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Well Drinkbox have found great success with the Vita before. Guacamelee sold really well

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Hand of fate is a nice pick, other than that it's pretty cheap on Microsoft's part in my opinion

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Those are actually pretty good sales for Odin Sphere

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Harsh. I played this for like 25 hours on PS3, it's a great game and I can only imagine it's better on Vita assuming it's a good port

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I don't agree with the "Microtransactions are fine as long as they are skins and cosmetic items" logic.

You know what? I actually like unlocking skins and cosmetics in my £40 games without spending anymore money

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There's no need for a death counter, it would suggest the challenge is a big gimmick and undermine the rest of the game in my opinion. There's more to Souls/Bloodborne than just high difficulty, it's not Super Meat Boy.

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"Rave Burst" is the upcoming God Eater Rhythm game :P

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I'd love a new Crash with graphics similar to the new Ratchet & Clank

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Don't waste your time with Diablo. People told me it got good at level 70 too. It doesn't, it's exactly the same.

This game on the other hand is great, a proper deep old school RPG with strategic combat and tons of meaningful stats & choices. Played it loads since Christmas.

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Bloodborne for the win. Best game I've played all year and the best game i've played on PS4.

Fear the old blood

Also Merry Christmas!

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Looking forward to God Eater 2, Darkest Dungeon, Salt and sanctuary, Digimon & hopefully timely localisations of World of Final Fantasy & Project Diva.

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Unproven developers, small budget and no time to make it. Activision wanted a quick cash in and they got it, it somehow sold over a million copies. It's the only Vita game with a £45 price tag, too.

I would have quite liked a decent Call of duty on Vita

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Playing the PSone classic on Vita right now. Such a good game that's worthy of the praise imo. Still no JRPG like it

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I completely agree. I'm sick of having to sign petitions and retweet for localization campaigns, just for the priviledge of giving companys my money.

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It's great for drinking games

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It does have online :)

The introduction is talking about EDF 2017 on the 360

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I quite liked Geometry Wars 3 on Vita, ended up getting the platinum. And Rocket League was good. Overall I can't say I've been particularly thrilled with this years plus games though.

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Uncharted 4 is looking so damn good

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@ Christopher

So should we expect something more like Disqus?

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Nice. Seems like a title to look out for in future, but maybe not a day 1 buy

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