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Silent Hill, Contra, Castlevania, Gradius, Ganbare Goemon, DDR, What do they all have in common?

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If TW3 sell well on PS4 (I think it will) I don't doubt that they will end making a remaster, it is a no brainer since many PS4 players haven't played 1 and 2 (like me). Unless they hate money.

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I can get online through Invite Only Session, and from there I can join jobs 4 out of 5 times without problems. Also I have read the same problems from Xbox one users at the Rockstar support forums.

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Every E3 I still remember the "believe it or not I'm watching E3" theme.

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What I would really like is an expansion of Liberty City (or Vice City) into the GTA Online universe.

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looks really cool, but I want to see what is the next Media Molecule game for PS4.

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I think they are!

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He will choose the xbox one but some years ahead it will die and after many good memories and two kids he will be back to the PlayStation 4... and then the internet explodes!

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I would like to see how many a Zelda game would sell if it was multiplatform, I think it would probably as big as GTA if not bigger.

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I won't pass on the game, but I will admit I'm not as hyped as I was with previous Metal Gears.

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Kojima is just bullshittin, this is a just a marketing strategy "Let's go big by using a big name actor as Snake's voice".

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just remove the "bad sport" mechanic, it sucks! I got it because i was kicked from a game 3 times in a row for no reason (I guess the players were expecting another player to start when a joined a random mission).

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That is weird, it totally worked for me! It was like playing GTA V in real life!

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@Jeffgoldwin it is not fair to compare real life with a videogame dude, I mean in that case glitching is justified because the morals of the game permit it (the game is about a bunch of thugs planning bank heists).

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@FILTHY ESKIMO The game is unbalanced because rockstar wants you to buy their currency or spend 50 hr saving for a decent apartment and a decent car.

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The money glitch it is great because it is painfully hard to make money and everything is so expensive, there is not much difference between glitching and buying GTA$ (GTA currency that can be bought with real money I mean).

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what easter egg?

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I have been using this glitch since yesterday, and actually have been playing more, I was frustrated on how much time does it take to gain some money and how expensive everything is.

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Maybe a reset, not banned many people are doing it.

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