This banner looked good on the old N4G...


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Damn. Those are some ugly characters

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"if you follow gaming websites and forums, you know that the competition over which is better can get heated"

Yeah probably because of articles like this

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Great Jaggi's are even worse!

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This is a really great interview. Clears up a lot of misconceptions and gets me even more hyped

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All those great games and the stand out for people is Assassins Creed Origins? Geez

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Cry more

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I always read his name as Cory Balrog lol

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I agree it was a poor demo, looks quite cheap compared to past iterations. Injustice 2 looks to have a better story mode and the new Guilty Gear has better fast-paced flashy gameplay.

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The crowd looked half asleep, I was going nuts after the Monster Hunter announcement at home

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You kinda just proved his point

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It's funny because it's a woman /s

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This game will never come out

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I don't agree with Sony's stance on BC, but The Shadow of the colossus example is unfair. It's a remake. Xbox one has BC but they still made Gears of a war ultimate edition.

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I was anything but underwhelmed after seeing that God of war gameplay. Great conference in my opinion, don't really get the hate. They replaced all the BS PR about "revolutionising the genre" with flames and stage props. I thought it was fun and fast paced.

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BS reasoning, they should just add it. I'll get over it though, haven't played either Rocket league or Minecraft in months

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Actually Sony has exclusive content with the new Monster Hunter. Plus it's probably proving that Sony and Capcom are on good terms now. There were rumours of fall outs with some of the later psp games.

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You want a show? How about a musical band playing, people's hanging from ropes, flames and flags dropping down.

I'll take flames over a load of boring talk any day. We don't need context, it's a game, here it is.

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Genuinely don't care that it's not exclusive. So pumped to finally play a Monster Hunter that doesn't look like a PSP game

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Lol I love how everyone with a website rushes to upload stuff when it's e3. That description is literally the entire article. You won the race, Chris.

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It's considered "trendy" I think. It's either a mellow pop song or it's dubstep

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