This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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Not really. She looks like one of the best things about the game

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So few games I like to actually support these days, feels like I'm boycotting every other AAA game because of some greedy nonsense.

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No they haven't. This is just an overly excited author who watched the direct and decided to rush to N4G to declare "Nintendo has won 2017", whatever that even means. This opinion piece is sickeningly pro Nintendo to the point where it's cringe worthy to read.

Just stop with this stuff

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Yeah except games are judged on more than performance and bugs?

This game is not "objectively" an 8. That is the truth. Whether you want to believe it or not.

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"it is objectively a solid 8, subjectively I'd give it a 10."


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The franchise that refuses to die

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I think "a breath of fresh of air" is becoming a bit of a cliché in games journalism

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I think the Vita has done pretty good considering it's been "dead" since 2013

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It was okay. Wasn't a good game but wasn't the abysmal game some people made it out to be

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That's not a Castlevania game...

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Knew this would be a great game. Memories of celceta was awesome too.

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Their "deluxe" editions really are terrible

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Guess we can expect a million graphics comparison articles in the coming months

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Hmmm I dunno about that. I'm not a tech kinda guy but when you see games like Battlefield one and Battlefront running at 60fps on both consoles...

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Can gaming as an industry just stop getting involved with Doritos?

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Feels like Microsoft have barely tried this gen.

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You're the kind of clueless person that developers and publishers love.

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Dragon Quest XI did amazing on PS4. Completely eclipsed FFXV numbers and it's not even that far behind the 3DS version. Considering the amount of 3DS's sold and PS4's sold in Japan it did really well

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This website is invading N4G

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