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they're* #3.1
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This website (Gaming Bolt) has the MOST OBNOXIOUS advertising!!! Especially on mobile, literally unusable on a portable device.

Not a terrible fan-made design though, a little more in line of what I'm thinking it will be like #10
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Didn't Sony already confirm back in February that a camera and a headset will be bundled with every PS4? #29
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I waited a whole year to play this game, which sucks because this is one of the most innovative, fresh, and new feeling games of this generation in my opinion, such a breath of fresh air! I actually played this game over again yesterday and it never gets old, I recommend anyone to pick this game up this summer and play it! (I think it's on the PlayStation Store, and mayyyyyyybe Xbox Live?)

Also, I really, really hope there will be a sequel soon! #3
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I'm glad Insomniac chose to make a new IP, but I wish it wouldn't have been another shooter! People are burnt out by shooters by now. Sucks to see it didn't get a great score =( Hopefully Insomniac will recover and pick up its momentum again! #4
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A better headline? What could be a better headline? This WEEK was a train-wreck for Microsoft was the headline, and that's an undisputed FACT by now. I never said that the reveal conference itself was a train-wreck, if you'd read the article, you'd see that I had a complete understanding that the reveal was not supposed to be about games. It started off great and then went downhill (why? Read the article). Plus, the conference was only a tiny fraction of the actual article. The fa... #23.1.3
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We are not a "new site", nor do we care about advertising dollars, did you see any banner ads on the website? - our site has been here on the internet for six years, when the PS3 and 360 was unveiled. Around the same time our podcast started, which gets 40,000 downloads per month. Just because you have personally never been on it doesn't determine the quality of it, or its editors, or its readers. Please don't make such useless assumptions by trashing incoming websites with... #23.1
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Wait, I'm surprised there needs to be an article even discussing this! It seems like a no-brainer to me! Battlefield 4 absolutely looks better, the Frostbite Engine is fantastic.

Maybe Call of Duty would look better if Infinity Ward didn't absolutely destroy the lighting and color in their graphics engine a few years ago with MW3. Don't think they did that? Okay, the terminal map comparison is the perfect example of what they did: 428d ago by BlindMango | View comment
If you want to get into specifics, it was around 13 minutes, but that's just nitpicking. Either way, it was an absolutely outrageous amount of time for, of all things... Call of Duty at a console reveal.

Unrelated to the comment above - Isn't "Aftermath" one word? #1.2
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It doesn't matter how you do it, calling, texting, showing up at the company's door, emailing, tweeting, if a large amount of people do it, the company WILL listen, because they see that their consumers will not be taken advantage of, if people protested EVERY TIME a company wrongly took advantage of them then our cell phone bills wouldn't be outrageous for example. You should give it a try sometime.

P.S. multiple PlayStation employees have already clearly acknowl... #16.2
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This one would be MUCH more accurate that that crappy curved one, but I still think it's gonna look a little better than that. Much better mockup though, it is much more in line with what I was thinking, kudos to the guy who did it.

Note, this is UGLY! But the FRONT of the console is very well done (even though I think it will be segmented twice instead of three times) in my opinion and I also think the back will be sloped too with vents too, and the vent won't be at... #28
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This is a news-story? These are BLATANT placeholders! #19
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Hmmm, it’s not a bad guess, but given the look of the photos shown in the teaser, I want to say that it will be straight and angled lines all throughout - I’m thinking the top will probably be straight rather than curved and it may have some sort of “break” through the middle of the console. I don’t think they’ll go curved this time around, it’s hard to tell though, but still a good mock design! #12
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Thank you, thank you, I came up with that one ;) #1.1.1
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Wrong podcast attached above (Not sure how it got attached there because I didn't do it), to listen to this weeks podcast, please click the link to visit the website, although I highly recommend 175 too, that one was really good! #1
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They're really gonna have to do something to get people's attention from all of the massive games releasing at the end of the year (GTA, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Killzone, Beyond: Two Souls, etc) This game definitely won't be on the top of my list, if at all. #9
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This is EXACTLY what I was thinking, of course the same gamerscore and trophy level will be there, it only makes complete sense, especially if you collect trophies/achievements. #3.2
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I have been waiting for another NFS Underground for YEARS! They BETTER NOT mess this up..... #11
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Am I the only one in the comments section that agrees with this article in the case of having the patch notes included with the update?? I have always sat in my chair waiting for the update to download and say to myself, "man, I wish the patch notes were right there so I can see what's being fixed/added to my game" - right there on my TV instead of taking all the extra time to search it on Google

Lmao why are people trashing this guy? So what if it's not PC?... #12
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