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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


For me there are ZERO must have exclusives coming out this year for ps4. I don't care for racing games and LBP to me is geared towards a younger audience imo. I have planet side 2 on pc and I beat TLOU a year ago. I don't really care for Indies which is what's keeping the ps4 alive at the moment. Now when 2015 rolls around this will be a different conversation but as of 2014 my ps4 has been useless. #14
If you only own a ps4 then no not at all. If you own ps4,3 and vita then I'd say so. #11
blah...i didnt like it all that much. the MP was boring to me. ill give it a shot on X1 just to see any graphical difference but after playing the alpha im not as excited for destiny. #10
Such a rip off just less of a rip off... #6
It's sad u feel ur not welcomed. I don't have that problem. I make myself welcomed either way. I'm black best believe that. Maybe u should wonder why ur not welcomed whatever that means to u. #17.1.1
I grew up living breathing and Eatting video games. I've bout import systems and games and collected hundreds of gaming magazines. I'm black and grew up like an average black male in los Angeles California. Now with the love I have for video games not once did I ever consider being a game journalist. Now I'm not saying blacks aren't interested in gaming news because clearly we are but I just don't see many mmale blacks going after this type of journalism. Again I could be... #17
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I'll take srider thank u very much #10
so are you saying that anyone who doesnt think DC will be amazing are foolish jealous trolls? seems a bit narrow minded and trollish dont ya think? #9.2
only a fool would find something wrong with that statement. I agree 100% and i own all current and last gen consoles. I wont miss a single gaming experience. 34 disagrres so far lol thats n4g for ya... #1.1.23
TLOU was probably the best game I played last gen but the fact that people are THIS excited for a remaster this soon shows that the ps4 is seriously in need of games. I want new games now not next year. I will skip TLOU this time around. I'll wait for the real ps4 games to be excited about, unfortunately that won't be til next year... #57
and people like you who cant take anyone elses opinion sickens me! what makes u think i care about numbers? go thru my comment history and find one comment i made that supports your claim. i care about gameplay over graphics and the devs clearly chose graphics over gameplay. mario kark looks great AND runs and 60 fps which makes it play even better. shooters,racers, and fighters should be 60fps this gen point blank. games like uncharted where theres lots of duck and cover dont really need to... #7.1.1
60fps>1080p for a racer. #7
The only game on vita I actually really like is soul sacrifice. All the other games don't keep my attention to long. It needs games unique to the system like soul sacrifice not ps3 ports #5
if your commenting on gameflys current prices then they raised them. i was a member a year ago and i only paid about 9.00$ a month for a disk. even if your right thats still a better deal than what sony is proposing. that fact that this requires a perfect connection to get the most enjoyment out of it will kill it for alot of people. #21.1.1
Who the hell would rent a game on a hourly basis? Doesn't really matter to me because I refuse to use this service but plenty of people will. If they don't price it comparable to gamefly then they will fail. Gamefly is like 9.00$ a month for 1 game as long as u want to keep it. Plus you don't need to worry about streaming issues. Inorder for this to succeed it needs to become the netflix of video games. Anything less will equal failure imo... #21
It looks great! Now show me the MP!!! #14
And you are one of those people who are very judgemental without even knowing anything about what your judging. By something more I mean more than cover and shoot rinse repeat. I don't expect it to be a MMO or and puzzle game but so far what I've seen is a standard corridor shooter with peek a boo play mechanics. I'm not saying its going to be a bad game but I don't want to keep seeing duck cover shoot over and over. I'm not impressed with what I've seen outside of the... #2.5.1
i need to see something more that pretty graphics. im still not sold on this game. if its just a prettier gears of war then ill pass. and when gears drops if its more of the same ill pass like i did on the last 2 gears games. #2
Worked for me twice using two different fb accounts. 10$ added! #20
If your a soccer mom then I suppose it is... #30
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