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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


Halo 4 is what the Halo series needed. Besides the load outs, perks, and the orbital drops i think Halo 4 is the most fun. Halo HAS to advance. It needs a run button, it needs ADS. These things are now standard in a current FPS. So called Halo elite can Kiss my u know what. I cant imagine playing Halo with no run button in this day and age. I think 343 is doing a great job with Halo. They just need to find that balance to attract a new generation of players while keeping the old players happy. #23
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Id love to be able to stream my huge collection of 360 digital games on my X1. If this allows that then the X1 will be back in the race. #7
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Excellent news! One of my favorite games of 2014. It had its share of problems (like frame rate issues) but over all it was a very good game for a new IP. I still havent beat that damn last boss tho. That fire trail keeps killing me lol. #5
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Not for me it doesnt. I play plants vs zombies on ps4 and its a lag fest. Unplayable. #4.2
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MS does these incredible deals because they can. Sony is not even close to being as financially secure as MS so u wont see Sony doing this kind of deal no time soon. I do understand that MS needs to move X1 units fast tho if they intend to keep up with Sony. #12
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Damn you didnt even attempt to hide your lie huh lol #1.3
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I dont think either system will sell all that great in china. The main battle grounds are USA and Europe. #7
You cant even stream movies from your pc on ps4 as far as i no. That automatically gives the x1 the edge. This topic is dumb. #7
Lol so much hypocrisy... #20
Looks like my ps4 will continue to collect dust. First bloodborne now this? Next gen is by far the least exciting for me... #38
After last nights update i have been able to get into BALANCED games in almost less than a min. Seems to me thst most of the problems are going away but for ME one MAJOR problem still exist...WHERE IS HALO 4!!!!! #5
BRING BACK HALO 4!!!! Wtf?!?!?! #14
MS NEVER allowed cross platform play? Final Fantasy 11 would like a word with you... #5.2
Who gives a shit? SF has sucked since SF3 anyway. And im sure it will be a timed exclusive anyway. Lucky for me i have all systems so i have the option to buy it or not. Unless SF goes back to its pure gameplay roots ill skip this verion anyway. Plus we all know by know that the following SF5 update wont be exclusive. #125
Best comment of the day... #4.1.1
Hell yes! Loving my X1. No regrets so far and i dont think ill ever regret buying it on day one. #16
The only games that i feel should have ongoing reviews or a rereview is an MMO. Any other type of game should get that one and only review. That includes remasters. #14
Amen brotha #5.1
Exactly...ive been thru 5 ps4 systems 4 of which had bad drives and one rufused to stay on. Very annoying #7.1.1
What annoys me as a ps4 owner is bloodborne being pushed back, And my disk drive constantly going out. #7
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