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People are just realizing they are reusing Afghanistan? lol

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The light bar doesn't really affect the battery life on the controller anyway since it's simply 4 LED's that are reflected across a plastic strip. It's the battery itself that is crap compared to the Dualshock 3.

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Come on, let's stop approving trash articles, lmao

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I knew this guy would be instantly contacted by a publisher/developer, lol - good for him, his game looks awesome!

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It boggles my mind how people can't comprehend basic proportion (like the person who wrote this article and is yelling at their readers in their own comments section over their inability to examine images they themselves posted). From the images, the Xbox One S is wider, it is also taller, however it has a shorter depth, meaning... it's probably about the same in volume. It's not at all "much smaller" or as the URL on the site states "by miles" unless I suppose...

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Eh I mean he's right. Naughty Dog has been doing this the past few years by throwing in random characters that seem to just appeal to the San Francisco games journalists mostly so they'll write up an article about it. These characters are never really that great or fleshed out or anything either.

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So an article was made by cherry-picking an unbelievably tiny fraction of some comments on YouTube? Lol I'm surprised Polygon or Kotaku didn't produce something like this to be honest. People will always have issue with a main character, every time a new character is white I always see "Ugh! Another straight white male!" but I don't write up an article about it, lol

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I love CrowbCat, such a brilliant YouTuber lol, definitely subscribe to his channel

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Writing too many articles for one night? - "from the PSN. The Brazilian PSN" ... "via the Play Station Webster" =P

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Is it a female? Lol I honestly can't tell

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I love how Ian Miles Cheong (the writer of this article) used to be the worst SJW and one day he realized "hey, I'm not enjoying video games like I used to" and now is strongly against politically correct garbage in gaming. You seem much happier now Ian, keep up the good work =)

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I was wondering when playing Everybody's Gone to the Rapture why the gameplay, story, and essentially everything else was so piss poor and missed the mark by a mile, now I get it.

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A five paragraph "review" with a clickbait headline? Really? Lmao who approved this? This reviewer wrote what is essentially a blog post with a star rating tacked on complaining about playing what is essentially a role playing game with RPG elements? Then they say to go play Destiny which essentially has the same basic RPG gameplay elements!! Lmfao

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Why do articles like this keep getting approved? Lol c'mon, even the title fails hard at its own grammar.

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No titles you actually want? Some of the first were Grand Theft Auto games! Lmao

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This has been one of the best games of the generation that I've played personally, just a fun game, constantly supported, and so on!

I've been wanting to see city tracks from this game for a long time and they're finally coming! =D

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Here's a GIF that was posted later in that forum thread. Wow, I had no idea how much they improved it! I thought it looked mostly the same, I was wrong, lol

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This site redesign is an inside job!

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