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So this post is about someone showing us their crappy editing skills in MS Paint? Lol okay

Context: "I took some Ellie artwork, cut it off,changed the colour, pased it in some abandoned tlouish place, cut the hud from an ingame screen off and thats it :)"

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A user in the Dualshockers comment section posted this image of the map referencing different areas in the game, yeah it could definitely be that big. Holy crap it's impressive lol

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I dunno, it kinda just looks like every FPS game released in 2014. Who knows, it is Cliffy B so he might manage to make something truly special, but I'm just a little fatigued from this kind of genre in all honestly, lol

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@Thrust - Wow, you're fairly pissed off about this, again I'm unsure how you're saying they are withholding this from release. The very purpose they said this is not releasing this week along with the schedule is because they are STILL WORKING ON IT. Meaning that it's not something they withheld from release or something they took out of release, it may even be something they didn't think about doing until after finishing the game!

If this was all paid con...

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I don't understand why you're so frustrated with this. CD Projekt Red are the only ones that are ~not~ doing what every other triple-A dev is. Any other developer would have charged money for all these FREE pieces of content. No other developer would have wasted the money for every single disc case printing a map, an actual CD soundtrack, a manual, a compendium, a letter basically saying "we value you as a customer and we thank you for spending your hard earned money on our produ...

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I really doubt there will be single player DLC, that was a thing they were paid $50 million by Microsoft to do for GTA IV. I honestly think they are already starting work on GTA VI without any thought of single player DLC.

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I can't believe how many people misspell "sneak peek"

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lol this article is modern games journalism in a nutshell

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Oh yeahh I've seen this person doing a lot of whining on Twitter lately. Oh gah, lol I find it funny that Notch blocked her

Just watch the video, she's being so obnoxious and disrespectful! It's like this shallow sort of attitude throughout the entire thing, she's not really giving any calm cool arguments - she's just doing a lot of yelling and laughing, lol what is wrong with her? This any many other reasons are why people really dislike the "mainstr...

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Pretty sure 25GB is just a placeholder number

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Ah Ben Kuchera, this time he threatens a devs job for simply retweeting someone he doesn't agree with and then making a blog post with a link to one of his articles (and talking positively about the article if I may add).

What a fantastic "journalist", in fact the same journalist in a group of journalists who attempted to send GamerGate into a tailspin by labeling it a "sexist" and "misogynist" hate mob when that same "mob" was unc...

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It would be the pinnacle of graphical possibilities

...Then Anita Sarkeesian would make a video about the strong female character not wearing the type of clothing she wants her to wear, which obviously equals sexism and then make thousands off of $$$ it. lol

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You must not know too much about Ben Kuchera, I'm not talking about him being critical of gaming products that I may like, in that case it's his opinion and that's simply that, I don't dislike him for being critical or not saying nice things about the stuff I like, or posting low review scored of games or something like that, lol.

I'm talking about how he insults/belittles his own readership in some of his opinion pieces, where he assumes a lot about just...

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Wow, an opinion piece from Ben Kuchera at Polygon that isn't absolute garbage? Color me surprised!

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Lmao, this article is so unbelievably badly written!!

"We can say that EA Could Not Get Good Feedback of Battlefield Hardline. Why?"

"Click Here To Buy Battlefield Hardline" (No disclosure of them getting paid if you use the link to buy the game!)

"If you already tried Battlefield Hardline beta you would agree with these improvements."

"It is being develop"

No way, how ...

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Sees this is by GamingBolt... Presses source link instead

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Vita isn't losing Near - it's dropping map support on Near, which from what I gather is the main thing it's used for (I'm unsure as I still don't know entirely how it works). YouTube and Maps are going away though.

Hopefully they know that and say it in the article but their website isn't loading right now

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Lmao are they serious with the "that made you horny" part of the title?? - Wait, how was this clickbait even approved? lol

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Yes! I just played a track, the rain actually moves on the windshield (physics!) - When making a left turn or drift on the track, water moves from the left side of the windshield to the center before the blades move it back. It is simply incredible, it is the first game I have ever played where windshield rain effects have wowed me!

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Doesn't look like a VR headset to me, but it does look like regular chat/audio headsets, probably the logo for their headset models from this point on.

That or maybe a "PlayStation Music" service kind of thing

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