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nice, im all for it.

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@bouzebbal literally said nothing about exclusives lol, and people are complaining

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All we been asking for is Ninjas & Samurais......just give us that

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Better question is who is "we". Xbox fans? I don't see why they would stop caring about a new game coming to their platform.

"other" fans? well,

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@wolokowoh - at least one person understands.

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So much hate in the comments lol. This site is sickening

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You think God of War 2 was better than the 1st? I always felt it was, i dunno - definitely different. But not better. I still prefer David Jaffe over Cory Barlog

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@DarkVoyager what does any of this have to do with God of War? Why are you so defensive?

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I definitely will not be purchasing this title. They shouldve learned from Battlefront

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Conspiracy for Microsoft reviews, facts for Sony reviews. lmao

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Multiplayer was deep and honestly probably the best MP out of them all. SP though yeah, super dropped the ball

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but comment, and make it even more hotter to appear on the front page. What logic?

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" If this is an honest unbiased review free of agenda then so be it" why is every God of War review under a 9/10 some clickbait conspiracy to you all lol? It's just one person's opinion and guess what, not all opinions are the same.

Clickbait logic makes no sense because who's actually clicking on the article? You all, just to point out stuff in the comments.

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Someone's opinion that doesn't fit the 10/10 mold is automatica trolling and attempt for clicks? Using that logic, why even click on it? Only on N4G lol. Groupthink or gtfo

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All Rockstar needs to do is tweet "its out" and still sell millions.

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I don't think Activision was ever the problem to be honest. The movie games were tied to tight schedules and you know that never means anything good for developments.

The original games though like Web of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions, Ultimate Spider-Man etc

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@kingfortoday - what is your point?

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60FPS would've made this amazing I can't lie. But still looks fluid

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He wanted like 10 mil last time or sumn - he's DEFINITELY gonna want more with his 2018 status 😂😂, EA not cutting that check lol

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