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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Must be awesome to be a high ranking exec in the game industry for the memoribilia that is offered or given to you and you get to talk to industry giants. But what really wowed me was the master sword i would love to just hold it for a minute atleast... #4
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I feel mixed about this... Im happy to hear they are making another game but its F2P not sayig thats bad its just I want them to do a full retail game with another enthralling story like spec ops the line is. I also want to say "shame on you" to SP gamers that didnt give this game a try. #7
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Needs more shoji meguro appreciation. #2
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I am thankful for life, love, and gaming. #330
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YES!!!! The game i have been waiting for!! #15
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Hmm I wonder what are those technical reasons? I seldom play gta online but its been a pretty rocky road not implying that its bad just inconvienient #2
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Oooyeah! Best KZ event location to choose... #1.1
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STARFOX!!!!! I miss that franchise : ( please new hd entry teaser or full blown reveal! #4.1
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YES! I wish its Persona 5! The anticipation and wait is too much! #10
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Oh most definetly they do take great risks and me personally I show my appreciation by buying their games, and collectors items/editons. I love Aksys! And so does my wallet and consoles. #3
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I can relate to your comment whenever I play it at a friends house or pop in the old COD at home I can tell the difference between them in terms of the "feel" #4.1
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YES! I was looking for this comment section! And what I found made my day and cracked me up! #9.1.1
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I agree with Sweeney the steam box will be an enlightment for gaming I mean steam as a platform brought us many great indie games both in fame and hidden gems plus the killer sales and metagames with the sales?! Throw all that into a modular console form and its just epicness waiting to happen in the industry #4
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Yeah but he wasnt expecting the block I think? And worst of all since MS made him sign a NDA he lost an opportunity im sure thats why they made him sign it so they cover themselves legally while keeping XBOX one issues in the shadows before release and proper firmware patch #1.3
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Wow honestly I didnt think such an obvious name for their achievement system because honestly I dont really need them but it would be a nice addition. Especially if its integrated with the whole nintendo club and nintendo world. #2.3
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Yup good observation I was going to point that out but you beat me to it. So after I saw that I laughed, facepalmed, and practiced my voting skills of story quality and if I like the site (hint: I didnt like it) lastly how dare they try to define and box up what "video game" is if that was the case the gaming scene wouldve definetly not rival the movie industry like it does now which is a whole other thing I wont get in to today. #2.1
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Wow great find what got my eye was that Savannah game we need games like that I got tokyo jungle but I feel it need more depth. Anywho all the other canned projects mainly led by chris seavor sound like the games that couldve evolved Rare to the next level for all we know those games couldve shaped rare into MS very own Naughty Dog but we will never know now that talent pool dispersed elsewhere. #1.4.3
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I encourage this behavior. #5.1
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Same here plus loving lord sloths idea of a superbowl considering how many times I jump in shock or marvel at E3 coverage its like I watch sports only to see the screen with video game announcements lol #1.1.3
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Smart man hope you still got its box for my GBA games collection not so much... I was young when I owned it dont judge me! Lol #1.1
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