I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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This game is extremely rough around the edges but it knows how to keep a player engaged and drawn into the story. A current gen full on remake would do it wonders or maybe that "B-class status" gives it charm and character.

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I'm not pissed more Persona means more happiness for me.

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NOPE! As a Persona fanboy the biggest game of the year is already out!

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Great casual interview damn shame the SNES mini will be borderline impossible to buy at retail.

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See we can not truly judge how they are doing as a company unless we actually work at Nintendo Japan HQ. it's just his history and programming prowess that helped the company do many things that we probably wouldn't have. In the end I respect him highly due to the games I played that had his name in it even if it's in the thank you section.

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You must be new to gaming but that's okay do a little homework about this hobby if you even call it your hobby.

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Feels like it has been forever! His impact and loss in gaming is pretty significant.

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Just here to say that you do have solid points against other users you replied to. The thing is yeah the gameplay is established but the creator and brains is gone. Take that for what it's worth, many people like me have a bias. It's just a shame as a Metal Gear franchise that it has been reduced to a zombie game. They could've used the engine and gameplay to a new IP instead of relying on a legacy IP like Metal Gear.

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Its EA we are talking about of course they will be pricks with the micro transactions.

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I dont care what anyone says I have average hands and I still dont mind using the duke. Its pretty comfortable and the buttons felt good to press. Ill buy it for sure seeing its a limited run.

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Well they are now in mobile subbreddits or pondering how much to spend on IAP's. They know to avoid the clowning they will get coming here with that noise.

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The way the game ended says a lot of is to come, not only that this game is primed for a prequel or sequel. Its just too much lore and material they can take this anyway they want it screams "more Horizon to come" I will welcome it when the time comes.

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I am loving this respect among devs! We need more dev house to dev house fan artwork! Hell make a book of it even!

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Why are letting blogs in here? Its in the url, garbage site spamming and taking up actual news space.

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1. Whatever Kojima said that year.
2. Persona 5
3. Quantum Break
4. Inside
5. Uncharted 4

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1. Nolan North as Nathan Drake
2. The Last Guardian
3. The Last Guardian
4. Doom

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1. Trico
2. Uncharted 4
3. Killing Floor 2
4. Any Witcher 3 DLC
5. Played none
6. Severed

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Nice well put analysis of Sonys attempts at tech, but still their silence is a bit startling along with their lack of in house development involvement to me personally E3 will be really telling about Sonys direction. I have a headset myself for the sole purpose of Rez VR but still I want this potential realized.

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I remember the stupid articles exclaiming "PC gaming is dying" my thing is if you got a desktop or laptop, with a game installing client hell even DRM free programs to play games. Even if its a low spec machine your part of the PC gaming market.

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This man has a legacy that covers a broad spectrum of the entertainment history and I mean broad with gaming mocap and cartoon voice acting as a whole. May he R.I.P. For his talent and work will carry on with those he mentored and beyond.

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