This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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Nah other monsters too. Like behemoths and chocobos

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They had me as soon as they announced I could catch and train my own Cactuar, then they confirmed my day one buy when they showed a Cactuar as a train conducter

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I'd be hyped for that. It's a great franchise

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I'd love a new Soul Sacrifice.

It's a shame not many people checked out Delta because It was one of the best games released in 2014

A new Freedom Wars, Final Fantasy 12 HD & new Ys footage would also be welcome :)

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This was a great interview and the guys sound really cool. I'm going Eurogamer expo soon and I'm gonna keep an eye out for this game. It seems like a game I'd really like to support

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I want to get excited, the game looks really good. But they also trademarked God Eater Rage Burst months ago and we've heard nothing since

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Praise the sun

Fear the old blood

I'm hyped for Dark Souls 3.

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"I give my liiiife. Not for honor, but for youuuuuu"

My favourite in the series too, played really well on the Vita

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Features I want:

PS1 & PS2 emulation for digital games
To be able to appear offline
Friend notifications (optional)
Customisable background and icons along with community created themes (similar to PS3)

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No, I don't buy games with Microtransactions. Why would I lie about that?

Sorry if my comment somehow offends you(?), but I don't really care if you "couldn't care less".

Maybe you should re-read your reply and realise how ridiculously condescending you sound?

Excuse me for not supporting terrible businnes practices. I'll shut up and pre-order the £100 digital deluxe edition of Star Wars Battlefront whilst I'...

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I don't buy any game with microtransactions.
If you don't vote with your wallet then companies just don't listen

Just hearing the term "Mother base coins" depresses me

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I'm hyped for Persona 4 Dancing, but I'm worried it's gonna be a little light on content.

As a big fan of Persona & Hatsune miku, anyone know if this game will be worth it's full £30? Not too keen on paid DLC either

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Bloodborne had pretty good marketing here in the UK, it was marketed as the highest rated next gen-game (which it was, until that one guy gave it a 7) with a cool boss.

I think these type of games get a bit more of a push in Europe. Beyond Two Souls had an advert on TV.

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Have you actually played either Until Dawn or Metal Gear Solid V?

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I agree. Bit annoying that Grow Home won, would have been dirt cheap with the discount anyway

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The Devils 3rd/10

...close enough

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Nice to see Danganronpa can work in another genre. I hope Danganronpa 3 is officially announced at Tokyo Game Show

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Should have kept the SD slot. I've got so many games I can't fit on my Vita that I had to make a list so I don't forget them all.

Either that or just make the propriety memory cards cheaper. Sony had all the right ideas at the Vitas launch but then they threw overpriced memory cards at us

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I am so sold on this. Looks sweet

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A great company who always put gamers first, and strive to push their franchises to be the best they can be.

Can't wait for the new Contra pachinko machine

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