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I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers


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Well hate towards corporate practices can be done in many ways that dont effect my fellow gamers and thats saying "no with your wallet" thats the way with least collateral damage and is pretty direct especially with the attack bonus of a supporting like minded crowd.

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Hey harsh but im a firm believer that people make their own personal choices no matter how dumb, so with that his personal choice led him to this denial *shrugs*

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I am pumped for announcements by Atlus! Anything Persona related would put a smile on face and a sun in my day!

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I know its a bit baffling its a new IP, and this bundle was meant to promote Splatoon. Somehow they still thought "store exclusive bundle that'll do the trick!"

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Usually im pretty skeptic when an established IP goes to new hands but from what I have been reading I have been getting hyped instead of doubt. I honestly hope they keep up the awesome development on this game. They are showing me they are thinking about the fans.

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Depends on the person and their own opinion because I think the network where most my friends game at is the best one.

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Thats why you can use BONELESS buffalo wings and a fork or toothpick? Just a thought.

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Wait a minute you dont bake your own pizzas?! Your a master baker how do you hone your skills?! Im kinding but seriously I hate prepping up a good night for binge gaming only to have some type of snafu.

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Yup and insulting that they would use the Koins to try to distract the fact it was a DLC compatibility update with fixes.

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Many NES games! As for more modern it would have to be Demon Souls, speaking for myself here of course.

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Thats shady as hell! I love Baraka and main with him good thing I put off buying the game after all this DLC and microtransaction crap Warner Bros is getting worse game by game, im speaking in terms of consumer treatment.

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Hey better him have his own game rather than some publisher shoehorn him in a AAA franchise in some way.

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*gasps!* Gradius V! I know what game im playing aside titan souls for the week!

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Truly despicable good thing I dont bother with their site. I hope they get whats coming to them one thing is to have your own damn Pinny its another to just forcibly put yourself out there while stepping on the toes of others especially when your not related.

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Hell yeah! THIS!!! I need Little Mac! And NO MORE STORE EXCLUSIVES!!!

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Yeah I can agree with this article im out of space as well also what I would really like is a better cloud save manager.

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I cant help but to say extreme use of a comparison but your point is well made.

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Well said! But its still weird to hear a person that writes about gaming question themselves or the reader they are catering to about whether its a waste of time gaming.

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Im going to join you on the disagree flack and agree with you but needless to say I still enjoy any of Capcoms fighters like Dark Stalkers then again I just love a well made 2D plane fighter.

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I wont deny it, I didnt but its because my interest stops here at the comment section and the lite summary is enough thanks for the point out happy gaming : )

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