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Always a good idea

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These boring military shooters keep swapping back and forth between eras. I don't know how anyone can even care anymore. We've had them yearly for like a decade. Christ give me a new Bioshock or Resistance game or something, anything with a bit of actual passion behind it

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I worry about this one tbh. Bend have never released a bad game but neither had Ready at Dawn. Hoping its good.

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When will they learn that less is more? All this stuff looks flashy in a trailer, but in-game it's always a cluster f**k.

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"impact of the game's backdrops can dull the unnerving look of these character designs, which are demeaning to human evolution when they're not being demeaning to women."

Oh my god get over yourself. It's a video game with some wacky looking characters. It's not 2013 anymore, we all got over this and dismissed it as nonsense.

Demeaning to human evolution? It's a game about orcs. Tone down the self importance, you're not w...

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Haven't bought an EA game since Battlefield 3 on PS3. Their games aren't worth the headaches they come with

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Just for comparisons sake

God of War 94 metacritic - Edge - 8/10
God of War 2 93 metacritic - Edge - 7/10
God of War 3 92 metacritic - Edge - 8/10
God of War PS4 95 metacritic - Edge - 8/10

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Get off your high horse lipton lol

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If they do this I'm done with console gaming. I have no interest in the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, to be honest I think they're pointless

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Seems like a bit of a salty article trying to undermine God of War if you ask me.

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Some real life Tom Nook BS

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Are you kidding me? Microsoft have been riding on the goodwill of backwards compatibility for the best part of the generation. They've got their mileage out of BC that's for sure, and then some.

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Love the franchise but still think the ending to infinite was just dumb.

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I wonder if Microsoft will have a car on stage again...

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Pokemon Gold and Silver?

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"Kindda lucky that they don’t release it on a weaker hardware like the 3DS"

It's an entirely different game on 3DS

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I guess we can expect a generation of battle royale games now. Everyone trying to be the next fortnite all the while missing the fact that people already have and will rather just play fortnite.

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Never agree with these lists. Credit where its due with games like Ocarina of time and Mario 64 but Nintendo aren't the only company that make good games

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How exciting /s

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