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Is "perfect for the Switch" a meme now or what

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To be fair Xbox fanboy or not, he's calling them out on their failures.
You can like something and still critique it, that's something a lot of people seem to forget when it comes to gaming.

Perhaps the title could be better though. Something like "Microsofts lack of presence at the game awards was disappointing"? I dunno.

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Looks dreadful on the Xbox one, wasn't exactly a pretty game on PC but wow

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Bloodborne is better than both imo

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It's good that this game has caused a controversy, I'm hoping it means more games are going to be under scrutiny and under the public eye when it comes to these microtransactions going forward.

Ideally we could just get proper games with no nonsense and no microtransactions at all, but atleast now people are FINALLY starting to notice and question this stuff

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What's your point? You've just named a bunch of games they've reviewed

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The JRPG doesn't need saving, but I'm glad to hear Ys Viii sold better than they were expecting. It got really great reviews but kind of went under the radar

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Well said OnionThief

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Trails of cold steel is a great game, really under appreciated JRPG and very high quality for an early Japanese Vita game.

If you haven't played it imagine Final Fantasy Type Zero only its actually good

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Dreadful across the board. Don't know where they find these Vita games. I have nothing against indies at all but they really do scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes

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Just because it reached number 1 doesn't mean the negative reception didn't impact sales. It's a star wars game releasing just before Christmas and before the new movie, of course it was gonna be number 1

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So by "free on PC" you mean pirate one of the very few microtransaction, season pass and DLC free games released this year?

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Yeah it'd have like, slightly crisper grass textures or something. Can you imagine?

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This game is never going to come out

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What else is new?

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4/10 only with slightly better graphics

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Well said Harry!

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Looks pretty good, you can definitely see what they've taken from Motorstorm

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A bit harsh lol but I agree

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Scores below 9.8 are troll reviews? Lol

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