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Ys Memories of Celceta
Soul Sacrifice Delta

Better than all those games you've mentioned, in my opinion. As is Final Fantasy X, regardless of it being a port, its a huge JRPG that looks amazing on Vita. And better yet, they don't look like games a PSP can run. A lot of those games you mentioned aren't that good lol

Also I love how you said "and not Persona 4 Golden" because that game destroys...

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Last years was surprisingly great. I'm looking forward to it.

Announcement is a bit early though? Lol

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Revelations 2 was shockingly bad. It's only saving grace was Raid mode.

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No Resident Evil? They made 5 incredibly bad movies and they're making a 6th!

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Missed opportunity for a cool looking console

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They won me over. It looks pretty great.

I'm hoping they don't run these games into the ground though, and i'm not getting it day one if there's another BS season pass

Heres hoping it's a sort of swan song for Dark souls before they do whatever it is they're gonna do with it :/

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If I could pick one game to be remastered it'd be this one, it was crazy ahead of it's time and I'm really hoping it's gonna be on Vita too

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The Vita is the best handheld I've owned since the GBA, it's awesome.

Just need confirmation on a Vita Final Fantasy 12 HD release and then my life will be complete.

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Don't be a jerk. It's just a guy sharing his views

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No, not really.

Last Kaz article was 162 days ago

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I look forward to finding out what Phil Spencer had for dinner tomorrow on N4G.

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It was garbage on Wii U, i'm sure it will be garbage on PS4/Xbox

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I hate having to call them the Lizard Squad, I feel like it feeds their massive egos

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I care about this game, Persona 4 Golden had boss music

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Would be nice to bring up the Vita without having to chat about if it's dead or not for once.

Saying that, I hope this is a good port, Revelations 2 had an awful storyline but the raid mode could be pretty fun on Vita if handled properly

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Lol you mad Nosred?

Your comment doesn't even make sense and has nothing to do with what you're replying to, you're just so insecure you're randomly naming a bunch of Playstation and PC announced games because Tomb Raider is confirmed for PS4.

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Really feeling Castlevania recently, got 100% on Dracula X Chronicles, completed Symphony of the night and I'm playing Lament of innocence on PS2.

I'd pick up these old GBA ones (I still love the GBA) but they're super rare

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Been playing a lot of this, wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is but it's a lot of fun

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"Most of those games were being made before sony's bad sales were fully understood."

Nope. Dragon Quest Heroes got it's sequel announced within months, because it sold as well as it did. Nier sequel got announced just last month, too. And Star Ocean 5.

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Yeah, Final Fantasy VII remake, Final Fantasy 15, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Persona 5 & a new Nier game by Platinum games. Dark times ahead indeed.

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