This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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And it has the original composer from the first game. Nier had a great soundtrack.

This game has the potential to be crazy good

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Bloodborne expansion will do for now. But I'm hoping for a lot more to look forward to this time next year

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I just can't get enough of these season passes /s

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They're still happy to sell it for £50 though aren't they?

What a slap in the face for one of the most iconic franchises during the PS1 & PS2 era

With a bit of effort this game could have been a big deal

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Haters gonna hate but the Vita is my favourite handheld since the GBA.

There's no reason another handheld from Sony couldn't be successful. They just have to actually make an effort and be fully committed

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I was pretty gutted it wasn't announced at TGS. I was so sure it would be.

Need this game on Vita

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Yeah I agree with that. Played episode Duscae for the first time yesteray & whilst it was pretty fun, it's a super odd "Final Fantasy"

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I hardly ever buy DLC, In fact I don't think I've bought any since Artorias of the abyss, but I'm definitely getting this

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Final Fantasy VII is awesome and deserves the credit it got. Years later and there still isn't a JRPG like it. The story, music, characters and gameplay hold up really well.

I never even played it as a kid, I played it for the first time on Vita a couple of years ago

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Best game ever? Best game ever.

Better quality here by the way...

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I'll get it on Vita

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It's not call of duty yet. I'm still hyped for these games. I'm gonna buy Dark Souls 3 and I'm gonna buy the Bloodborne expansion, but I hope they don't start to launch one every year.

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Only Square Enix could take characters like Aladdin and Tarzan and make the most confusing story ever

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Tokyo Xanadu, Digimon, Dragon Quest & God Eater. These games are the bomb

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Looks decent actually. If they bother to take advantage of the Vita's controls I'd definitely play it

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Nah other monsters too. Like behemoths and chocobos

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They had me as soon as they announced I could catch and train my own Cactuar, then they confirmed my day one buy when they showed a Cactuar as a train conducter

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I'd be hyped for that. It's a great franchise

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I'd love a new Soul Sacrifice.

It's a shame not many people checked out Delta because It was one of the best games released in 2014

A new Freedom Wars, Final Fantasy 12 HD & new Ys footage would also be welcome :)

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This was a great interview and the guys sound really cool. I'm going Eurogamer expo soon and I'm gonna keep an eye out for this game. It seems like a game I'd really like to support

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