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I am sick of these articles. Why do these companies upgrade hardware if graphics are not to be considered a nice requirement. It is a huge part to me for a next gen. Yes game play is very important but this is not fucking 2004 Games like call of duty shows and inspires not to take advantage of the machine but rather our pockets. To me it is a 60:40 ratio and if I bought power hardware I want it to be taken advantage of other why do leaps in hardware and do a Nintendo. -_- Oh this generatio...

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A second time???? I have played the campaign 7 times now lol

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That is understandable. A Toyota Puris is 100 grand there and other cars are much more expensive there. I wonder if electronics is more expensive there..

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Those bubbles 0_0 !!! Lol on topic it is all on the developers if they want to push for higher resolution and framerate. Development time,resources and team talent all plays a hand. And if they have a good engine running the game. Sure you can get 1080p 60 frames a second like COD Ghost but look at the games engine lol utter shit and a talentless team. Only time will tell if all games will be 1080p 60 frames a second with talent and the other stuff in it.

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What is up with the Kinect situation? I thought the system would not work without it? I believe I heard the douche from Activision saying " We can do that if we had the kinect" During their presentation on Late night with Jimmy Fallon. So is Microsoft lying about mandatory Kinect? I don't feel comfortable having an always connected camera a company can be using to invade my privacy. Personally I don't care for Xbox as I don't like Microsoft as a company it self . They se...

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Bring it on Yamauchi!!!!! Make our eyes explode lol
It was explode in a positive way. You guys are lame lol

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It is not hardware that always determine visuals. It is the talent, resources and determination of the team behind the game.

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Look between the I and E. The design of jet looks to be it or the Pak Fa. I am calling it!!!
It also seems to be a nuke going off in the other one. :-0

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I don't know about anyone else but one of those mini pictures looks like a F-22 Raptor. I hope more jets and differences between them appear :-)

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Thats right LG! Motherfucker! AH HAHAHAHA Your products are made from dog shit!Go back to the stone age where you belong! I'm sorry guys I just had to let that out. No one should fuck with gaming! Thats like fucking with a religion. I had confidence that Sony was going to win. SONY SONY SONY!

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I hated the first Shift cause of the handling physics and I don't think they changed it. The graphics look a little better than the first but I'm all about the handling characteristics and detail accuracy. I'll wait for some more gameplay to make my decision. As for the reviews that can go to hell I don't rely on reviews cause there is too much fanboys and reviewers that don't love the Genre like the fans.

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Crysis 2 would be a good movie. I just got re hyped. Hopefully the game will be good looking on consoles. I can't afford a high end PC to get the full capability of this game.

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I think if they was to race with this in real life they will have to pick out jello from the cockpit.

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If you don't have GT5 enjoy it by watching live streaming. Here is a streamer

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This is a good review. GT5 is being streamed right now. This is a good page

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GT5 live Streaming on Justin Tv. Check it out.

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Live GT5 streaming. This channel is good.

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I talk to a lot of people that say they are gamers but don't know anything unless its showed to them on T.V. I tell these people to look up everything gaming and inform yourself of your interest. Hell half of these people didn't know about Duke Nukem Forever when I asked them about that.

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Day 1 for me. This game looks very interesting. Hope it stays as good as the trailer.

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Sorry this just made my horrible day better! Going to get my check from work and pre- order this heaven made game. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO

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