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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


I love you nintendo and all but I must say respectfully get with the times, stop the region locks, and to cut this short damn you for that 3DS LL and not making a true next gen handheld jump and incorporatig a true second damn analog stick for it. #4
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Looks nice but the author need to put its the 3DS LL not XL but aside from that its nice and all but I wish it was the smash bros 3DS that got shotgun on being the first limited edition 3DS LL. #3
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Yes!!! I have been waiting forever for news on god eater 2!! for localization of course im happy of its for ps4 but a concern of mine is will it still carry over my stuff from the first game?? Well either way im pumped! And ready!! #3
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YES!!! PS4 VERSION!!! this series is totally under appreciated DAY ONE!!! I cant wait to hear more epic music while battling my foes!! #4
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Hope your talking about an evoker ; ) #7.1
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Yes!!! Soon!! I will finally see persona 5! After TGS previews im going on a persona black out to the best of my ability! The wait has been so long but my thoughts that perfection can not be rushed was what kept me going! #3
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For anybody that wants these codes to redeem but have no beta im going to speak in american ps4 code language MDGD-8FNH-52JG also CITN-HRN6-6PTB #6
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Am I weird for wanting this? I wouldnt pay full price of course. Imagine the intro scene?! #12
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Definetly agree only I would say whoever Miyamoto personally chooses I have my ideas but this is Miyamotos game. #2.2
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"frankly inwouldnt want to play with you" thats what she said waka waka. Anywho on topic its not like teabagging exists..... Wait a minute! #3.2.2
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Well said man! Its like on the head thanks internet hahaha! But on topic rayman does deserve props he does have good tenure in my book and I enjoyed his games. Now the troll side of me says this is free publicity considering he aint playable but believe me I say this with mixed feelings as my comment reflects. #3.1.1
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I totally agree about the whole similar review point you I honestly thought my tinfoil was getting too tight for my head. But it was so weird how major sites came out in full defense for this game while smaller less known sites rated for what it was. Lastly its refreshing how you brought the points on the downgrades from the character attitudes to the simplified combat rating system the new gamers like it because of the accessibilty no wonder they bag on the old games saying it was "chee... #5.1
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DAAAAMNNNN!!! Thats messed up! That literally made me drop my jaw in disbelief but then I was thinking yeah its activision but this is free marketing for Crash. So i then again reminded ITS ACTIVISION. I honestly think that they deserve to have Crash in the art competition this is jut ridiculous. Its like Crash is getting the forget it happened treatment like megaman. Im done for today this boiled my blood. #12
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Wow this list is very boring and short sighted needs more persona! #6
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THANK YOU! Well said bubble! But its true sure that market vita appeals to, isnt exactly for the western market I mean sure there are people in the western side that love these games but Its not making the western market flock over to the vita. I love the japanese games this puppy is coming out with like the atelier series remade, ys memeories of celeceta, and my main love Persona 4 Golden! #4.1
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Im not going to lie but this article is pretty damn good and is a breath of fresh air gamers that love gaming no matter what platform especially if you are a varied gamer that loves barcades like me. This article truly makes me wish that many can see the return of arcades as something possible it just need to be modernized, its truly a market waiting to be revived considering how gaming has blown up. #2
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Nice of them to apologize but I cant help but to add "would you like some hot sauce and ketchup to go with your hat?" #20
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A pokemon or an HD starfox I really want STAR FOX HD! #7.1
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Seriously my thoughts exactly I swear N4G should impliment that you cant comment until the article link is at least clicked to be read or somethig like that idk if its possible but too many people habitually comment before reading. But on topic im happy Xbox is bringing the heat along with sony and nintendo my personal hope is a gosh damn HD starfox main entry and thats the inner child dream I had for years. #5.4.1
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Marty is good but all around I personally prefer Shoji Meguro over many others #5.4
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