I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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I remember the stupid articles exclaiming "PC gaming is dying" my thing is if you got a desktop or laptop, with a game installing client hell even DRM free programs to play games. Even if its a low spec machine your part of the PC gaming market.

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This man has a legacy that covers a broad spectrum of the entertainment history and I mean broad with gaming mocap and cartoon voice acting as a whole. May he R.I.P. For his talent and work will carry on with those he mentored and beyond.

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Now THIS article right here is a true gaming article granted many old schoolers like myself know this but, its informing the others that didnt live those games or generations.

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This is some UBI bullshit move okay "always online" was somewhat "whatever" but hearing that im always online relying on P2P?! Which can cut me off playing single player? Yeah I am holding off on this game now. I swear pubs now dont really understand how to meet halfway with their consumers.

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Luckily im the type to keep my old consoles every generation, considering they dont die or have problems.

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Idk what to make or feel about this, I honestly want their IP put to good use or proper remastering. At the sametiime I doubt they will go to far with this considering the public dissent they brought upon themselves.

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I expect a new Brothers in Arms entry, also the Sag-AFTRA website mentions it.

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Excellent article! Hidden secrets in retro games always tend to be very interesting!

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Color me impressed Nintendo first party games always have such nice easter eggs even if it goes dark but its the beauty of Nintendo first party IP games.

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Here is the youtube link They put this on a second page which was really not necessary. They dont have answers as to why anyways.

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I hope we arent heading this way because not only will micro-transactions stay but the price of gaming will go higher. We have games not meeting their ridiculous sales goals, where will the extra costs for voices actors go? The gamers. As a union member I support this but atleast cut out the residual pay demands. As this article stated it will set off a chain of strikes because game devs deserve this more than voice actors. Anyways the voice acting industry is owned by like 4 main voice actor...

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Man this is a bummer, he has great creativity. Thank goodness that I got my Deadly Premonition collectors edition, I appreciate the game and the soundtrack!

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Totally agree with your comment also with the fact there are digital only titles does not help. Thank goodness for limited run games and the like for providing physical copies. My thing is we work hard to buy our games, even if a country gets banned and then unbanned at least go back to normal business where people left off. I want to avoid a precedent event since we know how these pubs take advantage of said events. I am being broad on purpose because gaming has changed both good and horribl...

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This is just disgusting and should ring alarms, as gamers we value our collection digital or physical. I am happy to have never supported or even downloaded Origin, not throwing shade on those who do but watch your backs when it comes to a major publishers like EA.

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Great observation and consumer friendly move on MS part if this is true, which I hope it is.

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I dont think other people appreciate you talking for them thank you very much.

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Nice article! I now intend to buy this game off the developers website since you can get the drm free copy and register it in steam! I never knew this game existed.

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To be fair they havent returned to a Sony system in years! I bet you should it come to PS4, it will sell more than what most expect. The hardcore fanbase will come anyhow I would like it to be multiplatform at least once this gen. For crying out loud even IOS has a game before a current Sony system!

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The developers deserve the raises plus 4 hours nets them $800+ and now they want royalties? To me the dev teams deserve more. The whole voice acting industry is owned by 4 actors many times anyhow.

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I couldnt have said any better myself! I always buy day one I have so many rebuys but until I beat the game with zero deaths its not a satisfactory end for me.

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