I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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Great observation and consumer friendly move on MS part if this is true, which I hope it is.

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I dont think other people appreciate you talking for them thank you very much.

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Nice article! I now intend to buy this game off the developers website since you can get the drm free copy and register it in steam! I never knew this game existed.

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To be fair they havent returned to a Sony system in years! I bet you should it come to PS4, it will sell more than what most expect. The hardcore fanbase will come anyhow I would like it to be multiplatform at least once this gen. For crying out loud even IOS has a game before a current Sony system!

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The developers deserve the raises plus 4 hours nets them $800+ and now they want royalties? To me the dev teams deserve more. The whole voice acting industry is owned by 4 actors many times anyhow.

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I couldnt have said any better myself! I always buy day one I have so many rebuys but until I beat the game with zero deaths its not a satisfactory end for me.

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Caught that BS myself why is this reviewer playing video games again?? Let alone an M rated game????

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I feel the same way plus the extra details on how it worked was pretty insightful.

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Yeah it was huge but im in the minority? That didnt mind it.

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If they are this aggressive expect at best case a VERY long wait for it.

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They shouldnt be surprised they stuck with the Doom recipe and modernized it. As much as we want originality sometimes certain recipes just work very well.

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Oh man I was hoping CDPR would jump to upgrade Witcher 3 if not its cool move on to your next game. I rather they put their efforts on the next game Witcher 3 is just amazing as is.

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So they once had a start with "PSM" then they dumped it and are looking to retry again? Lets see how long will they support this new attempt I dont expect much to come to be honest.

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This was a good article! While I also got underwhelmed I dont hate it and this article reflects my feelings..... But God Eater RB2 is out and is eating up my gametime for it is also a grind but its rewarding with a sense of progression.

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Its honestly Niantics fault and their lag on listening to the people who were giving feedback.

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Hands down yooka laylee

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Can there be a way to view more in the article preview?

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Man for all the cynics on this success I rather casuals and "sheeple" play Pokemon GO than angry birds or any of those apps with a shouting man on the app icon.

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I am sincerely worrying and keeping up on this they used to own Activision until it got enough money to buy its freedom. If we think UBI of today is bad which in reality is nothing compared to other pubs, with Vivendi making the calls they soon will be.

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Until Persona 5 releases *runs away*

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