Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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Black was one of the best FPS on OG Xbox I loved how the devs made the guns the center of attention. I'll be picking that up for old times sake.

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Exactly what I thought. Do me a favor and don't comment on my post thanks.

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What kinda guy would that be exacly?

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This is cool and all but seriously MS bring me some new exclusive games. I'm tired of playing my playstation lol

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Mario for my Switch and A.C. for my 1X. I'll pick up Wolfenstein later.

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I just got off this after not playing for months. Had TONS of packs to open since I'm season pass holder. Is it just me or did they buff the shotgun? I was laying fools down lol

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As it should be

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Ok if you play NINTENDO games for resolution or graphics please do us all a favor and jump in front of a bus...

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Right because UK=the world

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All you clowns in here claiming MS paid this site or that site seem to forget it was SONY who was sued over lying about the Vita and it was SONY who had one of the biggest security breaches in history. Sony also lied about resolution in games before and if I remember correctly a law suit came from that. Let's not pretend that ALL companies cant be shady.

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Um and ps4....

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Explain why multiplats dominate the sales charts if exclusives are the only thing that matters.

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Right because we play sales not games....

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Can't wait for Mario next week. My 5 year old son and I will enjoy playing through it. Then I get Xeno Chronicles 2 in Dec! Im loving my switch and I'm loving how it has brought me and my lil boy together more than either of the other systems. Watching my son love characters that I loved as a kid is something only Nintendo or Sega can provide.

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And you don't think you will need to buy alot of DLC to make GTS complete? You can't even access picture mode without a internet connection for Christ sake. Just stop...

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And GT crashed as bad as your joke

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Forza 7 smashes GT Sport just accept it.

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How can a game with such little content and forced dmr get a 10/10?. GT used to be THE racer to own now this game is just a chopped up shell of its former self. There is NO way this games deserves a perfect score. Take off those fanboy goggles and look at what GT has become. No thanks.

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When did I ever say they were exclusives? Don't put words in my mouth. Just because some of those jrpg's were on PS doesn't take away from my point that the 360 had plenty of them. Learn to stay on task and keep your fanboy crap out of my conversation.

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I grew up playing single player games because that's just the era I grew up in. As I became a young man in my 20's I started gaming on xbox live and was hooked on basically MP games only because of the friends I met online. Now I'm a bit older and I don't have the patience for online racist or just ignorant people in general so now I'm back into my single player gaming. Games like Witches 3, Zelda, Horizon keep my interest now more than ever. SP must live on for us gamer...

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