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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


I have no problem with aesthetics DLC now as for DLC to expand the armory and extra few weapons slot thats where I facepalm pretty hard. #6
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Umm its already in the game/disk you just need to pay for the unlock file : / i agree on the great idea of skipping it. Either way I have other games asking for my money this month if I must I can wait for a GOTY which even then I doubt it due to my disgust in the lack of class from 2K. #8.1
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Im going to have my hopes a little higher because this amiibo issue has truly been disasterous for myself because I couldnt get the characters I wanted like Little Mac I started using him as a main character and I want his amiibo but scalpers want damn near 45 for the dude! But hopefully this is Nintendo only stumble with amiibo supply but I understand its a new product with unexpected crazy demand I am hoping their reaction to this issue can make those hoarding scalpers regret buying and bei... #4
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Oh man I have been on a media blackout by Atlus lack of info and personal blackout but that part of your comment where you can between normal and shadow made me drool about the possibilites and potential if its true. #1.1.1
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Aw snap! Industry insider here! Expect an article from this soon! /s #14.2
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Wow this was nostalgic who here caught him saying "World Wrestling Federation"?! But its funny how he is retrofitting his catchphrases to promote this. This is a great find! Now im off to dust off my OG Xbox and play some Panzer dragoon! #7
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As much as I would like to see this come true it realistically doesnt look possible along with that interesting cancelled Darth Maul game. #4
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Very well said besides Nintendo has a unique way to make and introduce new IPs if it doesnt do well one region it can thrive in others other maintain a niche within all regions. #3.1
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Yeah I agree this is pretty nice of them to do and usually im one of the detractors of them. Now that you mentioned those 3 free games we got last year that too was very generous I put countless hours on PvZ Garden Warfare. I honestly dont have EA access but to those spouting off negative stuff, chill back on it I rather them pick up this habit than to have not dont stuff at all. #6.1
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I know my face is full of disappoint all im asking for is God Eater 2, sure I can import but a proper u.s. release would be nice! #1.2
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I would have to say a realistic pokemon world wouldnt be the best place to be if you look at the many pokedex entries from multiple generations. I mean kyogre and groudon fighting thats turbulent enough on its own while covering your ears from gourgeist singing and keeping an eye on your kid to not follow any drifloons. #3
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Seriously one moment they are praising The Punisher movie for its gore and violence. Then a game like Manhunt is vilified for its violence and they transform into SJWs.... That watch violent movies. #9.1
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As disheartened as I was about the Borderlands 3 I lift my head up and see that this next Borderlands game is going epic. I mean he is hiring for this game and did it to the scale of announcing job offers at a panel for the game. So for my mental health im going to keep Borderlands 3 in the waaaay back of my mind until the official reveal. As a consolation we do have the Handsome collection coming up. #3
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Wow so now they are shooting random darts on the board to see what sticks? As for the gamers that game nonstop until they die have mental or social issues for not maintining and neglecting their bodies like that. I would love for CNN to interview a fit gamer or even a normal joe with a job about their gaming habits, but then they cant sensationalize that to heavens. #5
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Thank you for the laugh wonderfulmonkeyman. #3.1
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Wow I never saw it that way! This planet is crazy! Am I in the same dimension???! #6.1.1
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Relax friend, sure the jokes are old but I still laugh at it my ancient ass was even going to post something of that sort myself I mean the dude is sponsored by mountain dew and doritos. Its not insulting to bring up what he gets paid to advertise it anything its helping those brands. #4.1.2
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IMPORTING! Especially for a collectors edition I have been waiting!!! I hope the save carry over will work. #2
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Eee! Well that was a stint that went for few years for nothing. He shouldve not put some of his eggs in the Ouya basket, but ill still wish him well hell I think he should just go back to community stuff. He tried riding on his "im an ex call of duty dude" im guessing the publishers just werent interested much less other gamers because how many zombie games are out there?? #5
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Oh yeah you can play and finish GTA without killing or making a character bleed in some form its not like there is a torture sce...... Oh wait. #4.1.5
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