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Wow and you just made yourself look like an idiot. Should've never posted that.

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Go ahead and have fun paying for an online subsciption that has no value and playing incomplete games while we play on a console that's actually for gamers.

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Wow it would be an Xbox drone to call someone a troll even when they know they're speaking the truth. You must be real insecure right now.

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Oh my god!!! The new MGO exists!!! I must see gameplay. If it's anything like it was in MGS4 but made better I will put countless hours into it.

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The Last of Us is my favorite game of this generation.

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So you played it already? Care to do a review?

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Same here. Xillia was my first Tales game and now I'm a fan. Can't wait for Xillia 2 and Symphonia HD.

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And this is why the Xbox has the worst fanbase. They're so full of drones they have to go and do this. How pathetic.

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Ever hear of the term "working title"?

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Spoken like a butthurt Xbox drone.

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Lol he's a troll for speaking the truth?

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Would be cool if it came to PS4 but I wouldn't be bothered if it didn't. Not EVERY current gen game coming out has to be ported to PS4.

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I think this and Mighty No 9 are the two best Kickstarters to come out this year.

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That my friends is gold Sony is producing.

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They gave us two free full games when they fixed the servers. That is more than an apology. Something Microsoft wouldn't even think of doing if it happened to them.

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Is there a point to your comment? Or are you on here to bash Sony like usual?

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Only real gamers wouldn't pay for Xbox Live for features that should be free. How's that for the truth

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Cant wait to pick this up and Halo Mario Edition. Thats going to be Game of the Year. Just you watch.

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That would require you to own one first to get rid of it.

And of course remote play is useless to you since you're getting the cable box one.

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Umm Titanfall is NOT exclusive. It's coming to PC.

And every game you just mentioned will also be available on next gen consoles which more people will be looking forward.

So the only exclusive coming to the 360 alone later this year is an HD remaster of an original Xbox game.

Sorry but that is NOT support.

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