Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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So far this game is surpassing my expectations. I love the stealth aspect of it. My only gripe so far is the AI seems kinda dumb. I've stealth killed mobs right in front of other mobs and it didn't alert them at all. Other than that I find this game to be as close to perfection as a game can get. Easily a 9/10 and my favorite PS4 game next to Bloodborne. This is the first game that I think Xbox owners should really consider buying a PS4 to play.

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I don't see why anyone would care if it's not PS exclusive. I mean it so not like PS owners won't get to play it FIRST even if Xbox owners eventually get to play it. Seems selfish that some people even would want that.

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That is incorrect. I have all of my 200 plus digital Xbox games on BOTH of my Xbox systems. I can play them all on both systems with one purchase.

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Sony is definitely on fire. As a major Xbox fan and supporter I find it harder and harder to turn on my Xbox over my PRO. I just don't have a use for it right now. Sony has released (at least for me) 3 major games this year already that being Nioh,Yakuza, and HZD. Not to mention tons of other exclusives like TLG. Sony is slowly becoming my go to Console maker. MS had better kick some serious ass at E3 or I'm out...

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Oh boy...

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I'd love to see a option for 60fps. I'd gladly sacrifice some bells and whistles for that. Looking forward to this game.

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This can't be real...but if it is it's like MS is just trying to see just how far they can sink the Xbox brand at this point.

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You sir are the real idiot here. We are talking specifically about Horizon. And 60 fps would make this game better in the GAMEPLAY department than 30fps. NEVER did I say 60fps AUTOMATICALLY means you have a good game you dump truck. I would gladly sacrifice some bells and whistles in Horizon for 60fps. Now I hope this is clear enough for you to understand now fuck off

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Idgf what other people are saying. Gameplay is always superior to graphics. And those early players are not all 100% positive about the game you dumb ass. Do me a favor and never reply to my post again .

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Gameplay over graphics. I'd rather have 60fps over the extra visuals. Or at least give me the option like Nioh.

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Looking forward to see what MS has in store for me. They had better have exclusives coming THIS YEAR that I want to play. I'm not giving MS a pass any longer if they don't deliver this year with games.

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Yes and Sony STILL won't allow me to change my gamer tag so what's your point? Fact is the Xbox is a better console when it comes to features.

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No games is the only sign I need. Look at what Sony has released in just the first TWO MONTHS!! of 2017. I'm (was) a major Xbox fan until recently. Every since I upgraded to my Pro I've been noticing that Sony just keeps on bringing the games meanwhile MS just keeps on "showing" the games that coming. MS as a company is where Sony wish they could be but MS as a console maker could never be Sony at this rate.

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Your telling Nintendo to take note when I'm almost 100% sure Zelda won't have a 16 gb patch but Horizon does?Exactly how is this a win for GG?

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That's just ridiculous. What happened to the days of popping in your game and playing? 16gb for a "patch" is just unacceptable. I could see if this was an MMO but for a single player game?

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Lucky! I'd love an early copy.

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It's Skynet...

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This is just sad. I love my Xbox but I don't see a reason to use it lately. I'm playing Nioh, Yakuza, and later Horizon all in the span of a couple months but what do I have to play on Xbox? Halo Wars? That's it?

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I'd go with Zelda. It has stood the test of time and doesn't need to prove anything at this point.

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I'm looking forward to this game but I just hope it's not structured like an Assassins Creed game. I don't want to open the map and find hundreds of icons all over it. And I don't want to climb "towers" to see parts of the map. I don't mind fetch quest just as long as they don't seem like fetch quest. This is not a knock against this game so sensitive Sony gamers don't need to get all butt hurt. I just don't want an AC game with dinosaurs is all.

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