Fanboys Make Me Giggle
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This is beautiful. Can’t wait to read how certain groups of people will find a way to hate on this. I’m already a game pass member so for me this is just a bonus to already excellent service.

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Why do I get the feeling that only a certain group of people would even notice something like this? So now is it bad to promote your product? I’m pretty sure a tech expert would be able to tell you if it truly does play better on Xbox but has it really come to that? People are so petty...

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Throw Deep Down in that mix...

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Why would I be angry when I OWN HZD and a PS4 Pro? How about you?

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My 5 year old son is going to love this. Can’t wait to see how the other console makers find a way to copy this idea lol

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This game war horrible. The motion controls ruined it and even when they patched in standard controls the game was still a joke.

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So what your saying is that the VAST majority of the ps4 owners didn’t like HZD? Got it. The point I’m making before you turned this into a Sony exclusives war is that multiplats are and will be what sales the best.

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Yes but PS4 has a install base of probably 70 mil at this point so I’d expect bigger sales from an install base of that size. I’m not trying to turn this into a fanboy war I’m just stating the obvious...

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Just more proof that multiplats are what is most in demand. I wouldn’t doubt it if a CoD game is in the top 5 played games on either console.

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You mean a lot of SONY fanboys still don’t trust MS. I can’t think of ONE person that goes around saying they have not bought an Xbox because of the 2013 reveal. Get over it

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MS could use a few good single player exclusives like Nioh, TLOU, and GoW. This is the ONLY flaw I see that the Xbox has. If MS doesn’t bring and RELEASE some new exclusives this year it’s going to be extremely hard for MS to regain lost ground next gen. Overall I’m very happy with my 1X but a few more exclusives wouldn’t hurt. I think Sony releases one to many exclusives, most of them don’t really sell all that well but at least they are available for gamers to buy.

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I’m going to have to check this game out. I haven’t been into racers in a very long time.

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Day one

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I’m not sure what that’s supposed to even mean.

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Still not sold and I’m one of those OG GoW fans.

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I can assure you that my hatred for him is not “blind” as you put it.

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I’ve never hated a President in my life no matter how much of a screw up they were, but Trump is the one exception. I really really dislike this guy.

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Shutting down the server for ANY game so soon after release is just ridiculous.

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The PS4 appeals more than the switch to whom? You speak as if your word is the law which it most certainly is NOT! I am as hardcore as it gets and I can tell you now that I use my Switch these days more than my PRO.

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