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Just a strange monster, nothing too bizarre for a JRPG?

You should play Soul Sacrifice Delta & Bloodborne if you think this game is weird :P

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This game looks freaking amazing, like GOTY contender good. Heres the latest trailer from the stream in HD..

Apparently they mentioned E3 at the end of the stream so hopefully we'll know a worldwide release date then

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It's great, haven't played a demo for this long in ages, ended up completing the second level too.

Take notes Square Enix, your "Platinum Demo" was utter garbage.

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Well with Trails of Cold Steel 2, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, God Eater Ressurection & World Of Final Fantasy still to come out, I'd say probably not

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I thought Tropico 5 was a really good choice. One of the better Plus games in ages

Other than that though they're a bit weak sauce

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$110?! Pass

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I thought the framerate was fine and the graphics were actually pretty good. But I seem to be in the minority? :S

I just used the default setting

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Seems legit /s

Clearly not even played it lol

Edit: Forget it, shouldn't have fed the troll.

Game seems great and if you actually played it you'd know that ;)

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"i played nioh and it wasnt a quarter of the game that gears 4 will be"

Did you actual play it though?

Because I have a funny feeling based on your comment history you didn't.

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Anyone manage to kill the boss? I did it earlier but it wasn't easy. You unlock exclusive content for the retail release

Game is really cool, very positive first impressions. If it manages to keep the combat fresh throughout the whole game it could be great

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*minor spoiler*

I enjoyed the nod to Demons Souls with the storm ruler. Takes me back to 2009 :) what a classic game

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Finally got my hands on Dark Souls 3 today and it's difficult going back after Bloodborne.

I'm sure in time i'll get into it, it's PVP will likely be better, but right now I'm missing my threaded cane and the scourge of beasts.

Also, the Hunters Dream, the messengers, the doll & weapon transformations. The article is right, Bloodborne is just cool.

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You complain about fanboyism but completely undersold those three Playstation games.

Pre-alpha or not, this is the first time Gears 4 has been playable and it's barely changed and arguably looks worse than 3, so people are saying that. Can't you open your mind to the possibility that it might not be bias and Gears 4, being the second biggest IP Xbox has, might actually be disappointing so far for people?

Off topic - I hate this new N4G :(

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They're challenging but their difficulty is exaggerated. Nobody has patience anymore, people are so used to constant checkpoints that the thought of having to actually re-do a small part of the game after they die is considered crazy.

This is why I don't want an easy mode in Dark Souls. It's one of the few games that sticks to traditional rules of gaming like remembering boss patterns, knowing when to use healing items and figuring out weaknesses.


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You don't have to kill a single person though

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You're a very lazy troll, is your heart really in it?

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I read somewhere that the entire Dark Souls game was set in the broken archstone in the Nexus, from Demons Souls

Obviously it's probably not true, but a cool idea

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It's been confirmed that it's a mobile game, unsurprisingly


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"I guess R&C was not that good afterall, when they prioritize QB articles on N4G instead of playing that game."

Urrm 30 minutes ago you were on a Ratchet And Clank article saying Quantum Break was better. Lol nice one.

Ratchet and clank got great reviews, get over it.

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Yeah, not really the same thing

Random telltale inspired adventure game to the most requested remake of all time

Have fun coughing up $60 for however little Square feel they can get away with

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