if it supports both. Im not wasting my time reading an entire article over something that could have been said from jump street.

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Man I am going to make sure I get at least two of these before the scalpers buy them all up.

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Make one so I can use my Elite controller on my Switch then I'd buy it.

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My parents wasn't planning on buying me and Xbox one X


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My god that's all I hear you Sony fanboys say is last gen this last gen that. Who care about the past. We are talking about hear and now.

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Oh boy scalpers are gunna have a great time with this.

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Let me get next weeks lotto numbers while you're at it...

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And you sir are a buzzkill. Let that man be happy Debbie downer.

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I got wolfenstein new order and old blood for 5 each on sale a few months ago on Xbox. I want doom bad though.

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I'm still waiting to catch Doom on sale again. Should have bought it the last time

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Nuff said...

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Idont recall DLC being a thing when these older crash games were released. Did they make new DLC or did I miss something back then.

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You really think 50 dollars is keeping people from buying a Pro? Lol silly boy

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I'm more than sure that MS will finally accept cross play for FF14 now. I don't understand why they didn't in the first place. FF11 was cross play on 360 so it should be on X1. Either way I just got back into the game when stormblood dropped and if anyone is on Goblin server and wants to play hit me up.

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Hope your not expecting a logical response from a troll.

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