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"Fanboys Make Me Giggle"


Bloodborne... #4
1d 7h ago by BLKxSEPTEMBER | View comment
Firmware updates are definitely not SONYS strong suit... #13
So far i like it. I love the directional dodge move. It makes melee combat much more useful now. #6
I like the game so far. Im almost to the end but im starting to enjoy the cut scenes. The foundation has been laid for the sequel. Hopefully next time there will be more gameplay than cut scenes tho. #30
its actually the 4th version. DOA 5, DOA 5 PLUS, DOA 5U, and now DOA5 LR. This game has got to be the biggest money grab in the history of games. #3.1
Im playing through this game as i type this. On one hand i feel its the most beautiful game ive ever played, but on the other hand ive done more watching then playing. There are FAR to many cut scenes and QTE. The cover system is flawed simply because you cant advance swap to cover in front of you. The guns that are cool are few and far between. Its a good game i suppose but definitely not a most own more like a must see. Id give it a 7/10 but a 4/10 is plain disresectful. #16
Gtfo with that fanboy crap. Dont even try to start a feature vs feature comparison, you will be disappointed... #5.1
If you guys expect capcom to release this game anytime soon then you better wake up. I mean capcom couldnt count to three for 10 years with Street Fighter 2. #5
Thanks for making my point for me because thats EXACTLY what happened here. I font see the point in shsre play because ive always been able to share my account since PS3. Look obviously i understand what SharePlay is supposed to be used for but there are people out there who will be abused by it like this kid. There are people who will nake online friends and start to trust them and the allow them to shareplay. I dont see this as a good thing because there will ALWAYS be this type of issue ha... #18.4.1
if this is what share play is all about, sony can keep it. ill NEVER use this feature. #18
That is seriously impressive for the PS4 to be doing those kinds of numbers especially without any major releases lately. Well done Sony. MS you have your work cut out for you... #5
Preordered just now. #6
Its the Playstation fanboys fault that this is even an issue. When did u ever hear about devs commenting on framerate or resolution last gen? Rarely. Now the Sony fanboys have devs worried about hitting 60fps instead of the fun factor. So good job Sony fanboys... #29
Sounds like a easy emblem for me and my boys*cocks vex* #2
Oh cry me a river...people still bash MS for thier DMR plans that never came to be. Who cares if people bashes this game? If the game turns out to be good then it will prove all those who bashed it wrong. But if its as some are saying then i guess articles like this are not needed.personally i think the game looks boring. I havent seen anything in this game that i havent seen in gears. The graphics look incredible but outside of that im going to need a good reason to buy it. #12
All i want from Sega is Virtua Fighter 6. Please for the love of all thats electronic release Virtua Fighter 6 Sega!!! I dont want Sony or MS to own the Virtua Fighter franchise. The game has a hard enough time with its player base in the U.S. being a multiplat title. I would have to see my Favorite and THE most balanced fighter limited even further. #31
I dont know whats more ridiculous, your comment or the fact that you got far more agrees than disagrees. Im a X1 owner and a PS4 owner and your telling me i shouldnt have a choice as to which system i i buy this game on? You and all those who agreed with you are low lifes and are doing nothing but trying to keep gamers divided with your silly fanboy rhetoric. #1.2.1
Stop making sense here on N4G. It might be contagious... #14.1
I dont care for the current PS4 lineup. Outside of Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne theres nothing for ME to be excited about on ps4. The same can be said for my X1 tho. Outside of Halo 5 and Phantom Dust i dont have much to be excited about on the xbox front either. Obviously im referring to exclusives. Theres many multiplat games im looking forward to like the witcher 3. #23
Id rather have FF14 on X1 than this. #7
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