I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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I was surprised Pokémon GO was in the list I can easily think of at least 10 other games that could take that spot. That list is a real joke and a good laugh.

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I agree but I would shift between the both sometimes one would miss some niche news. Also I guess it doesn't help that after using this site for so long, I get a bit biased thinking it is good. This site has changed from when I started for better or worse. Either way I am sticking a bit more to Reddit as I have been doing.

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The ads have been causing me to visit the site a whole lot less. Worst part is that the ads are not even gaming related! If an N4G alternative ever pops up I would jump ship. Certain Reddit subs have been good but not concentrated and varied as here.

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I liked the part where it said "restricting us from making strategic acquisitions" I want them away from other dev teams.

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Holy hell they are going full retard to their fans. One never goes full retard. In all seriousness this is a bad way to react to the backlash.

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Such avarice and stubboness, welp I am doing the easy thing of speaking with my wallet. It is sad we only hear about their plans during investor meetings and such it really emphasizes who they think about first.

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It is arguable as to what went wrong but as a game in itself by its own merits it was a solid game. As for pricing I think its length is what did'nt help it but even then in that short time the game was pretty damn fun. By the way I bought the collectors edition with ZERO regrets I bought worse games at the same price.

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Oh yeah I do for sure also since you remember that remember all the alternate costumes we can unlock by doing things in the game?

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Oh boy if they want to play this type of game. It wont end well people are already patient waiting for game sales all this will cause it drop their day one profits and preorders. Also we have other games that aren't from the big name publishers that we can play and support due to lower entry price.

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For those who didn't watch it or are on the fence. It is good and worth the time. For those who did all I got to say is "frickin Crazy Ken"

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Oh boy it almost seems like they want this franchise to fail or something. I have throughly enjoyed rise but if this next entry is episodic, I have zero intentions on supporting this practice and will at best wait for it to come out complete and on sale.

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I wonder what loot based weaponry in Anthem will be like HAHAHA!! I'm still not buying that garbage regardless.

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So where is Ninja Gaiden in this list??

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Damn that's priced a bit too high at least include a steel book case and a thick art book with concept art if they really are celebrating the game. At best I would pay $100 for what's currently on offer.

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Don't like to hear or read backlash or boycott don't react or comment, simple concept to grasp.

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I wholeheartedly agree with this statement keep abstaining from supporting this practice it's only a matter of time before it hits other people's favorite franchise. Sure your one person but with other likeminded people it will add up altogether. I already am doing my part supporting other games that aren't leaning towards games as a service.

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Very disappointing sales my issue with it was the lackluster roster none of the characters I main showed up. Even the rumored DLC characters it looks like they held back to sell later biggest examples being Venom and Sigma like come on! They should've been included!

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It's not bad it's HORRIBLE! Now it's a question of how much longer they got to live?

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Atlus and their silence I hear you!

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Damn amazing stuff! Cant wait to see what materializes from this if anything does! Atlus is and will always be amazing. This cements their staying power in the industry! Aside from their games.

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