I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers


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I have been dying for localization for God Eater 2! Its been too long! They release other niche games but why not this one?!

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You know the fact that the regular black one is impossible to buy at the moment. This is the only time im somewhat happy now that I discovered this white version I want this one a lot more. I may even luck out and actually preorder/buy it this go around!

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Yet here you are commenting on here. Do you know what N4G means? This is actually news. I would go further but no point if you dont understand what N4G means go back to Anitas channel youll find your respective people there.

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Aside from me wanting this in consoles it would be a great fit for the Vita. Crazy how now we can play these games on mobile, even with the crappy touch controls.

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A new IP by Hideo Kojima gone are his shackles of the past. What a great time to be alive and to be a gamer!

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Hey like all your fellow gamers say "dont like it dont buy it!" It makes sense for us all right?! SARCASM/

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Only thing I feel weird about this character is the name Linkle. Wouldve been nicer if Zelda had a better focus about her part, but whatever it is what it is I just wish the name was more creative.

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20 years of awesome tales! I love this franchise!

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Great assessment shoot em up's are sparse US side. I doubt they would understand how to appreciate this breath of fresh air as a US mainstream release.

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Im a nobody but I want to weigh in my opinion. The 3DS is an awesome handheld the Nintendo IP's and support is incredible, I carry it more more than my Vita. Now as for the better device the Vita wins also the Japanese developer support is amazing I personally cant pick between them. In the end I love this handheld generation all around.

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Story Quality:WTF
Like This Site:NO
Well I did my part and I admit I didnt even bother checking the article im sick of this bull.

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For me the price point isnt the big deal its more that its not cross buy I will import it on Jan.

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Story quality:WTF
Like this website:NO
The submitter is very immature as seen in his comments here. No need to give clicks here.

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Oh boy! For me in my own world this is megaton! Im importing this! Xbox one is region free plus this game will have a physical release?! No brainer for me!

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Im thankful for living this long and continuing my gaming habits at my age and lack of time.

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This guy... This guy gets it!

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Watch out! True alpha male here! Please give us tips on how to get females! Pfffbt! Its just a video game relax I prefer better dynamic physics on characters over static character models. DOA has been doing this exaggerative stuff for years.

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Directed by Hideo Kojima

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Give it time once the whole Candy Crush profits fizzle out overtime and they realize just how much they overpaid for a mobile one trick pony developer. I see it also as 6 billion dollars less money to buy good legitimate dev teams they couldve killed and milked blood dry.

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Man good job gamers! You are encouraging profiteering from microtransactions and monthly individual publisher subscription trends *slow clap* /S

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