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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Disregard double post. #3
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Watch HUGE budget but the game will still use IAP like any other high profile mobile game. Save for certain multiplatform games but if they could retroforce them in they would. #5
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Modern gen stereoscopic option?! Im checking it out! Aside the acclaim from my friends that love these niche games like me. I seriously need to get it physical for my collection! #3.1.1
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Seriously I wish they couldve at least combined the stores. Im fortunately not part of the ALL digital future crowd, I still buy digitally but if its download only. Physical game collection FTW! #7.1
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I respect your view about the game because I have friends that never heard of the series or let alone have a clue what its about. So ill give it up that you tried it and everything. But your going to the extreme judging the story as "garbage" and saying the "skimpy outfits for pervy dudes" this game is for either sex. Lastly I got no problem with how you waste your time commenting on articles but this comment is totally useless, discovered you hate the series then steer aw... #1.1
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I like this snarky comment! But I agree, I mean sure apparently there is an audience for this but my gooodness Activision will drool so hard at the prospect of rereleasing COD games from the past. Forget sequels lets go to COD:AW and down! /s #2.3
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Even I would think that they would think that. #1.1.1
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Dont you dare call video games "mindless experiences" speak for yourself im not going to list but I will say one that many can agree is far from mindless and thats the Atelier series good luck trying to play that mindless, hell even the souls series. Broaden your horizons and dont call my favorite hobby "mindless" #6.1.1
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Wow excellent article that covered Odakas slide in a nutshell. I honestly hope many developers took note of this because to this day I think about the Dangan ronpa lore when im not playing it even after I beat it. And lastly CHIAKI! Awesome all around character! Ill keep at that for those in the know. #2
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Im in the U.S. And I import games from japan from time to time. I swear that circle to confirm would get etched in my brain because of the games I get are RPG which means time intensive games so after using that circle to confirm for so long and then go back to a regular US region game it throws me off hahaha! So if this feature is true I just might switch for circle confirmation it feels "right" for me. #1
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Seriously those rules that can help games "less shitty" sound like limits on creativity and not a single damn one has to do with gameplay! #2.1
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Hey! Its that guideline that inspired matt makes games inc. was talking about! #6
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Good luck trying to sleep on top of the fact the sequel is readily availiable on the psn store. The cliffhangers in these games are killer!! #1.1
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Whats this?! A member in N4G with good common sense?! +Well said #10.1.1
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Man its insane how they just cant leave The Order alone honestly its just getting ridiculous. #11
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Wow overkill but hey better for those that are at the cap nothing wrong with extra prestiges for the truly hardcore. #3
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Thank you! Well said!! What pisses me off is that they actually have their own Pinny!! For those who dont know im talking about the Pinny Arcade from the Penny Arcade Expo. Anywho why the hell do certain outlets make them seem like as if they are respected and an excellent gaming news site. #1.1
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Does the repeat topic of whether resolution matters, matter??? #10
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Im not a reddit member but I really like this idea more companies should follow suit. Its just a little more personal and possibly quicker than having a phone stuck to your ear. #3
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Its up to developers to decide on what age group they want to target. #17
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