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Another UK studio, this is BS. They were a talented bunch, you can't make them do Vita and VR games then be surprised their games don't sell too great. And this is coming from a Vita fan.

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Overwatch is great, I wasn't keen on it at first but then I got really into it. Once you learn everyone's abilities and how to play them it gets really good. Shame I still haven't got that Winston skin though :/

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Last EA game I actually bought was Battlefield 3 in 2011, so I can live without it. Wouldn't say no to the choice though

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I bought Darkest Dungeon and Enter the Gungeon, they both seem good so far

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Well...there's this one?

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Why should you play a game before giving it a 4/10 and telling people not to buy it? Lol

Oh you editted your comment

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"( in my Personal opinion ) after watching preview on YouTube . "

So you haven't even played it?

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You have to wait for the same reasons PS4 owners have to wait 12 months for Dead Rising 4

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Take the regular Dualshock 4 & give it better battery life, that's all they need to do and I'll have no complaints

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If I had to guess I'd say Zarya...

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@Playstation fanboys

Stop pretending Sony didn't pay for this partnership

@Xbox fanboys

Stop pretending you're not mad that Microsoft didn't do it first

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PS4's are only £150 now brand new, and you've got the PS4 Slim, PS4Pro, Xbox One S & Xbox Scorpio coming next year.

Nintendo are going up against all kinds of price points now, I'm genuinely curious how they're gonna play this out when people can (probably) get a more powerful system, with more games available including third parties, for cheaper

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How'd you work that one out? Move controllers were basically just Wiimotes but with better build quality & better accuracy

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What a salty article

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"Players customize their own humanoid avatars with new uniforms, helmets, visor designs and poses. Some of these are unlocked by competing a series of extensive challenge stages, while others are received as sponsorship rewards."

Wow, a game in 2016 that actually allows me to unlock cosmetics without microtransactions or a tedious grind

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tears of war 4

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This comment makes no sense

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It's been a long time since I've been excited to play both PS4 games on Plus. Sony nailed it this month, and no PSP games on Vita, yay!

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"58 million compared to ps4 40 million and both systems came out the same year."

No they didn't, 3DS came out in early 2011 and PS4 came out late 2013.

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