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"it's about paying the devs for their work like with any other game."

Microtransactions are about paying the devs for their work now are they?

You supported the devs when you paid $60 for a game & I can name you games will free DLC that never needed microtransactions.

You guys are really going out of your way to turn Microtransactions in a full priced retail release into a good thing lol

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Just because you don't have to buy something doesn't automatically make it good value for money.

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"It pays for tournaments, makes map packs free, and keeps 343 updating the game, and its all optional unlike DLC"

Yeah, because Halo has always had trouble making money and I heard Microsoft are going bankrupt /s

They're there because of greed, don't kid yourself

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It's a match three puzzle game

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"I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear"

*Battle starts*

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Vita for the win

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I think you're taking that joke a bit too personal. Especially considering the character in question. I found it pretty funny

A cheeky reference to the fans outcry? Yes.
An insult to the fans? Not at all

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If "you have the choice of buying it or not" was a valid reason then nobody could complain about any game (or product) ever -.-

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It's a legitimate critisism. Nintendo are charging full price for this (with an Amiibo).

Nothing is being remade. It's a port in HD. People called Sony out when they ported PS2 games in HD and charged for them on PS4. So why should Nintendo get a free pass when it costs 4x the price? Just because "omgz Twilight princess my fav Zelda". This costs the same price as Wind Waker HD

It's nothing to do with the "Nintendo haters squad"...

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My tenth plat! I've heard it's much easier in Afterbirth, maybe the expansion will make the plat more common?

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Persona 5 gameplay reveal

2. Best New Studio

3. Best New IP

4. Best New Video Game Character

5. Best Single Player Experience

6. Best Multiplayer Experience (Co-op counts!)
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition

7. Best Story
Bloodborne (no seriously, it's good)


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Nothing new here. Complaining about Tifas breasts again (I read the article) and unrealistic proportions.

First of all having bigger breasts isn't sexist, people actually have big breasts, it's not unheard of.

Second of all, there's an entire 60 hour long game filled with dialogue from Tifa that makes her more than just a "f*** toy", maybe if you got passed her (relatively tame) character design you would see that.

I lik...

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Well Drinkbox have found great success with the Vita before. Guacamelee sold really well

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Hand of fate is a nice pick, other than that it's pretty cheap on Microsoft's part in my opinion

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Those are actually pretty good sales for Odin Sphere

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Harsh. I played this for like 25 hours on PS3, it's a great game and I can only imagine it's better on Vita assuming it's a good port

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I don't agree with the "Microtransactions are fine as long as they are skins and cosmetic items" logic.

You know what? I actually like unlocking skins and cosmetics in my £40 games without spending anymore money

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There's no need for a death counter, it would suggest the challenge is a big gimmick and undermine the rest of the game in my opinion. There's more to Souls/Bloodborne than just high difficulty, it's not Super Meat Boy.

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"Rave Burst" is the upcoming God Eater Rhythm game :P

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I'd love a new Crash with graphics similar to the new Ratchet & Clank

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