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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Wow so now they are shooting random darts on the board to see what sticks? As for the gamers that game nonstop until they die have mental or social issues for not maintining and neglecting their bodies like that. I would love for CNN to interview a fit gamer or even a normal joe with a job about their gaming habits, but then they cant sensationalize that to heavens. #5
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Thank you for the laugh wonderfulmonkeyman. #3.1
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Wow I never saw it that way! This planet is crazy! Am I in the same dimension???! #6.1.1
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Relax friend, sure the jokes are old but I still laugh at it my ancient ass was even going to post something of that sort myself I mean the dude is sponsored by mountain dew and doritos. Its not insulting to bring up what he gets paid to advertise it anything its helping those brands. #4.1.2
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IMPORTING! Especially for a collectors edition I have been waiting!!! I hope the save carry over will work. #2
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Eee! Well that was a stint that went for few years for nothing. He shouldve not put some of his eggs in the Ouya basket, but ill still wish him well hell I think he should just go back to community stuff. He tried riding on his "im an ex call of duty dude" im guessing the publishers just werent interested much less other gamers because how many zombie games are out there?? #5
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Oh yeah you can play and finish GTA without killing or making a character bleed in some form its not like there is a torture sce...... Oh wait. #4.1.5
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Finally someone called that out I cant stand those sensitive people that whine and cry about this game. Whining about the violence yet still buy M rated games they stick to their respective E for everyone rating video games not that there is anything wrong with those games rated like that. They just need to understand if it aint your type of game then move on. #1.2.1
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Holy crap that console in the picture was real?! That design is overdone I thought it was just a funny picture of a console. #3
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Ah you played persona 4 my friend I like you for giving props to a game that released years ago. As for your disappointment with no MH on Vita give Soul Sacrifice delta a spin the lore alone will make you stick around. #6.1
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Danganronpa 2 was one of my main top ones because of the suspense and wonder the first one left me with. #4
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Man I feel like this guy is covering his ears going " la la la la la" while shrugging and pointing at 2K. Im not completely blaming Turtle Rock Studios entirely, but man they really look convinced that those DLC prices are okay optional or not. #3
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Play the game DLC quest for a preview of the future with that kind of thinking. If it was 20 bucks and all that dlc was priced the same I wouldve helped your argument but these clown released a full $60 game with expensive dlc that is valued over half what the game is worth and close to day one. This is just disgusting Turtle Rock, Im just going to shake my head and ignore this game. #12.4
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Soooo they are localizing this right?? It better not be one of those games where I keep asking for localization but the fact remains nothing is confirmed, my heart cant take it anymore. #1
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Wait your bi? Damn am I the only tri-console curious?? I cant help but to get around. #3.3
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To those in the know I give a shout out to SHOJI MEGURO!!! Whom totally evolved my taste in music in general aside video games. #8
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To anyone preordering over 10 copies I preordered 2 pallets of this game! #11
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Well im not going to stress whom the Microsoft camp just lost to everyone my avatar should tell you that I have a clue as to who this man has done. So im going to simply say that now he is losing this Microsoft exclusive mentality his work can now be known he has worked on some very epic games in the shmup genre. I love Cave and miss Makoto working there : ( #6
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The most ironic part is "To be clear, the game also has online DRM, so you actually need to boot the console online first, and then disconnect just before you boot the game so that Ubi's servers will deactivate said DRM" Im speechless on this fix. #6
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FYI when I say "like Castlevania" I meant story wise like The constant revival of dracula whether its after a set amount of years or by force. #2.2.1
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