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"I love all consoles seriously look at my comments the most is just issues with publishers"


Story quality:WTF
Like this website:NO
The submitter is very immature as seen in his comments here. No need to give clicks here. #5
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Oh boy! For me in my own world this is megaton! Im importing this! Xbox one is region free plus this game will have a physical release?! No brainer for me! #2
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Im thankful for living this long and continuing my gaming habits at my age and lack of time. #145
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This guy... This guy gets it! #5.1
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Watch out! True alpha male here! Please give us tips on how to get females! Pfffbt! Its just a video game relax I prefer better dynamic physics on characters over static character models. DOA has been doing this exaggerative stuff for years. #2.1.1
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Directed by Hideo Kojima #8.1
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Give it time once the whole Candy Crush profits fizzle out overtime and they realize just how much they overpaid for a mobile one trick pony developer. I see it also as 6 billion dollars less money to buy good legitimate dev teams they couldve killed and milked blood dry. #3.1
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Man good job gamers! You are encouraging profiteering from microtransactions and monthly individual publisher subscription trends *slow clap* /S #10
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"More information will be announced in a later date" I see this "yeah we know what DLC will release for said console versions, but pay first we cant let this detail hurt our profits" #3
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We get it Polygon you hate the game industry! Just go to the movie industry or better just call it quits altogether! #7
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Hmm interesting so no SP? And it comes with 11 maps? Plus its UBIsoft yeah im skipping this one. If it had atleast 15+ maps I would rethink it but nope having only 11 maps killed it for me, with this SP announcement slaughtering what interest I had left. #29
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Hilarious comment! Now I await the imending article on this! #2.3.5
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The one that plays video games! #11
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It must do nothing to appeal to "modern gamers" its up to Ryo Suzaki and those whom funded this game, which are the fans so with that said it defaults to Ryo Suzaki direction. #4
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Its insane how he just put himself in a negative light, I personally didnt care but something about those comments he made just boiled my blood. Its as if the customers are the crazy ones with bad taste and that some people love spending 60+ bucks on a shitty game and DLC! He shouldve just had stayed professional and let the past stay in the past. #7
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Now that you mention it *puts tinfoil hat on* it makes sense because of the developer doing this "rebuild" isnt not exactly dependable. So with that I expect more Megaman exposure but in rushed manner, if this first move is an indication. #5.1
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Yeah right off the bat announcement of FF 7 remake and Shenmue 3 in one show?! That did it for me, all else gravy and great extras to keep things going. #4.2
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Hmm... I felt an odd chill down my spine but its wayyy too early but im keeping tabs on this detail. I honestly hope this goes in the right path. #4
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Oddly enough I would love this but with those pincers and radioactive suit.... Or perks please. #4.2
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Can confirm am playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas in my original saves, love both but New Vegas is refined overall gameplay as for story thats another topic I dont feel like getting into. #5.1
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