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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Correction "pope dewrito" hahaha! #7.1
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Well this comment made my night! Plus one funny bubble hahaha! But on topic this whole entire android gaming system idea is a cool idea on paper but the dev support never is there granted amazon has a dev team but you still need more teams and lokg time industry vets in the those teams as well but the casual market just has tok many android console choices as it is how and what would amazons android console have to stand out?? #2.2.1
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Hmm I would say dracula from castlevania he is recurring like eggman also I like from persona Nyarlahotep he will play a big part this year! *squealing like a girl* lol #10
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Umm just play chrono trigger for the DS dont worry I wasnt one of the people that pushed disagree just play it! Even if its not the DS version I wont say OTHER methods but just get a legit copy you will treasure that cartridge or disk. #4.1
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Finally someone who can understand! All these people being all defensive for no reason its just a smart remark Kojima wont get phazed anyhow and yeah im all for trying new things im still going to get the game but as a long time MGS fan it will just feel different good or bad ill see when I buy it I dont doubt Kojima. #10.1.1
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YES! I was looking for a comment like this before I was going to say it myself I wish I can agree 5 times I cracked up when I read it but on a serious note yeah... *sighs* Keifer sutherland is the voice actor *shudders* #14.1.1
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I think the same way about price and getting my moneys worth but like rich1631 said its just the start of a horrible trend. I always get collectors editons but I just feel that this prologue is like the MGS2 tanker mission only this time around the industry is full of all this nickel and diming I honestly feel they purposely ripped it out to in a sense double dip so just for principle and because I came from a time when the industry was much more innocent I feel that by not buying it im showi... #2.2.2
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Dayum! I never knew about this! Im going to keep this comment in mind and as time passes by and I see what you just mentioned play out in real life my mind will blow up #4.1.1
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Well its not a total slap to the face im happy that its now accessible in some form but I can totally see where your getting at especially about the puzzling move to have it only on mobile. #1.3
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My exact thoughts as well its a shame they pretty much had the pc gaming market to themselves in many times but they just didnt bother too mucb now that steam is picking up momentum they want to focus on pc gaming this also reminds me of the windows smartphone os before the metro ui came in they had that market but didnt focus it took apple and google to get them moving #5.3.1
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Wow excellent intelligent comment vanillaware+golden axe=proper revival! #4.3
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I swear we need more articles like these where they can go in offices and speak about the items they possess/love. Im really curious about shigeru miyamotos office. #5
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Must be awesome to be a high ranking exec in the game industry for the memoribilia that is offered or given to you and you get to talk to industry giants. But what really wowed me was the master sword i would love to just hold it for a minute atleast... #4
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I feel mixed about this... Im happy to hear they are making another game but its F2P not sayig thats bad its just I want them to do a full retail game with another enthralling story like spec ops the line is. I also want to say "shame on you" to SP gamers that didnt give this game a try. #7
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Needs more shoji meguro appreciation. #2
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I am thankful for life, love, and gaming. #330
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YES!!!! The game i have been waiting for!! #15
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Hmm I wonder what are those technical reasons? I seldom play gta online but its been a pretty rocky road not implying that its bad just inconvienient #2
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Oooyeah! Best KZ event location to choose... #1.1
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STARFOX!!!!! I miss that franchise : ( please new hd entry teaser or full blown reveal! #4.1
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