I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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This is great! Im buying it day one! I am curious about the story the most.

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I would like an article like this from the dreamcast era please show or link to it if its not possible then its nothing to be cheerful about... Season passes are a last gen BS trend ongoing till who knows which gen if it will ever be fixed. I cant trust many publishers in the current gaming climate.

EDIT: forgot to add: Story Quality: WTF and Like This Website: NO

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I was honestly expecting more Bloodborne wins but Witcher 3 does deserve the love its been a tough choice I personally picked Persona Dancing All Night. As a Persona fanboy any year a Persona game releases its my sole GOTY.

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So digital only future best way to go right?? s/ Granted its for a dated portable but the Vita can still support these games it would be nice to still keep them openly available. There are some timeless exclusive titles for this system, hoping they do a final fire sale at least.

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In my personal eyes this is the meeting of gods! Even if it is for recreational purposes. I hope they got more than enough social liquid encouragement that made them promise crazy collabs with each other *crosses fingers*

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Can confirm I have played it there I have the card, shirt, and booklet for playing it, its nothing special and did not catch my attention in the slightest.

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Great article and from.... Polygon?! I got to give credit when due!

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Wow im a little sad I remember getting game info from there years ago. Their Pop Fiction series was amazing! I hope stuff get archived.

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Ill bookmark this for future argument for dumb articles that spew such nonsense.

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Oh boy the interesting artistic deaths in that one were.... Interesting.

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1. Satoru Iwata pssing away

2. Toby Fox

3. Bloodborne

4. Sir Galahad

5. Bloodborne

6. Rocket League

7. Witcher 3

8. Persona 4 Dancing All Night

9. Witcher 3

10. Persona 4 Dancing All Night

11. Downwell

12. The order 1886

13. Bloodborne

14. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

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Man you know you made it at the top as a champion when you play and have a fun match with one of its creators.

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He can create whatever he wishes! I dont know what to want or expect I just know it will be of the highest quality!

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This is amazing how other game dev houses and publishers want to show Kojima their tech. I am curious what is going to come from all of this!

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I am extremely hyped for this but I cant help but wonder what is to become of my PSP data? I pray they allow it to transfer over somehow.

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Well I can definitely see what you mean but for all we know this is to help fund his next project. Even with Sony on his side it doesnt hurt to gather money for his personal warchest. Lastly notice that he is doing limited preorders per his website. If anything this is for his hardcore fans that follow his work. But this is all my own unconfirmed speculation which obviously means nothing.

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I have been dying for localization for God Eater 2! Its been too long! They release other niche games but why not this one?!

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You know the fact that the regular black one is impossible to buy at the moment. This is the only time im somewhat happy now that I discovered this white version I want this one a lot more. I may even luck out and actually preorder/buy it this go around!

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Yet here you are commenting on here. Do you know what N4G means? This is actually news. I would go further but no point if you dont understand what N4G means go back to Anitas channel youll find your respective people there.

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Aside from me wanting this in consoles it would be a great fit for the Vita. Crazy how now we can play these games on mobile, even with the crappy touch controls.

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