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I'm happy to see all these games have photo mode now, it really is an awesome tool to have in these games (especially since they looks so good!) #17
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Exactly, I don't see anyone not agreeing with this. Battlefield 4 is just starting to recover from its rushed release... It should have released this October, not last October. It would have had a better, more polished story mode. It maybe would have had co-op modes like Battlefield 3 had. It would have also had the most important thing - stable online multiplayer, lol #2.2
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Yesss, jeez I recently went back to play that game to try to get another trophy or two actually - I had to get some medals in level 7 and 8 and became more pissed off than I have in a very long time at the pure BS that was happening during the race! Particularly the BS, rubber band AI! If you are in first place, second to last place are ALL 2 seconds behind you at most, what a joke. #12.1.1
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THANK YOU!!!!!! Rubber-banding was one of the many HIGHLY frustrating and outright unfair things that the MotorStorm had. #12
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Lmao are you kidding? Real world branded cars in a Mario Kart game?? Nooooo!! Stop before it's too late Nintendo!!!! lol #14
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Very nice, I cannot wait to play this game again, it was so amazing on the PSP! #2
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Even though the developer of Fez can be a bit annoying, the game is very fantastic, almost genius in how it works - especially the more you play it. And placing the infamous "Metacritic user reviews" over professional reviews is not very smart, because most people know that Metacritic reviews are run by fanboy bias and in this case, people who dislike the developer drama. #2.1.3
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Watch_Dogs (or more specifically, WATCH_DOGS) is how the name of the game is stylized, and its been that way even since 2012. However, when casually talking about it, people mostly just say Watch Dogs. #10.1
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Yes, this was absolutely well said, they destroyed the "mood" or the "feel" that the 2012 demo displayed so well, in getting rid of certain effects, they made the game look much less serious and less "dark" than it originally was pitched as. #11.1
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Aghhh, come on! Everything is so flat! The textures, the audio... Even on the PC!! The interesting thing about this game was that is had such a dark and mysterious mood to it, and I am not a graphics whore, but certain effects is what really makes or breaks this game as far as the mood and feel goes. It's disappointing how it has been downgraded, even the PC version doesn't even come close to the 2012 build =/ #18
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I get the feeling they just did that because they felt they needed to, the only game I have ever seen have a gay character really done well is GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony. #66
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So usually Drive Club videos are not CGI but I can't help but think that some of the things they did in this video scream CGI, which isn't a bad thing if they are trying to get certain factors across to the viewer but I don't know why people are so against the fact that the video possibly has some CGI elements. #5.3
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Awesome! I always imagined this game would be perfect for Vita, glad to see it's releasing on it! #11
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All I saw were a ridiculous amount of pop-up advertisements (sarcasm) - The Gamingbolt website is a joke.

Anyway, yeah I noticed this while following the Neogaf thread the other day, this game truly looks amazing, it perplexes me how they are able to cram so much into it. #19
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Their developer tools probably count how many objects are in the environment, in this case, trees! lol #3.3
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Okay, lol great job, but what does that have to do with this article which is talking about PS4 and Xbox One versions? #9.1
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Great, this site again, the one that I have to play the "close advertisement" game for an entire minute. #6
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This site (GamingBolt) has the MOST OBNOXIOUS advertising!!!! I never consider using ad-block because ads are never that annoying to me, but when I visit this site I always reconsider, lmao #25
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So for the people that are complaining that the features aren't here because people were "whining" ... you realize that nothing is stopping Microsoft from making all of those features they originally had planned as OPTIONAL for all people that choose to opt into it, it's really not that hard, the fact that Microsoft doesn't want to add it to the Xbox One is Microsoft's fault alone, it is NOT the people that protested the NEED for the console to be always online by de... #1.1.19
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Another website with horrendous advertising! #10
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