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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


Snoop Ask for Virtua Fighter 5 to be added lol. #6
I got in for 10 mins. I got to train with Charlie. Hes gunna be NICE!! It threw me off tho cause he's no longer a charge character. Cant wait til they fix it. #3
is it in english? #12
Ill invite u if i can. Whats your gamer tag? #2.1
I just bought a Samsung Ultra HD 4k tv two days ago and it is BEAUTIFUL!I swear it makes 30 fps look like 60fps. But i seriously doubt we will se 4k gaming on these consoles, But if we do im 4K ready!!! #16
This whole argument over which is better can be summed up like this...which was better last gen? Free online play or pay to play online? Sony fans lets see that good old hypocrisy SOME of you guys are famous for. How anyone can say paying to play is better than free to play is ridiculous. Free BC is superior to paid "bc". #28
Great game! This and new SMB got me thru the first year of the wii u life. Ill be picking this up day one. #19
Im a preview member but i havent seen any of my 360 digital games pop up on my x1. I have some of the games on the i need to download a app? #10
So u dont recall hiding behind walls? You dont recall climbing buildings? You dont recall melee combat? I have to question exactly what trailer you were watching. The only new gameplay i saw was a vehicle section that went on just a few mins to long, a grappling hook, and maybe air executions. Its safe to say that there was VERY little new in terms of gameplay in the U4 demo. Once again like u i have played and beat every uncharted game "check my gamer tag deethagee" and im sure U4... #13.2.1
The only problem i see here is how long it will take SE to make/remake the damn game. Square isn't exactly known for quick release of its software. #26
I think the gears 4 looked great! You people that are complaining that it didnt show anything new are most likely not a gears fan and wont/cant buy it anyway. Uncharted 4 looked exactly like all the other uncharted hames, nothing new it terms of gameplay shown uet im sure U4 will be just as good as ever.Gears 4 will be one of the best games next year better beleive it... #13
Excellent... #44
Wow having only 6 games in this collection is terrible. Whats next the Uncharted Collection will remove multiplayer? Oh wait nevermind... #10
I dont know what you mean by fanboyism but im damn sure entitled to get my moneys worth. Im being charged 60 for a game that has significant features missing. You may have played the single player multiple times but are you really willing to pay $60 to do it all over again? I mean yes thats your business and its your money but people who support these practices will contribute to more stripped down remakes at full price being released. I will not support this. It is clearly a rip off and ther... #82.1.1
I cant believe how some of you are defending this crap! No MP!? Really!? And thats ok with you? Unless the collection cost $20 then its a complete rip off. The single player games really didnt have much reply value. MP is what keep these games alive months even years after release. Count me out. I was going to buy this collection becsuse UC was my favorite ps3 series. Now ill skip it... #82
And this is part of the reason i went all digital on both x1 and ps4. I always buy my games pre release so ill never have to wait to play. #15
All cross gen games suffer this same fate... #6
Oh will u stfu with that tired "oh but the PS4 has no games" line! You should ridiculous. Your trying to start a bs war in this article. Just get lost. And why do you care about how many consoles MS or Sony sells? You making money out of it? #9.4
Ive been playing at least 4 hours a day and i just hit level 7 last night! Excellent game, now if they could just release a patch to make geralt move less like a tank... #2
I think i get it here in cali in 30 mins!!! #5
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