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Okay, lol great job, but what does that have to do with this article which is talking about PS4 and Xbox One versions? #9.1
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Great, this site again, the one that I have to play the "close advertisement" game for an entire minute. #6
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This site (GamingBolt) has the MOST OBNOXIOUS advertising!!!! I never consider using ad-block because ads are never that annoying to me, but when I visit this site I always reconsider, lmao #25
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So for the people that are complaining that the features aren't here because people were "whining" ... you realize that nothing is stopping Microsoft from making all of those features they originally had planned as OPTIONAL for all people that choose to opt into it, it's really not that hard, the fact that Microsoft doesn't want to add it to the Xbox One is Microsoft's fault alone, it is NOT the people that protested the NEED for the console to be always online by de... #1.1.19
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Another website with horrendous advertising! #10
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This website (GamingBolt) has THE WORST advertising barrage in HISTORY!!!!!!!! I cannot even read the article without playing the "close ad" game for half a freakin' minute! #17
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Lmao, what... the hell... is that! Nah, I'd rather just put the DS3 battery inside the DS4 #10
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Just so you know... You don't lose access to the game unless your PS Plus subscription expires AND THEN if your PS PLUS subscription expires you won't have access to the game until you sign up to plus again. Once you sign up to plus again ALL of your games are still there for you to access, even if you wait a year to resubscribe. It's a common misconception, even though it's not quite as good as being able to play them while unsubscribed, however... #19.1.4
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Can't believe people are just hearing about this guy, haha, there's many more at the top of the leaderboards in the 90's. Also, he is not the first one that has hit level 100, others got there before him, but they cheated. Hakoom did not cheat (so far as people have not been able to prove), he's very transparent with showing himself earning trophies via video compared to other trophy hunters. #35
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I actually tried my remote by simply pressing the arrow buttons and it works perfectly! I never had the idea to try that out actually, lol - I just turned CEC on for the PlayStation turning on when I turn the TV on and things like that #23.1.1
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Why was he calling him a "creep"? He doesn't know anything about CEC so he calls the guy a creep for trying to teach him about it? #23
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Me and my friends all get together on weekends and all spend hours upon hours playing it together, despite its bugs it's really fun as a core game with much to do. And even the people I don't play with a lot on my friends list are playing it too, lol nobody has played Call of Duty for months on my friends list and I doubt Ghosts will get much activity on my list a month from now. I'm saying that because that's what everyone really used to play and now it's GTA V or an asso... #3.1
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Haha, I really don't think there's any other boss with a Twitter account out there like Yoshida, he has such a great sense of humor on there #2
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Very good review! Can't wait to play this game later today! #4
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As far as I remember, Agent (coming soon) has been in the games section of the social club for probably about a year now, so I guess it's basically the same thing that you're talking about since iFruit is basically a social club service #17.2
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These definitely aren't scaled correctly, you can tell by the width of the streets and city blocks that SA and IV are impossibly small in comparison! #19
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So does he know the difference between DDR5 and GDDR5? Because the PS4 doesn't have DDR5 like he's saying, haha #21
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Plus the camera guy spends what seemed like 1 or 2 full minutes looking at the controller and the guy playing rather than the game, haha so annoying! #1.1.2
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Hmm, despite what the article says, their website loads just fine for me! I hope they are still in business, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was absolutely fantastic on the Vita but I think the game only sold around 250K across both PS3 and Vita, which aren't the greatest sales for a franchise such as Sly Cooper, but nobody knew about the game, advertising was non-existent for that game. #5
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What? I HIGHLY enjoyed the game, where in my comment did I say I didn't enjoy the game? In fact, it doesn't award you trophies until you finish it, my goodness, don't have a little fit because you don't have an interest in trophies. I get trophies because they actually EXPAND the game for me and get me to do things that I would have not even tried before and end up enjoying the game more for that. Guess what, the trophies do not work correctly, and need to be fixed regardless... #8.1.1
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