This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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"Today, we can update that with images that have surfaced that might give us our first look at Dead Rising 4..."

Great journalism

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Biggest difference is this one

Original -

New -

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Needs more Soul Sacrifice Delta

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"I'm sure Sony has it holstered. The reason they do the late show is so they can make adjustments."

Any proof of that? I'm pretty sure these shows are planned weeks in advance, getting in touch with publishers, preparing guests, remembering lines, editting trailers ect.

I doubt they'd change anything in less than a day based on what Microsoft shows

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Another fascinating piece from ThisGenGaming...

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To think they raised the price of the season pass to a fat £40 too. So far I'm not seeing anything that justifies the price hike besides "we can get away with it, so we did"

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Yeah, I'm gonna wait for the dust to settle on this one. See how much longetivity it really has, wanna see if the cracks start to show after a few weeks.

Saying that, I really do hope it's as good as people say, haven't been into a MP Shooter since Battlefield 3

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bullymangLer always downplays Playstation games with reasons that make no sense.

He once downplayed Bloodborne because it was "sLapchop" (actual quote) and not "real gore", whatever that means.

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These numbers prove its still worth taking the time to market these kinds of games in Japan.

Yeah it wont sell as well as a Pokemon game or Dragon Quest, but 120,000 units isn't a number to turn your nose up at

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How is giving Quantum Break a 7 the same as giving Uncharted a 4?

Uncharted has 95 reviews and not a single one is below 80, then there's this guy who gives it a 4, not above average, not mediocre but just straight up bad.

Quantum Break received a whole bunch of 7's & 7 is a good score, I don't really see how you can compare the two

[email protected]_red

Alright man fair eno...

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Street fighter sold 47,000

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Wow Uncharted beating Halo, how things have changed

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You do know Metacritic just takes all reviews from around the web don't you? They don't review the games themselves, how can they be biased?

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People can spin this however they want, but I've never seen Metacritic add a score to a scoreless review

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It's sad that a scoreless review somehow ended up as a 4/10, but I wouldn't care enough to start a petition lol

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Satire or not, where did the 4/10 come from?

Metacritic has a section for scoreless reviews at the bottom, but here it looks like they've just made it up

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No it's not lol

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A lot of Vita haters in here, and some of them have clearly never owned one. But I think the Vita is great and I'd recommend it to anyone who's not afraid to try something different like Soul Sacrifice, Danganronpa or Persona.

People said the Vita was dead in early 2013, yet here we are still talking about it & the Vitas still getting games. Roll on Trails of cold steel 2 & God Eater Rage Burst!

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It's 2011 all over again

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Terrible show. Truly awful. Saying that, people love it for some reason so it's a great time for an ad

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