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how do people be finding these things lol - website? cuz i never be quick enough smh

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It just feels good to see Activision no where near this for once.

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"Also... racists and gamers don't mix. "

@Kingthrash360, you must have never played Call of Duty on Xbox LIVE. Or hell, ANY game online with a HINT of something pointing toward you being black.

"Nobody got pissed at kratos for being black, why this? "

Cuz he was painted white lmfao. C'mon son. The same people racist outside are the same ones racist in the virtual world. As an African American man ...

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mustve missed the "teaser" part

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"Fight Night Round 4" ITS LIT! Please tell me EA aint shut down the servers!

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That's nice and all but if they dont update that damn graphics engine!

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was like 2-3 hours too long. Besides that all good

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We all knew this was going to happen. Must suck to be on a development team knowing you're wasting your time.

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I think they know this. Like TITANFALL 2 - ignoring it a 2nd time would just be stupid.

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No man turns down Kanye da GOAT

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This that "1080p 60FPS for all PS4 games or give me death" guy right? haha

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Lol, people said the same thing when Mafia 2 came out.

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too much truth for one comment, be safe tho.

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same old song no one wants to hear.

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whats wrong with London?

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Can't wait! This trailer looks to delivery what everyone loves about the Mafia series. if people can't get over the fact that the main character is black - oh well, their loss.

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@thricetold exactly.

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a lot of people were/are mad the main character is black...or like the developers like to say, "mixed"

Just a HUNCH tho...

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can someone tell me why this failed or what was wrong with it? I enjoyed the episodes and how the decisions you made effected what you saw.

Articles like this are why game companies don't wanna try anything new anymore and keep giving us the same old ish.

Loved it in Alan Wake and I hope they continue in Alan Wake with the live action tie-ins. Ignore these type of "opinions" Remedy. Real fans actually love it.

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