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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Well I would sound biased to say that it sucks its happening to sony. But I honestly would rather UBI be in that legal dilemma, but on the flip side should Sony get slammed hard we got a precedent case and I would hope UBI is in the cross hairs. #2.1
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My God! An alternate prophecy is coming true! #12.1
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Exactly what im thinking it needs an overhaul besides its optional and the few times they have stuff up its nice. But to be fair like 5 years ago and back they had much better rewards and platinum exclusives unlike recent years. #4.1
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Its Atlus working on it im not surprised about the lack of info I mean look at how the persona 5 announcement has been going. Hell in PSX they still used a teaser trailer but Wii U owners worry not its still there plus its a combo of Atlus and Nintendo collaborating expect the results to be epic. #6
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CD Projekt Red has been good in my eyes delay or not they know whats up and strive for their best. The most naughty would be UBI which im speaking for myself because I came in this year with a more or less positive view about them but as of evaluating how they been all year they went in my be cautious list with activision the lowest rungs of evil is where EA is at. #4
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Damn CD Projeckt Red definetly do keep an eye on the industry and the consumer outcry going on between us consumers. Reasons like this that is why I respect their delay sure im so antsy for it but this dev house actually gives a damn about their product and reputation. #5
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Greetings friend, I have been fortunate to play this at PSX. What this game is in my words is a building game but as a workforce. The dev told me that mankind destroyed itself and somehow those "dolls" are actually human clones the last remains of our humanity. So they are attempting to rebuild mankind. Many players join a server where they have like 6 job classes of building or combat specialties, you even have a time schedule for the bus to get to the build site everyone effects t... #3.1
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This is so effed up I honestly hope the target goal isnt too high of a goal we NEED Nippion Ichi to still exist! #12
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Oh no if Peter Moore is involved expect it to involve them trying to take our money in some form he just has this shady look, that article picture creeps me out. #4
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Well to all people its "just david jaffe" once he quit eat sleep play and announced mobile developing I post faith too. To me I see that sony is throwing money and industry vets for him to do something, since its like that I cant help but to be curious plus im going to PS experience so im even more hyped I hope i let my hypetrain guard down for a good reason or surprise game. #3
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EEE! Coming in strong about Evolution studios but you do have point about the comparison. This remaster isnt just some remaster its effing master chiefs trilogy! To all MCC owners affected I hope it gets sorted away soon. #5.1.1
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Wow im happy about this buuut I wish the announcement was made earlier I already put in my request at work for the PS experience and friday. Seems like a knee jerk reaction at this point then again im a little peeved they didnt plan this alot earlier. #10
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Interesting interview I liked it sure it was about DLC costumes but I liked the light hearted aggression the interviewer had going on. I dont have the game nor will I get this DLC but that wonder of Ryu and Cammys costume still lingered. #2
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I love unseen64 and their finds but damn shame UBI didnt include this in the game. Then again they have been doing stupid and weird decisions for some time now. #3
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Exactly what im thinking the joel and ellie chapter should be closed but that dont mean the cordyceps infection was contained... I would like them to go to another part of the globe plus those infected animal ideas is the proper direction. #4.1
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Well out of respect im going to say that if gamestop bothers you so much that you disregard the entry level employees and up. Find a mom and pop shop like I did they atleast break street date release for me since im a regular. #1.1
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Its funny I was considering this exploit for roms and emulators but then I figured the cart for cubic ninja will be patched as well as firmware at first I didnt care but then, I played smash bros and pokemon online had an epic time and thought "yeah I need to connect online" so I didnt invest on cubic ninja because I know this wont be permenant homebrew solution. #4
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I imagine some exec in a suit stepping in the dev house saying "finish what your doing its release time, times up people will still buy it and patches will fix it and while your at it jump on next years assassins creed starting...... NOW" #7
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Nope it wont mean the end for X and Y because certain pokemon can only be caught in Kalos, so like every other pokemon game that can import pokemon to this current gen stay relevent aside the fact pokemon games hold their value pretty nicely. #2
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