All aboard the GTA V hype-train!


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How am I mad/disgruntled? I'm just expressing my opinion after seeing a gameplay trailer..

Perhaps it's a neglible issue for some of you, but the fact that you die when touching water really surprised and dissapointed me. It's something I thought we wouldn't be seeing this gen, especially with a title of such magnitude which relies heavily on exploration!

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The more I see of it, the more dissapointed I become... Don't get me wrong, it looks good. But certain aspects are severely lacking, or just don't look next-gen. For example: the player jumps into the water, trying to explore and he dies. That reminds me of truly ancient game design solutions (GTA 3 anyone?).

This worries me, because the thing that I'm excited about the most is exploring the world. The world now looks very static and bland. What I want is a dynami...

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Insane difference! Finally some grass on those low-res mountains :)

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Team Ico.

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Looks amazing! Glad Insomniac is back after that monstrosity called Fuse.

Here's hoping the final product will deliver!

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Well, in defense of Activision, this COD does look miles better than Ghosts. Definitely a next-gen upgrade. So I can see why certain people are hyped. And I believe it's justified, just hope people are cautiously optimistic!

It's entirely possible that this is just a shiny new skin on the same tried, true and tired gameplay. I sincerely hope the graphics aren't the only thing that have been upgraded!

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N4G has never been famous for quality articles, but this Wordpress garbage definitely takes the cake...

1. Create crappy wordpress (not even your own .com domain)
2. Make a screenshot of sellers
3. Add pointless text
4. Profit

... sad.

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Aight, I'm in! :)

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I can't stand people saying: "People are such graphic whores, it looks fine!" STFU, seriously! This entire time Ubisoft has presented and showcased Watchdogs with the level of graphical fidelity seen in the E3 trailers and demo's. Now it's more than fair that we expect such fidelity in the final product.

The graphics were basically one of the biggest selling points of the game. It made the city look alive and made it standout from other open-world games...

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This is GTA.. It's made for cheats! I loved flying around in my Stallion in Vice City!

Also: why not cheat in a different save-game?

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The thing is, these people can and should hold off till video reviews start popping up. IGN, Gamespot etc. all have a certain integrity and can be trusted to post non-spoiler filled content. It also has great quality and beats most of these 240p potato cam videos on the web.

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It's definitely a shitty situation.. and imo, both sides can't win here. Rockstar has been working on this for over 5 years now, it's their baby and ofcourse they want to protect it in any way possible until the release date. They just don't want the game to be spoiled for anyone.

On the other hand there's the gamers who get the game early and obviously want to share some footage because everyone's excited for it. However, Rockstar can't take chanc...

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First thing I do:

1. find a boat or jetski
2. go far in to the ocean
3. jump out
4. wait for incoming shark attack

I'm gonna be scared as hell! :D

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Hilarious!! Especially the Roman part hahaha

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Wow! You can actually meet the other characters between missions! That's pretty awesome :) Wonder what happens when I shoot 'em in the face?

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Hehe, funny... I discuss this hypothetical topic with my friends way too much..

It would, in my opinion, be horrific. The Pokemon Universe is perfect. Perfect because the worst criminals are organised crime gangs such as Team Rocket, who only want to catch/steal certain pokemon and always fail in doing so. And perfect because there are no idiots or really bad people.

In real life, some real fucked up shit is going down almost every day. Humans always seek the...

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A double-edged sword... On one hand it's great for small indies and little companies that do not have a big budget, on the other hand it's bad news because it's easier to release incomplete games on the marketplace..

Like Grown Folks Talk said: it gives devs an incentive to get it right the first time. However, there will always be bugs or problems that you can't foresee when releasing a product, and it's a bitter pill to swallow as a little company when ...

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Lol, no way in hell that will ever happen. Both companies have now seen the public backlash surrounding these topics. If they 'turn on the drm', so much shit will hit the fan, it's not even funny.

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Lol. You have no idea what you're talking about... ND provides magazines with PSD's (Photoshop files) which contain layers of artwork. They do this so magazines can alter the size for the print.

They're not meant to alter an entire image, or even delete entire elements. Gamereactor pretty much shit all over this piece and coincidentally destroyed the composition lol.

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This is something you don't want to see as an artist, trust me. Someone who pokes around in artwork that has been created with utmost care and precision is practically insulting the artist(s). Most of you probably won't even notice or see it, but things like composition have been severely altered and not for the better...

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