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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Yeah the most useful hands down are any pokemon with "transform" #5
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Hahaha! Same here I made so many head tilts trying to make sense of this title. #3.1
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Seriously I really thought they were going to announce the localization by now! I need this game in my life! #3.1
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The subscription stacks i got like 2 1/2 years from taking certain promos like this one. #2.1
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Hmm good observation on the release date of these two I didnt catch this detail after its success in japan and the screams of localizations will finally be heard namco bandai would be stupid not to localize this. #4.1
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Where is the localization? Or im hoping I missed the announcement because this game is needs to be localized ASAP! #2
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This game deserves more sales! Not that this number is nothing to scoff at and its speaking about japan only. I just want everyone worldwide to play this masterpiece of a game. #1
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Oh man ;,,,,( I know what you mean im both nervous and okay (not relieved) im nervous for the localizations also on how much free reign sega will allow atlus to have and okay because atleast it was bought by a japanese company. I am hoping for the best. #10.2
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I hate the fact Atlus is going through these issues I have been pretty anxious and worried and the wait to hear an official announcement as to who has them has been killing me! #6
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I do the same but also I prefer those reviews without numbers and instead its the "buy, rent, or ignore" a good one is classic gameroom and after I watch those I see more gameplay and in the end I make my final verdict. #1.1.1
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Oh wow I cant believe this I wished more info was posted this is big news. #10
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Im sick of these stupid article questions especially stupid questions like this one. Go to some smartphone gaming forum or smartphone news aggregate site you will get more agrees than this site. Im downvoting this crap. #8
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Okay in a hypothetical world where I own the megaman IP and run capcom I wouldve never let the creator of this IP go so easily thats what would happen if it was my IP which would mean this kickstater wouldnt happen we wouldve had many megaman games, legends, and x series released by now. Thats without mentioning the megaman fanbase hunger would be satiated. But here we are in reality where capcom dropped the ball and the megaman fanbase starving its capcoms fault for not using the megaman IP... #3.2.1
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Is very unforgiving and agggrevating but I cant stop playing! Having it on vita for work and then ps3 when I get home, I just cant stop! On top of the fact this game is also on my xbox. #2
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Yeah I can imagine the fallout and animosity capcom would have on their hands if they stop Comcept LLC from developing this game. No joke my blood boils at the thought of capcom stepping in with a cease and desist letter with an appointment to battle in court over this. #3
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I believe its more of a mix of insecurity, elitism, and fanboyism rather than sensitivity. #4
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Damn thats alot of daily dough and sure because of examples like this has many drooling to replicate this revenue. They tend to go overboard which doesnt help them reach such daily revenue. I can only imagine how EA and most major pubs is slobbering over the idea of cashing on their games like this. #2
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Hahaha! "infinite incompetence" well said man and I dont know why you are bothering to reply to such an obvious troll comment, no way this was a serious statement. But on topic I funded a nice amount and look forward to both game and swag tier I helped with : ) #17.2.1
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I bubbled you up for intelligent for acknowledging Cave Co Ltd. they are extremely underappreciated. #3.1.2
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Well they favored Xbox this gen due to its pc similar architecture. Now next gen they have littel to no excuse but to even out the love, unless there are other backdoor factors...

Oh also a small role was cliffys affection for Xbox and its controller he loves it. It was mentioned in an interview, not that epic favors MS but the whole he prefers the x360 remote. #2.2
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