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"This is further evidence that your site isn't competent enough to objectively rate a game."

Why? Just because you don't agree? He gave it a 6.7, which is above average. He didn't give it a 1/10.

Never played The Division retail release, but playing the beta wasn't overly entertaining

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To be fair, I doubt Lionhead ever wanted to make bizarre free-to-play co-op RPG's and on-rails kinect games. They're clearly projects MS wanted them to do.

I think they should have been given the chance to redeem themselves with a no nonsense Fable 4 before getting the axe

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There are so many, sometimes two right next to eachother so some are pointless. Where as in Dark Souls it was always a relief to find one

The bonfire system itself is fine

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Yeah it's great. Replayed it again on PS4 (which is a good remaster), but it is the weakest entry.

Oh and Soul Memory, that idea sucked. Never ruined Demons/Dark Souls before so I don't know why they brought that in other than an attempt to be more mainstream friendly

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Difficulty was never Dark Souls 2's problem, though the game did love piling a ton of enemies on you at once

The problems were the disconnected world, the pointless bonfires/shortcuts, lazy bosses (which include some reskins), none respawning enemies and a general lack of gore/darker tone.

It's still good though, and I played it for ages

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I wish they fixed the PS3 store. It's straight up broken at times, wrong thumbnails, wrong screenshots, constant freezes that require a hard reset & old Plus games

I can't be the only one that still boots the PS3 up from time to time during a PSN sale

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Looks like Stardust/Galak Z, those two games we JUST had, yet not as good as either.

They probably had low pre-orders so they're giving it on Plus. I can see why nobody would want it.

I remember when we got better indies atleast like Isaac, Resogun & Outlast. These days I guess Sony can't be bothered to meet even those relatively low standards.

Oh, and Broforce runs like garbage, which is brilliant. /S

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Bland? I was swinging about on ropes, summoning mystical statues and blowing people up with RPGs. All whilst dressed as Sully in a balaclava and a tuxedo. Wouldn't say it was "bland" personally :P

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Good news for Ratchet & Clank atleast

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Wtf? So this doesn't actually have anything to do with From Software, yet they've blatantly ripped off the armour design and Gravelord Nito (Even has his sword) and called it "Slashy Souls"? This is really wrong, it doesn't even look good

Edit: They even have Divine Blessings, a magic scroll with the same artwork, the "YOU DIED" screen and the Dragon Shrine/Anor Londo in the background.

This isn't inspired by Dark Souls at ...

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Jokes on you guys she's actually only 3ft 4

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Apparently they're £16 each.

Lol no thanks, could have atleast done a collection

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It costs them less & sells more on handheld. Bigger profit margins

Basically the reason a lot of games went to 3DS instead of Wii U.

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I miss the days of the "Black Phantom edition" Demon's Souls. That was actually good value for money, barely more than the regular base game.


I editted my comment before I saw your reply. Well, MGS4 was the "end" too

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It is. Before there was an argument to be made, but if Plus keeps up like this Games with gold is just better.

I'm not the kind of person who dismisses all indie games either. Rogue legacy & The Binding of isaac were great plus choices

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I honestly can't remember a worse month. Reality fighters on Vita? That terrible launch game that got critically panned? You spoil me Sony

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I'm probably in the minority but I'd like some info on the co-op modes. They were really fun in Uncharted 3.

It still has co-op right?

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Getting doom 1 & 2 for free is nice but I'm hesitant to pre order anything these days

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Favourite memories:

- Playing Persona 4 for the first time
- Playing both Soul Sacrifice games at launch online
- Discovering a ton of PsP games that still hold up really well today
- Realising Ys Memories of Celceta is actually awesome
- Trying out a whole bunch of random japanese stuff (some great, some awful)
- Trying new indies i'd never try on PS4
- Good ports (Blazblue)

Worst memories:


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"Devs work on post-game content and you buy it in the form of DLC or through a seasons pass, but you don't with Halo 5 because their source of income comes from the MTs"

Or you know, they just use some of the money from the original millions of sales. E.G God Eater, Monster Hunter, Splatoon, Soul Sacrifice, Rocket League..

Why are you kidding yourself that games need Microtransactions to have free DLC? You talk like Microsoft isn't a multibi...

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