This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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I look forward to finding out what Phil Spencer had for dinner tomorrow on N4G.

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It was garbage on Wii U, i'm sure it will be garbage on PS4/Xbox

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I hate having to call them the Lizard Squad, I feel like it feeds their massive egos

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I care about this game, Persona 4 Golden had boss music

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Would be nice to bring up the Vita without having to chat about if it's dead or not for once.

Saying that, I hope this is a good port, Revelations 2 had an awful storyline but the raid mode could be pretty fun on Vita if handled properly

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Lol you mad Nosred?

Your comment doesn't even make sense and has nothing to do with what you're replying to, you're just so insecure you're randomly naming a bunch of Playstation and PC announced games because Tomb Raider is confirmed for PS4.

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Really feeling Castlevania recently, got 100% on Dracula X Chronicles, completed Symphony of the night and I'm playing Lament of innocence on PS2.

I'd pick up these old GBA ones (I still love the GBA) but they're super rare

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Been playing a lot of this, wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is but it's a lot of fun

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"Most of those games were being made before sony's bad sales were fully understood."

Nope. Dragon Quest Heroes got it's sequel announced within months, because it sold as well as it did. Nier sequel got announced just last month, too. And Star Ocean 5.

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Yeah, Final Fantasy VII remake, Final Fantasy 15, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Persona 5 & a new Nier game by Platinum games. Dark times ahead indeed.

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The real point of...what?

Also, Square Enix's "Saga" is exclusive to Vita. A game which KryptoniteTail mentions, so you're wrong.

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The awful graphics and half arsed design are entirely legitimate complaints.

Don't pretend that everybody complaining is some kind of graphics whore who is expecting it to look like Crysis, it just looks really rough

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NIS America to the rescue again :)

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Turning Animal Crossing into Mario Party and shoving amiibos all over it? This was the most disappointing thing shown by Nintendo.

How about put the amiibo's down for 5 minutes and just focus on making a good Animal Crossing game? They put amiibo sales as a priority with this one and the game looks to have suffered because of it.

I'm a big fan of this franchise and I don't even want to go near it. What a waste

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This is all based on Twitter, and how many people tweeted "Xbox" compared to "Playstation". The only difference is nobody tweets "Playstation" they either tweet "Sony" or "PS4".

Both Sony & Microsoft had good conferences, but it's obvious the general consensus is that Sony's was better, let's just stop trying to spin it & move on

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This expansion is £40 in the UK, that's $63. It best have a "real boss"

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The Uncharted trailer was awesome. Really impressive graphics, so detailed & seems a bit more open than before too

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Highs - Horizon, Uncharted, Last Guardian, Shenmue, Final Fantasy VII, The World Of Final Fantasy, Dreams

Lows - Disney Infinity, Vue, timed exclusive Call Of Duty DLC

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I just want to play all the PS2 & PS1 classics I bought on the store. There's no excuse to not have those

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I don't think it looks good. But it shouldn't be cancelled.

For all I know it was some guys game of the show and his most anticipated game. Who am I to petition for it to be cancelled?

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