I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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Its insane how he just put himself in a negative light, I personally didnt care but something about those comments he made just boiled my blood. Its as if the customers are the crazy ones with bad taste and that some people love spending 60+ bucks on a shitty game and DLC! He shouldve just had stayed professional and let the past stay in the past.

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Now that you mention it *puts tinfoil hat on* it makes sense because of the developer doing this "rebuild" isnt not exactly dependable. So with that I expect more Megaman exposure but in rushed manner, if this first move is an indication.

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Yeah right off the bat announcement of FF 7 remake and Shenmue 3 in one show?! That did it for me, all else gravy and great extras to keep things going.

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Hmm... I felt an odd chill down my spine but its wayyy too early but im keeping tabs on this detail. I honestly hope this goes in the right path.

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Oddly enough I would love this but with those pincers and radioactive suit.... Or perks please.

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Can confirm am playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas in my original saves, love both but New Vegas is refined overall gameplay as for story thats another topic I dont feel like getting into.

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So this means localization?!

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Holy crap are you kidding this "elite" controller doesnt have rechargable batteries?! Or charge kit?! What started as a controller wet dream is now, a hard case of blue balls...

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Wayyy too steep for me! Nice and everything but wow its expensive.

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I never truly "let go" of any generation but it doesnt mean I dont upgrade when financially possible. I appreciate gaming from all eras and still discover gems from time to time.

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If only they had just released the 20th annivarsary like a regular console with a good steady production cycle. This gigantic annivarsary fumble wouldve been avoided im still annoyed by the limited amount and how the scalpers got to the vast majority.

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I am trying my best to do a media blackout on Persona release date until true official word but my excitement as 2015 breezes by I cant help but to keep looking at rumors!

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Finally a sensible comment on the Nintendo situation because all im seeing is a pretty good turn around from where they were a few months ago. People can slam and say "Nintendo is as good as dead" their IPs and games will always keep them afloat.

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E3 Star Fox! I await! Especially for that SMT x FE! Also special request for an Amiibo shy guy!

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This was an awesome insightful article and Warren Specter is a true class act.

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Ah! Yes! After all the delays Farcry 4 is going to release to my world soon!

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Well made and sadly accurate.

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Not even six bucks good?? I spent more for crappier games, ill bite anywho though.

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Ay! I dont know that fish AI they invested in earlier in the current gen is a pretty high bar to top.

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I dont understand why dont have better looking watches or atleast make them look more sophisticated? I dont mind simplicity but I question its design choices. This is so out of the blue.

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