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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Wow overkill but hey better for those that are at the cap nothing wrong with extra prestiges for the truly hardcore. #3
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Thank you! Well said!! What pisses me off is that they actually have their own Pinny!! For those who dont know im talking about the Pinny Arcade from the Penny Arcade Expo. Anywho why the hell do certain outlets make them seem like as if they are respected and an excellent gaming news site. #1.1
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Does the repeat topic of whether resolution matters, matter??? #10
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Im not a reddit member but I really like this idea more companies should follow suit. Its just a little more personal and possibly quicker than having a phone stuck to your ear. #3
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Its up to developers to decide on what age group they want to target. #17
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Its weird being thankful to EA but I got this game for free during the PSX time period. I must say I seriously have played for hours on end I hope its continues to have a kick ass community and more developer support to keep up this momentum. #6
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Typically I dont mind satire articles *slight shrug* but this one was just made piss poor as if some 5th grader wrote it. #7
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I rather them have another manufacture run of the discontinued like Little Mac : ( *manly tear* #1
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Idk man I hear that if you go to a certain country and go to the government body and convince them that terrorism is associated with video game delays you just might get what your foolishly wishing for. #6.3
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Honestly thats for everybody to decide for themselves im more curious as to which DMC or DmC will perform better all I know is that if the one I personally want fails then, ill step back and leave it be. Hopefully fans from both sides speak up! #5
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People forgibe this but AHHHHHHH!!!!! ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM AKSYS!!! This is where I can have decent hopes on a great game to pick up on whatever platform plus some of their collectors editions are pretty neat. #4
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Errm yeah im aware DLC is a broad term but if your owner(Activision) supports it why not brrak the mold?? To be honest as weird as I feel saying this but CoD AW is pretty good iteration with better changes than the last blah years of repetition. #5
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*sighs* dont remind me I had my hopes so high for that. #3.1
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This is a very true fact for those in the know like many of us here. What really didnt help the fight against greedy DLC practice is the cesspool of iap that is the mobile gaming space. Many of our publishers dabble in that and they see the minimal investment of core product with addictive mechanics and the huge returns from the iap. And so now they want to take it to the console platforms, this is the type of future that is coming if we dont buck up and stick to our guns. #2.2
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So whats the point of the "season pass"? They might as well have done a mix and match with limited picks. Or they shouldve just have gone F2P altogether from the start. #9
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I would love a Persona, God Eater, or Soul Sacrifice related dynamic theme thank you! #3
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You know as a person Peter seems like a nice person to chat with over tea. But then there is the Peter we know as a game maker who is just finished and also these recent interviews and videos about this whole Godus and upcoming game doesnt help his case. I respect the mans work in the past but he really needs to learn how to bow and exit the stage properly. #7
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Look im going to respectfully tell you that why should we let go of the past?? Womt there be a definitive for DMC 4 as well?? So you cant say they are not going back to the old. And also your a fellow gamer as well you should be aware when we are passionate for a franchise and are unhappy we will still voice our feelings, dont like it? Well start blocking especially foxtrot which I say respectfully seeing how he grinds certain members gears I personally dont mind foxtrot. #1.1.1
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You know I can see his intentions in a good/bad way I understand they need the money to recoup costs. But the way he compares it to LoL cant truly apply here because as he even said is that you can earn them as for the "time" factor If the grind is doable and I really like the game I will most definetly make time especially for games like LoL. Now my last thing to keep this short is that he really messed up trying to be an anonymous tool and trying to get away with it especially if... #5
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I have no problem with aesthetics DLC now as for DLC to expand the armory and extra few weapons slot thats where I facepalm pretty hard. #6
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