I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers


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Holy crap are you kidding this "elite" controller doesnt have rechargable batteries?! Or charge kit?! What started as a controller wet dream is now, a hard case of blue balls...

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Wayyy too steep for me! Nice and everything but wow its expensive.

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I never truly "let go" of any generation but it doesnt mean I dont upgrade when financially possible. I appreciate gaming from all eras and still discover gems from time to time.

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If only they had just released the 20th annivarsary like a regular console with a good steady production cycle. This gigantic annivarsary fumble wouldve been avoided im still annoyed by the limited amount and how the scalpers got to the vast majority.

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I am trying my best to do a media blackout on Persona release date until true official word but my excitement as 2015 breezes by I cant help but to keep looking at rumors!

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Finally a sensible comment on the Nintendo situation because all im seeing is a pretty good turn around from where they were a few months ago. People can slam and say "Nintendo is as good as dead" their IPs and games will always keep them afloat.

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E3 Star Fox! I await! Especially for that SMT x FE! Also special request for an Amiibo shy guy!

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This was an awesome insightful article and Warren Specter is a true class act.

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Ah! Yes! After all the delays Farcry 4 is going to release to my world soon!

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Well made and sadly accurate.

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Not even six bucks good?? I spent more for crappier games, ill bite anywho though.

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Ay! I dont know that fish AI they invested in earlier in the current gen is a pretty high bar to top.

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I dont understand why dont have better looking watches or atleast make them look more sophisticated? I dont mind simplicity but I question its design choices. This is so out of the blue.

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Thats in a perfect world im pretty cynical about this, I fear for the fate of their IP portfolio and what they will do with it.

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Im depressed about Gradius.

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Well people im just going to say sadly they are doing okay in the slot machine industry...

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And in reading this sad statement and all the news within 4 months and some plus time I go to sleep wary wondering about my wallet and hobby.

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Most of the time they have a direct paypal link to donate and appreciate!

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Like minded individuals like you are what cause this industry turn into a greedy monster.

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Yo Foxtrot I have the same sentiments and feelings about this whole thing myself thanks for putting it put there before I bore people with my own arguments. What realy has me totally skeptic is the whole no one seen gameplay but the preorders are open eff that!

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