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He wanted like 10 mil last time or sumn - he's DEFINITELY gonna want more with his 2018 status 😂😂, EA not cutting that check lol

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damn that good? best ever? i need to check it out then

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exactly what I'm saying

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We still making tweets that say absolutely NOTHING, news?

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See, this subject is kinda of touchy and we shouldn't 100% dismiss that violent media, may have an effect on weak individuals.

I only say this because if you look at how influential Hip-Hop music is, is it far-stretched to think videogames are influencing people as well?

Not saying it was THIS case but, still.

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Conviction was nice

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Never liked what they did with The Darkness 2. From artstyle to story

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For $60 at the time, the replay value was severely lacking. Beat the game quick as hell to. But it WAS a nice game.

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Am I missing it or how is "I hope" a confirmation to anything?

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I swear this same topic keeps coming up lol. as if there is something wrong with offering this

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Man, I thought we were gonna get story mode expansions like GTAIV - I guess not. No disrespect to the online portion of the game but i was never interested in that.

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no thanks - you people who be asking for the same thing from years ago are exactly why progress is never made. It's 2017 move on and let's see what new things they can do technically and artistically.

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so then why not just choose to play against console players only in matchmaking settings like most games give you the option to do? Gotta omit the feature completely lol?

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Verizon FiOS gigabit connection over here, all is sweet :D

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"Our analysis used a third-party API to randomly sample usage data from nearly one million active Xbox One Gamertags over a period of nearly five months starting last September." no official data? okay.

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people got real short term memory @Imalwaysright

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I don't even remember what this "game" was about. Definitely was a product of over-hype, smh.

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who approves this stuff

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Would rather whatever resources they put to the MP have been put into making the SP even more awesome - but whatever.

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Attractive women all have advantages in life based on their looks alone. It's only the less attractive ones that like to complain about equal rights blah blah and become feminist lol.

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