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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


I love it when the video game community gets together on stuff like this it just truly makes me smile, when i read the title I almost did a backflip out of joy. #5
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Well I wouldnt say that im worried Im just an old school gamer that just collects games and memoribilia. Something I would worry about in the far future is if some kick ass game is exclusive to having a subscription, I kind of go crazy when I dont have the game I like physically. Im sure a person like me is the minority but dont think im knocking on this I just think more about like physical gaming stuff down the road (collectors or limited edition sku) #5.2.1
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Im not placing blame on no one because any company can offer a service of any type, its up to the consumers to support it and I will leave it at that. #5.1.1
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Nice to know subscribers are enjoying but dont worry more publishers are going to do the same, and at that point you'll see the bigger picture. #5
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Seriously I wish many others can see your positive outlook on having these two versions its honestly a damn good move and they are distinct from each other. #1.1.1
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Its ridiculous how people keep making it seem like the 3DS version would be on par or better than an HD console version. The thing is SO WHAT?! ITS SMASH BROS ON THE GO! Also by the way the graphics look pretty nice and I dont get performance issues. Im buying the both mainly since I love smash bros and for the sweet OST for buying the two you just cant go wrong with that! #3
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Fan, player, and consumer feedback is screaming "US OR UK ENGLISH LOCALIZATION PLEASE!" #7
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Speaking of the fight with the boss im still impressed with white flowers and her camo, I remember playing on my PS2 doing this fight for the first time it was difficult for me to spot her. That final battle stayed with me as one of the most well done fights I personally had the honor to experience especially during the PS2 era hell even when I replayed it in the HD collection, it still held up nicely. #9
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I like chocobos : ) such a nice timeless design. #2
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This is bull**** they ripped this off the main meat of the game im definetly not buying this pass. It would be best if I just buy this game later on down cheaper or for some ultimate edition either way that month it releases has a few other heavy hitters. #8
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Neat collaboration but personally speaking, pokemon did a job ruining my childhood by itself with its dark secrets and lavander town theme song. #3
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Geez man I like to wear my tinfoil hat here and there but I think yours is a little too tight. Just relax let the early adoptors enjoy it seeing how internet focused this game is overloading it with free people it will mess with their experience, and I can respect that. But dont get it twisted if they cancel it all together ill polish up my pitchfork its enough they did a poor job notifying people early about this. #1.2
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You know its funny/ridiculous that when they make these announcements they make it seem they are doing us a favor and covering up its on disc content with happy "hey sony owners guess what?? Preorder and youll get raid mode free YAY!" before anyone says "then dont buy it its not forced" its that mindset that got us in this trend in the first place lastly to end the rant im not only talking about Crapcom. #3
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Hmm looks interesting and worth keeping an eye on. What I dont like so far is the design of the vehicles, also I dont really like the title of the game but still ill keep tabs see how it comes out in the end. #5
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No lie I was sharpening my pitchfork until I read your sound comment so helpful bubbles those forum posts helped even more. But funny thing I wouldve still bought the game I love me some smash bros but that tripping mechanic from back then has me a little shellshocked. #2.1
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I gotta screenshot this comment and laugh once those USB sex toys come in hahaha! Then ill see your comment and think "welp here I am doing what was said years ago as joke from that time" hahaha! #3.1.2
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Hey I partially agree with your statement but respectfully disagree at the 20 mill guesstimate, as for popularity in 5 years the biggest variations in the equation to all this is how soon will the oculus or any other VR systems be priced at a mainstream consumer level to take off?? Or what mainstream use will the vr headsets have at the ready?? When you mentioned that it can take off realistically im thinking your looking at a gamer viewpoint. But even at that point you still have detractors,... #1.1.1
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I know not all games can do such things where the hype makes them buy a demo for over 0.01 (whatever your currency here) is a bit insane I mean it gives the wrong message but people will do as they please. #9
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I wouldnt say nintendo is fading thats a bit too extreme because Nintendos IP portfolio will keep them relevent for as long as they keep that Nintendo game quality. I honestly think they turned the Wii U around in a good way so far and with other games soon to release they will be okay. #2.1.1
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Hahaha! I laughed at that myself its that box that gives it that extra punch to the nostalgia. #8.1
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