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@ Christopher

So should we expect something more like Disqus?

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Nice. Seems like a title to look out for in future, but maybe not a day 1 buy

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Gotta agree with Balsanoid. Giving us the first part of a five part episodic series is a bit of a piss take.

Freedom wars is a good choice though, but I bought that at launch.

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Well if that were true it wouldn't be one of the most requested features on the blogs and this article wouldn't have got to 300 heat in 20 minutes.

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I loved this game, I get nostalgic just thinking about the music. Used to play it as soon as I got home from school. New Leaf was great and objectively better, but Wild World will always be special to me.

Also screw Amiibo festival, the Wii U should have had a proper Animal Crossing.

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Just don't tell him that on Twitter. He'll probably tell you to f**k off

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"Ooo, soft"

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All stars had it's fair share of questionable characters, Big Daddy wasn't one of them.

One of the coolest characters in the game, and no I don't care that Bioshock isn't Playstation exclusive, he was awesome.

@ benji "Square enix is free of Sony now"

Yeah Final fantasy VII remake, Nier 2, Dragon quest heroes 1 & it's sequel, Dragon Quest 11, World of Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy XIV.


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Shocking choices for Vita owners. I'm not asking for Persona 4 Golden here Sony, just something better than an obscure 6 year old PSP game.

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Bigger budget than Nier 1.

I don't care about Scalebound.

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Original composer, original writer, Bayonetta team in charge of gameplay, Final Fantasy 12 character designer & a bigger budget.

This game is gonna be awesome. It actually looks like a Nier game

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Honestly all it really needed was a bit more polish. It had it's heart in the right place but it's clear from the get go it was built on a super tiny budget.

I'm just glad it's got the original devs onboard too, to work alongside Platinum

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The price for this has increased in Europe, for those interested.

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Came here to say this basically.

This kind of BS needs to be stamped out. Put a bit of a downer on the game for me to be honest.

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Don't Listen to Ondore's Lies!

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Starts at 4.45pm. So no staying up until 3am like E3

Here's a link that might help...

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My favourite is Super Bomberman on SNES. Had the best levels.

This is such a waste on mobiles, would have done great on PSN/Xbox live. Kinda sad actually

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Censorship is the least of this games worries.

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Bloodborne destroys both The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5. Easily the best game this year. It also has one of the most unique story's in gaming and three great endings.

It's still the best game I've played on PS4

Fear the old blood

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