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Would rather whatever resources they put to the MP have been put into making the SP even more awesome - but whatever.

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Attractive women all have advantages in life based on their looks alone. It's only the less attractive ones that like to complain about equal rights blah blah and become feminist lol.

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This is why i just can't rock with Nintendo anymore.

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The entire technology needs improvements. It's nice but let's be real, 2016 VR is nothing impressive more of gimmicks. The technology for true VR ain't ready yet as well as the hardware to match. To me this is like trynna push that lame 3D wave - who's asking for it?

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I still got a 1080p TV so to me, no.

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Lol they need to just call this anything BUT Ghost Recon, smh.

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They shouldn't. They screwed up with the Vita bad. Just respectfully bow out and focus on the PS4, 5, etc.

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i gotta agree with sully

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That's what they should have done for Xbox One tbh the same way they forced a broadband connection only with the original xbox. Sometimes you just gotta push the culture forward and if you can't handle it don't buy. Bunch of whiners and digital sales for Xbox titles be higher than ever. smh

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Microsoft gotta license a Dualshock 4 layout controller now just cuz the disrespect.

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financially or with reviews? That game was amazing to me, damn.

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All we asked for was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3...and we get this instead. Looks like they used The Division resources and made an expansion pack branch-off.

Sigh, im a huge Tom Clancy fan. But Ubisoft been fuggin the games up for awhile now. This really doesnt look anything like Ghost Recon to me. We'll see with the beta when GAMEPLAY is finally shown and not through pretty trailers.

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or maybe they just didnt like it?

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Anything Sony and scored under an 8/10 on here is clickbait? - gotcha.

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smoking dat kush

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So you just gonna act like Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) doesn't exist?

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"Ubisoft talks" thats all they do

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GRAW 3 or no thanks

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I said it before they should have stuck with Microsoft.

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Sony been showing y'all how they feel about peripherals since the PS2 network adapter and people still fall for these temporary "wows"

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