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"Don't Feed The Trolls"


"thats my opinion and i will respect urs .. :)"

See that's the funny thing about opinions - if you make one with absolutely no logical explanation for it, we will still - not respect it.

You don't, i guess, "support" the cloud because you don't believe it? It's a lie that is trying to be true?...what does that even mean? aka it's a concept trying to become reality? Like hmm, all technology?

Like honestl... #1.1
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Man, when does EA loose the NFL license again? This cannot continue #2
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@Lukas_Japonicus @LAWSON72 oh I just love you all's enthusiasm. The hate for Kinect is so strong you would even close any possibilities to a new gaming experience?

Who said Halo 'needs' Kinect? Let's be real, at the end of the day it's still Halo. Kinect can only improve on that, not make it worse.

I can imagine countless ways to utilize Kinect with Halo to make it a better experience. It's there. It's included with every system. U... #1.4.3
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Halo + Xbox One + Kinect should be a very amazing experience for Halo fans #1.4
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"Yes, I’m Samuel L Jackson, and I’m a douche. "

reasons why people don't take reviews seriously anymore and just look at the score with no reading. The first three "paragraphs" aren't even about anything. This "review" is a joke. Not saying the game is bad (which it isn't) but seriously, just read this thing.

Game's fun to play. At the end of the day that's what matters. But not for $59.99 - Microsoft seriousl... #1.2
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enter bruh. enter. #25.1
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I just really, really wonder the ages of some users here. The type of logic KingPin is showing is SAD. Almost makes you wanna smack common sense...ahhh there we go, common sense. Ironically, not that common in humans #1.2
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Don't be silly. #1.4.1
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@maniacmayhem so as a game developer, in trying to hire someone you're going to call your game "a" or small time? That's like saying "meh, we do a little something over here. Might be good. Might not. Nothing too big."

who's gonna say that? #1.3.3
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lol AAA. I love Quantic Dream as much as the next guy but this term right here needs to start being used in other ways or something.

Would we all call BEYOND: Two Souls AAA? I loved Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain (Heavy Rain being my favorite).

But I just did nooooot like BEYOND. Felt almost like a task trying to finish that "game". Characters, story, none of that was as interesting as the previous two games IN MY OPINION.

I'm... #1.3
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@Hellsvacancy let's be real - you'll see it and still, not, believe it. #1.2
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aw man how could I forget Far Cry! You're right though - just proves my point. #1.4.2
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you must be fun at parties. Probably the guy who goes, "why order online when you can just pick up the phone?" #2.1
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"If you think Sucker Punch has reached the top with inFAMOUS: Second Son,"

...why would anyone, or more importantly, who was thinking that o_O? #1.2
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Ubisoft has been so money hungry lately it shows in their deceasing values of their games. Tom Clancy games are borderline garbage now. Assassins Creed is beat to death. Prince of Persia is lost in quicksand.

Now as big as Call of Duty and Fifa. How are we comparing 3 majorly different titles and genres? Oh, the financial success.

I want to believe in Watch Dogs but I'll wait and see review scores on this one - and I normally don't even care about rev... #1.4
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...who cares? Literally read the first 4 tweets and it sounded like two females arguing. What is happening to men now adays lol? smh #1.13
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if Titanfall is "dead" by now, inFamous Second Son must be burred. #1.9
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Ubisoft and Sony clearly have a business deal on-going with Watch Dogs and that's probably the sole reason why everything we've seen so far has been mostly PS4 footage.

It's like when Activision and Microsoft get together showing only Xbox footage for a CoD game all year round. Nothing wrong with the other versions - it's just business. #1.3
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"but "doing it for the love" doesn't pay the bill's. "

he's not paying the bills. He isn't a shareholder. He isn't Microsoft nor is he EA. As far as he's concerned - he's working in a completely independent studio.

So as far as Titanfall producer Drew McCoy goes - he probably doesn't care about anything you pointed out @ArchangelMike #1.7
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this game has been gold for awhile now. My only guess is that they want it to run better and maybe didn't have the new SDK tools in time to do so - so now they need Microsoft's help.

But in what, Beenox already said the game runs both 1080p and 30FPS on both PS4 and Xbox One: #1.3
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