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"I now work over at Previously"


Game has powerful female character = not good enough? Lol okay I guess you still have to nitpick still because she was "hot"? What does that even mean?? #9.1.3
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The video that Huffington Post did the day before this one did contain two men that supported/somewhat supported GamerGate. Unfortunately, the way I've been examining it is that the only way GamerGate at the moment can push any point about journalism ethics is to only get females talking about it due to the heavy accusations that the movement is some sort of sexist and misogynist movement by its detractors. #6.1
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As someone who has been following this interesting movement for the past 2 - 3 months, THIS is a very focused message from what GamerGate was originally about (before getting sent into a tailspin from the recent mainstream media and gaming websites that don't want to fix their code of ethics who like to argue that it's *just* harassment and misogyny).

Either way GamerGate is a lot to take in, and has a ton of history and stories and information over the past two month... #8
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How does nobody understand simple light and shadows? Did you want him to wait until the later afternoon when the sun was low like in the trailer for him to take the picture at a lower angle where light reaches even further under the car which allows a lower angle photo to also be accurate?

The simple point that he's trying to prove is that when the sun is directly hitting the back of the car, there is no shadow under the car (or more accurately, the shadow drags forward s... #2.4
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I doubt this box is really any bigger than the normal box at all - my guess is that the art is just changed on the front, making the image of the console smaller. Are they claiming that for some reason the box is massive because the image of the PS4 is smaller on the front? Lmao c'mon guys... #28
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What's up! =D #4.1
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"When Destiny goes offline for what ever reason, there's nothing there for gamers at all which is poor design."

Is this description for real? lol #14
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I guess, it depends on where you hang out honestly, if you play Call of Duty and reveal that you're a girl, you're probably going to get a bunch of racist little 5 year olds screaming at you - if you hang in video game forums or games where more adults play or more mature gamers play, you'll usually find a lot of normal people.

Either way, There's always been girls that have played in my circle of friends over the past 6+ years, and I will say that even Call o... #1.2
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I like how the title says the 20th but the description says the 18th, lol #4
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It baffles me how so many people apparently don't even know about the power and eject button *facepalm* #1.1.4
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They said at the conference that the blob thing is a USB Drive attachment, so it can be taken out. #11.1
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I think we need to come up with a new term for the word "micro"-transaction. .. Seriously EA, $90 for a big box of players? Reminds me of all those ridiculous $99 micro transactions you see on most cell phone games now. #21
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He was joking - most young people joke this way now, it's not uncommon to jokingly say in a silly manner "white people are always doing this", "black people are always doing that" etc... without it having to be racist, but simply as a joke/funny statement. #14.1
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Man, I've always disliked this website. Mainly because of their hilariously ridiculous spam attack of advertisements, but now they're just cranking out the dumbest crap, haha

This is the worst "graphics comparison" video I've seen in a really long time, lol #18
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I never got why websites did these mini text "conversations" when it would be better as like a podcast or even an audio file on a YouTube embed with a still image or whatever.

Especially since the conversation is between random internet usernames such as "Wastelander75", "Gmandam", "Baronfang", and so on... lol. #4
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Not just PC, the future is probably where you could stream (and possibly download games) to your TV's, PC's, Tablets, etc... via the PlayStation app, Xbox app, Nintendo app, Steam app, etc. without needing a dedicated console box to play. Similar to how Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc. operate right now.

OnLive tried to do that right now, but was way too early - internet and devices aren't quite ready.

I do hope that these companies still allow all games... #1.1
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Okay, I was wondering if I was the only one with that problem, lol #2.1
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Lol, Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs... #8
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Fez is no doubt one of the best indie games I've played, it is actually fantastically put together and has some very genius aspects to it (which can be seen by playing the game twice and finding all collectibles, and so on).

That being said, Phil Fish will be Phil Fish - people have to learn that because I highly doubt he's gonna change himself no matter how much people want him to. Additionally, Phil Fish needs to accept that people won't like him for it (but he... #9.2
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Lmao, what? What kind of request is that?

Edit: Last I heard, he deleted his entire account off of Twitter, I guess that was (yet again) another temporary measure, lol #23
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