Yes, owning both HD consoles means I'm better than you.


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Well this thing teraflopped

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You bit*es will moan about everything. I mean for crying out loud, complaining about 20 outfit options?? Get bent.

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Origins has the best under water level in any game

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It will make you unique. Since only a few gamert will ever buy one.

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Even more stupid to try drag it on weeks after the issue has died down.

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Hmmmmmm, who am I going to listen to? An N4G SONY Champion, or an actual indie developer. Tough choice.
Also, why are people bringing up Steam when the man was clearly quoted saying "I think without a doubt the indie CONSOLE community would not exist as it does today. . ."
What is PSN's equivalent of XBLIG?

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PSP was a failure though. Sure they sold 70 million units but they had the lowest software attach rate in all the 7th generation consoles by a mile. 70 million psp's and about 17 legit psp games bought total.

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PASBR not in top 20 on debut week, what are PS3 owners buying instead?
Edit @supersonic Microsoft announced a long time ago that Kinect had sold 20 million but Vgchartz has it at 17 million still and nobody complains about bias. Why? Because everybody with 2 brain cells to rub together knows that Microsoft and SONY release shipped to retail numbers whereas Vgchartz tracks (I use the term loosely) units sold to consumers.
That is why vgchartz has 360 at 71 million and Ps3 at 69...

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Halo 4 has crossed the 5 million mark, so far its selling faster than Reach. I wonder how long till it catches up.
PASBR debut, 178K is not bad, but then when you factor in the fact that those are 2 day sales its pretty impressive. But then again, this was Black Friday week so maybe not so impressive. Hitman seems to be a hit.

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Again?? Man, PSN is always down!

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It's hard to notice ramped up spending in between all that red ink.

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Your grandson is too young to be playing Black Ops 2. But yes, they'll patch it via a download that you'll be prompted to download as soon as its available. If it is a server issue on their side then they'll just fix it and you won't have to download anything.
May I suggest Wonderbook instead for you grandson? Please, you're exposing him to alot of violence and bad language.

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Wow so many CoD defenders here, N4G has done a complete 180, I'm really proud of you guys. . .*notices VITA exclusivity* -___- never mind.
Once again I say, there's always, ALWAYS an excuse, reviewer is a noob, reviewer is too hardcore, reviewer is bias, reviewer is judging it against console version, reviewer is mad he had to buy the copy himself, reviewer ate my lunch, anything but a PLAYSTATION only game actually being not so great to one or 2 other people on the planet. <...

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So many game of the year awards are coming to this game's direction. Those couple of hit seeking reviews won't take Halo 4 down

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Already watched it, but back then they called it Prince of Persia

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Hitman Blood Money. That game blew my mind with just how many different way you could complete a mission.

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PS3 only owners need not respond.

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Ni No Kuni isn't first party though. Just sharing.

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