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Hmm, the only problem I had with FF15 combat seems to be addressed here which is being able to switch between your party members during battle. Its looking great, so far and that's coming from a huge FF7 fan that loves the turn based combat.

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Talk about a loop hole lol

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I think it's die hard trilogy, that game was addictive lol

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Cool, would love to see a X version of the helmet

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Actually I think the Wii U does for this year

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Had my copy since yesterday and im glad to hear everyone else is getting the chance to experience this masterpiece, good gaming to you all.

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Fucking haters lol...

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Lucky me im getting it on Monday, which is today my local store is breaking release date.

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Yea because you'll probably confusing it with a gecko.

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I love the demo. I bought Black ops2 the other day and the first thing i did when i got home was pop on this demo. Nuff said.

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"They look stupid and Japanese",You sound like nOOb, you have no good taste in games. Now go back into watching twilight.

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i can agree with you and we also have to remember the technology back then, releasing multi. street fighters was necessary for genesis/snes due to the limited space of cartridges at the time. As for now they have all the space they need to have a complete game, what confuses us is, its already a complete game but we have to pay extra to unlock the full complete game? that just don't sit well on us

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@Hicken you mentioning VIII(i think that's what you meant),X, and XIII easily ranking higher than VII instead of at least FFVI just shows how much of a noob you are @Rpgs. At least VI has a very little argument from what i read in blogs even though its not convincing, just scrubs hopping on hironobu sakaguchi's bandwagon as soon as they read that VI is his favorite FF not knowing that Sakaguchi had about 44% involvement in storyline while tetsuya nomura is the mastermind behind cloud ...

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@CLOUD1983 i agree with you 100% its good to see that not everyone just suddenly woke up from an amnesia and not remember when every gaming magazine,articles and gaming community regarded ffVII as the best FF IF NOT RPG back in 1997.At that time i was on megemanx4 and castlevania symphony of the night along with VII, lets not forget about goldeneye 007.Also marvel superheroes vs street fighter were out in the arcades....*sigh* the good ol gaming days

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i thought the same exact thing lol i download it already but i just been sitting on it because of that reason

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yeah i agree, people nowadays just jump on the hype wagon just to look cool lmfao fucking losers

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i agree with those who said gears 3 has better multiplayer and UC 3 has better singleplayer but for those who disagree with it don't have any sense in gaming seriously they are a bunch of jokes just stfu and stop trolling like u know what the fuck you talking about lol little kids nowadays

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well ill take his word considering i have not seen microsoft 1st party studios pull off a game that matches uncharted animation and visuals for the 360

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"the genius" john carmack should take some notes from ND

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whoa some hater went on a disagree spree for no reason, must be a child who wasn't even born yet when this classic was release lol

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